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This series of blogs will present blogs sharing God’s frustration and anger at how His people are profaning His name.


Friday, January 4, 2019 @ 1:30pm

Getting ready for Shabbat service when the Lord Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, reveals to me that HIS church has been defiling and polluting HIS HOLY TEMPLE by doing such wickedness as did the Pharisees  and the Sadducees in their day.  He says,


Come out of her (the world) and stop profaning and polluting My name and My holy, set apart temples that you are supposed to be.  Leave behind what the pagans do by taking what is Mine and perverting it and changing it.  When I created Adam and Eve, I said that it was very good.  I also said to go and procreate, and be fruitful and multiply and to replenish the earth.  I created them Male and Female, so in doing that, they could reproduce and make offspring in the likeness that God had made the both of them.  I’m appalled when you take what I meant for good, and you distort and pollute it so that your flesh can be satisfied to your liking.


I created and breathed into Adam the breath of life.  The very essence of who I am.  My very seed came into existence in Adam, or you should say, My own “sperm.”  This same sperm/life/breath that impregnated Mary that day when Gabriel the Archangel came to her in her room.  This seed/sperm of Mine is to be respected because it gives life and, in this case with Mary, life everlasting.


You need to take seriously what I meant when I told the first two people who ever existed because of My love for you that day so long ago.  I gave you permission to go and to be together as one in the union of marriage that day to populate and be fruitful.  You, as the body of Christ, cannot be fruitful if you are perverting the very act of marriage that I said and set up to do.

You cannot be fruitful, if we are having sex with the same sex partners.  You cannot be fruitful if you are doing acts that aren’t meant for you to do as Oral and Anal Sex.  It is unproductive in the command of being fruitful, but you are perverting and making unholy what I designed to be Holy and separate unto Me your Heavenly Father.  These kind of actions are only from a heart that wants to please the flesh and self, not producing in life as I intended it to be for.  When you disobey Me and My Word, you cause yourselves to be disobedient children of the My Father and this is what “Lukewarmness” looks like.


My Bride, My children are to be different, set apart from the world and her ways.  You are to come back to Me by repenting and doing your first works over, so you will be without spot, blemish or wrinkle in My sight.  You are to stop perverting everything that I call Holy, Pure and Righteous.  The Holy bed of marriage is to be sacred and Holy as well.  It is to reflect My very image, the One who created it for this very reason, to bring others back into a living, breathing relationship where fellowship could be pure, loving and giving, not distorted and taken to please one’s flesh and desires in ways that aren’t proper and right in My eyes, says God Almighty.

How do you reflect My image if you are all acting like cats and dogs who know no better?  You, My children, who do so, STOP it and get back to Me, and do not distort My Words to make yourself happy and satisfied.  You have been given so much.


Why can’t you all just be thankful that I created you for such a time as this to bring My Kingdom down to your earth, so that My Son, My one and only Son, can rule and reign for a thousand years without having to worry or be concerned with satan and his little imps or minions as you read, someone called them yesterday.  Yes, I have a sense of humor, My people, My children.


My children, My people, how have you gotten so off track with Me, your God.  You should know better. You should have read My Words, My Torah, My Scriptures.  Oh you say that you have, but you just have distorted them to please yourselves and your flesh.  I say that My Words never go against Me and how I have told you to do.  My Will is My Torah, and if it at any time sways from My Torah/Scriptures, it is not okay for you.  It doesn’t matter if the two of you agree upon something, it is still wrong because My Word says so, My people/My church/My creation.


What is Sin for one is sin for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you accept it for yourself or not.  You all have been given the same knowledge of Me, your God, so use it and stop saying you don’t understand it so you’re not held accountable.  That is Bull Wash like I’ve said before.  Wise up, church.  My time is short, shorter than what you think it is.


Love Me, your God, with all your heart, mind and soul.  Your everything. Just like I tell you to read My Words from cover to cover, and you won’t be tricked or fooled into doing things you know you ought not to do from the beginning.  Yes, things of this world look and seem to be fun for a time, but they will catch up to you.  You have NO promise of tomorrow, so get it together and open up your dust cover bibles, and start this journey of a lifetime with Me, your Heavenly Father of Heaven and Earth, this day.


Oh, if you haven’t gotten the hint yet, your unholy sex acts are not okay with Me, your Holy Father, who created you each, for such a time as this.  You were meant to be loved and taken care of and cherished, not to be used and abused for someone’s pleasures and gratifications, says your Lord God of Heaven, this day.  You are a prized jewel and should be treated as such, God. Time:2:17pm.


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“Why Won’t My People Love Me or Trust Me?” asks God

The following is a message that God spoke to Me through His Spirit:

Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015

I so want My people to trust Me; I so want My people to love Me, says God.  Why don’t they love Me?  Why don’t they trust Me?  Why won’t they be obedient to Me? says God.  I have given them My very heart, mind, and soul.  I have given to them everything that I AM.  Come, My people, trust Me and obey Me and keep what is important and treasurable in My eyes, My sight.  Call upon Me, and you will find Me.  I love you, My child.  Nothing is too hard or difficult for your Father to do.  I desire to give unto you the good things of My Father.

I have not come to do away with My Torah, but I have come to reaffirm what God has already set into place.  People have tried to destroy it and put it out from among them.  Why?  It is for their good and benefit.  Why do such a people hate what I have made for good?  Why do they try to take what I meant for blessing and put it to death?  It doesn’t make any sense, My people.  You are being deceived and lied to by the devil himself.  Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy, My people/children.  His only role in this is to cheat you out of what He has and will never see due to him trying to overrule My kingdom.

He knows he will never have a part in My elaborate kingdom that was made for you to rule and reign with Me in eternity, so his desire is to take you and everyone with him.  Yes, My children, he is selfish and he really doesn’t care anything about you other than trying to take you away from Me, says God Almighty.  He is out to tear you away from Me.  He hates Me that much, and because you love Me, he hates you too.  Don’t be deceived, My beloved sons and daughters of the Most High God, be on the lookout, watch, be strong and diligent, because the enemy is here.  Don’t be fooled.  He is a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing searching out this land to take all of you, if possible, with him to the place My Father and I have made for him to dwell in forever and ever, in the burning lake of fire and brimstone for eternity.

Yes, My children, this is real, and it is very close at hand.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.  I AM God; I change not.  If My Word says it, it will happen.  If My Word says it, I will perform it.  I don’t understand people.  I have given My people such intelligence, and they act so dumb and stupid.  This is harsh because I am angry at all of you who do not seek My Torah and commandments.  Why do you throw Me away like the trash in your homes?  Aren’t I more valuable to you than trash?  I have said, I am going away to My Father to prepare a place for you, and that where I go you cannot come, but I will come back for My Bride, says God Almighty.  I am preparing a place for you, My beloved children of the Most High God.

I and My Father are One, and we love you more than precious gold and silver.  Come to Me, My children, so that where I am, you, My children, can also be.  Yes, I did leave you, My children, because that was for your best, and a Father only does what is BEST for His children.  My Word, which I was in from the beginning of time, says that a Father only gives His children good gifts.  Why would I give you a stone if I say I love you, but in turn, you throw stones at Me and My Word all the time.  You say with your mouth and profess that you love Me and that you care, but you just carry Me around like a rabbit’s foot, hoping and wishing that I really meant that I will return someday, if you are all lucky enough to have faith.  Really? says God.  I am no rabbit’s foot; I am no lucky charm.

Get your hearts straight and in tune with Me, says God Almighty, because before you know it, you will be standing before Me, says God, in judgment of all that you have thought you did to make Me happy, and guess what?  I am going to say, “I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME,” says God Almighty, “NEXT.”  I mean what I say. Don’t take My words lightly, don’t abuse My Torah.  It was and is very good to those who seek Me and there will find Me.  Knock and I will answer, like I have said before, My son, My daughter.  I am not far from you.  I am as close as you want me to be, says God Almighty.  Trust Me with all of yourself, and I will do exceedingly above all that you can dream or think.

You have been chosen for such a time as this.  You are valuable to Me.  I have chosen you, you have not chosen Me, My people/children.  Just like Noah on the boat with his family, when they listened and obeyed and did all that I called them to do and obey.  I, the Lord God, shut the door, and they were saved, Noah and his whole family.  Just as Noah obeyed and trusted Me with his life and family, you also need to trust Me and obey Me, so that you can also be saved from this world I have put you into.  If what I had spoken to the prophets of old, why would what I speak to you this day be any different or have changed?  My Word then and now, My people, has not changed, you have.

My Word says, I AM the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  What don’t you get?  Are you stupid?  Don’t you know you rip a piece of My heart out every time I hear that come from the pulpits of My so-called cathedrals?  I say, I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth pass away, not one yodh or one tittle shall pass away from My law, says God.  I tell you the truth, be very careful not to lead one of My children astray.  I am the Good Shepherd, and I love you all, My sheep/lambs.  I don’t desire that any harm or danger come to any one of them.  This is My heart.  This is My relationship.  I am looking forward to be with My people, says God. (6:06am)


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God Says: “My People are Profaning My Name”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015
8:15 am

God expects for us, and desires for us, to humble ourselves and to cleanse ourselves from all unrighteousness and to be holy and anointed, set apart from the likenesses of the world.  The Lord says, I do not want My people to be dabbling in the things which I have said were unclean and unholy.  How can I, a holy God, be among the things that are unholy?  My people, you are profaning My name and causing Me to want to take you and remove you from My Holy Presence.  I cannot and will NOT, I say, keep dwelling among a people who do NOT covet the same holy things that I covet.

Yes, I have in My commandments which I  gave to Moses on Mt. Siani, which says to not covet what is not yours, says God Almighty.  These wicked holidays that you are claiming to be yours are detestable in My eyes, says God Almighty.  How can you not see this in the Word of God that I have given you as a manual to understand the very heart of Me, says God.  I DO NOT WISH for anyone of My children to have anything to do with the things of this world.  I will go farther than this, I can’t continue in a relationship with you because you are grieving the very Holy Spirit that has come to be your Helper and to be your Guide.

Don’t profane My name and say you are trying to take something bad and turn it into something good for the sake of the church.  Bull crap you are, says God.  You are doing it because you don’t care about hurting Me, says God.  If you cared about Me, you would see that I detest all the things that you’re trying to push Me into.  I do NOT accept what you have done, and I don’t want anything any more to be involved or put My name to that is unholy and unacceptable to what My Word teaches.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the Aleph and the Tav, and last but not least, the Bright and Morning Star, says God Almighty.  Why can’t you get this?  Why is this so difficult for you?  My Word is so clear a baby can get it and understand it.  Why don’t you care?  Why don’t you want to know Me?  Why am I just an escape for you?  Don’t you love Me?  Why don’t you love Me?  I am your Father, the Bridegroom, I have done only good things for you, My dearly beloved children.  I want to call you Mine, but you are growing so cold, and I can hardly sense your Presence anymore.  I long for you.  Yes, I AM God, but you are the ones who need Me, and how is that going to happen if you are so lost and hard of hearing to where our relationship falls apart.

You have not sought Me in a very long time.  You are becoming, or should I say are, so cold.  If you were lukewarm, it would be better for you.  My Word says, it is better that you be hot or cold then to be lukewarm because then I would spur you out of My mouth and be done with you, says God Almighty.  My Spirit is a very good thing.  I, your God, only gives good gifts to His children who seek for Me.  I love My children who do not hide from Me, but who delight in Me and do all that I tell them to do.

My words are life to those who find Me and seek Me with their whole hearts, says God.  But such words can also be DEATH, My people, if you do not heed My Word/ Torah/commandments.  I desire for you to search your hearts, minds, and souls and set forth on a new path, says God, and show Me your fruit that you say you have gotten by following Me.  You are always saying you trust Me, now I am throwing it back in your face.  You show Me and prove yourselves to Me, says God!  Because I am so fed up with a wishy-washy people who are just trying to fit in with this world of pukiness and unrighteousness, says God Almighty, your soon coming King.

Get your bags and pack, My true believers of My Torah, because I love you, says God.  My true believers know what I mean by get your bags packed.  Yes, do I have to tell you too?  I’m talking about getting your hearts and minds set on the very life that I spoke to you from the beginning of time in the book of Genesis.  I’ve spoken the world into existence with words, the very Word that I AM.  It was Me from the very beginning until the very end.  I change not.  I remain the same today as I did then.

Why is this so hard for you My church to see this?  I have sent a life boat and a Savior to your rescue.  Reach out, grab ahold of Me.  Trust Me, Obey Me, Teach what I have given to you, My holy commandments.  I have not changed My mind, My children.  You have decided for yourselves to change My mind for Me.  I say stop profaning Me; stop trying to change Me.  I have chosen you, not you Me.  You need all of Me, says God Almighty.  I need for you to be holy, set apart, because you say you are My Bride, and the only way possible for that to be is if you start searching your hearts today and repent from all of your wickedness towards Me, My children.

Time is short, and I am not pleased with how our relationship is doing.  You, My people, so-called children, have already turned your backs on Me and profaned My holy name.  You have prostituted yourselves to many other gods and still say you are mine.  Don’t you get what this does to a relationship when a partner cheats on the other?  It brings such bitterness and resentment, which ends in hate and then to death, which is DIVORCE.  This Word I hate, says God.  I have allowed it only because of the hardness of their hearts;  I permitted it but not because I wanted it for them.  Amen. (9:03am)


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