Don’t Add or Take Away

Wednesday 7:34 am., 6/29/16

Jesus woke me up this morning with the following words, “Don’t Add or Take Away from My Word,” says God Almighty.


Just before He woke me up, I was dreaming, we were at some place where there was a pool because we had gone swimming, and I had forgotten my towel to take a shower.  There was a small child that was with us, and I asked  her if she would get me one, and she came back with three hand towels, which I thought to be weird.  I was wanting to have lunch in the cafeteria before it closed, but I needed a dressing room first, but the guy at the desk wouldn’t be straight with me and kept putting me off like it was a secret or something. Then after I left I mentioned it to someone else and he said that all the guests were from a prison camp, and it was top secret.  Now I feel as if God had me dream this dream to prepare me and my family or maybe even the church to be on the lookout for these camps.  Just like I read about yesterday on FB about a FEMA camp in Texas, which they have built for the next World War.  


God, is there something to this is there something that You want to prepare Your church, Your people, with?  God,  I know that Your time is coming soon and that people who have been living and preparing their whole lives for Your return have turned their backs on You and now say that You have no more to do since it was all done back in 70 AD.  God, we know that isn’t the case, but Father, how do I minister to someone who seems to feel that they have all the answers they need and that everyone else is wrong?  Please tell me and help me, God.  God, what is it that You want to tell me concerning Your message, “Don’t add or take away from Your Word” this morning when You Wooed me and woke me up, God.  I love You and I thank You and praise You, my Father God, for changing me and reconstructing me for such a time as this, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my Almighty God and my Redeemer, King of Kings and Lord of Lords,  my El Shaddi and My Adonai Rapha, the Bright and Morning Star, my Prince of Peace and soon coming King, who will rule and reign on the throne of King David when You return to the earth.  


I AM coming back to a people who aren’t afraid to call Me KING and to those who aren’t afraid to proclaim Me to the whole world.  Why is it that so many of you who call Me “Lord, Lord” in private can’t do so amongst your friends and family and co-workers?   Is that how you want to be treated?   Do you really want the treatment of what goes around comes around?   Do you really want Me to not tell My Father your needs and wants because I can and will treat you this way,  if you so choose to treat Me this way to My children, My people, on the earth.

I don’t like it when you are ashamed of Me before man because when you are that tells Me and My Father in Heaven that you truly aren’t the real thing, like the advertisement for Coke or for some other commercial .  No one likes a fake or a phony.  Come on, be real, be unique, stand up for Me, says God Almighty because when you do, there will not be any doubt or confusion to what you believe or don’t believe.  Trust your Father in Heaven to know what He’s talking to you about.

Come closer, My children, push yourselves away from your comfort zones and get out of your pretty walls and everything that makes you feel like you’ve succeeded and have made it to the top.  I tell you the truth, if all of that was to just vanish or disappear and be no more, so would it be with you and I, My child.  Is this what you really want for your life to become?  I really love you, but the question isn’t about if I love you, Is it my sons and daughters?  It is whether you truly love Me, your God, over all of your stuff and accomplishments in life.

Yes I realize that I have given them to you to bless you, and that isn’t bad, My people. What is bad and is sin is that you have taken what I’ve blessed you with and the talents that I’ve put into you, and you have turned them into gods and you’re not even aware of it at times.  You, My people, are no different than those who lived during the time of Moses and Aaron and Miriam in the bible, where I told Moses to go up into the mountain top to worship Me and the people who were left behind started doubting and having a pity party for themselves, and they persuaded Aaron,  Moses’ brother, and others to build and make a molten calf to worship instead of waiting on Me, says God.

Why are My people, who I’ve created with such potential, so stupid?  Is it because when I created each and everyone of you, I gave you the ability of free choice?  I already know the answers to all the questions.  It all boils down to Satan, the fallen angel, and his imps.  Ever since he tried to take My position and My Father and I threw him out of Heaven over 6000 years ago, he has been planting ideas and thoughts inside of each of you to try and kill, steal, and destroy you.  He has been doing a good job at it, but I say straight is the path and narrow is the way to follow after Me, says God.

Are you truly My child/children? You will have to choose Me and take the road less traveled on .  It won’t be fun at times, and I have never said it would be easy either.  What I have said is that it would be worth it with all of the blessings, treasures and promises that My Word says it will be.  My Words and My Word are one in the same, and they change NOT, My people.  If I have spoken them in times past, present or future,  it shall come to pass.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper, just know this because greater am I in you than he that is in the world.

Trust Me, Obey Me, Follow Me, Keep my Commandments , Keep My Torah , Keep my whole Torah/Scriptures for they are life and breath and food to all that are hungry and starving for more of Me, says the Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I said I come quickly and very soon.  Are you gonna be ready for My soon arrival or are you gonna be left behind, says God Almighty?  I say this again and again, DO NOT take away from My Words nor add to them .  If you do, My children, My creation, there will be no place for you in Heaven where I have been preparing for you since the time that I have left you.

Do you understand My Words?  I have made myself more clear than I have needed, but for some reason, you people are a very slow people and want everything dished out for you and hand fed like a baby who can not feed him or herself.  People wake up and fill your pots full of water, so you can smell the coffee you so desire each and everyday.  You love your coffee, you love your foods of choice, but the real question, My children, is do you love Me, your God, who sits on the right hand of the Father making Intercession for you day and night?

Shalom, My people, and make your choice today whether you’re gonna follow mammon (money and material wealth) or Me, says God.  I AM everything you’ll ever have need or want for, but it takes faith and trust.  Are you gonna make the right choice?  Time will soon tell, GOD.   (Wednesday 6/29/16  8:30am.)


Thank you Lord Jesus for waking me up and wooing me, Your daughter, this morning.  I love You, Jesus, and I’m so trusting You and following You, My God.  Use me, Father, for Your glory and for Your righteousness.


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“Do You Really Love Me?” Asks God

The following is a message that God spoke to me by His Spirit regarding those who worship Him in their services.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

“Hear Me,” says God, “I am a good, good Father, and I love you so very much, and I desire to know each one of you, My children, My people, who call Me their God.”  I say, “Do you really, truly believe Me and My Torah,” asks God Almighty.  “Know that I have your best interest at heart.  Know Me,” said God, “and you will have the desires of your heart. If My people will seek Me first, you will find Me.  Do you really love Me?” asks God Almighty.

“Do you really believe the words to the songs that you just sang about during the worship service?  Trust Me, obey Me, keep My Torah and My commandments, which are one in the same,” says your Father HaMashiach (the Messiah).

“I am the resurrection and the life, if anyone comes after Me, you will find Me, if you seek Me with your whole heart, mind, and soul.  Rest in Me and know that I have not changed My mind concerning any of My spoken words,” says God Almighty.  “You are Mine,” says God, “if you serve Me with your heart today.”

“I am coming very soon.  Will you, My children, be ready or will you be left behind waiting because you chose wrong and did not believe or trust your God Almighty, your King of Kings and your Lord of Lords?  You are Mine, if you repent and turn away from all of your sins this very day, and you will then soar with Me in the clouds high up into the air to rule and reign with your Father and I in heaven.  Amen.” (11:57am)

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The Importance of Forgiveness

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

God impressed upon my heart that we should be willing to forgive anyone and everyone to bring peace to our lives and fellow friends and family.  God would say that He did no wrong against anyone, but at the same time, He loved us so very much that He was willing to give His One and Only Son to die an awful, painful death to bring reconciliation to a whole wide world because of the love He has for us.  How much more should we be willing to take the same application and be willing to imitate our Heavenly Father to bring about peace and reconciliation among our own husband and family who we say we love with all of our hearts?

God, You stand in the gap for all our husbands and sons because You know how prideful and stubborn they truly are, and I thank You, dear Yeshua (Jesus), that You love Your Bride so much that You have given us the strength and the power to love them, even when we feel they have gone and hurt us or make us feel lesser than we are.  God, it is your unrelentless love for us that give us the power and the strength to forgive, even when we don’t feel the need or want to.  Lord, thank You for putting Your heart in me to make me want to be more like You, Yeshua HaMashiakh (Jesus the Messiah), my Lord and my Savior.

God, pour out Your Ruach (Holy Spirit) on me like never before and allow me to know You like never before.  Lord, help me to be a servant for You, Yeshua (Jesus).  Teach me to walk in Your Truth and to follow and keep Your Torah and all Your commandments, Father God, because this is where true peace and rest comes from, because You, Yeshua (Jesus), are the Living Breathing Torah that God the Father has given us from the beginning.  Amen.  (10:50am)

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“For Such a Time as This”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I will and have chosen you as well, My daughter of the Torah, says God Almighty.  You and Chris, your husband, are and have been put aside for such a time as this because I love you and desire for you to love Me and My Father who are one in the same.  Today unite your hearts with Mine and do what I have chosen for the both of you to do.  Don’t lag your tails or be slow because I have a unique plan for you both to do and be a part of.  I have told you before, but I will say again, not for Me or Myself, but for the both of you, Get ready yourselves and come to My Holy City Jerusalem to where I can use you and pour out upon you and your wife greater gifts and talents than you have ever seen or heard of before.  Not by your power or by your strength, says God Almighty, but by My power and by My might, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Come to Me and abide with Me and My Father at our tables and allow us to pour upon you and your wife rivers of blessings that you cannot imagine how you will try to contain them.  Just flow and press into Me, says God, and you will not have any need for worry or doubt or fear that over consumes so many of My children today.  Why do you think I’ve mentioned it for each day of the year?  Yes, 365 times I mentioned it in My Torah.  My Words are words of life and everlasting life.  Don’t allow anyone to persuade you otherwise because they have been deceived and the truth is not in them, My child of the Torah.  Let not your hearts be troubled; I say again, for your Adversary comes about like a roaring lion, but I say I AM THE ROARING LION of the tribe of Judah, and what I say is and shall come to pass, My children of the Most High God.

You have done well, My son and daughter of My elite, for you have obeyed Me and you have saw Me again.  You say when did we see you again, and I say unto you, My daughter, just before you woke up, you had a visitation from Me, your God, telling you that you are going to be wearing robes of many colors, just like Joseph, Jacob’s son.  His brothers did not like him, and they tried to kill him and silence him and even further, they sold him into slavery.  Well, I wouldn’t worry about slavery, but you are being hated and slandered by your brothers and sisters for leaving everything and following the call I’ve placed on you both to go into all the world and be My ambassadors and emissaries for the last days, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Don’t worry because you have heard Me and you have obeyed Me, and even to the point of quitting your earthly job to follow Me, says God Almighty, your El Shaddai and your Prince of Peace.  Yes, you have chosen well, and you will be blessed with the Lord God Almighty.  Your teeth are also really important to you and for you, My son of My Torah.  Don’t take it lightly because you have a lot of speaking to do, and you will need to be able to speak well and fluently and persistently and eloquently so that I can use you to bring My people Israel to their knees and humble themselves and call upon Me, says God.

Go show yourself before your King of Kings, and bow down and humble yourself and let Me and My Father give and grant for you a blessing that will exceed all blessings ever, My son of My Torah.  Your Father and I love you so very much and want to bless you and your wife beyond measure, and this can only happen and come visible if you continue to bless others and be a blessing to them.  Don’t wait.  Keep pressing in and allowing your Father and I to do what needs to be done.  Love us with your whole being and bow down before us in worship and in adoration.  Glorify us, for we are worthy to be praised and adored because We are the Ones who made and created everything for your use.

Don’t be mistaken by people who do not know us yet who tell you that you are hearing things and seeing things, even hallucinating.  I laugh, says God Almighty, at those who try and persuade you to turn your backs on Me and My Father in heaven.  They who say We don’t exist are only fooling themselves, not anyone else.  They are only unsure of who they are themselves and aren’t convinced in their own hearts, so they are trying to convince and persuade you to doubt and not stay focused on the greater things.

I say don’t fall for anymore snares that the Devil and his imps are trying to throw at you from all corners, because believe Me when I say, he is not finished with you yet.

He isn’t happy with what has been going on with you and your husband preparing for your trip of a lifetime.  Beware as the time goes by, He will make your way tough, but know I have prepared the way before you, and he doesn’t even know what is going to kick him in the seat of his pants.  He thinks he is conniving in all of his ways, but he isn’t.  He is nothing to look upon anymore, because he gave it all up by trying to be more powerful than Me and My Father God.  He has so many people fooled and tricked into believing that he is still someone great, but it isn’t so.  He is a deceiver and a good, good liar, and an ugly one to boot.

Don’t give ear to anything he tries to tell or persuade you with because he tried to do it to Me in the wilderness, and I threw back at him Scripture, and that is what I expect for you, My sons and My daughters, also to do.  But you say how can I do that if I don’t have it all memorized, and I say again unto you, until heaven and earth pass away, not one yodh or tittle shall likewise pass away.  So many of My people in My so-called churches are doing away and deleting My very words that I have spoken from the beginning of time, and I am not pleased one bit about that, and I say unto you this day, I have not or will not delete or annul anything that I have spoken unto you through My prophet Moshe (Moses).

Do you understand, My people?  Do you get that I am not pleased with you picking and choosing what you want to believe and ditching what you don’t want to accept.  Hogwash, you say, that’s not what we’re doing, but I say it is exactly that.  I say until heaven and earth are no longer, all My words are still active and true for all of you, My people.  They are life and breath to all those who choose to accept and believe them, and health and blessing to all those who follow after Me, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to a thousand generations.

I am coming back and riding on a white horse.  Are you all going to be ready, or are you all going to just keep playing around and still feasting around My tables of food filling your own bellies, not caring about what happens to your neighbor next door?  Remember, if you are not willing to share your heavenly Father with a neighbor or a fellow man here on the earth I created and made just for you, don’t think your Father and I want you in and around our heavenly throne praising us.  You say this is really harsh, My God.  Well, I say, I am so tired of My so-called Church who say they love Me and My Father, but they don’t know us or even want to because they are so comfortable playing church and trying to make friends and relationships, but not really concerned with having a real relationship with us.

The tables are so full, but My fields are almost empty, who of you will leave your comfort zones, your boxes of comfort, and come follow Me to bring in My lost and dying children all around us everywhere?  People say to you, Chris and Karen, there are people here that need to be witnessed to and taught about My Son, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), and yes, they are right, but do you see them getting up off their lazy behinds and doing something for Me?  No, they want everyone else to do it, but I say that will not fly with Me nor My Father which art in heaven, because My Torah, My Words, tell everyone to be emissaries, disciples for Me.  For all to leave father, mother, and brothers for Me.  There will not be any excuses for anyone who doesn’t work in My fields, no matter what field you work in.  But I have chosen My daughter and My son to come to Jerusalem to follow Me, and that I will make them mighty fishermen for Me and My Father God in heaven.

Choose life today and drink of My living water today because tomorrow might not be available to you, like in the days of Noah when I shut the door, and no one yelling or screaming could enter, so shall it be like that in the last days when the Father and I come after our Bride who is looking and waiting for our return.  Remember, only those who had their lanterns filled with oil were able to enter into the wedding.  Will you be ready?  You need to count the cost and check your hearts today, My people, My church.  Are you pure and holy?  Have you been faithful to your Husband, or have you been prostituting yourselves amongst other gods of this world?

Repent, says God Almighty, and call upon Me and seek My face and humble yourselves, and I will hear your hearts’ cries and forgive you of all your sins, and then you shall have a place in My Father’s and My Kingdom forever and ever, amen, says God Almighty.  I come quickly, don’t drag your feet any longer.  I love you and choose you to be My Bride.  Come and dine at My tables, but don’t stay there, arise and shine and give God the glory.  (8:19am, Saturday morning)

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“Don’t Worry, Don’t Fret”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
4:23 am

Don’t worry and don’t fret, because greater am I, says God, for I edify and build up, and I’m the One who prospers you.  I tear down and I bring to pass all that which is necessary in My eyes, so stop worrying about what is and what will be, for I say unto you, don’t I take care of the sparrow?  Don’t I take care of all that is from the creation of the world, won’t I then also take care of you, My children?  So if you trust Me, if you believe Me, then know that there isn’t anything too small or even too big that your heavenly Father has done or can’t do, if you just release Me and allow Me and My Father and your Father to do it.  It’s all a matter of test of survival.

People come and go, and people leave, but I say, trust in Me, and I will neither come or go.  I will do neither of the two, because I AM and I WAS ALWAYS from the creation of the world and before.  You say, “This is crazy,” but I say, “No, just believe, so I can show you mightier and greater things than ever before.”  Arise and stop your doubting and stop allowing the Devil to steal and rob your joy.  You know I AM real, you have seen and heard Me before.  Yes, you have heard Me, but you have also saw Me but just weren’t aware of it, because you have Me pictured as someone more delightable and much more pleasant.  People have Me so confused with someone else, but it is not Me.  I AM not come to bring a show or a picture of Myself, but to bring those that have not, much, and for those who have much, none.

Don’t let yourselves be troubled, because I say “freely give, freely receive,” and I say, “To those who have much, much is required.”  So stop and look and listen to what My Spirit says, because I tell you this just once, because there isn’t a need to keep on repeating it: Come unto Me now because the Father and I are coming soon, and those who are still sitting amongst the tables still feeding upon My tables will soon be left out amongst My elected and there won’t be any more room among My heavenly throne.

So don’t be stagnant, and don’t lager around wishing and hoping that you would have liked to have done more for My Father and I in our kingdom because NOW is the time, and NOW is the time to do whatever the Ruach (Spirit) is preparing you to do for such a time as this.  There is a reason for everything beyond the sun, moon, and stars, so don’t wait for Me and My Father to send you anything more because We have already sent you signs and wonders in Our Manual.  Trust us, for We know what is right and delightful for all of our children We created for such a time as this.  Your response needs to be quick and to the point, because there isn’t much time for your procrastinating and doubting and worrying, which are all sin in My eyes.

People shut up and arise, for the time is arising and approaching that man needs to stop what they are doing and take their Father serious and pay close attention too.  You don’t want to be the ones who find out what really happens to those the door closes shut upon.  The Day of Noah were not days that were happy or enjoyable, and many people tried to find peace with Me, but it was too late, the door was already closed.

Once the door is closed, it cannot or will not be opened.  I cannot because I AM a God of My Word, and I will not break My promises, that is why I AM telling you all this NOW, so you will understand why NONE of My words have been replaced or annulled or destroyed from the beginning to the end of My Holy Scriptures, My Torah, God-breathed words.

Be faithful in the keeping of them all, because they are life and breath to ALL that keep them to a thousand generations.  Fire and brimstone are really not fake, as some of you suppose.  I AM a real God, and when I speak to each of you, they are real words as well, for I say nothing that is false or needs to be explained.  For such a time as this, you will all see the glorious works of our hands.
Your Father and I are One, and Our Holy Spirit is a gentleman and won’t have anything viral or unholy living amongst us and can’t, because We are holy.  It is who We are, and We cannot stand to be around anything that would give us a reputation of being unholy.   Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but give unto God what is God’s, and you cannot and will not fail or be led down a path of sin and revialness/evilness.  As sure as the breath you’re breathing, you can know that I AM real and that I existed way before time did. (5 am, Tuesday morning)


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“Trust Me, Let Me Use You”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Friday, May 27, 2016
3:12 pm

Trust Me, let Me use you so that I can take you to places way beyond your imaginations, says your Lord God.  Trust Me, let Me expand your intellect and show you things that go way beyond anything that your minds could ever think or do.  My ways are far above your ways, and My thoughts are so much higher than your thoughts, says God Almighty.  As far as the heavens are above the clouds, so are My ways above your ways.

Seek Me, Trust Me, for I say to you, before there was anything, I was and I AM, says God Almighty.  There isn’t anything that I cannot do or perform, says God.  Trust Me with your FINITE minds, and I will take you and soar with you on the wings of eagles, says your Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  You are My son and My daughter, and I have everything you’ll ever need to walk this lonely set aside life with Me. By lonely, I mean that your family will be far from you, but not forgotten or harmed.  (3:24pm, Friday)


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