Friday, December 10, 2021 @ 6:58am

I’m praying and the L-RD says,

Move On!

It is time to move on and leave your past life behind, and stop wallowing in the “what ifs” and “what could have been’s” because that is just what it was. There wasn’t any substance in any of your old relationships, but just a lot of hurts and “what if’s” that weren’t meant to be. What has happened is because I, the L-RD your G-D, saw fit for you and your wife to be together to strengthen each other and to encourage one another to bring MY KINGDOM TO THIS EARTH, as I see fit to do this very day that you are alive and kicking and screaming at one another. You see it’s not about either one of you, My children/ people, who claim to know and have all the answers to life you’re all living and breathing here today in this cold city of Poplar, that you’re trying so desperately trying to escape and move from here because you haven’t any friends or family or relationship with each other, including Me, your Holy G-D of Israel now and forevermore. I have called you by name more than once, and I am doing so once again because you are precious to Me, your G-D.

Trust Me to Bring My Promises to Pass!

Chris and Karen, I love you through and through, but you must trust Me, your OMNIPOTENT G-D of the universe, to bring to pass and fruition all that I, the L-RD your G-D, have for each of you this very day, that I have called you out of your bed to write this all down. I have planned this and you are not sick with Covid-19 or anything else that is going around in your city/state where you are living, or have been visiting family and for My Holy Day of Dedication/Hanukkah, which I traveled far to attend when I lived amongst you in My Holy City of Jerusalem, and came and dwelt amongst you and taught MY FATHER’S WORDS, WHICH IS WHY I CAME TO THIS WORLD IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I Came to Do My Father’s Will

I came to fulfill the promise I made with your father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not to do My Will, but My Father’s will who sent Me from the very beginning of time, before even CREATION and BEFORE the foundation of the world were spoken into being.   I am the L-RD your G-D . I am your ADONAI RAPHA. I am your healer, your more than enough, My daughter and My son of my most beautiful heavens above. My vast heaven is so much more wonderful than you both will ever know it to be because I have such big plans for you both, and I need for you to get along and love each other like I have planned for you all along.  It is the right thing to do my children.

Time is Running Out, So Quit Wasting Time!

Stop your dilly-dallying around and stop your immature fighting because it is leading nowhere. I am your Adonai RAPHA, I am your ELSHADDAI. I am your very source of life without Me giving you oxygen to breathe every moment of every day. Yes, every second and millimeter of every second, you would be dead and your corpse in the ground like so many that recently have gone on before you. Yes, some with Me because they were in relationship and right standing with Me and MY WORDS in my scriptures, My Holy Tanach. Yes, My Word, My teaching, we’re not formed into what your Bibles are today.  NO, They were written so much differently than you will ever know them to be.   For in My days with you, they were on scrolls, but now so much has changed, and you have changed, but I, your L-RD G-D of ISRAEL, HAVE NOT CHANGED, NOR WILL I EVER. Get used to it, because if you don’t, you will never ever see MY face, My dearly beloved little lambs, who think they have it all figured out to the T.

Now is the Time to Repent!

Oh, you might think that you know what My Word says, but you really do not, my churches, who have gone astray and are doing everything that My Word teaches you not to do. You have fallen astray, and you have adapted to the ways of the world to fit in to try not to bring harm upon yourselves and to your families, but I say STOP AND TURN FROM YOUR WICKED, ADULTRESS WAYS before you burn in everlasting fires for all of eternity with the devil and all that followed him.

Without Purity and Holiness, You Cannot Be in My Presence!

I am a loving Heavenly Father, but I must have obedience and holiness in My Kingdom set up for you, My creation/children. Without purity and holiness, you can not be in My presence. Yes, My one and only begotten Son I sent to you, and He did accomplish all that I sent Him to do, but now you must do it too. It was not Him only. He, Yeshua/Jesus, was your example. He proved to you that you could also keep and follow My TORAH, My Holy Scriptures, too, from beginning to the very end. Yeshua, My Son, did not annul My very Laws and regulations.  That is absolutely false, My church/churches/people/tribes and nations. NO, this is all heresy and falsehood/lies. My church is built upon Me, YOUR Holy, trustworthy
G-D, Yahweh, and that is the ultimate truth to even today and forever.

You Can’t Twist and Distort My Words!

Forever is exactly what it means.   I change not, My people; it is you who has made changes to My WORDS and have twisted them to make it more compatible to your surroundings all around you. You have neglected My Words and My teachings to accommodate your ungodly behaviors, so you can fit into the world around you. This is not okay with Me, YOUR HOLY G-D of the Universe here today or ever, because I do not change to fit your ideas of who I AM.   Do I, YOUR CREATOR, MAKE MYSELF CRYSTAL CLEAR or must I continue to repeat Myself over and over again? 

Can’t You Hear Me?

Why are you, My creation, so dull of hearing about what it is I want from you this day? Why is it that you are so set in your ways to disobey Me and wind up in the fiery pits of hell with all of satan’s imps and Antichrist, who is now Leading you away from Me, YOUR G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords? Wake up, church/people, your time is running out, and you are still so miserably blind, you can’t and don’t even see it. You have had ME AND MY WORDS right with you all along, but you refuse to adhere to them because of your blindness and self-righteous indignation and pride/ego. Let go of your proudful ways before they take you down to the pits of hell, where others before you have gone because of their disbelief and arrogance ways. You can repent and turn away from your life of sin today My people, My Children.

My Son Came to be Your Example!

It is not too hard for you trust Me. That is why Yeshua, My Son, came to this world. Oh, this isn’t the only reason I sent My one and only Son. NO, but it seems that it is the only reason you, My church, care about. My church today is so selfish and arrogant/proudful.   All they care today is that they have asked My Son Jesus into their hearts and life, so they can have their insurance policy from going to HELL and going to Heaven. My church today don’t even care or believe that I am still Jewish as the day I was born. I am returning as your Jewish King and Messiah. Does anyone of you even care about Me and know what My true Hebrew name is? My mother didn’t call Me “Jesus.” I was a Jewish child, and I grew up and died your Jewish Messiah, and I am coming back as your Jewish KING of KINGS and L-RD of lords.

I Am the Only Way!

There are not many ways to Me in MY KINGDOM. NO, NO, NO.   I am the only way, the only door, if you come in by any other means, you are a thief and a robber. Those who are “robbers” will not be welcome or accepted and will be turned away into outer darkness, and be thrown into the fiery pits of hell where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth forever. This is what MY WORD teaches and says if you would but pick it up and read it for yourself, and not wait and expect your unholy pastors to teach you the truth. They are not My sheep anymore, if they have not been teaching ALL My Torah from the beginning to the end.   

You Need All My Words!

All Scripture is G-D breathed and is profitable for doctrine (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

 If you remove anything from My WORDS, I shall remove you from My Kingdom. Likewise if you shall ADD anything to My Words, then too you shall not enter My Glorious Kingdom either. My Road to My Kingdom is narrow and few will find it. Wide is the road to Hell, and many will unfortunately find it. This is not what I want for My children/creation. It is your choosing and free choice that gets you there. You still have time to REPENT AND TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS, and start living for ME and MY FATHER IN HEAVEN. It is not over until I decide that it is. I am YOUR CREATOR, AND I LOVE YOU, AND I HAVE THE FINAL SAY about what happens. Please choose well, because your future depends on it, G-D. 8:38am

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