“My Time is Just About to END”

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 @ 5:14am.

As I was sleeping and dreaming of taking care of someone’s little infant girl, and having family over.  I was being wooed by God. For three hour it seemed that God kept saying over and over again to me these words “As I stand here before you this day, evening, God would have me speak to you and say, “My time is just about to End and come to a close”.

Take HEED, I tell you the TRUTH, My people unless some of you make a choice and decision today, many of you who think you will be making the boat will not be.  For My people thus says the Lord God of Israel, know My voice and are looking for Me and are preparing themselves just as I have been preparing Myself up here, in Heaven for My Bride the church, right there where you are this day.  How long My people, My children will you keep making Me wait to return?  Don’t you care just how long it has been since I have left you?  Don’t you care that I have billions of people waiting just to know and to hear about the wonderful God that I AM?  they have been waiting so very long to hear some words of comfort.  The longer you wait My people/children the more My people/My creation dies without getting to hear about the life, I came to die and tell them/save them from.

O Listen! Ye My children/My lambs, who say they love Me and My Father.  Time is coming and it’s just around the corner, so to speak.  Do you even care about something other than yourselves?  My dear ones.  You aren’t the only ones who I shed My precious blood to save from the catastrophes of this world.  I love ALL My precious dear lambs.  Please hear Me when I say, I AM coming back sooner than you think, I AM.  My door to the boat that Noah, built for Me,  closed just like I had told him , from the beginning and I tell you the TRUTH that day and time for ALL of you, My people is also fast approaching, as well.  Once My family My people of all Nations are on Board then, again will I say it is Finished and it is done and the door will be pulled up and the door will close just as it did for Noah and His family, so many years ago.

You say, that won’t happen, I’m too much of a Merciful God!  I’m too much of a Caring God!  A Loving God! A Gracious God! To do something so humongous or hurtful as of leaving ALL those to die in their sins, to drown and starve like that?  You are absolutely right, I AM, but this is not I who is doing this to them, My so-called church/people of today.  I have given you the TRUTH right before your eyes, My children, called My Words, and you throw, and toss it around like it is just nothing.  You pick it up only to dust it off on your coffee tables or on your bookshelves for decoration, to tell people how many translations you have to make yourselves look good and mighty in their eyes.  BEHOLD! I say unto you, you be careful those who say you are mine, there is a time when I will say to you, I have never knew you get away from Me, and My Father those who work iniquity.  For thus saith the Lord Jesus Christ, Myself, I come for a Righteous, Holy Church without spot or wrinkle /blemish, and I say this once again.  STOP! Making luxurious out of My Kingdom! STOP! Making My Kingdom a Den of Thieves and Robbers who come only to make the number to count, in their offering bags, and place on the Billboards how many converts and baptisms, they have performed in their mission planning from town to towns.  WOE!! To them who think themselves to be wise, and think themselves to be doing this for Me, as they ride around in their luxury cars and automobiles.  Those who travel far distances and want My children to cover the costs of their flying aircrafts.  BEHOLD!! I say unto you this day.  If I called you, and you are doing this for My Glory child you would not need to be begging, My children to provide for your extras homes and things you have need of.  My Father and I own the cattle on a thousand hills and the hills themselves.  I tell you, and gave you the faith the size of a mustard seed, because that is ALL that it takes for you to believe for the things you have need of.  What NOBODY  these days wants to do is have the faith or use this faith I’ve provided.  They try to go above Me and My Father and take the control themselves.  They have taken the control out of My hands and are being like ALL the people in the past who have fallen and died in their sins  because they think themselves to be greater than, I AM.

This is a very bad place to have gotten to My so-called church.  You cannot do My Will, by doing things, you think is right.  I do desire for ALL My children, creation to know of Us/Me but not at the expense of leading and stealing from My children who already know and heard of US.  STOP!! Using My children to benefit and line your wallets and pocketbooks.  TRUST Me your God, to do the Miraculous in your ministry that I have called you into, to do, My Works, Not yours, My sons  and My daughters of My Torah.  If you truly are My son’s and My daughter’s start acting like it and start preaching like it, for there is coming a day and it’s coming close/near that you will have to know what it is you actually believe. It’s going to get tough and you’re really  going to need to know exactly what it is that has been keeping you going to church and services, all of this time.

TRUST ME! When I say this, ALL those times you got ALL fancified and bought new clothes and shoes and got your perms and haircuts, was that ALL necessary to come to dance before Me your King to praise and Worship Me?  Was it so important to have your car washed before coming to church so your neighbors and friends would boast about how nice they looked?  REALLY! My children do you really think that is what matters to Me your God, your King of Kings and your Lord of Lords.  YES! There is something that I do like and that is a humbled and contrite spirit coming before Me and My Father on bended knees lifting up Holy hands, unto your Heavenly Father giving Him the praise and adoration that He so desires from ALL of His creation.  STOP! Playing games with Us.  STOP!  Putting all that stuff up to glorify mans eyes and turn your eyes on the ONE who matters.  For I tell you the TRUTH! Nothing that you do to adorn the outside will last, it will ALL fade away, rust and corrode.  Your bodies will get old and they will die, but My WORDS that you put into your Spirit will not ever see corruption or death, as your things and your body will.  STOP! Worrying about what you’re going to wear or what you’re going to do.  For your Father in Heaven will provide for you like the birds that fly overhead.  If I will provide and take care of them , how much more will I provide for you, My little ones, who choose to walk and follow after Me and My Father.

Things are nice and can be good, but TRUST your Heavenly Father to give them to you, not every, TOM, DICK and or HENRY.  For ALL things come from Me up above.  Allow your Father to provide for you.  STOP! Trying to do life on your own.  You say you trust Me?  OH REALLY! When has the last time you’ve ever really had to TRUST Me for anything.  You have forgotten where your wealth has come from, MY CHILDREN.   You need to get back to My Very Words, I spoke to My prophet Moshe/Moses and do not allow your pastors or your priest or whoever else you’re listening to persuade you otherwise.  For My prophet Moses wrote about Me and told of Me and My coming.  Nothing He ever wrote had or will ever be annulled or destroyed.  I spoke it unto him and he wrote it down just as I told Him too.  I quoted from My OWN WORDS back to you while handing on the cross dying for ALL Mankind.  I did this because you are loved by My Father and I.  We have a mighty, mighty plan for OUR creation.

WHY! is it so hard for you to get on board with US?  Remember the days of Noah?  They thought he was crazy and lost his marbles.  Just like them if you don’t change your ways you too will be screaming out saying , SAVE ME, SAVE ME, but it’ll be too Late.  I love you so much tell the Truth, All the Truth in My Word, My Torah.  For ALL of it is LIFE  My people, GOD

Wednesday November 29,2017 @ 6:18am.

This dream I had while hearing God wooing me, I perceive Him to have meant the Church as it is today. She was weak and hungry and without life in herself.  She couldn’t take care of herself and was just laying there waiting for someone to pick her up and care for her.  She was naked except for a diaper.  God would say to get up and shake yourself off and get dressed and dive into His Word and get passed the milk and feast amongst His table of delicacies.  No longer expect for everyone else to feed you and to clothe you.  Be responsible for yourselves and stop putting all the blame on those around you.  Grow up My children/ My church put on your clothes of Righteousness that I have laid down/aside for you this day.  For My day is sooner than you expect. I shouldn’t have to keep telling you this.  I AM a loving Father and I love you with a Love that never ends.  Keep true to MY WORDS as I Keep True to ALL of My PROMISES to you.  Take My Words serious because they are LIFE and BREATHE to ALL who listen and OBEY them.


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“LORD help me to STAND”

Stand Every Morning to thank & praise YHVH and Likewise at Evening 1 Chronicles 23:30

Lord, help me to stand in the good times as well as the bad times. God, I pray for people today/tonight who are struggling with things that life has stricken them with. God, You are bigger than all of our problems. To you O Lord these are but trivial. I pray for my husband Lord, as well as my children and grandchildren. Father, you know exactly what each has been dealing with, Lord. God open up our eyes to see you more clearly than ever before, and let your Power fall upon us right now, Holy Spirit. Help us to find favor with You O God and with man so that You O Lord can turn our mourning into dancing. Pour out your healing power of Your right hand upon us and them that call upon you. Heavenly Father, do what only you my Lord can do.

I need to know and trust that you are holding each one of us up with Your Mighty hand. Lord you are alway on time and I praise you for giving me the strength I need to continue in this race that has been given to me. Jesus, as I keep running and being faithful, keep my feet firm and strong. Keep me focused ahead to the goal Father you have destined me to reach. Help me not fall short but keep me pressing and striving to the finish line and let me hear you say, well done good and faithful servant come in and make your abode with Me, your God and your Savior, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Is this your prayer my friends. If Jesus were to return this very night would you be able to hear your Heavenly Father welcome you into His house. If not just talk to God, like you would do to your bestest friend. Share your heart with Him. Tell Him you’re sorry for your sinful lifestyle. Tell Him you want for Him to be your Lord and Savior. Just tell Him that you believe He is who He says He is. God gave His only begotten Son to die for you my friend and to give you new life in Him.

All you have to do is accept His free gift today and invite Him in. This is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the Father. Don’t stop here though. Get yourself a bible, study it, read it, ponder upon it, regurgitate on it, memorize it, until your thinking breathing and walking in the very Words of Jesus. This is a Journey that starts the day you ask, Jesus to be your LORD. This is your first step so take it one step at a time and pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you and baptise you, not only in water but also in His Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in new tongues as they did in the Upper Room that day as Jesus had told his disciple to go to and wait. It is for everyone not just for a select few. Jesus said I must go back to the Father so that I can send back the comforter your helper to guide you and to lead you into all truth. The Holy Spirit is received by Faith when you invite Him in. You will receive your prayer language as you are willing to open your mouth and accept it by faith. He will not speak for you, you have to do it yourself. When you ask the Father in Jesus name to fill you , you don’t have to worry that you will receive something bad, NO because whenever we ask our ABBA for a good gift He will never ever give something BAD in return.

The speaking is the proof the evidence that we have received the Holy Spirit. It is a beautiful thing to be able to speak to God even when we cannot find the words in English to speak. There is a mighty power when we come before Heavenly Father in prayer, praise and worship, amen. God is waiting for you to come and take you by the hand to explore this new journey. Trust me you won’t ever regret this life changing experience. God’s love is amazing and there’s nothing that compares to His unending love He has for you and I. What a remarkable life we have waiting for us in Heaven. We don’t have to wait to get there though to experience the Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God same thing right now. Jesus came and brought the Kingdom with Him. That is why we can see and feel His presence. That is why we experience and see the Working of His signs and miracles and wonders in our lives each and everyday.

When we pray in faith believing we should be seeing the blind eyes opening, the deaf ears hearing, the dumb talking and the lame/crippled walking and leaping and praising God. Why aren’t we seeing this you say? Well I don’t have all the answers but I assume it is because sometimes its a lack of our faith other times just not the right time for God to bring it to pass. Sometimes, God uses doctors and sometimes, He does but it’s not what we want to hear. Sometimes, God does by just simply taking our loved ones home to be with Him. There is no magic potion in how we ask God. All God wants is for us to be real with Him and to Trust Him and Be Obedient in everything He has spoken to us in His Word/Scripture. Both Old and New Testament, Genesis thru Revelation. We do WIN my friends just read the end of the BOOK 🙂 

Tuesday. November 28, 2017 @ 7pm.


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Trust Me I Am enough and All that you Need, Says God Almighty!

July 31, 2017, Monday @ 1:34 am.,

Why does it take Me coming to you in the middle of the night to get your attention?  Why can’t you just listen and take Me serious all of the time?  Hold still for a moment and allow Me your God to do this new thing in your life.  Just follow Me, says God,  trust Me.  Know that I am good enough for you in this season of your life.  Don’t fret, for thus says the Lord God Almighty, I Am King, My child, what I say stands firm, and No one including you can ever change it.  Come, like I said many times, and dance before Me and worship Me with singing.  Hold fast to My tzitzit [fringes] and never let Me go.  Bow down before Me and make music to your El Shaddai and King of Kings.  For this night, I say unto you, I love you and care for you so much.  Let not your heart grow weary or troubled, believe in Me and you shall not want for any good thing, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

You say you don’t know what lies ahead, and I say trust Me and stop worrying about tomorrow.  Keep your eyes on today and let Me, your Heavenly Father, take care of it for you.  Haven’t I taken care of you up to this point?  Why are you concerned for your life now?  Everything is in the palms of My hands, so just trust Me, for I know what is best for you.  Don’t let the enemy take you away from Me.  Each inch and step is too far and leads to danger.  Beware, because this is just how he works and you know this.  Be wise and sharp, for he is out to trap you and pull you away from Me.  I know you are smarter than this, so this is my warning, My daughter of My Torah.  I’m a good, good Father, and I love you, My daughter, don’t lack from talking with Me.  I showed you this morning how when you lack in your relationship with Me, you also lack it with your husband.  The longer you are apart, the easier it is for the enemy to come in and tear you apart.  Hold tight and come back to Me, for I love you and need for our relationship to keep on growing and blooming like those flowers you keep on seeing and desiring.  Color is a beautiful thing, and that is what I want for you to have.  My intentions for you, My daughter, is for you to grow and become so bright that you will glow in My Love and My Reflection.

Help Me to make you see how awesomely beautiful you are and how lovely others will see you to be as well.  I have gifted you in many ways, so let your light shine brightly, so they can see what I have done for you and in you, My sweet, beautiful daughter of My Torah.  Nothing is ever, ever too difficult, if you choose to always obey Me and follow Me unto the very end, says your Father, which art in Heaven this day.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me and wooing after me in this hard dark spot of my life.  I’m sorry, Lord, for whining and feeling sorry for myself. God, I love you, please take this itchy feeling away from me.  Thank you.  Monday, @1:58 am., July 31,2017.


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