The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Saturday, May 21, 2016
8:11 am

I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one can come to the Father unless I draw him.  No one is better than the next person.  It is a matter of choice who follows and worships after Me, says God Almighty.  Choose people today whom you will serve, God or manna.  Yes, manna was good in the days that I fed you in the wilderness, but My people were slaves in Egypt for 430 years total, says God, from the time I told My servant Abraham to the time I delivered them by the way of the Red Sea.  I split it open for them so that they could walk through on dry land.  How much more do I want to do for all My children who trust Me and are obedient to the call that I put on your lives, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I want for all My children to walk in Torah and be led by My Ruach (Holy Spirit) and to delight in all of My Torah and precepts, says God Almighty.  Yes, and I’ll say it again, My child, I who am King of kings and Lord of Lords,  I change not.  I love all of you, My children.  Trust Me and your Father to have your best interest at heart.  I am not trying to be mean or harsh, but I AM a holy God, and I will not, nor cannot, be amongst unholy detestable things.

How many times do I keep repeating Myself to you, My people, My children, who say they are walking in My ways but are acting like the one I kicked out of heaven over 6,000 years ago because he thought he could be greater and replace Me His Creator and Lord of Lords and King of Kings, says your Almighty God/Father in heaven.  How totally narly and stupid he was to be so dumb that he thought My creation, our creation, could one day rule the world.  How ridiculous you are all today, living your lives and taking Me for granted, assuming you can do whatever you want and won’t lose your free gift of salvation.

Stupid generation, what has become of you?  Will you never grow up?  Will you stay babies forever and keep nursing at your mother’s teats forever?  How blind and how dumb you have proven and shown yourselves to be.   Open up your hearts and mind, and start to feast upon My tables of meat so that I can bring you out of Egypt again to a land flowing with milk and honey.

This milk and honey is not the same as your mothers fed you with but is the Meat of My word.  This meat, along with honey, is the sweetness that I give for you.  It is My very God-breathed words from the beginning of time, even before the creation of the world you know it to be.  The honey is Me, as well as the Word of God, because the two are the same.  You cannot divide it up.  We go together like what you would say, “Two peas in a pod,” or “like cake and ice cream.”  Yes, I know all about you, My children, and I need for all of My people, My children, to grow up and smell the coffee brewing.  It smells so good, so delicious, that unless you start drinking it, you will never know how good it is.  Just like Me, says God.

Drink of Me, says God, and you will never thirst again or lack for any good thing.  Trust Me, says God, and know that all things will work out for Good to those who seek Me, My Torah, and has My words, says God Almighty, because My words, My Torah, are One and the same.  You take away My Torah, My Holy Scriptures, you have taken Me away.  You cannot pick and choose what you want to believe.  All of My words are yes and amen.  Not one of them is better than the next.  They all, I say, have an importance to them.  I say, Do not take anything from the beginning or the middle away, it is all valid and important for you today, My children.  The Old Testament is just as valid as the Newer Testament.

How can a people who say they have read My Word from beginning to end, say with all honesty, that they can believe all this hogwash that people have told them concerning My words.  How stupid.  Even a baby can understand better than all of you more learned and sophisticated ones that think you have Me and My Father all figured out.  You blaspheme My Holy Name every time you tell My children who are seeking Me and My Father lies about Me, God, changing My plans after My death and resurrection, NOT SO.

I was fulfilling what My Father had called Me to do and nothing more.  How dumb of you not to know Me.  I was, I AM, and I will always be, not matter how much you will try and put Me in your little box and try to control Me, so that you can pretend you have Me all figured out.  It never will happen.  You will see what happens very, very soon, My people.  Be careful.  Be watchful because soon and very soon, you who are faithful, those who are serving Me, those who don’t look to the left or to the right, will see Me in all of My glory, says God Almighty.

I AM REAL.  I have not changed My mind concerning anything.  The cross that I shed My precious blood upon was done so that I could restore what the first Adam destroyed in the Garden of Eden.  Love Me, says God Almighty, because I love you so very much.  Worship Me, Adore Me, Be thankful, Be grateful, because greater am I than he that is in the world.  He, Satan, comes about like a roaring lion.  Did you catch that I said “like,” that is because I AM the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and I AM coming back to judge the whole entire world/nations for what they did to My Son, Yeshua HaMoshiach (Jesus the Messiah).

He was and will continually be the Rock of all ages, the Prince of Peace and your bread upon the waters.  Give My Son, Jesus/Yeshua HaMashiach, your very lives today and don’t let anyone tell you differently because I AM that I AM, says God Almighty, and I cannot and won’t change My Torah, My sayings, ever because once spoken, they cannot and won’t be revoked.

I AM your God Almighty.  I change not.  I AM the same God of your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Your father Abraham saw My day and was glad.  Come get out from around your tables and come with Me, says your Lord and Savior, and I will make you fishers of men.  (8:57 am Saturday)

While I was standing up, looking in the mirror and washing my hands, God revealed to me that I didn’t give Him credit for waking me up by wooing me.  God said,

I told you that people cannot hear and sense Me, their Father in heaven, because they have veils over their eyes, ears, and heart.  They need to ask the Holy Spirit to remove the blinders and hindrances from their lives so that they may be enlightened and have the clarity that is needed to be more like your Savior Jesus.  You need to be open and reverence your Savior and leave all fears and doubts aside to walk in the fullness of new life.


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