lies are never gooThursday, June 28, 2018 @ 9:00 am.

I  just woke up, and as I was sitting here at my computer, this picture showed up, and God tells me to respond to it, so I did,  not knowing what to say. The words in the picture were these:  “DON’T EVER LIE TO SOMEONE TO PROTECT THEIR FEELINGS.  THEY DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.”  Wow! To my amazement, I didn’t know what to do with this, until the  Holy Spirit started to quicken me to speak.  He said,

Because your sins shall always find you out, and that person you are keeping it from will hurt so much more than if you would’ve been upfront in the very beginning, amen.

God is faithful, so give all of your worries, doubts and fears over to the one who loves you so very much.  Keeping life’s troubles and secrets to yourselves only makes for more trouble over the long haul. God says,

I want for this to stop this very day, and for this to be the healing point, and to give it all over/ up, and move on to what I have planned for you all along.  I want, and will turn, what seems to be unbearable and terminal into something beautiful and creative to shine out of the darkness

God has ways that are beyond what we can ever think or imagine. Let us give up our past offenses and mistakes, and move on to where God would’ve wanted each of us to be.  He says,

We need to grab ahold of the hem of My garment, My tzitzit, just as My Son continues to wear on His garment, and claim this once in a lifetime healing of your hearts, soul and minds for yourselves. Let it go and move on, and let Me grow you and bloom you into a Lifetime piece of Pottery made by the Master Potter’s hands alone.

God so loves each and everyone of us. Let Him do this for each of you today, so that you too, can move forward and live in His Shalom Peace that God has given us all to walk in by accepting His One and Only begotten Son (Yeshua/Jesus) our Lord and Savior, our King of Kings and Rock of all Ages.  He is coming very very soon.  Are you ready to meet Him today, my friends and family? 


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Friday, June 8, 2018 @8:30 am.

I was dreaming, and during the dream, God places on my heart the thought that maybe I could take a selfie of the hot water heater and get the serial number off of it. My husband and I were trying to figure out how to read it because of the position that the Plumber had put it in, it was hidden from us.


Then as I woke up, the Holy Spirit says to me, “Why don’t you love Me like everybody else? Why don’t you love me like your neighbor or even as much as yourselves? Give Me just a little bit of yourself every day and see what a difference, I can make in your life. Trust Me, your Heavenly Father, to know what is best for you, My children of the Most High, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this day.


I AM the King, and I choose who and where I shall reign in My Kingdom when I return to take My Throne in My Holy City of Jerusalem. Don’t be afraid, for I tell you the truth, neither death nor hell shall be a problem to you or to those who trust in ME. But in that day, there will be death and dying, just as before I returned, and they will have to wait until the Great White Throne Judgement Day before they will see their reward. You think that you all have waited a long time, they will be waiting even longer than some of you.
Look to ME, my sons and daughters of the Most High God. For My day to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords is soon at hand, and it shall not be long. Come dine with Me and take My hand, for great is the Lord and greatly I am to be praised and adored, My people, My children, who worship Me in song and in dance.


I desire that My children, My people, get excited about Me and show forth My praise with music and with dance. Bow down to Me your God and worship Me like never before My children, My sons and My daughters. I have been waiting a very long time to see each one of you.


Aren’t you excited to see Me, your God, as well? Are you studying to show yourself approved, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, My children? Are you looking for Me, your King? Are you preparing yourselves to come before Me to dine and even to wash My feet? Are you desiring to let others rejoice in My presence and to know of Me, your KING?
Are you afraid to die and stand before Me your King of Kings? Do you think that it is a scary thing to stand before Me your GOD and give account of the things you have done while waiting for My returning?
Why is it that even like your Plumber yesterday, you really don’t know what is on the other side of death? You hope you’ll make it or you want to make it, but you really have NO confidence that you will see Me face to face?


I AM the Good Shepherd, and I do hear the cry of My lost sheep/lambs. If you cry out to Me with a sincere heart and a repentant heart, I will come into you and sup with you and you will be with Me for all of Eternity. For I AM that Eternal Life that My Words in Scripture are talking about. Once you turn your heart over to ME, I will give you Myself.


I and the Word/Jesus are one in the same. If you choose to walk in Torah, you have Me as your Savior. You No longer are part of this world as I AM no longer of this world. You are no longer a slave to sin and death, but now, I hold you in My loving arms of life everlasting.


Just as I picked up My cross, you too shall pick up your cross daily and follow Me, so that I can make you, as well as each of you, My disciples and fishers of men. This is a race. You have to keep going, keep moving, towards the finish line to be with Me in My Kingdom, My children/people. This is not “works,” but this is just called being faithful stewards, faithful disciples.


You must hold fast to the confession of your faith to Me, if you’re one of mine, My children, My sons and daughters. Don’t allow the wolves to deceive you because they will try just like in My Day. They are very good, but if you continue to study, 2 Timothy 3:16,17 to show yourself approved, you will not be deceived or led astray like so many of you are today by these mass churches, these Mega Churches, that say they love Me but are yet very far from Me. They are wolves in sheep skins/clothing, and are leading these masses astray and even to the pits of Hell’s fires and flames.
Don’t trust them, for they are just deceiving themselves to pad their own pocket books and wallets. They preach an entertaining message of “feel good and prosperity,” but it is not from Me, their Father in Heaven. These who were once Mine are No longer Mine, and they have lost their faith in the one that their earthly father once believed in. They have gotten lost in the BIG numbers and size.


Oh, that My children/people would come back to Me and seek Me with their whole hearts, and repent and do their first works over, and love Me with the love of My Father which art in Heaven this day. I have called each one of you by name unto Myself. Will you hear that still small voice of My Holy Spirit, or will you disguise it, and throw it aside to the wind and brush it off and reject Me, like so many others have done in the past?
One day very soon, it will be too late. But for you right at this moment, for those reading this message, you still have time to REPENT and give Me your FIRST FRUITS once again, and be with Me and My Father for all of Eternity to Rule and to Reign in My Kingdom.


The FREE GIFT is still available to you, but you have to accept it and continue walking with Me while the DOOR is still open. For once it is shut, like in Noah’s day, and YES, Noah did exist, it wasn’t a picture or a parable as some might like to believe.


My Words, all of them, are valid and helpful. They are for the building up of My church. You need ALL MY WORDS from BEGINNING to the END. You need to know that without the Words of Moses in MY TORAH FOUNDATION, which are written about Me and My Father, you cannot understand the Words of the NEW TESTAMENT, which are written about the same person, JESUS, who is the WORD of GOD made flesh to dwell among you.


There are many WOLVES coming in MY Son’s name deceiving many. This JESUS they preach is not your KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS that your Holy Scriptures is talking about, but “another Jesus.” Be wise and full of knowledge, My students, plus My disciples. For the enemy is out to take each of you from Me and My Father God up in Heaven. Trust and Obey all that I have said to you prior to this letter, My children.


I love you. Do you love Me, your God, over all the deception that is out there amongst you in the world today? Choose ME (LIFE) over darkness, My Children, My Creation. Darkness only looks good until it has been uncovered by the LIGHT and I AM this LIGHT. Choose ME, says the LIGHT of the World, GOD ALMIGHTY, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, this very day. Friday, June 8, 2018 @9:25 am.


Afterwards, I did the dishes, the laundry, and even vacuumed the trailer. Then while showering, I was pondering on the hot water heater. He said it was to get my attention to reflect on Him and His Kingdom. While I actually tried to take a “selfie” of the hot water heater, plus a video to try and get the numbers to where I could see them, lol.
While in the shower, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that when we take our selfies, we are to reflect who God and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is. If people cannot see God’s reflection in us, then we are not one of His chosen or elite.


Living and walking this path is not easily done, but God says over and over again in the words He has given to me and my husband that it is do-able. We are capable of walking this life of Torah. We can walk in obedience and holiness, as well as reflect and imitate the likeness of Christ Jesus, to the very end. All God says and tells us to do is to be obedient to His Commandments and to walk in Truth. And who is Truth? Jesus, of course. He says in His Word that He is the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father but by and through Him. He also says that He is the door. All we have to do is knock and the door will be open.


So finally, if our selfies do not reflect the image of Christ Jesus, then we cannot say that we are truly His child. Something desperately to ponder upon this very day.
Oh, by the way, do our selfies we take really even look like we do? Or are we trying to impersonate ourselves and trying to make ourselves look like somebody that we’re not? Wow! If this is the case, who are we trying to look like?


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