Wednesday, October 5, 2022 @8:26 am

Woke up this morning after having three different dreams or maybe three different parts of the same one; I’m not sure, but what I do know is that after asking the Holy Spirit to show and reveal to me what it was that He wanted for me to know, and His words made them so much clearer than just the dreams alone. I praise Jesus/Yeshua for giving me clarity of them and bringing peace to my heart and, L-RD willing, to yours through this WORD given below, amen.

Holy Spirit, what is it that You want from me this morning on Your Most Holiest of Days here in our UNIVERSE? What do you want me to say for You to your chosen elite few? Do my dreams have anything of value at all?

Right after I wrote down all of this, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit say,

Yes, child, I do understand your dilemma here. This Day of Atonement (Heb. Yom HaKippurim) is an extremely important day for all mankind to take refuge in and to take seriously indeed. This day is like no other in all of history, My chosen elite sons of God this day in your hearing. Behold, and thus says G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this day. Stand before Me dress all in your white apparel and worship Me your ONE TRUE G-D of all the Universe here and beyond for Your Shepherd is calling you to come home to be with Him, to reign with Him, your Creator for all of eternity from here on out, says Your L-RD G-D of Heaven and Earth today, where you are standing on His footstool.

For He says,

I have not changed, My people, My sons and My daughters of My Kingdom, which I have told you all about. I do love each of you, My children, My little sheep/lambs. I have called you that because you are so in need of a Shepherd to lead you and guide you into My TRUTH of MY WORDS. Yes, My WORDS are all through your Scriptures from Genesis-Revelations. That is TRUTH, My people, My chosen-elect few. I say few because of your pride and arrogance My children. You have, and have always been, so proud and will not bend a knee to Me, even if you know you are wrong. You have chosen to go your own ways only to prove to yourself that you are able to and not see the kind of response like in the biblical days where people like yourself would just be put to death on the spot. What unbelieving foolish children you have become. Why won’t you just stop following your own hearts and just listen and take heed of My Words/My Scriptures for yourself, and stop trying to remake them for yourselves in the times that you are in today? My TIMES, My children are coming to pass whether you like them or not,” says G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this day of YOM KIPPUR, the Holiest of all Holy Days of the Jewish Hebrew month.

“I do,” says G-D, your ELOHIM, “to take great respect for your FATHER/KING/CREATOR of the Universe because HE has the authority to do whatever HE desires to do because HE is HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, and there is no other like HIM in all of the Universe here or beyond ever.

G-D is the One who chooses and will choose if you or I make it into His Kingdom when that day actually comes.

My people, My descendants from all across and around this world you’re living in today, come back to ME, sup with ME and make ME your first priority, not your second or even 3rd best. Get back to your first love, do your first works over, and do not take lightly what I have said over and over again in My Holy WORDS/SCRIPTURE to be born again and to be made anew. Be Baptized in My waters for the remission of your sins and also in My Spirit and with fire, says the L-RD G-D Almighty this day. I have told you all to keep and to observe this day as a Holy Convocation unto Me your One True G-D of the whole entire Universe here and beyond. I do not take this lightly, My people, My so-called church of today, that’s only acting like the people of My day when I lived on the earth, you call your home today all over the world. My Words/My Scriptures are TRUTH; they are ME.  Yet you who you say that you love and adore Me, you just continue to trash ME by saying profanities against ME, your One True G-D up above, as you like to say.

I am EVERYWHERE, so know that you cannot hide from ME, all you who are sinning, even right now in your workplaces and synagogues, and wherever you may be breaking, even the least My commandments of taking the mother’s young away from her mother, while she is still there watching and caring for her young. Stop all your foul behaviors and sinful ways before it’s too late to make your robes white without spot or wrinkle this very day of YOM KIPPURIM, My children, My people, if I can and will ever even call you that ever again.

Remember who I am. Remember that I am a Holy, Righteous, Pure G-D, and you must reflect My IMAGE to make it into My Kingdom with ME. Yes, I am aware that you are human, My children/creation, but so was My One and Only Son/Child, Yeshua Ha Mashiach/Joshua, a Mighty Warrior. He was and will surely be once again when I send Him back to take HIS throne to rule and reign. He won’t be ruling like a roaring lion but HE is the Mighty LION of the TRIBE OF JUDAH, and HE will bring such peace as well as honor back to ME, HIS G-D, as well as yours, if you will choose this day whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15), God Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this very YOM KIPPUR in the Bible, I left for you to read and to study in order to show yourselves approved unto ME, your One True G-D of all times and forever, amen.

Keep Holy, for I, your G-D, AM and is and shall always be HOLY, says G-D, amen. 9:30am Wednesday Oct. 5, 2022.