“Why do you pretend?” Says God.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017 @ 10 am.

While I was in the shower, God spoke to me and asked me a series of questions:

  • Why do you go to church every time the church doors are open and just pretend and play that you are My so-called child?
  • Why do you only attend and go to put your time in, and then get out just as fast as you came in?
  • Why do you not get real with Me,  your God, whom you say you love?
  • Why, oh why, is following and serving Me your God so difficult for you to achieve or do?

God then said,

Following Me, your God, isn’t as hard as you make it out to be my sons and daughters of My Torah.  Yes, that is exactly what I have called it.  I AM the same God as your Father Abraham, who served so many years ago, and I AM the same God for you today as well.  If I had spoken to him in his day, don’t you believe and trust Me your Father to do the same for each and everyone of you, My children, who say that they know Me and love Me?  I AM not the one playing games.  I AM not the one who is saying one thing and then doing the total opposite.

You, My children, who go to church every Sunday, who say you love Me, but refuse to obey even the simplest of commands, and that is to keep My Sabbath day holy and to reverence My Holy name above All other gods that you should not be allowing in your homes.  My church, My people, are falling away from Me, and some are so blinded that they don’t even recognize it.  How can you not see it?  If you would just pick up and read My Holy Scriptures that I have given to you through Mosheh [Moses], you would know that he writes of Me and tells you all that you have to do to stay obedient and faithful to Me, says God Almighty.

My commands were never meant to save anyone but were to lead you to My one and Only Son who would come into the world to bring salvation and deliverance to all mankind, if they would just believe and accept Me for who I AM, the Christ [Messiah], the son of the living God Himself.  Yes, I existed with My Father up in Heaven before I was conceived and born of My mother Miriam/Mary in the little town of Bethlehem in a little stable so very long ago.

My Father and I are One, just like We both want you to be one with US.  Like We want for you all to be in mind, spirit and soul, so We can have this relationship with you as We wanted with Adam in the garden of Eden.  Man allowed sin to enter by not following the direct orders/commands from their God while walking in the garden, and so they were no longer welcome there, but was kicked out to do life a whole different way than what they were accustomed to do life.  From that moment on, I have been trying to get back and make a way suitable to where We could once again fellowship together as One, as we did in the beginning with Adam.

I’ve turned what the enemy meant for harm, and I made once again a way of escape for All My creation to come back to Me and have a One on One relationship with Me, like I had in the garden of Eden while walking and conversing with them.  I’m not interested in just being someone who you know of or know about.  No,  I Am only desiring a relationship where we are called friends and want to hang out and talk together and commune together.

Yes, I want you to be My bride and come into a relationship with Me and My Father in Heaven, so we can dine and get to know each other, so that we can talk and chat and tell each other our most intimate secrets and desires.  Yes, you say this sounds like a marriage, and I say, Yes, you are so correct, My daughter of my Torah.  A relationship is what I am seeking after.  I want for Our trust and respect to grow and flourish like a flowery bush or tree that is in season.  Not like the fig tree that My Son cursed that day with his disciples because it had no fruit upon its leaves/branches.  This fig tree is what My so-called church looks like today because they are allowing all of the past lies and deception of the Roman Catholic Church and even before get in their way of serving Me their God.

Stop and read My Words that you say are holy and stop profaning My Church with all the pagan practices of old.  You continue to bring them back inside the church with a new face lift, and say you are trying to use them to bring new converts to My Kingdom.  BULLWASH!  You aren’t doing this for Me, you are doing it to satisfy your pleasures and your pocket books.  STOP IT, I say, and leave all those paganistic practices aside and fall to your knees and come running back to serve and follow Me, the Truth and the Life, the Bright Morning Star, on a journey that will set you free from all bondage, and take you from being a slave to sin to a free man of My Holy Scriptures.

I have not come to abolish or destroy anything in My Word but only to bring a fresh anointing and clearer understanding of what the Temple priest and teachers were doing to put bondage on My people who were wanting to be Torah Observant and keep My LAWS.  I did not come to do away with My laws, but to elaborate and bring you into a whole new reality of Myself.  I came so that the Kingdom could come, and so that you could live a fuller abundant life of what the Kingdom looks like.

I want you all to be whole and well, walking in the Light as I AM in the Light this day, My Child/Children.  Don’t allow people to say otherwise.  They are just thieves trying to act like they have something better to offer, but they are liars, just like Satan the devil himself coming around to take as many with him as possible to the Lake of fire and Brimstone.  Don’t be deceived, My children.

I have said once and time again to not believe that I have come to do away with My TORAH!  I did not but only to make it more understandable and clearer because the Pharisees and Sadducees and those in power have put their hands on it and made it almost impossible for anyone to keep it.  That wasn’t My plan but sin got in the way.  I took care of the sin problem when I allowed God, My Father, to nail Me upon the cross.  It broke My Father’s heart, and that is why the Temple Veil was torn from top to bottom that day so long ago.

My Father was mourning over His Only Begotten Son’s death, but He also knew what was coming up around the corner.  God knew that the enemy was now defeated once I Jesus was raised from the dead.  God knew this day was going to happen way back with Abraham, when God and His only begotten Son Jesus would take the place for Abraham, if ever anyone in his lineage would sin again.

God did keep His promise to Abraham, and He also promises to keep His promises to us, His people, who call him Lord and Savior and King.  God expects for us to be so hungry for Him that we would act like the Canaanite woman who said, “Lord, even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”  Help us, Oh Lord, to trust you enough to be like this woman who came out shouting, “Have mercy upon me, Lord, Son of David” and believe He will answer us and bring to pass all that we have trusted Him to do on and in our lives.  November 7, 2017 @ 11:22 am., Tuesday.


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Do You Care That I Want You to Search After Me, and Follow Me, Where I Choose for You to Go?

Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:12 am.

Do you care that I want you to search after Me, and follow Me, where I choose for you to go?  What is it that you want Me to say to you, My son and My daughter of My Torah?  REACH for the sky and tell Me your God, what it is that you would have Me do for you in this season of your life?  REACH for the sky, I tell you, for this is the promise that I have made to Abraham your father so very long ago, when I called him out of his country with his father Terah (Jethro).  Come make melodies unto Me, clap ye your hands and be glad for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.  I’m calling you out for such a time as this to spread My gospel to ALL of mankind.  Not to tell them anything new, but the same O same O, that I’ve told you before in times past.

I need for you and your husband to get ready for I’m preparing you to move on and go to places, where I will send you.  It is My plans and desires for you to teach all peoples what I’ve been telling you all along.  Nothing different but quite the same.  My message doesn’t change and neither do I, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  What it is I can not tell you as of yet, because I need for you to be obedient and follow Me in the way that I lead you day by day.  Don’t fret or be weary for this, says God Almighty, trust Me, for I know what is best for you, My children of the Most High God, of My son, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Why is it that you are concerned about your DNA?  Do you not know that you are My son, and that I have called you to be My child?  Trust Me to know that I have you in the palms of My hands and I can and will lead you on this journey by the outstretched arms of My Wings, saith the Lord God Almighty, your El Shaddai, the God of more than enough, says God.  Trust your Adonai to take care of you, for I careth for you.  Like I care for the sparrows and the birds that fly in the sky, so shall I provide and care for you and your wife and family.  Just trust Me your God of plenty.  Your God is more than enough.  Yes, that is who I Am, don’t be afraid or be concerned about this or that.  Know that this is My will that you love Me and My Father which art in Heaven.  We have not changed and I tell you the truth we shall never ever do so.  People change and seasons change, but My Words nor I will ever change, says the Lord God of Israel.  My Words and Commandments stand firm forever.  They are My foundation that I established everything on.  My Covenant is My Word, and My Words, My Covenant.  Trust Me! Know Me! Tell everyone you meet about Me and My goodness/greatness.

I love My children,  My peoples,  from ALL NATIONS of the world.  Let them know about Me!  And that I am coming back for them.  So Trust ME , and that I Am coming back for them.  So trust ME, prepare yourselves for My returning, for it is very, very soon.  Stop and count the cost today, and ask yourself the important question?  Do you love your Father more than yourself?  More than your things and gadgets?  More than your family and friends?  More than anything that you hold precious to your side?  More than the time you spend on pleasure?  How can you say you love your God, if you aren’t willing to give up everything to follow after Me and My Kingdom?  You say that it isn’t for everybody, but that is where you are wrong.  I told and called everyone to leave family, homes and jobs to go out and make disciples of all nations of the world.  Not only a few but all.  I tell you the truth, My children, if you truly love Me, then you will obey Me in Word and in deed, and stop making excuses for why it is that you can’t do this or why you can’t go there.  It is a choice you’re going to have to make, My children of My TORAH.  You can’t do what you want and still stay in the boat.  You have to decide which side of the fence you want to be on.

The easy road or the not-so-easy road?  I have given all My creation the choice to decide.  I trust you; choose the side which leads to bringing more into My Father’s Kingdom.  I know that most of you are not prepared for this, but I say unto you, trust Me and I will open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out abundant blessings that you will not be able to contain, if you only believe that I Am big enough to explore this theology with you.  I’m not a small God, but I Am totally the opposite.  I live outside of your time and nothing you can ask Me is too difficult for Me to bring or fulfill in your daily life.

Hold tight to My Tzitzit [fringes], and I will bring healing to your bodies, if you can just believe enough to receive.  Your God has spoken and He will bring it to pass, only believe and don’t doubt or worry, for thus says God, I can not allow these into My Presence or into My Kingdom, for I AM a Holy Righteous God, and I desire for you to be also.  Just follow and seek Me, and ALL things will work out just as I have said, My children.  Let it be so, amen  November 5, 2017 @2:04am, Sunday.


Come Before Me and Let Me Wrap My Arms Around You

November 5, 2017 @6:57am, Sunday morning

I was again awakened to these Words from the Lord Himself.  Come before Me and let Me wrap My arms around you, for I Am a Jealous God.  Dance before Me, jump and sing praises unto Me, the Lord, your O Most Holy God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  There is a reason you wrote down Jethro, for out of his flocks run streams of living waters that will make your hearts delight in Me, says God Almighty, your King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Your Righteous Father loves you so very much.  I need for you to run to this water stream and delight to know Me, and flow in the streams that I shall show you, My child this very day.  There are things and peoples there that are hungry for Me and My Father who have been praying for someone to come and show them the way to My Kingdom.  All who are thirsty shall make their delight in My Laws, My Teachings, and will be satisfied.  Know that I Am this God who loves you more than life itself and am willing to provide for all of your needs, and yes I can take care of your wants as well, if you choose to follow and obey ALL of My Teachings and Sayings to the T/Letter.  There is nothing absolutely nothing I won’t and cannot do, if you follow and choose to run after Me says, God Almighty.

My lambs and My flocks will never go hungry and neither shall you, My children, who are following and seeking after My Torah.  Yes, you have so much to learn and so much to do, who doesn’t?  Everyone who chooses to follow and walk after Torah and Us have much to learn, so allow Us to teach you and guide your very steps.  For We love you and We care about ALL of OUR Creation/Children, who seek after Us and want to know more of Us.  All My people are the Apple of My eye, so don’t fret or worry, for I hold the whole universe in the palms of My hands.  I know you are afraid and I know you are confused, but rest assured that this is not too hard or difficult, if you put your faith and trust in your Adonai, for I choose you this day to bring a hope to My peoples, for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised and adored.  November 5, 2017 @7:26, 61 degrees outside 🙂


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Stop Your Trying to Understand People

a-daughter-of-the-kingMonday, December 25, 2017, 6:30 am.

I had just stepped into the shower, and God impressed upon my heart to sing my usual song. Remind you, I hadn’t sung it for some time.  Avinu Malkeinu, “My father and My King.”  Then He said,

My daughter, stop your feeling guilty of what you are doing.  I have called you and your husband to this walk together.  There is nothing wrong in what you’re doing, but everything right in My sight this very day, My daughter of the Most High Holy God.  What you knew from the past was pushed on you because of what everyone else believed, not from what you knew or believed.

From the very beginning, My daughter of My Torah,  I found you and called and formed you in your mother’s womb, for such a time as this.  There isn’t any accident that you’re here letting and sharing God’s Holy Truth to the tribes and nations of the world.  Do not be afraid of what family or outsiders think of you this day.  Let it all run down the back of your neck and run off.  If it was meant for them to know, as I have shown you, I would have made it so.  But it’s not for everyone to know the intricate secrets of My very Words.  They are only meant for those that are truly hungry for Me and My Word, which I tell you again are one in the same.

At first, My child/daughter, you didn’t understand all that it entangled, but now you are becoming much more aware of who I am to you and who you are to Me, your Heavenly Father.  I put you in the places that I have for such a time as this to fulfill the prophecies I am about to bring to pass.  Nothing, my child, is a coincidence in My Kingdom.  The reason why when at first you became aware of the lies you had been told you didn’t understand more is because the Holy Spirit hadn’t yet come upon you and wasn’t in you as it is now, My daughter of My Torah.

When you became my child, I was molding you and preparing you for this very day.  You were meant to be exactly every place you were.  None of your puzzle is by accident.  Your Father retiring and going to Florida and changing churches was My plan and desire for you, My daughter Karen.  Even your name is important to Me and to your God in Heaven.  My Father and I have such great plans for you and your husband, but it all takes a walk of faith that most are not able to walk because it takes a picking up of one’s cross daily and making a decision for US.

It means denying one’s own self and likes to take on what means everything to US, your Heavenly Father in Heaven.  Yes, your name does mean “pure, holy one,” but even much more.  Your name also means, “light.”  That day upon your bed, you poured out your everything to Me, and that is when I was able to come and to reveal Myself to you and to restore all that was stolen 100%.  That is what I long to hear from all of My children.  I desire to know each of them like I did for you that one snowy day back in Oklahoma, while you were laying upon your bed feeling lost and without hope.

You seeking Me was not by chance, but was on purpose, child.  Like I said, I have been with you and watching you from before your birth.  Your mother was the vessel I used to bring you here to Me this very day.  The enemy tried everything to kill you, but I AM God, and he was not able to do it.  Just as he wasn’t able to take Job’s life either.  You are special to Me and I do want for US to be One in all things.  I desire to have a relationship like we had in the past where you and I would chat nightly.  I wish for US to get to know each other better and meet in the secret places once again.  You have so much to learn, and I want to be the one to teach you what the Father would have you know for such a time as this.

Don’t let what you had done in your past get in your way.  I told you before, it wasn’t your fault.  You didn’t understand what they were telling you and trying to teach you.  It was all mumble jumbo to you.  Yes, you knew and understood that it wasn’t My birthday, and that it was a pagan holiday,  but you were like all the rest of My so-called church today where they think “the end justifies the means.”  You know that it doesn’t because I have revealed it to you and your husband and a select others.

They have blinders over their eyes because they refuse to listen, and ask of Me and My Father to give them Our Holy Spirit to enlighten them and bring truth to them.  They are all comfortable seeking their own truths and doing what pleases and pads their own pocketbooks to care or to bother with what matters to Our Hearts.  They say they do, but if they did, they would quit their pagan practices and truly seek after Righteousness and Holiness, and follow and obey All of OUR Commandments in the manual, We gave to you all to obey and to read.  Holiness, is what We long for, Holiness is what We seek, Holiness is what We want from ALL of OUR Creation/Children who say they believe in US.

They are lost and without HOPE, without the Holy Spirit.  They need to seek and receive My Holy Spirit that I came to die, so that I could give and send back to each and everyone of you, My so-called children of the Most Holy God, who reigns supreme in Heaven above.  You are not lost to Me, if you will REPENT and seek after Me with all of your hearts.  Let US Guide you into a beautiful Kingdom where you’ll never grow old or weary.  Time is coming to a close/end.  Will you heed this call or will you continue to do things your own way?  The choice, My child/children, is all up to you.  God.


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“My Vast and Greatest is Unmeasurable”

Sunday, September 04/2016 @3:33am.

God awakens me with the words, “My Vast and Greatest is unmeasurable.  Why don’t you trust Me, saith your God?  I have the whole wide world in the palms of My hands, and you are afraid that I am not Big enough to protect you.  I’m not happy that you are not listening to My happenings and My callings I have sent out for you to do.  Why Is it that everything seems to be calling your name, except for Me your God?  I love you so very much, My son of My Torah.

STOP procrastinating and leading My people down a road that might not lead them back up, for I have brought you here for this very reason, because I trust that you are strong enough to do this work, this calling, that is not too hard or difficult to do.  You are able to perform this, My son.  Don’t be scared and say, “Why me? Call someone else more suitable.”  Why hasten and procrastinate this opportunity of blessing on your life, My son, this is well pleasing in My sight.  Trust Me this day to prepare the way of opportunity that no one else could do or has done before out of mere fear and attack.  I  told you in advance that no harm or danger would come nigh your dwelling place or harm you.  Trust your Heavenly Father to know what is best for you.  In all things I say to you, Trust Me, your God, because I am the One who will sustain you and keep you from all harm and danger,  says the Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, your El Shaddai and Adonai Raffa, and soon-awaited King from the tribe of Judah.

I need for you to listen and follow My orders and do what I tell you and told you to say.  My people/children are hungry for My Words, but you are so scared and intimidated by their peers who just won’t let go of their strings that are tying them down.  They need someone like you that will stir the fire from within them to piece together their very soul and get them thinking again about who I Am to them and come out of their closets, like others have from their past.

Let your light shine, My son, for My glory will outshine the darkness that they are in, and My Will and My Purposes will be done and come to pass/fruition.  I love My people, and I desire for them all to love Me back with a Holy love that will bring No Condemnation to No one.  My only desire is to bring them My Love and My Grace, and My Son Yeshua to them as a living sacrifice.   As a sacrifice, I paid the price for all mankind once and for all.  I gave Myself for them on the cruel rugged cross, and I don’t want anyone not to receive forgiveness for their sins, because of ignorance or not having someone like you, My son, to tell them.  You are My son, and I trust you to do what is right and holy in My sight.  This is your Father’s heart, trust Me and give Me your time and effort, and you will not regret it, but believe Me, you will be blessed, and you will prosper beyond limits.  Eye hath not seen and ear has not heard, all of what I the Lord hath or has done to those who put their faith and trust in Me their God.  For all that you see is mine and all that you have is also mine, so what are you worried about, go and live and walk in the faith and hope that you have. and know that I Am with you till the very end because I love you. son, and that has not changed.

You have changed, but I have not.  Come to Me, and I will give you the courage and the strength that you’ll need to get you through each and every step of the way, for I Am the living bread that came down from Heaven.  Eat of Me and you shall never be hungry or be thirsty again, says God Almighty.  My disciples were confused by this, My son, but you are not.  You understand perfectly, but you are scared and don’t trust Me.  Wake up and enjoy My Goodness and sample Me, and see if I do not bring forth My promises that you say I haven’t kept.  I say it’s not I, that isn’t faithful, it’s the other way around.  I love you so very much.   Just as I have told you to tell My people,  is this so very hard and difficult to do?  When you do this, all the rest will come into play.   Just watch and see My plan be fulfilled before your very eyes.  Yes, you do have to be smart and wise, like I’ve said from the very beginning, but you are, so there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.  God.  Time: 4:12am., Sunday 9/04/16

September 4, 2016 @ 8am.

As you hear My voice and the noise outside and are aware of all the construction,  so your husband is not and cares less about it and My voice.  Put aside all the noise and follow Me and Obey what I have led you here to do and to proclaim.  This is how I want for you to do to My people. Shout and yell out to them that I Am their King, and that I Am their Lord of Lords and King of Kings to all the gates of My Holy City.  I love My people, and I want for them to know it.  I want for them to not doubt in their hearts any longer, but to proclaim to the Nations the same as I want for you to do, nothing more and nothing less, for I the Lord God has spoken, Amein/Amen.

11:15 am

While eating pizza for Breakfast/Lunch, God through His Holy Spirit said.  Your past is your past.  Don’t let or allow it to define who you’re going to be.


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Are We Christians Just Too Busy for God?

December 14, 2017, @ 6:17 am., Thursday.


As usual,  I was still asleep in my bed, waiting to hear the rustle of my husband and son, getting ready for work, when I am seeing in my dream a light brown-colored brick home with a cement sidewalk going from the house to the garage out front.  I’m assuming that this is my parents’ place or soon to be my house.  It’s sorta weird because I know my parents are dead and have been for sometime, but I’m still thinking it’s their house, lol.

I’m outside by the garage door, the kind where you have to lift up so you can drive your car into.  It was a little strange because the garage opening was facing the house.  I’ve never seen this before, instead of the street. I was bending down to open it up and noticed there was some of the weathering on the right bottom coming loose, and I said that’s going to need to be repaired and fixed soon, but hadn’t a clue how to.

As I thought about this,  I heard a noise to my right, so I looked and there was this lady across the street sitting in a white lawn chair up on a hill out in front of her house. She was all excited to see me, but I was just thinking, Not now, please, I haven’t got time to do this visitation stuff.   The lawn was beautifully landscaped and green.  She was waving at me and trying to get my attention.  I waved back at her, and I sensed that she wanted to tell me something, but I didn’t feel that I had the time right then to accommodate her request.  I just waved  and yelled “Hi” back to her, and continued to look amongst the things in the garage.

I came across a few things and put them to the side, and one of the items was a white lawn chair.  I left it there and turned to go out,  and my mother was standing there.  I assumed it was my parents’ house in the beginning but never seen them there, lol, until just then, Boom!  There right before me stood my mother.  She didn’t seem to be very happy and was rather sad to think about it.  I asked her if she and dad still sat outside at night together, and her response was “not lately.”  I thought to myself, How sad. I know how much you had enjoyed it in the past.

I turn again after talking with my mom, and this lady is still sitting in her chair all alone, and looking rather lonely.  The house and area around her is all white,  including”{‘[ her chair, except for the green lawn.   I’m sensing she is still wanting for me to come over and visit with her, but I just keep doing my own thing, and this is where the dream goes from being a dream to God wooing after me.  The Lady, God says, is what He is using to get my attention.


The Lady says, “That’s okay.  Everyone is always just too busy to come and see Me.  They don’t ever have enough time in their busy day for Me.”  This is where I realized that God is such a loving Heavenly Father.  He’ll do anything for us; all that is required is for us to believe and seek after Him and His Kingdom.  God is a very jealous God, and He doesn’t like it when we don’t put Him first and foremost in our life.  He doesn’t like it when we say one thing and then do the total opposite.  God is looking and seeking after a people who aren’t ashamed of Him and His Kingdom.


He is searching out and looking for a people who will be Holy and Righteous and Pure as He is.  He doesn’t need for anymore wishy-washy people because they are plenteous and easy to find.  God would say to each of us this morning to examine ourselves and see if there be any wickedness in us.  Then He says to cleanse and purify our hearts and come before His throne to worship Him who is Holy, Holy, Holy.  We need to open ourselves up to God as Holy vessels set apart for such a time as this, in order to Glorify our Father which art in Heaven this very day, thus says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, amen.


God says, “That He is tired of His children/people saying one thing and then doing another.”  He also says, “To leave all of your pagans things aside and turn to the One true God, who is your very true source of LIGHT today and for always.  Stop profaning My name and Stop putting My Holy name to the places of your idols of worship.  My Kingdom is coming very soon, and I AM your King who will reign on My son David’s Throne, and it will be as I have spoken so very long ago when I walked and reigned on this earth that you live on.”


God then says, “Nothing is too hard for your God to do.  If I have not said it or spoken it before, I will say it again.  Nothing is impossible for Me or My Father to do for you.  You just have to have the faith of the size of a mustard seed for it to take root and to grow and mature.  Do you, My people, have this kind of faith to speak forth life from the dead, like I did for Mary and Martha that day when I visited them?  Rise up My people/My children, and let your faith arise to great standards to where you can see Me with your physical eyes and believe that you too shall do these great marvelous deeds as you saw Me do and perform before many crowds of people.  Yes, I did do these great and marvelous works because of My Father which is in Heaven this very day, and so can you My beloved ones, if you just stop doubting and stop fearing what man will think of you.  It doesn’t matter what they think, My child of the Most Holy God.  What matters most is what your Heavenly Father thinks about you.”


God continues, “Be obedient, My children, and obey all that I have spoken to you in My Words.  For they are life and breath to all that read and behold them to this very day.  Nothing is by accident or mistake.  It all has a valuable reason for why things happened the way that they did, and there is never a reason for it not happening just the way it did.  Stop questioning yourselves, because it is just a waste of precious time.”

God has each of you in the palms of His hand, and there is no greater place for anyone of us to be at this very moment in time and space.  God then says, “Count it all for Joy when people come and persecute you for My name’s sake.  Because as I have said in times passed, if they did it to me, they will also do it to you, My dearly beloved ones.  Hold fast and tightly to the hems of my garments and know and be rest assured that this too all shall pass away in due season and time.


“I’m not happy with all of this name-blaming chaos that’s going on in the world today.  Know that it is leading to nowhere and getting absolutely nothing accomplished.  My name is important but not to be thrown around like it is merely nothing out of the ordinary.  You put My name to things that aren’t meant for Me to be involved in.  Like all of these holidays that you impose Me into.  I have not told you to do so.  You have forsaken your true love, and this is a really Big problem for Me and My Father which art in Heaven this very day.

“I told you before that these holidays that you forced Me into are Unholy or Unkosher, but you choose to impose them on Us anyhow.  This isn’t good, My children.  I have set in order and given you the plans I have for each of you to do, and you choose to go and do your own things anyhow.  How do you think this pleases your Heavenly Father when you go against what I’ve spoken to you in times passed.  My very Words speak of the Tree, and of the pagan practices that they were involved in.  Do I keep having to repeat myself over and over again for you all to get it?

“I hate and detest all pagan practices, and when I tell you to not do something, it is for your good, My children of My Torah.  Fun and games, you say, but I say, These are not games to Me, your Heavenly Father of the Most Holy God, who reigns and lives in not only in your hearts and lives but in the entire galaxy of the universe outside of everything that you can even think of or even dream it to be.  I AM who I say that I AM, and that is all that you have to know and trust in.


I can not have any other gods before Me, and all this worship you do with the so-called Christmas season of putting My name to unholy things is so disgusting, that I would rather puke you up than to allow you to see My holy things in My Kingdom.  I do not like to share My name with anyone else.  This spirit, they call Christmas, is not of Me nor has it ever been so, My children.  You are getting so very close to be getting spurred out of My mouth, My dearly beloved ones.  How can you keep profaning My Holy name after knowing what My Word says so clearly that a baby could understand it?  I’m not okay with any of it, so hear My Words today and listen very, very closely.  I don’t know what others might have told you is Truth, but it is the farthest thing from truth that it is.”

“All that shopping and business of the season isn’t of Me nor of My Father which is in Heaven.  I have never been in the season you call “Christmas,” and I Am appalled at the very essence of you trying to connect Me with such heresy and paganism as you all seem to love and worship.  Put away all of this man-made religion and get back to the basics of My very Words/Scripture. All of My Words are valid and worth more than all of your pagan belief and customs/ traditions that you have accepted for yourselves to do and say it is good and is bringing others into My Kingdom.  You are only spreading lies and placing counterfeits before My people who you say you are trying to help and bring to Me.  Lies, Lies, and More lies of the devil himself.  Woe unto the man who keeps spreading divisions and heresy amongst My children /My people. It would be better if they would have never been born, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day.”


“You say, Why isn’t others teaching this or hearing My voice?  I will repeat, they who listen to My still small voice and obey Me are spreading My gospel and doing what I have spoken for them to do and to say.  It is those teachers and preachers and whatever you want to title them with, that are more concerned with lining their pocketbooks and wallets here on this earth below than they are in seeking after My Torah /My Scriptures.

Neither do they seek after My counsel and ask Me, ‘What is it that you would have me to do for you and your Kingdom right now for such a time as this?’  If these teachers and preachers would come before Me like they do when they want something for themselves and for the people in their congregations, and be truthful and honest when asking what it really is that I want, I would tell them the same message as you are writing down this very second.  But that isn’t the case with them.

They don’t ask Me anything directly because they don’t want to hear My heart.  They are afraid that they may have to make some changes to their lifestyle that they’re living and preaching about.  I Am not about all that prosperity message that they are trying to feed My people.  They are killing and murdering so many of My people all around the world because of their self-righteousness lifestyle of thinking that they deserve all of this wealth that they have accomplished for themselves using Me and My Father as a cornerstone to do it.  We are not the ones that are accommodating them.  It is satan himself who is counterfeiting and imposing  himself to be Us, when he is so far from being anything like us at all.

My children and My people would know Us, if they would search with all of their hearts, soul and minds.  The problem is they don’t, and they parade around like they do, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They go from place to place showing off all their luxuries and telling people they too can be blessed by just giving into their ministry.  They go on and on about telling their members and followers that if they want to be blessed and prosperous that they too need to give and sow into their ministry, and they too can have fine cars and houses, etc.


I do bless those who walk in obedience to Me and My Father, and if you are obedient to Us, you can have what you claim and say.  But these wolves in sheep’s clothing take My words and turn them around and twist everything to their own advantage,  and in the process, end up leading hundreds and even hundreds of thousands on a long dark road to hell. I love My people.  So, My so-called Church, will you humble yourselves today and heed My Words?” says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
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