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God is Well Worth the Wait!

Your Father, Husband/Groom is always faithful and can be trusted, My dear friends/people /daughters and sons of My TORAH who are waiting so patiently for Him today. Just know that He is worth waiting for and has just the right timing to make Himself known to you. Don’t get too impatient because He is waiting for others to come into His wedding supper of the Lamb before He closes the door to all who are lingering and aren’t preparing or prepping for My returning.

Your Faithfulness to Our Betrothal Vows Will Impact Our Marriage

I am a very patient man, My bride, but please hurry up and start looking for Me your Groom. I desire for you to want Me. I desire for you to need Me. I desire for you to keep our betrothal vows that we have made with one another to keep. These things will have a great impact on our marriage with one another, so don’t stray from them any longer, My perfectly mature bride, who has and is becoming more mature and beautiful each and every day that I’m with you in My Words/Scriptures. My bride continues to pray and does and keeps all of My Words, and follows My examples right down to the very smallest details/letters or stroke of a pen.

She is not afraid to be different or separate from the world, or even the churches, who you say are good and teaching sound doctrines.

My people, who you say are My bride, are you really My bride this very day in your hearing? Are you really ready for my returning in the condition of your hearts, which you say I know and that were good?

Your Hearts Have Become Wicked

I, your G-D, your Creator, do know your hearts and they are, and have become, so very wicked and stained with the blood of Cain, who killed his one and only brother to eliminate him from his mind, so that he could do what pleased himself, so he thought but only made matters worse than before.

Cain – A Picture of Today’s Church?

It wasn’t Cain against Abel ever.  I loved them just the same, but their hearts were different. One was towards Me, his Holy G-D, and the other was for himself and what pleased his sinful, fleshly self of pride and arrogance. Cain could not stand the sight of his twin brother because he saw the reflection of himself, and it haunted him of what he should have been. His desires were wicked and evil all the time, and he couldn’t bear it any longer. This My people/creation is what happens when you take your eyes off of Me, your Adonai. You open the door/windows to deceit and evil.

My People NEEDS To Study and Meditate in My Torah

This is exactly why My TORAH, all My Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, needs to be read over and over and meditated upon daily, so that your old sinful hearts and desires can be washed and cleansed by My Words, which are Me, My saints, who come bow down before Me and My throne in heaven, where My one and only Son Yeshua makes intercession for you and puts you back into right relationship with US, your G-D, who loves you and desires for you to love US back.

Your Participation in Your Pagan Holidays – You are Making God Want to Vomit!

My Holy Spirit. My friends, if you can ever be again, is a Gentleman, and He is not happy with how you are today. You say you love G-D, but oh the detestable places and things you go and do and see, so that He wants to vomit and puke. My G-D is Holy, says Yeshua, and He is sick and tired of all this lukewarm crap you’ve been participating in with these pagan festivals and holidays that I told you all to leave and not do, but you have not listened. My Word, which is Myself, if you would just pick it up and start reading it from the beginning and not from where your pastors tell you, you would know what I’m referring to. Your Shepherd is supposed to be Me, not them. I am this Good Shepherd, and if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come into him and sup with him, says G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this day, My church, My Bride Israel. My Bride and church are one in the same. Just know that without Israel, My church, My bride, you wouldn’t exist because you have been engrafted into her, My beloved people.

Leave Your Filthy Rags Behind

Trust Me and know that you are loved and wanted.  Prepare and make yourselves ready, for My Big Day soon to be coming. Leave all of your filthy rags of sin behind this Sabbath Day and come running back to Me, your soon awaiting King and I will welcome you with open hands/arms forever and ever this day.

Clean Up Your Temples & Get Rid of Your Pagan Idols

Remember to keep all My Commandments and the faith of Yeshua, which is the Gospel I call my Son to share. Be obedient and know that all these things in My Word shall and will be fulfilled made complete before I return, says your G-D of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Clean up your temples that My Word says that you are and get rid of all your pagan idols you’ve picked up and destroy them. Burn them and don’t allow your sons and daughters to past through the flames any longer, says your Almighty G-D of Heaven and Earth this day.

Call Out to Me & Keep My Commandments

Call out to Me, and I will fill you up to overflowing.  Call out to Me, and I will save you from the hand of your adversary, the devil and his imps.  Know this today that the only holidays and festivals you are to do are the ones I’ve commanded for you to do and keep in My holy book you call the Bible. My Torah and I are ONE, ‘ECHAD. We haven’t changed. No will We ever, G-D your ELOHIM. Why aren’t I enough for you? Why is it so hard for you to reach out and touch Me, your ELOHIM? 

Why Do You Long to Keep All Your Pagan Festivals?

Why are you still longing to do all your pagan celebrations? I have already given you the day and festivals/holidays to do and have your parties with your friends and family, but you have rejected them for your own man-made idols and practices of your culture today. You have put your pleasures and family over Me, your One true G-D for all of your selfish desires to please yourselves and your children. You have not ever put Me, your G-D, first on your heart’s door. Why do you think you deserve to be in My Kingdom, yet alone My One true Bride ISRAEL?  You have and continue to profane Me, your G-D of Heaven and Earth, My footstool. Why should I allow you into My Kingdom this day or any day to make that clear? What right do you have? You have made it clear that I have done away with Myself on your bloody cross/tree you had Me crucified on over 2000 years ago.

An Error of Christianity

Why do you keep blaming everyone but yourselves? Why are you still babies drinking breast milk?  When are you going to stop nursing and being babies and grow up, My people/children, who continue to violate My TORAH/Scriptures every day you claim to do?  I will say because you have rejected Me. Yes, when you have said you don’t have to do anything else because I, Yeshua your Savior/L-D, did it on My bloody cross for you, you have not ever known Me to be who My G-D sent Me to earth to accomplish.

The Gospel – The Restoration of Israel

My people, it wasn’t just about you, it was always about the RESTORATION OF ISRAEL. Bringing the 10 lost Northern tribes back together with Judah, their brother. Remember my parables. Just do what My Word teaches for you to do, and you still have time to complete the good race to the finish line. It’s not how you start, My brothers and sisters, but how you finish it that matters.

My Commandments Are Not Hard – They Are Do-Able!

Life wasn’t easy in My day either, so why do you think you are better than the son of G-D who had laid everything aside to show you and to be your example that it can and could be done, if you would do and keep My Father’s Laws. They are not hard, My peeps, they are do-able. I know it because I did them all, and I was no different than you are today.

You Can Keep the Commandments – If You Are Truly My Disciples!

If you are truly one of My disciples and have been filled with My Father’s Spirit and washed and cleansed by My blood and in water baptism, you can be Holy, as I your L-RD G-D is My children/people.

Deny Yourself, Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me

You can be overcomers and be made spotless and blemish free. But first, you must deny yourself and pick up your own cross and carry it to the finish line. I, Yeshua HaMashiach, made it possible for you to do.

Come follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. Now go out side your comfort zone and teach/disciple the whole world/ nations that I’m coming soon.

Keep and Teach God’s Commandments

There is not anything I will not enable you to do, if you keep My mommandments and teach others to do them too, says your ELOHIM. HaShem, the L-RD, has spoken this. Now everyone go outside and do what I’ve commanded from the very beginning: love G-D and love your neighbor as you love yourselves. For No one ever hates himself but always remembers to feed his own stomach. The man who says there is no G-D is a fool and the truth is not in him.  Just take a look outside your door, and you can see the existence of the Mighty KING and HIS KINGDOM.  The Universe declares the work of ELOHIM, amen.

Attaching My Name To Unholy Things Doesn’t Make Them Okay with Me

Stop lying to yourselves and saying, “G-D knows my heart,” and and think what you’re doing behind closed doors is okay because it’s not, and you’re not deceived that much if you’re truthful. G-D is calling you out this Shabbat/Sabbath morning and saying put away all childishness of these pagan holidays of Halloween, Christmas and Easter because they have nothing to do with Our One True G-D/King. They are there to sugar-coat your unfaithfulness to your Messiah. You claim your worshiping and bringing honor to Him, but HIS WORDS/SCRIPTURE says otherwise. Yes, you have placed His name on them, but you done this out of disobedience to His very teachings in Scripture to please your flesh. G-D isn’t ever going to be okay with this. He hates and detests a cheating unfaithful bride. Just as you hate being cheated on.

Yeshua’s Life & Mission – The Restoration of Israel

You claim G-D divorced His Bride, ISRAEL, and married you.  Read your Bibles, My friends and family, because the reason He came back and sent His Only begotten son into our world was to bring RESTORATION TO HIS ONE TRUE BRIDE, ISRAEL, amen.

Israel – God’s One-True Bride

What He did for you and me was grace by allowing us to be a part of ISRAEL His One true Bride by being engrafted into HER, amen. So I say let’s not get too self-righteous and think that we are His New wife-bride because He hates DIVORCE, and this is how much HE went through to regain Her unto Himself, My brothers and sisters today, who are reading this word from the Holy Spirit wooing after me.

There isn’t anything He won’t do to get our attention. He will go to great measures to wake us up to meet with Him if we will only listen and obey His wooing.

Let’s take time to ponder upon these words spoken here and chew on them like our lives depends upon them because they most definitely do, shalom and be blessed in Yeshua’s/Jesus’ name. Amen.  9:16 am

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