“My Ways Are Not Your Ways”

Thursday, July 7, 2016
6:20 am


I was in an airport flying somewhere, but now can’t remember, but we were being seated and it was rather crowded, and as I was getting comfortable in my seat, I heard God say to me just before I woke up from my dream,  “My ways are not your ways.” So I held my eyes shut because I did not want to wake up. I was more interested in finding out more about where I’m at but decided against it knowing that God was wooing me.  I would be smart to woo Him “My Father back” as well.  I did have a little talk before I laid my head down to rest , but it’s not what God has been telling me to do in past sessions.


As I got comfortable in my brown recliner, I started talking to my Heavenly Father about my day and how thankful and grateful I was to have such a family as I have.  I started thanking God for blessing my family with health and wholeness as well as my friends.


I even then remembered that a good friend had asked me to do, if I was ever awake at a certain time in the early morning or late at night.  Sometimes while I’m praying/ interceding, I’m being reminded of things by the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to pray for people.  Then I’m made aware that I haven’t, so I immediately begin to lift them up in English and then in my prayer language that the Father has given me for the asking.


As each day comes and goes, and our final destination to Israel approaches, I’m more aware of the fact that this trusting, obedience thing is more necessary than what I have been doing already.  It is getting to be more relevant than ever before. God doesn’t change, It’s I that does.  I’m aware that what God was telling me as I was about to wake up this morning by “My ways are not your Ways,” says God.


God, thank you for showing me and walking through this season of my life as You did each of the past seasons and giving me your guidance and ability to grow with every stretch and pull that You put inside of me, Your daughter.  Help me to be wise and use the knowledge and understanding to be aware of every truth that You bring to my intellect.  Help strengthen me with Your wisdom to guide me into good judgement and common sense.

God, I realize that it is pointless to even try to be in this world if You don’t allow for the gifts that You have given to us for the asking to be used.  Your gifts, O Lord, are for our benefit to help us in our daily lives to keep us strong and alert.  To help us and to inform us through the Holy Spirit who is our helper.  Lord Jesus, help me to use the gifts You have given me wisely and to use them often too.  God, your Holy Spirit brings such peace and comfort .  He brings to my remembrance everytime I ask.  Such a precious gift.


What I know is this, it isn’t no magic and He is no Genie, as I have been told in a previous session.  A person has to be wise and filled with knowledge and be learned through reading and studying.  I say this because the Holy Spirit can’t use what we haven’t got already.  He is our helper, not our genie in a bottle, where we don’t have to do anything but make a request and bam, there you are, LOL!  I don’t think so, I mean it would be nice, at least, maybe for a time.  I mean, the Holy Spirit can remind us and does that when we need to spend more time with Heavenly Father and is good at it too.


Father, you are wonderful and are such a loving Father to woo us Your children.  Father, You are a good teacher and you know just how to walk along with us side by side and You fill us with Your presence.  Your Word says that You never leave us nor forsake us.  God, I don’t have any problem believing what You had Your prophets and disciples write down, because I have so much evidence that You are who You claim to be, my King of Kings and my Lord of Lords, the Almighty God, reigning in my heart and in my life.


God, without you, I couldn’t and wouldn’t exist.  You’ve healed my brain and you’ve reconstructed my mind, how awesome and cool is that.  You have brought in deer after deer right out of nowhere just for my husband and I to see Your creation.  You filled up a beautiful sub-division with more deer than I could count for miles, just so we could see Your glory before our eyes.  Houses everywhere and beautiful green pastures of grass for them to grase upon.  They never were afraid.  For they stood in awe of Your majesty as we were in our car driving slowly down the street looking for our hotel.  GPS had us lost, but God had us right where He wanted us to be.


We have a good, good Father and He has so much He wants to tell us.  That day was gorgeous and I haven’t ever seen such a massive number of deer just hanging out in peoples’ yards ever. Never did I see in any yard any people.  Just deer, deer, deer and more deer.  God says to me, “How much more beautiful you are my daughter/my son than all of these my creation.”  He was telling me to be still and know that He is God and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him with their whole hearts.  The cool thing also is they weren’t ever scared or frightened away.  They just looked me in the eyes or just had their heads down feasting on the goodness of God in the green grass.  They were all female does, no bucks.


God revealed to me that this is just like an image of His Bride.  We are all like sheep before their shearer, and we need to be all clean and prepared before coming to stand before Him on the judgment day.  We, as the bride, need to keep our garments spotless so that we won’t be turned away or locked out like the 5 virgins who didn’t come prepared.


God wants for all His people to be prepared and ready to stand at the Day of His returning. He says, “Will He find you and me ready, or will He have to say, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity’?”  He would say to all of us, “Now be ready, be on the lookout for there is coming a day,” saith the Lord God of Israel, “that every eye shall see Me and every eye will behold Me and My Father which art in Heaven.  Trust Me, your God Almighty, you want to have your oil ready and prepared for in advance, because you don’t want to have to leave to go out looking for more.”


“Because you will not find it and the door will not reopen, just as in the Days of Noah.”  There was plenty of time for change and repentance, but God says that “all they cared about was mocking, ridiculing and cursing him.  Repentance was never on their minds until they realized that they had been foolish and unwise.  Then it was too late.  Just as it was with Noah, so it shall be for you, My people/My children.  Unless you repent, Teshuvah,  and turn from all your evil ways and stop profaning Me,” says God, “the same outcome will happen to you as well.  Oh, you say, ‘it will be different,’ and you say, ‘not to me,’ but I say back to you, “Are you really sure you are up to take the gamble to find out?”


“Oh, what a wicked generation you have become.  Open up your eyes, all ye workers of iniquity and let Me, your Lord God, show you great and marvelous things only I, your Father, can do.  Why do you test Me as you do?  You know that I AM a good good God.  You have never seen or heard Me do anything that wasn’t holy or righteous before My Father in Heaven.  Why would I now?  I AM a Good Good Father, and I love to pour out good gifts to all My children who trust  Me and obey Me,” says God Almighty.


“What more do you have to see before you can trust Me?  How much more will it take for you to give yourselves unto Me your Good, Good Father who loves you so very much.  My heart cries out for you day and night.  Oh how I miss you and want for you to miss Me too. My children , I miss you with a love that you cannot even fathom.  O My children, I don’t need you, but you need Me and My Father to grow and mature to be like us.  My Father and I are One, so as we desire for you to also be like us.


By you seeking after us and our Kingdom, this is how you become like Us, and that is good and righteous.  We need for all of you to choose to be one with Us so that all men shall be able to be saved from the coming WRATH to come. It is coming and it will be very soon.  Be prepared, be on the lookout for times will be getting harder, just as a woman in labor pains.  The pain gets stronger and closer together.  So it is with Us says, God.  Bride, prepare yourselves, and don’t forget what I have spoken this day,” God.   (7:53 am., Thursday   July 7, 2016)


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He Loves Me, No Matter What!

Monday,  July 04, 2016
7:50am, .


Rolled over and woke up and God says, He loves me no matter what.  His love is unconditional and that it never fails.


This is so awesome because we as people, myself included, have and put limits on how we are gonna love.  We may say things that hurt the person we love , but God doesn’t respond the way we do.  God, even though He has feelings, He doesn’t get upset or angry where it leads to sin.  He does in His Word say, Don’t let the sun go down on your anger and don’t allow it to fester and live inside of you to bring about bitterness and strife, which turns into anger and hatred.


God, thank you for this beautiful July 4th weekend that You have given me, my family  and the world.  Lord, it started off quite unusual for me, Father.  I had thought I was just being friendly and making a simple comment, and it totally blew up in my face, no pun intended,  lol.”


I remember what a teacher had just taught a day before and our pastor that same day, and I pondered upon what I should do to mend the situation.  Then I also remembered a book I had read by Joyce Meyer, Me and My Big Mouth.  I immediately responded and took each of the three helpful tips.  I hadn’t anticipated any of this, but I learned a very important lesson that night to never assume everyone thinks the same way as I do.

So when I was aware of what I had done, I did what I had learned to do and apologized and said I was sorry for offending them, and if I had cause any offenses, I asked them to please forgive me.  Not knowing what would happen but praying hard that the answer would be “YES,” I waited, and within minutes, the reply came back with a positive note.  I was so humbled and appreciative and thankful because my intentions weren’t to be critical or harmful.

God is amazing and I thank Him for not letting anything harmful come out of it. I guess God must’ve thought that I needed to learn some new ways of application with apologies and forgiveness because it sure did back fire on me and exploded in my face literally. What I’ve learned is words are very powerful and can be very hurtful or healing.  It takes a wise person to make the right choices to know what to say at the right time.


God would have to say, Be very careful not to offend or hurt any one person because He loves them and doesn’t want for anyone to be turned away from His family.  This song comes to mind now…

O be careful little mouth what you say / O be careful little mouth what you say,
There’s a Father up above / And He’s looking down in love / So, be careful little mouth what you say. (“O Be Careful, Little Eyes”)


God is saying relationship means so much to Him and to His Father, and to your’s and my Father as well, if we choose to open up our hearts to Them.  God loves us and wants for us to come before Him with dancing and worship.  He loves for all of His children who call Him “Father” to have a close relationship with Him.  What God is saying is He wants for us to come close and sup (eat and drink) with Him as He has spoken before.


He loves it when we open up His Word, and not only read it for what it says, but for us to study and meditate on it to get the full picture and implications, and the mysteries of what is there lying amongst the pages of words.   Yes, He would say to us that His Word is full of mysteries that it would and will take a life time, and even some more, to get the fullness of it all down in our hearts.  He wants for all of His so-called children to come before Him and test Him and to prove Him today to see if there is anything too hard for Him to do.


Don’t allow fear and doubt to ride upon your hearts for He loves you so very much and wants for all of His children/people to understand what “the Big Picture” of His Kingdom is all about.  He is saying “STOP IT..

STOP prostituting yourself.  
STOP saying you love Me and then go out and love someone else more.  
STOP saying you love Me and put all of your attention in other things that don’t allow for Me.  
STOP it and show Me, your Father in Heaven, that you are my Bride by spending the Best hours of your day with Me and putting forth all your energy and strength into creating a lasting relationship where neither dust or mold can tarnish and corrupt it.  


“A good relationship,” God says, “takes effort and determination, so that it can withhold a storm  and can withstand devastation. Nothing more does the thief love, but for the door to be open so he can come in and steal, kill and destroy.”  So because of this, we need to have our walls firm and secure, so that no weapon formed against us can penetrate or overwhelm us to where we will fall apart and not be able to stand in that day when it will take everything we have to stand and not fall away.  “Be strong and of good courage,” says God, “for in that day, many shall fall away because their foundation wasn’t what it should’ve been.  But I say unto you that nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing can, and won’t, get into your way of standing, if you truly put all of your faith in Me,” says God Almighty.


“There shall be NO GOOD EXCUSE for anyone, My so-called child of God.  You say this, you say that, but I say, “Do you really truly love Me, your God, with all of your heart?  What does your heart look like right now?  What are you doing right now? Am I on your mind and in your thoughts?  Or Am I just an after thought of your busy day?  I want and need for you to understand that, that is not good enough.  I AM a Jealous God, and I will and won’t share you with another.  STOP your prostituting yourselves and come back to Me,” says God, “because I love you so very much, and like I said before, I AM a very Jealous God and won’t allow for this kind of action.”


“I desire a people all for Myself, and I will not, cannot, have it your way.  It has to be My way or, as you people say, the highway.  You people are so complicated; you say you want a relationship with Me and your own husbands, but then you don’t want to be honest or have to be tied down by commitments or values.  When I had Moses/Moshe tell the Pharoah to let My people go, I meant it.  I was telling My people that I wanted to be in covenant with them and to know them and have a relationship with them.  That is what I want for you today.  I haven’t changed My mind about anything. I keep repeating Myself over and over again to you, but you, for some reason, are very slow at processing things.


“I AM a patient God, but come on, don’t test your Father in this way.  Our relationship is very important to Me and your Father in Heaven.  This is “the real deal,” so to speak. STOP, what you are doing, and trust and know that We love you so very much and desire for you, My people, to return this same love back to US.  We need for you to grow up and desire stronger things.  STOP feasting on the milk, and dive into My meat of the Word, the heavier things to where I can stretch you and grow you up into mature sons and daughters of My Torah/Scriptures.  All My Words are desirable and valuable for doctrine and for reproof in Righteousness, just as I have told you by My son, Paul, in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. ”


“So cast all of your cares upon Me, says God, “because I so careth for you.  I say, My Children, cast all your cares aside at My feet and let Me, your Father, which created you for such a time as this, to take such good care of you to where you will have no need of wants or cares.  Trust is what you’ll have to do, My kids, if you want what I have for you waiting on the other side.  Everything that I have is by faith and faith alone;  nothing comes about without faith, trust and obedience, My child.  Allow your Father to hold your hand and stroll with you and lead you into paths where you haven’t trodden before.  Let Me guide you by and through My Holy Spirit into places only the elite and faithful ones trod.”


“Come and be My guest and sit with Me at the head of the table where the finest of people sit.  You are my elite, and I choose to bless you and favor you over all the rest who have seated before you because this is the time and season that I’m gonna pour out My Wrath upon the Gentile World and proclaim Myself to them like never before.  I AM the King of KIngs and Lord of Lords.  There is None else besides Me,  says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


I come quickly, and I need for you, My sleeping ones, to “wake up and smell the coffee,” before it’s too late.  I come quickly and I come soon.  To those who aren’t looking for Me, I will come as a thief in the night, but to those I AM in relationship with, it will not surprise them, for they are watching and looking for Me, and are wise like the five virgins who had their oil lamps full.  Amen.  God.   (Monday,  9:56 am.)


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I’m More Than Enough

Saturday, July 02, 2016


“I’m more than enough, trust Me, for I AM able and capable of meeting and supplying all of your needs, My children, just trust Me and keep My commandments.  Don’t ask why because I’m the one who is in control,not you, so look up, trust Me,” for thus saith the Lord God of Israel.

“Keep your eyes set on the mark and the goal laid before you and know that I AM the one who is in charge of your life, just trust Me, Obey Me, for greater AM I than he that is in the world.  Know that it is I that hath made you and not ye yourselves so put your trust in Me,” says God, “and know that I will take  care of you and put you in my sheltering wing and wrap my arms of love around each one of you, My sons and daughters.  Fight the good fight of faith because greater AM I than he that is in the world.”


“Yes, I have repeated myself on purpose because I want you to  get this.  I AM greater, much greater, than anything the devil, the evil one, can ever do unto you.  If you trust Me and seek Me with everything and all of your heart, mind, and soul, you will never lack no good thing, but if you withhold yourself from trusting Me,” says God, “you will be devoured and led astray by the devil and his imps multiple times without even realizing that it is him and not I.  People blame Me for all sorts of things, and I have nothing to do with it.  They are all lies and have allowed the devil to come and snatch what was supposed to have been meant for good, and he has stolen it and made it something bad.  Don’t let this surprise you, child of God, because even though he and his imps think they have out- witted Me and you,  they haven’t a clue what I can do, if only you seek Me and My Father, and just trust Us to help to restore what had just been done.”

“Remember what I’ve said many times over.  Greater AM I and My Father than he that is in the world.  He thinks that he is something special/cunning, and that he can persuade you that I did what happened to you, but be on the ware and look out because not only can and will he do it to you now, but he’ll come back with even greater power because you’ve opened the door to him and allowed him the credit and approval to work in your lives.”


“Oh children, wake up! Don’t you listen? Don’t you care about your own very lives that are here right before your eyes?  Stop allowing the evil one to come and mess with your families that you say you love and adore with all your heart.  Children, I cry out for you day and night just hoping and believing that you will get smart and shape up to realize what you have been deceived and beguiled by.  Satan believes himself to be pretty special because he can turn your hearts away from your Creator.  He laughs at you to Me everyday, but I tell him back that you will ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ because you are a special people made for a special time as this to help prepare the way for all My lost sheep/people to come to Me,” says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


“Don’t be shaken by him, My divine beloved ones. Just know and trust your Father which art in Heaven to have your best interest at heart.  That you know I wouldn’t do anything to ever hurt you or harm you in any way, shape or form.  You all are treasures made by your Father and I in Heaven, and have been called before the foundations of the world to prepare the way that We have chosen for you to do to help bring about what is very soon to be approaching your world to come.  Yes, I can see that you are becoming aware of what we already have known, but don’t be afraid or fear what they can and will try to do because as long as you trust and obey your Father in heaven, you and your families will be taken care of by the power of My Holy Spirit living on and inside of you.”


“Yes, you say, ‘But not all are,’ and I say to just trust Me, your Father, and soon each and everyone will believe and trust Me as well.  You say, you want to know how and when.  This is where you just have to follow Me, trust Me, and keep believing when it gets so hard to believe, and then believe and trust a little bit more, My child.  My child, I AM trying to stretch you, to grow you, and to get you strong and able to fight and to resist every fiery dart the enemy  tries to pass or throw your way.”


“Satan knows his time has been shortened and is coming sooner than expected, but that doesn’t mean that he is any less angered by what you have been sent to do by Me,” says God Almighty, yes, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  “Prepare and get yourselves ready for a fight of your lives.  You think you’ve had a battle and fight between the two of you, but you’ve not seen anything yet,” says your Father in Heaven.  “There is coming a time, and that time is very soon, so be on the lookout because nothing more pleases your adversary the devil than for the both of you to be dead and in a box in the ground.  I don’t tell you this to scare you, I tell you this to prepare you to be very careful and to listen very carefully to Me and to My voice of the Holy Spirit just like you are right now.

“You might not always have your paper and your pen with you, so be very alert and keep your minds clear of all the junk that people, like even your own family, like to clot and fill it up with at times.  Such things have no relevance for anything.  It isn’t helpful to you, so why put such trash into your soul?  Remember, ‘trash in – trash out,’ it is a saying people use all the time.  Whatever you do, My children, do for the glory of God to build up My Kingdom.  Nothing else matters, nothing else means anything.  The devil put all this crap in front of you and entices you to pull you away from Me and My Father.  It is useless and does not benefit you at all .


STOP doing it, and read and study My Torah, yes, All My Scriptures, for they are what is Important to you and is always been what’s Important for you.  That is why I gave them to you to study and to read.  All are valid and relevant for today, unlike what most of my so-called believers are saying and denying in a heartbeat.  I say this not once or twice, but three times, don’t listen to them who say these things to you; they are speaking lies and are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  It itches your ears and makes you feel good, but it is not the Truth.  They are fake and phony  and have been fed the lies of their father, the devil. All this ‘prosperity and health and wealth’ and ‘claim it, name it’ stuff is hogwash and garbage.”


“No one has to pay Me anything to get a blessing from My Father and I.  All My people have to do is do what My Word says, and that is to keep and be in covenant with Us, your Father in Heaven and I.  I have paid the price already on the cross.  I took care of everything you’ll ever need.  All you have to do is Love Me and my Father enough to keep all of our Words that we’ve spoken to you before the foundations of the world.  This is not hard, My children, if you love Us.  We say, Keep the Commandments and stop trying to trash them.  You say, ‘You love Us,’ then keep them and stop trying to get rid of them. Because when you do this, My children, you tell Me and My Father that you don’t love us like you say you do.”


STOP trying to get things, material things, on your own because that is insane and rubbish.  Why would you want all that junk when I’ve promised you so much more in our Kingdom which we are preparing for you, even now.  Don’t lay for yourselves down here stuff that’s only gonna rust and rot away, but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven where they’ll never rust or be destroyed.  My people, love Me with ALL of your heart, mind and soul.  You will never lack for any good thing.  I have promised this to you and I keep all of my promises to a thousand generations.  A very, very long time and then some more. Your finite minds can’t even comprehend this, so don’t even try,” says God Almighty.


“Come before Me, My children, and sup with Me and feed amongst My tables, but then go out and help make disciples/emissaries for Us, your Father and I, into all the world first to the Jews, then to the Greeks and into all the world.  Jew and Gentiles, one to another, working together to bring My Kingdom to the earth to rule and to reign for all of eternity. Amen. God.  (Saturday  7/02/16  9:53 am).

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