It’s 12:53 pm, and I’m awake now because the Holy Spirit keeps trying to woo me.

I’m up, Lord  Okay, I will write down what it is You want me to say.

So as I was sleeping, the Lord impressed upon my heart the following message:


Why is it that My people, My so-called Church people, will not allow Me into the small crevices of their heart?  Why won’t they allow Me to open them and do heart surgery on them?  Why is it so difficult for them to let Me purge them and cleanse them from all the garbage of this world that has tarnished them and bound them up with it?  What is keeping you, My church, My Bride, from letting Me, Your God, into the deep crevices that are not accessible to anyone but yourself and your dark, hidden, inner being of who you think you are.  Do you think I can’t see?  You know you can’t hide anything from Me, right?  You know that I am everywhere, and there is no place you can go to hide from Me, Your Holy, Unblemished God/King of the Universe?


Why is it that you treat Me as you do, knowing this?  Do you really think that you will get a free pass at the end of your life?   Don’t you realize that I am not just a figure of your imagination?  Do you not recognize that I’m more than just a fairy tale from your childhood storybooks?  I am telling you right now that you need to wisen up and smell your coffee and smell your roses and whatever else you enjoy. and come back to Me, your holy God, before it is too late to do so; otherwise, you won’t make it into My glorious Kingdom here on the earth I created just for you and so many others, My Bride/Children.


Yes, My city streets are paved with gold here where I am at now and My mansions that I left to prepare for you are all done, but this is not your final destination place, My children, My Royal priesthood, I have so much more for you all planned out in my glorious Kingdom down there, down where you are on this earth I created for you all to live at during My millennial reign in the coming future, and the new heavens and the new earth, after everything is finished, and the devil and his angels and those who have rejected Me are all put away into eternal blitz where they will be punished with Fire and Brimstone for all of eternity, forever and ever, says God Almighty, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, this late afternoon where my daughter is writing what I have told her to say and write down.  


I am the final authority, says God; I am the one who will dictate how and what happens in the end.  I have given many warnings and you have not taken any of them seriously, and you won’t this one either. Eye has not seen, nor ear listened to anything that My words have said up to this point, so why should I think that you will change now?   I have given you free will/choice, and you are such a stubborn people who only want to please your flesh, even after all I went through to give you a second chance.  I gave My all for you, and all you do in return is reject me an make excuses over and over again to make your flesh happy with yourselves Stop making excuses today, right now. and return to Me, your holy God, who loves you all so very much.


Stop making excuses for why you can’t keep My commandments and live for Me. Stop making excuses and do what is holy, right, pure, and lasting, My children, My little lambs, who need Me, your holy, pure, heavenly Father, to lead you into everlasting truth this very day that you claimed to be your Sabbath day, and you can’t even keep it holy and pure or set apart.  Stop being fake, My sheep and draw close to Me, and let/allow Me to shepherd you and bring you into My flock and train you up and grow you into full, mature sheep. Will you keep My commandments and guard them with your hearts and then apply them with your whole beings/ souls to be My faithful students of My Torah? 


Yes, My children, you are to be imitators of Me, your Messiah, and do exactly what I did, and even greater things, because of the Holy Spirit, which I left to send back to you on the day of Pentecost, which is coming closer every day, so  do not be afraid and heavens, don’t be terrified like they were back at Mount Sinai where they told Moses/Mosheh to speak for them. Do not be cowards any longer, stand up for what you believe, and fight this good fight that My word stands for.  Lift up your voice and call out to Me and repent of all your sins and purify yourselves in waters of baptism for the remission of your sins, and then come present your bodies onto me, and be a perfect sacrifice, holy, and acceptable unto God, with no blemish and no spot or wrinkle in your garments.  Get yourself ready, My people, My bride/Israel, for My day of arrival is soon coming, and I don’t want for anyone of you to miss it, so do I make Myself clear? God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. this sunshiny, bright day in Arizona where I have you only now for a very short time longer, Amen.   1:37 PM, Sunday, May 2, 2021.


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