Friday, August 20, 2021@ 5:55am

The Holy Spirit wakes me up after giving me a dream of someone saying that they love me and then turns their back on me,  and then says that they need to be with someone else too.  They try and explain their decision to me, but then I get this text on my phone and the L-RD tells me that —


being two-faced is not okay with Me in My KINGDOM ever, My people, if that is what you say that you are this very Shabbat/Sabbath Preparation Day in your cities that you’re living in and hearing Me this very day. 

The Holy Spirit also says,

the person who claims that they love Me today is the so-called church who denies My existence as L-RD and Messiah of their lives.  This church who says that they love Me, and wants a relationship with Me, is really just a two-faced phony who wants to have things their way and still make it into My Kingdom with Me and My Father.  This church says one thing but their hearts and mind are full of deceit and lies, and the truth is no longer in them, for they have opened up their hearts and reins to the deceiver himself satan, lucifer.  

Don’t Make Yourself Vulnerable to the Dark Forces

When you, My child/children, do this you become very vulnerable and are open to anything and all things from the spiritual world all around you that you cannot see with your visional/physical eyes that becomes very cloudy and dangerous to say the least.  Opening up and playing with the unseen world and his demons will cause so much damage/destruction that you cannot control without ME in your life.  

With Me, my child, you can do all things, so to speak, but when you start to play one with the other, you become deceived into thinking/believing that we are one in the same, and that is where you become deceived because evil and darkness cannot ever reign together in My Holy Presence here in MY Heavenly Kingdom, up above with Me and your Father, My children.  I say “My children,” because if you turn back from your occultic and abominations today, I will welcome you all back home to Me and My Father in Heaven who loves you oh so very much.  Being two-faced is not okay with Us, Your G-D of Heaven and of Earth, My child/children.  I’m not sure where you have gotten this idea from, but you need to rid your minds from this and Repent/Teshuvah, and turn back to Us and know that We love you so very much. 

You Need to Turn Back

“Turning back” means to leave everything that you once knew and thought to be true and start over.  Like I told Nicodemus, you must be born again of My spirit and of water to be in My Kingdom, and that is not what some of you. or should I say most of you, are doing anymore, if ever.  There are not any changes to MY WORDS, nor are there ever going to be.  My WORD/SCRIPTURE stands complete from beginning to the end as you see it, My people.  My coming to your world didn’t change anything in how you see it to be or to mean.  

Study to Show Yourself Approved

My son and daughter have been told to read MY WORDS and study to make themselves approved just like it says in 2 Timothy 2:15, which Paul wrote in his letter to Timothy. “Study to show yourself approved unto G-D, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  My children, if that truly is what you want to be called this very Preparation Day for MY Sabbath/Shabbat, then you must REPENT from all of your dabbling in the occult and what MY WORD calls SIN and ABOMINATIONS.  Yes, I am G-D, and MY WAYS and MY SABBATHS, MY COMMANDMENTS stand firm in MY HOLY BLOOD that I shed upon My painful, excruciating cross for all mankind who will REPENT and turn their wicked hearts back towards Me, their SINLESS HOLY G-D of all times and forever.  

I Am the Sinless One

My people, if I can even call you that today,  I have always been sinless, and I will remain sinless forever, because I AM G-D, and I paid the ultimate sacrifice for you all because of My love for My Heavenly Father up above. as you would say.  I came as a man to your world and gave up My Divinity to live as a man. so that I could redeem you. like I told Abram so long ago in Genesis 15.  It is no secret. it is in the Scriptures. if you would just take the time and read it for yourselves, instead of entrusting your eternity with your pastor and friends.  Yes. you do need them, but you need and deserve to know the truth, and not just nicks and pieces of the truth. but all the truth, so help ME G-D, amen.  

I Will Judge All Those Who Say They Speak for Me

These pastors/teachers, and yes, evangelist/prophets/bishops/missionaries, as well as others, who go out and preach for their own pockets will be held accountable for their actions, My chosen elite Bride of My KINGDOM.  Their time will come and judgement will be Mine, saith the L-RD G-D of ISRAEL and of Heaven and Earth this very day.  Do not worry and do not fret for behold, just as it was in the times of Noah and the flood, so it will be with you here, My people, My chosen people.  You will need to make your final choice who you will choose to obey, Me or the devil, the world. and all of their messed up theology and doctrines.  Oh yes, My people, if that is truly who you are this very day, and yes, this DAY of PREPARATION is extremely important to ME, YOUR KING of kings and L-RD of lords, this day in your hearing.  

My Word Does NOT Change

These are not just “days,” but these are My Set-Aside Days that I have set up and planned before the foundations of the world came into existence.  I, G-D, spoke everything into existence, and so it was.  Nothing is done or going to be done unless I allow it to do so, do I make Myself clear?  This world is not your home for all of ETERNITY, if you are MINE, do you hear Me?  This world you live in now is going to be all destroyed with Judgement, and I will recreate it all when I finish MY WORK that I went away to do My people.  Nothing is lacking in MY KINGDOM that I am preparing for you, My dearly beloved ones, who are staying faithful to Me your KING, MY BRIDE, who are wise like the five virgins who stayed and watched and were allowed to come in and feast at the wedding supper of the LAMB with her Groom/Husband.  

Which of the Ten Virgins Are You?

Are you My so-called church My so-called Bride that is dedicated to Me, or are you like the other five virgins who took Me for granted and expected others to do all the dirty work, as you call it, to study and make you look good to others.  Are you sure that you want to take the chance of flunking out at the last day on a whim that you thought you had “enough points” to “pass the test”?  How important AM I to you, my child/creation, to make sure that you’re all in and passing with flying colors with A plus grades, so you will be seated with many stars and crowns in that last day when MY SHOFAR blows/sounds,  and I,  Your King of kings and L-RD of lords,  comes riding out on My white Stallion shining with the glory of the Son of Man in the clouds for all to see and behold?  I trust you will all start preparing if you haven’t already begun, because these are not the Jewish feasts and festivals and Holy Days, but MINE, says YOUR ALMIGHTY G-D of HEAVEN AND EARTH this very day in your hearing @7:04 am Friday.  


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