5:22 am Tuesday June 7, 2022

My son and my daughter I have not called you to an easy life NO but a hard lifestyle. I have not ever had it easy so why do you feel you should? Trust Me, obey me and keep everything that I have ever told you before to do. It is very important for you to listen and follow My directions to the T/letter. Nothing my children will ever be easy as you have thought life to be. It was not my plan for you to sugar coat my gospel of my Kingdom. No not ever. My Gospel has been changed to please man and their sinful ways. My Gospel is to rebuild Israel and to restore her unto myself. My Gospel is that which pertains to the restoration of My people ISRAEL MY BRIDE. My birth/death and resurrection fulfilled what I told Abraham in your Torah Genesis 15. It was always my plan to bring the Northern and Southern Kingdoms back together as one echad. My purpose has been just in the right timing. As it always has been. Never a second to early and not a second to late.

I am coming back for a bride who is waiting and watching for the signs and the times that my Feast and Shabbat/Sabbath are all about. They are not just coincidences but they are created on purpose for Me to work my wonders in your life and in the universe I created.

I am not going to be holding back much longer my people/creation. Are you preparing or are you foolish like the five virgins who didn’t prepare enough oil and ran out before I came back?

There will not be a second chance like most of the churches teach these last days. They have been deceived and lied to on more accounts than I can count says G-D Almighty.

Hearken unto the voice of your King this day/morning and hear the words of truth given by my servant girl Karen. She is being obedient to Me her Heavenly Father up above.

Don’t forget to study to shew yourself approved unto G-D and trust HIM to reveal HIMSELF to you as pour your heart before HIM this raining weather you’re having outside. Let the Holy Spirit rain down upon you all and infiltrate your heart and make you whole and well, amen and amen