Wednesday, October 20, 2021 @8:10am

The Holy Spirit plus my husband awakes me this morning. I decide that I should listen and get up. The Holy Spirit tells me,

Israel and Judah Need to Stop Fighting

Israel and Judah need to stop fighting and being in battle with one another. I am told that Israel is the Northern Kingdom and Judah is the Southern Kingdom, and now I have been also reminded that this has been going on for centuries from way back in the first century when G-D had divorced them for wanting to become their own people with their own identities. When they chose to be like all the other nations to rule and reign with Kings and princesses

I Have NOT Forgotten Israel, My Bride

Israel chose to be a nation all of her own and went off to the North, while Judah stayed put and stayed in the South where they were meant to be with Me, their King of kings and L-RD of lords this very day. For My people Israel, I have dispersed them throughout the world and into all the nations of the world, as you know and see it to be today. For thus saith the L-RD G-D of Israel, this cold brewing day there in Poplar, Montana, where I have placed you and your family, I have not forgotten My Bride, Israel, and yes, this is why I wanted to have all of your children with you this very day to tell and to share with them that I. the L-RD G-D Almighty, am and do see and remember all of My promises to your father Abraham way back in Genesis 15 on, and I will continue to show Myself to each and every individual who will show themselves faithful to Me, your Awesome, Outstretched G-D of the entire Universe, here today.

My People Are Hurting

People, My children are hurting and broken all over the world today, but you just can’t and don’t see it, for they are far from you and you only see what your eyes can see.  Unfortunately, “out of sight, out of mind,” so to speak. If you can’t see them, they couldn’t possibly matter to you or to Me. their Holy G-D, Creator of all mankind and of all living creatures and of all living things that breathe and move and have My Features and dispositions. Yes, the trees and the animals are all too waiting to see the manifestation of My second coming, just as you all are.

Worship Me Today

People, My people, My chosen, selected few that I have chosen for such a time as this, bow down to Me, your King of Kings and L-RD of lords, today and see My face before it’s too late to do so otherwise. You are living in the time and day that all of your ancestors have been longing to see, just as the shepherds in the field who saw the day of Me, Yeshua/(Jesus), that one day so long ago in the manager/trough where My earthy mother and father laid Me to sleep after a long and troubling birth bringing Me into this world, where it will soon be once again.  My sheep, My chosen-elite Bride, who too will be travailing as My earthly mother had that day delivering Me, her firstborn Son, who was promised her by the angel Gabriel that one Shabbat/Sabbath night as she was preparing herself to meet with Me in the secret place where she had chosen too. This was not a difficult decision for her My chosen people, as you may have anticipated or thought it to be, because she was close and chosen just as you and I are, if you continue in this relationship with US your G-D.

There is No Mystery to Those Who Obey Me

There is NO MYSTERY to US. if you are following in Obedience to OUR LAW, OUR KINGDOM RULES and Regulations, stated in OUR HOLY BOOK, the TORAH /TANACHE. My earthly mother, Mary, kept all of My Laws and Ordinances “to the T,” “right down to the letter.” She was the most observant person of her time to carry Me, the Son of G-D, the perfect sacrifice offering. to redeem even her and all the rest of humanity to the four corners of the entire universe here and beyond, to where your mind cannot even fathom, if you could even try too.

About Mary, My Mother

My mother was so Holy, Pure and Righteous, but not to where you are to worship her or bow down to her, for that is considered SIN and IDOLATRY. I am not happy that people do this, for she was and is just a person like you, no better and no worse. She. as well as you today, had to seek G-D Adonai and repent of her sins and be baptized in water for the remission of her sins. too. She was my mother. not MY G-D. nor MY Heavenly Father. who I sought and prayed to everyday and every moment of My life to please HIM and to Glorify Him, amen.

I Was Raised to be Torah-Observant

As My Word says, I was born here to My mother, who was betrothed to My earthly father, Joseph, to be married. I was just like you, My friends, if I can call you that here today. I was not born with any super powers, like so many think today or back then, NOPE,  just like you. My mother kept kosher and followed the Torah to the T , because she was raised and taught it by her parents who also loved G-D and kept the Commandments and read the Torah, and believed it for what it told them to do. They understood the importance of the Torah and of the Scriptures from what was written down by Moses/Mosheh and the Prophets before them and believed every word and didn’t add or take away from it. They raised Me to love G-D and to not sway “to and fro,” like the world does and is doing there, where you are living today in your sin-infested world, that is polluted just as bad or even worse than in My day.

Beware of the Wolves!

Oh, trust Me, My little lambs/sheep of My flock, if you are in Our midst today. Beware of the wolves,  because they’re wolves dressed like sheep around you trying very hard to pull you from My flock, more so than ever before. Oh, they may sound good to your ears and tinkle them real good, and make things sound interesting enough to believe, but trust Me, that they are wearing masks and doing their best to pull you in the wrong direction from Me, your KING of kings and L-RD of lords, this day where you are living and making your residence with all of your fancy gidgets and gadgets.

Set Your Heart on Things Above

Remember people, all these things are perishable and will rust, rot and corrode, or vanish away before your very eyes. Robbers and thieves will come and take them all from you, just as the Romans of My Day and after did to the people, for  believing that I was a heretic and a blasphemer, when I said I was G-D HIMSELF in the flesh. If they, the Romans would do this to the green tree, how much will they do it to the dry one that has not seen or felt the Son of Man in the flesh nor walked with HIM? I AM, My people, who I say that I am, so don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise. For they will try every oh which way. My dear precious called-out ones, who follow and walk daily with Me, following and picking up your own crosses as I did for you that day so long ago when I was with you, My people.

Your Cross versus Mine

Oh, My cross was for Me, and Me alone. Mine was a real cross, but your cross, My children, is not a physical one but a spiritual one, where you are not bleeding and grasping for air, and you are not being literally bruised and beaten. I know that your crosses feel like I have left you to die all alone, but I haven’t ever left you, but am persistently wooing My people back to Myself and to My Father in heaven, where everything will come into fruition/play as soon as everything in OUR WORD comes to pass, as it has been said that it would do so. Nothing ever happens by accident, My chosen people, who continue to “walk the walk and talk the talk,” that OUR WORD/SCRIPTURE says to do.

I am Coming Again!

OUR WORDS are never late, nor our they ever early, as you would claim them to say as well. OUR WORDS and TIMING are connected to the SOURCE of all things, and when everything comes into the right alignment, that is when the story will be completed and finalized. That is when I, the Son of Man, will return in all of MY Glory, and when a lot of you would say, “all HELL is going to break loose,” and My fury or wrath will be unleashed / poured out, and I am going to make My Judgment on all of the World. Yes and No. My people.

My Coming Will Be Like Egypt Again

My returning to this world you live in will not happen until there is much wickedness and tribulation. It will be much like when I delivered the children of Israel from Egypt.  I did not take them out of the plagues, but I did safely keep them out of harm’s way. Just like them, I will faithfully keep you safe and protected during the tribulation that is slowly/quickly approaching there in your cities and states, and yes, providences/nations of your world today. So do not be surprised by none of this for My Word/Scriptures are coming right into play/fruition.

My Sheep Should Not Be Alarmed

This shouldn’t alarm you, but it should wake you up to see My Day Approaching and coming to light as My Father had been predicting it to all along from the very beginning of time/creation. This is not and shouldn’t alarm the faithful ones, My servants, who are called by My name. For you are, and have been, diligent in your studies and showing yourselves approved unto Me, your Holy, Omnipotent, Most Holy G-D of the entire universe and beyond, in your hearing this very day that I have chosen to make myself known to you and your families.

I Am Coming Back for a Holy, Righteous Bride

Be advised, and let it be known, that I am coming back for a righteous, holy, spotless, unblemished Bride, who has adorned herself in My White robes of righteousness. A Bride who has faithfully been trusting Me and preparing herself in My Holy Torah. My Bride who has been faithfully following and observing My Holy ordinances and keeping all of My 613 Commandments, as you have stated there to be.

You Need to Continue in My Commandments

My Ten Commandments given to Mosheh (Moses) on Mt. Sinai are the TEN PILLARS that all the rest of My commandments fall under. These TEN are the LAWS that are written in your heart after you have continued to take and accept Me as your savior and L-RD of your life. This is not a once “get out of jail free card” or “out of HELL card” either, NO, NO, NO. Once you take Me by the hand and follow Me, you must continue the race to the finish line until you hear Me say, “Well done, My faithful ones, you have run the race well until the finish line, come now into My Presence to live forevermore, as My Father has promised from before the very foundations of the world existed.”

I’m Returning for a Faithful Bride

You have always been Mine, and I have always owned you with a price. Come now to Me before it is too late to do so; otherwise, just as in the time of Noah, so will it be with Me, the Son of Man, when I return for My faithful Bride, ISRAEL. Oh, how I long for the day of the restoration of My children, Israel. Both Israel and Judah being reunited and brought together in one accord singing and dancing together as it should’ve always been from the very beginning of creation before HaSatan (“the Adversary”) came and deceived My very first couple/people. Just as he was allowed to do this, I have allowed everything else to happen as well for your good.

Yes, you heard right. I am a good, good Heavenly Father, so as you heard from someone not long ago. G-D is good for sure, but it isn’t until you recognize that, that “not only G-D is good, but He is GOOD to me,” and to each person who will call out to Him to REPENT/ACKNOWLEDGE HIM as L-RD and Savior/KING of their LIVES.  You must continue to practice everything in the WORD of G-D to be able to understand all that there is to what G-D has set up for you to receive and to have.

About the Road of Salvation

This road of Salvation doesn’t stop once you accept Yeshua (L-rd) as your L-RD and Savior. No, it is just the start, or beginning, of a whole another life to where you will never die but have everlasting life in Yeshua Ha Mashiach, for He is everlasting/eternal life.  Everlasting Life/Eternal Life is one in the same. It isn’t a place you get to go to when you die NO, NO, NO it is a person you get to have a relationship with, amen. saith the L-RD G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords. @ 10:47am., Wednesday.


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