Sunday, July 3, 2022 @8:15 am.

I was dreaming when I heard the Holy Spirit says,

My Commandments – For Your Safety & Well-Being

My Commandments were given to you for your safety and well-being. Why is it that you just can’t see this for yourselves?  Why is it that you, My chosen beloved people of My Kingdom, have such a hard time with this?  Yes, I have chosen you to be My people/children before the foundations of the world this day that you have chosen to profane Me, your G-D Adonai, by desecrating it to a different Jesus, and its not Me, your One and Only True G-D of the Universe. 

Why Are You Living By Your Sinful Hearts?

Why do you continue to allow your old sinful hearts, like My Holy Scriptures tell you they are, to rule and dictate how you’ll serve Me, your One True, Holy G-D of the Universe here today and for always?  Do you realize how stupid this makes you look to the world you live in?  Do you know that this makes you look ridiculous, even to the heathens and to the agnostics all around you?  

You Are “the Blind Leading the Blind”?

Do you not remember that in My Holy Scriptures, My Torah, it says that you are to make them jealous of what you have?  You are living a life of unholiness like them, why would they want to be like you because you are just like them, and apparently are blinded and can’t even see it.  You are “the blind leading the blind.”  You have nothing to offer them anymore, if ever.  You have rejected everything that My Holy Book, My Torah/Scriptures teach and have to offer, and said that My Son Yeshua/Jesus did it, “so now I don’t have, too.”  

Christianity Is Teaching “Another Jesus”

My church/Ecclesia, if you can even call yourself that anymore, wise up this day that you are only “playing church” with who you call Me “JESUS,” because if you don’t wake up soon, you will truly find out who is fake and phony before too long.  My Words tell you exactly what it is you need to do to prepare for My Second coming.  

Christianity Have Changed “God’s Words”

I am not coming back twice, just once, My church-people, who have changed My Words to please yourselves and your own putrid lifestyles of lawlessness. You have shut the door to My Kingdom for yourselves because you would rather believe a lie than the truth of who I really am today, a JEW born anew by My Heavenly Father up above, who loves Me and you, if you would only believe and stop doubting who I am this day.

You Are Teaching Who You WANT Me to Be – NOT Who I am.

You pretend to serve and worship Me, or should I say whom you want Me to be for you.  You want so much from your image of who you want Me to be for you, but when it comes to pleasing and obeying Me, your Creator/G-D/L-RD/KING and Master, you say,” Jesus did it all, so I don’t have to.” Oh really, is this how you play ball?  Don’t you know if all the team players said what you say about Me, you would never win a game for your teammates? 

 Yeshua Was Our Living Example – NOT our Living Substitute

All because one person prepares for the game doesn’t mean the other eight team players don’t have to do anything. Just like what My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach did in HIS life there on your planet earth when HE lived amongst yourselves.  He paved the road for you.  He showed you what you were to do to get into HIS KINGDOM.  HE did resolve the whole sin issue/problem for you.  HE became your SIN OFFERING, not your literal sin, my lazy, incompetent so-called children this day. You say, “You worship Me in Spirit and in Truth,” but lie because you wouldn’t even know what that was, if it kicked you in the seat of your pants you are wearing.  

If You Are Not Living a Holy & Righteous Life – You are NOT Mine!

My Spirit, M people, is Holy and Righteous.  So if you’re not living a Holy and Righteous life before Me, your One and True G-D, this very day, which isn’t My Sabbath, you can rest assured that you have really never known ME for who I really am, My dearly beloved ones, who are serving and pretending to worship Me on your own terms and rules.  Like I told Moses on Mt. Sinai, “Thou shalt not have or make any other G-D’S before Me in Heaven or in the Earth below.”  “I AM that I AM has sent you” is what you tell the people of Israel (Exodus 3:14) when and if they ask you. 

You Are To Obey Me to the Very End

You are to be obedient to Me until the very end, My Ecclesia/Church, if I can dare call you that anymore.  You have wandered and strayed for such a long time, I hardly know you anymore.  You are becoming a stench in My very nostrils, or better yet, you stink and make Me want to vomit you or puke you up.  My people are in need of a Savior this very day, and you are doing life on your own behalf.  Why won’t you listen to My spokes people I have given to you to warn you and to wake you up before you find out the hard way that you have been lied to for so long. 

Read My Words For Yourself!

Read My Words for yourselves and get into My Words and search ME out, for I am very good and delight for you to KNOW ME and to have a one-on-one relationship together before the cock crows thrice like it did with Peter before My crucifixion. This isn’t a rooster, but a man blowing a trumpet/shofar to alarm the people to keep them updated on what is going on in My Temple/Holy City of Jerusalem where I will be coming back very soon indeed to rule and to reign on My son David’s throne there in Jerusalem, amen. 

Be ready for you do not know the day nor the hour in which I will return, and not Me either, but only My Father and your Father in Heaven, amen.  @10:10 am.  




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