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To the Women at Dry Gulch

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sat., September 12, 2015
Morning Service

You are beautiful, My children.  I love you, My people.  Trust Me tonight; open your hearts to Me.  Know that I am God, and that I love you with a mighty love.  You are not forgotten.  You are on My heart, My children.  You are all so lovely and precious to Me.  Never forget My love, My daughters.  You are all My daughters, so trust Me.  I know you love Me, so put your trust in Me and be not afraid.  You are My delight and I have you in the palms of My hands.  You are more precious to Me than silver and gold.  Trust Me and know that I believe you are beautiful and precious, dear daughters, to Me.  Seek Me and you will find Me, and you will find rest.  Remember, I love you.  Run after Me with arms open wide.  I am here just waiting for you, My children, with the Lord God Almighty.


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