Friday, February 3, 2023@6am

Just before my alarm went off this morning, the L-RD says this,

 You Need to Spend More Time with Me, Your King

The more you hang out with someone and spend time with that person or thing, the more you begin to love them and desire them. So this is what I want from you, My church friends/people this day, that is Preparation for My Holy Shabbat/Sabbath Day.  More time spent with Me in prayer.  More time with Me in My Word.  More time thinking and pondering on the things and principles of My Kingdom this day, leading up to My Holy Shabbat, My dearly beloved Bride.  Today is Preparation for you.  Preparing you to meet your King.  Preparation for getting to know Me, your soon-to-be Husband.  When you are falling in love, you do whatever it takes to get that other person you love to notice you more than ever before. This is what I desire from you, My church family and friends, My Ecclesia, My set-apart and grafted-in Bride, Israel, from all around the world this day.  I want My Bride to be with Me once again, like before I scattered them all over the world.

I Came to Restore My Bride, Israel

I came to do just that.  I came to bring RESTORATION to the House of ISRAEL.  I came to restore My house that My Father told Me to do.  I came not to start a Revolution but to bring Restoration to My Bride back unto Me, your King of kings and L-RD of lords, this very day in your hearing, My Church, that thinks that it is all about them, but it is not.

Jerusalem is the Center of My Heart

It is for everyone who desires to do My and My Father’s Will. Whatever it takes to get My Children back home to be with Us in our HOLY Kodesh Land of JERUSALEM/ISRAEL. There is no place like HER in all the world. That is why I sent you there, My children, so you could understand My heart for you.  I put that love and desire into you because I love you, My people, and want to bring you to where My heart is and always will be. Come unto Me this day and desire Me as I desire to be with you, My Bride/Church. You are not lost from Me, unless you stop desiring to be with Me and turn from Me unto another lover like Gomer did to her husband Hosea. 6:25 am

Jerusalem is Where I Will Rule and Reign Soon

Do not turn your hearts away from Me, your Holy G-D, any longer, My dearly beloved church who has turned their backs on My people Ecclesia/Israel this very day, where My Shabbat is already starting to begin. Why is it so hard for you to comprehend how much this time spent with you matters to Me, My beloved cherished ones of my very own Kingdom that I’m soon to be ruling in Jerusalem upon My son David’s Throne, where you and your husband walked back and forth around daily, while spending time with one another scoping the area I told you to do. It wasn’t important to go outside the area to see other places because Jerusalem is where I shall rule and realm from.  Jerusalem is where I shall be when I come back to take My Bride unto Myself. Israel is My homeland, and it shall also be yours, if you are to be My Bride, My Church family. A Bride always goes to where her husband goes. Am I right, My Church family? Never does one get married and then they live in different places, No, never, that is absurd to even fathom or imagine that to be.  No, how ridiculous, even for you, My church-going people to do. How is this love relationship supposed to continue, if we are separated from one another? How are we going to communicate our love and affection for each other if you don’t have the means necessary to do so, My Bride? How are we going to be able to show our affection for each other if not holding each other in our arms and in our marriage bed?

Israel Needs to Re-Unify So I May Return

Come on church/Israel and rectify yourselves back to one another, so that Restoration can happen and be restored, and I can come back to bring you home once again from being gone for so very long.  I long to hold you, dear ones in My Arms again, and to tell you how much I have loved and missed you and want to get more acquainted with you, My beautiful Bride ISRAEL. You have never been far from Me, for you have always been close at hand to where you could call upon Me, and I would have answered you, but you were ashamed and blinded for a season or two and lost your way, but now you are finally back home to be with Me, your G-D ADONAI, and I’m so very thankful to have you here with Me for all of Eternity. Just you and I, My Bride/ISRAEL, for all of Eternity / everlasting. How great and wonderful this sounds to Me, My beautiful Bride ISRAEL. Abraham longed to see My day (John 8:56) and here it is soon, just around the corner.  8:42 am

Have You Lost Your First Love or Do You Rejoice to See My Day?

Oh, My church, My people, if you are even worthy to be called that any longer, if ever.  Are you imitating, your father Abraham? Are you rejoicing to see My day, or are you so cold/lukewarm and tired from hearing the stories passed down the road through your ancestor’s/family members?  Do you just play the role because of your parents’ parents or are you seriously following Me, because I AM who My WORD / SCRIPTURE says that I AM?  Do you even really know who or what I AM about? Do you even consider Me someone to talk about in your church groups and gatherings, or are you more concerned about yourselves and all your problems you are dealing with in your communities all around you? You know the only time most of you even mention My name anymore is through a cuss word or when you find yourself in trouble and need My help out of it. This is proof that you know I do really exist; otherwise, you wouldn’t call out to Me when you get yourself in a bind.

My So-Called Church Has Never Really Known Me

Why is it that you are okay with Me helping you then, but not before you are doing your own will, which results in no good, My so-called church-goers, who believe that My grace is good for you to just trash over and over again and stomp into the ground that My dying on My cross gives you to continue to sin over and over again to please your flesh but not your spirit? You, My church, My so-called church, you have not really ever known Me, because if you had known Me, you wouldn’t continue to say that you can’t keep the whole LAW, My Commandments. If Yeshua could do it, then you can too, but you refuse to listen to My small still voice of My Holy Spirit wooing after you each and every second of seconds of your day. You rather say that I did it, so you don’t have to do it.

It is Time for You to Repent and Be Immersed in Water Before It is Too Late!

That is the most foolish thing I have ever heard from you, My selfish people, who are so arrogant and proudful. You have lost your way and need to come back home soon by repenting and doing your first works over again. Some of you never even did it the first time. Yes, you must be Baptized in water for the remission of your sins to enter into Covenant with Us, your Father and I in Heaven, this very day. You must pick up your own cross daily by following Us in your race to the finish line/death, or when I come back and receive My Bride unto Myself, amen.  Whatever the cost, you must stay faithful to Me, your EL SHADDAI, because it is I who makes the Judgment of whether or not you will be in Our Kingdom for all of ETERNITY now and FOREVER. Trust ME, your ELSHADDAI, to know what is best for you. 9:27 Friday 03, 2023.

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