I am dreaming, and I hear the Holy Spirit speak that we need to sever/differentiate/separate ourselves from one another from the world. Because it will lead us down the wrong pathway to the Kingdom. Now this is why I’m up and typing on my phone. 5:19am

Lay Down Your Life

“One must lay down his own life if he is going to be one of my disciples,” saith the L-RD Jesus Christ.  He cannot have both feet to the plow and then look back.  He must deny himself and pick up his cross as I had too to obey My Heavenly Father G-D.

“For as I obeyed My Heavenly Father, so you must obey your Heavenly Father up in Heaven where I am as well. This is the WILL of the Father for you, as well as the whole entire human race,” says G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords. this here Shabbat/Sabbath day in your hearing, My people who love Me and follow Me, to wherever I may choose to send you for such a time as this.

Be Separate from the World

“You are a peculiar people, so why is it so hard for you to be separate from them, the world?  Don’t you know that you were determined to be Mine before the foundation of the world to live for Me and to be used for My purposes of My Kingdom, My sons and daughters who I have predestined for such a time as this. You aren’t here by accident or by coincidence, absolutely not, but because I have loved you and not wanted anything to harm you but to bless you and make you all Mine, My Bride, Israel. My beloved sons and daughters of My set aside/apart Bride that I love and adore from the foundation of the world before I spoke it out of My mouth from the very beginning of time.

Don’t you realize and understand that you are not like all the other people I created. You have a unique sign upon your forehead. You are different from all others because you have chosen to hear My still small voice of My Holy Spirit wooing after you in the stillness and quiet of the early morning on My day that I have told you to rest and do no work and don’t make anyone else work either.  How hard is that My children/people/creation tribes and nations all around and across the world?

God Has Not Changed His Mind

How long will it take you to get this figured out? How long will it take to come out of her – this rebellious church – who has claimed and taught for centuries that I messed up and changed My mind about G-D’s Laws after My crucifixion? That because of what I did, you claim, My Father prevented everyone else from having to keep them because it was so hard for Me, His only begotten son, so He said, away with it and repented and started over with Paul/Saul.

The Church  Has Become Hypocrites!

Absolutely Not, My so-called people of G-D . You are like white-washed tombs. You say one thing out of your mouths but live a whole, completely different life behind closed doors. You hypocrites. For you say one thing with your lips and turn aside/away and profane Me with your actions.

WOE is you, My dearly beloved church / Israel who say they love Me and then pollute and profane Me with their worship on Sundays and say they are doing it for Me. You hypocrites, you liars you who bear false witness against your brothers and sisters this day, My Day, that I have told you all to keep and remember for always, not till you decide what I meant by what My Son Yeshua came to fulfill on His cross, not yours.

The Cross – for the Restoration of Israel

Yes, His cross was predestined to happen, but for much different reasons than what most of you care to know or believe. He had a much HIGHER CALLING than just thinking about you, yourself and I.  HE was sent to bring RESTORATION TO MY HOUSE. Oh, My so-called church/people, who still are having a problem figuring out how this all fits together.  Oh, My ways and thoughts are so high above yours, who claim to be My Bride. For you haven’t a clue, even yet what I’m all about. You have such a closed, selfish heart thinking still only of yourselves. You are such scaredy-cats and can’t even catch your own tails, and you’re trying to figure Me out with such little knowledge of the things that are important to Me/Us.

I Am King – NOT You!

Why is that, My church people, Israel, My Bride?  Why does it matter to you who I choose My Bride-to-be?  I am KING.  I make the RULES in My KINGDOM, for I created you with this purpose in mind.  I desire for My Bride, My only Bride, to love Me back, by following My Rules and Regulations I set forth from the very beginning of time. I created everything in six days, and then I rested just as I have told you all to do as well to imitate your Creator KING of kings and L-RD of lords this very day, where you live on the Earth I created for you to be forever and ever.  I did not even intend for you to live eternity with Me and My Father in Heaven.  I said, “I go away to prepare a place for you, and where I go, you cannot come,” because it was not meant for you to die yet, but one day if you do, then you will understand, but until then, you will just have to continue to wait upon the L-RD to comfort your hearts, My dearly beloved church / house of Israel, who you are, if you are My Chosen Bride.  Remember what My Word/Scripture says.  For I and the Father are One ECHAD, so we just have One Bride.  Just as you, Church, just have One Husband, My Church, My Ecclesia.

My Israel, My Church, are not separate but have been engrafted in to My Olive tree. If you haven’t been engrafted, then there isn’t any hope of you ever being My one true Bride, Israel.  For you have this idea that We are separate from each other, but we’re not; we are ECHAD, just as you need to be ECHAD with US. My purpose of My Kingdom is to teach you how to love Me, your G-D.

How to have relationship with Me, your Heavenly Father, who loves you and gave Himself as a ransom for you, even after all of your unfaithfulness to Me, your Holy, Righteous G-D.  This is the promise I fulfilled at My cross over 2,000 years ago, you say. What I did for you goes further than that of your finite minds can take in. My friend, Abraham, was put into a trance/sleep while I, your G-D, took the place for him and his descendants, who were to follow him in case they were to ever sin and profane My Holy name by doing ABOMINATIONS that My WORD/TORAH speaks against multiple times over and over again not to do, and if you do, someone would have to pay the price of their own life, and that is what I, your Creator, has done for you, My Friends today.  That is, of course, you repent and turn from your old wicked selves and do what My Word tells you over and over again to do. 

There is NO “Old Testament and New Testament”

There is no such thing as Old and New Testaments, My people of all races and colors, all nations and tribes, for I am a Tribal man/G-D, and what I say goes.  I have come to RESTORE ISRAEL. I have come to REDEEM HER TO MYSELF. ISRAEL is My Beloved Bride. I AM Her long-awaited Husband/Groom. When will this fighting stop between her – the Northern and Southern Kingdoms? When will they come back together like My prophecies in Scripture, My Holy Tanach, says that they will?  You, My church, are part of the lost tribes of ISRAEL, and you aren’t even aware of it yet to some degree.  Oh, there are still so many of you who still don’t understand but continue to draw nigh unto Me, your ADONAI, and follow Me and Keep My TEN WORDS, MY Commandments, My Laws, given you through My prophet /servant Moses/Moshe, who was faithful to Me and heard and saw My face in the burning bush/tree that was not consumed.

Christians Have Become Like the World

Don’t forget what I saved Him and the children of ISRAEL from, as well as the strangers who followed them out that day so very long ago to all of you and your families.  There are so many people who do not believe in the stories, but better say, the HISTORY OF THE BIBLES, you carry or used to carry with you. Oh yes, there are a small few number of you who still do, but now the popular thing is to carry your cell phones and electronic devices. Just know that the latter ones are more distractive and better to hide your light from the world. You are portraying yourselves like the world.

They do not see any difference in your behavior or even your disposition. They see you doing the same things that they are doing, even their pagan holiday feasts. They celebrate what you say is “Jesus’ Birthday,” but who celebrates anyone’s birthday for an entire month alone, celebrating it now, even before another pagan day, Halloween, even ends, because they want to have the Christmas Spirit come into their homes to bring what they think is happiness and joy.

People this spirit is not of Me, but of Satan mimicking Me, your Holy G-D.  I am not this good feeling you get when you put up your pagan decorations and buy all the things that makes people greedy and selfish. These are the ways satan distracts you from Me. He, satan, is a deceiver of the brethren, and he can mimic Me, and he has deceived many already into believing I’m the one you are doing this for. This is a lie, plain and simple.  If this was of G-D, the world would not be celebrating with you. My Word, Scripture, tells you over and over again not to do or entertain the things of the world, but yet you are. Why won’t you take heed? Why won’t you let go of the world and follow Me, your Holy G-D, who has redeemed you by the blood of the lamb?  Jesus Christ died so that you could be free of all your bondage and slavery/sins.  But apparently Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection wasn’t enough for you all, because you can’t help but break covenant with Us and continue to sin everyday.

The Garbage People Are Saying

What garbage I hear from you who profess with your lips one thing and then turn around once you hit the swinging doors of your man-made churches, and live your best life now and go back home or to dinner, and break My covenant and commandments, you were just asking forgiveness for minutes before.

You hypocrites, you white-washed tombs. You are no different from the Pharisees and religious leaders of My day. You prophecy with your mouths one thing to look wise, but your nothing more than dry bones with no flesh or life in you.

Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me

My church, My bride, if you want to have fellowship with Me/Us, you first have to deny yourself and then pick up the cross as I did and leave the things of the world behind you, or you can’t be one of My disciples. There is no other way, My church, My people, who say that they love Me, your G-D.  You aren’t KING, I am. My rules, My Ways.  You must leave all baggage at the foot of My Cross to be able to be My disciple, My ekkesia/church, My bride. These are all interlocked together. You do not have the legal rights to change anything concerning My KINGDOM here or ever. I created you for this moment in time, My creation. You are not here by chance, you have been created to bring My Kingdom here this day in your generation. You are unique in all ways. Let your light so shine brightly and let your lamps not burn out for the Day as you know is coming, and you do not want to miss it.

The Rapture – Deception?

I’m not talking about your escape plan you have been raised believing in. No, that was a deception from satan, the deceiver. Programming you to believe that you can do whatever feels right and good to you and still make it into our KINGDOM. Following your hearts is not productive or good ethics, you unsaved phony bologny, masquerading around trying to fool your family and friends into believing your something or someone you are really not just to impress them.

Lies Will Take You Hell

This kind of lies will do nothing but send your sorry, selfish selves to HELL and take those who are following you, instead of your Jesus you claim to be your L-RD also to HELL in a basket. HELL is not going to be a big party so delete that from your-to-do bucket list. That doesn’t exist, except in your small imagination. Your heart hasn’t changed by walking to the front of your church or standing up to acknowledge Me before others, why is that?

What Is the Church Thinking Today?

What were you thinking? What did you expect accepting Me to look like?  Oh I see, just like the person who brought you there in the first place.  I see that makes more sense than it sounds. This is exactly why My People, My called-out ones, need to stop profaning Me with all their pagan festivities.  This is why I told My people, My ISRAELITES, to not take the pagan ways with them when they conquered the land I gave to them. This is why you cannot fellowship and hang out with unbelievers because they will lead you, instead, of you leading them. This is why I told you over and over again to pick up your own cross and follow Me into the world, and I, and not you, My church/ISRAEL, would make you FISHERS OF MEN.

The way you are doing it is all wrong, churches of today. You can’t win souls for Me by living like the world in your monuments you’ve built with your own hands to worship your fake Jesus. You are no more than blaspheming My Holy name. You are no different than Gomer in the Bible. You say you love Me, but you don’t show it at all when you are loving everything the world loves and seeks after.

You Have Rejected Me for Your Man-Made God

I have given you My Holy Day/Festivals in My Tanach/TORAH to keep and to do to show your love for Me, but you have rejected Me for your own interpretation of who you want Me to be for yourselves in your private little mortuaries. Yes, I said that because that is how I see each one of them who has bought the lies of the deceiver satan, Hasatan, the devil. Pick whatever name you want too. Used Lucifer if that makes you happier. I right now tell you that I’m not in your sanctuaries where you are playing church with your imitation of who you say that I am. You are not worshiping Me, your ADONAI, your Heavenly Father, when you are practicing witchcraft and abominations right there behind closed doors in your money-making buildings, you call Mine.

Repent and Come Back to Me

Oh, there are a few of you, My so-called ones, if I am able to make the distinction much longer. I say to you, “Come out of her” and REPENT and RENEW your vows to Me, your G-D. Renounce your practices in witchcraft and do your first works over again to be born anew and refreshed.  Do not take lightly what I have said here, this set apart day, I took from creating, and as I have commanded for each one of you to follow suit from the very beginning of time, which I created for you, My people/creation.

My Bride, stay close to My side and follow Me to the finish line. It is not how you started the race with Me, but how well you finish the race that makes the FINAL CUT. There is always just one WINNER in My KINGDOM. Those who are MY ISRAEL. Doesn’t matter when you started, but just how faithful you have been when your day/life is over, amen, G-D. 8:36am Saturday/Shabbat.

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