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Friday, March 29, 2019 @ 12:00 pm.

While I was in the shower, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, saying,


Who do you think you are, My people, My children, who say that you love Me, but you choose to make yourselves into little gods and forsake My path/ways for ungodly ways, says God Almighty.  You say that you love Me, but you do not obey Me nor My Torah/Scriptures.  You say that you love Me, but why do you REJECT everything that I tell you that I AM?  Why can’t you see that you have become so very blind, just as the Pharisees and the Sadducees and Religious leaders of My Day and Time?  No, not all of them were wicked and blind, but a good majority of them, yes indeed.


I didn’t come to do anything new or to change what My Father had already set in to action. No, but what I did come to do was to restore what had become distorted by all those who thought themselves to be their own little gods, just like so many around you this day have done so and are like.  You say that we are not anything like them, but you would be so wrong and misguided too, My dearly beloved ones, who say you love Me with your lips, mouths and tongues, but your hearts are so far from Me, and have become, oh, so very wicked indeed, My church people, who think and claim to have the truth, but who are so very blind and wicked.


You are no more wiser than they were.  You are no better than those who called Me a false teacher and a blasphemer.  You, My church, if you can even say that anymore, wise up, shape up and yes, by all means, drink your coffee and get yourselves together.  Clean up yourselves, you white-washed tombs that you have become.  My people stink with the wrench of the pigs’ slop that you eat, and you need to be cleansed and washed thoroughly in My blood that I made for the atonement of all of your sins that you have committed since the dawn of day.


Why do you allow yourselves to fall away from Me, your loving Heavenly Father, your loving Savior, Redeemer, and King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day.  You are supposed to be My Bride, My Church, My Ekklesia, My Anointed Ones, My
set-apart, beloved wife.


My Virgin, are you preparing yourself for My/Our Wedding Feast that is not far off but soon coming?  Are you being faithful, My peoples, My tribes, My nations from all four corners of the world?  Are you adorning yourselves in My Holy Scriptures? Are you preparing yourselves, and grooming yourselves, to be imitators of Me, your Lord Jesus Christ, who bore all your iniquities upon My body/flesh for the remission of sins once and forevermore to be seen and heard of never again, My child?


This is what you’re promised from Me, if you do and keep all that My Word Scriptures/Torah tells you from the beginning to the end.  None of it has been deleted or removed.  None of it has been annulled or changed. What has gotten into you, My people, My Church, My Bride, who I cleansed and washed in My free-flowing blood and My waters of Baptism?


All of this is necessary for us to be in an intimate relationship, My Bride.  You have accepted My gift proposal, so you are legally Mine, but now you must continue to be faithful unto Me, your God of Heaven and of Earth, to be Holy as I am Holy, My dear beloved bride-to-be.  Can you see the time coming?  Can you hear Me saying, “Well done, My good and faithful servant”?  Can you see the times and seasons coming near knowing that I too am preparing to meet you as well?  My Father and your Father knows exactly the right timing.  Look for Me as I am looking for you, My beautiful bride.


I am so excited to have this relationship with you.  The closer we are, the better it will be for Us.  The closer We become, the more you can hear My still small voice speaking to you.  Arise up, My beloved Child/Bride, and adorn yourselves in My Scriptures/Torah.  Read, learn and study to show yourselves approved, a workman that needs not to be ashamed.  Stop, My children, and return and do things, My way not yours, and you will see the things in your lives start changing for the better.


Stop playing god with yourselves and put all the idols you have picked up over the years and centuries away from your midst.  You know just what I’m talking about.  Stop playing with fire and brimstone.  For you do not want to get caught in the Last Days, at My Second Coming, doing the wicked and abominations that My Word speaks and testifies of My church, My beloved ones.  Stop it all right now.

Stop Blaspheming My Holy Name by putting it to your heathen gods of the Christmas tree, Santa/Satan Clause, and the Easter Bunny.  Easter and all these wicked celebration parties/festivities that you say draw you and the unbelievers to Me.  This is NONSENSE and GARBAGE/HOGWASH, My Church.  These are all from pagan deities from long ago that I told My people Israel to destroy and not to do as they did.


Problem is they are like you are today.  They thought to know better than the God who freed them from Egypt and from slavery.  They were really never saved from their old ways but just on the outside.  The inside of them is just like most of you today.  The outside looks good, but the inside is as evil and wicked as back then.  My people, My children, you cannot have it both ways.  Oh yes, you have done it that way for so many years, but this time of playing with fire is almost out.


You have to pick up your cross and to follow Me, for your time/life has no promise of tomorrow.  The gambling and party life needs to be thrown in the fire, if you want to be one of My kids/children.  The Adulterous wife/bride must make a choice before her groom comes.

My Father has told Me to tell you, it is closer than it has ever been.  Will you take this warning, My children?  Being lukewarm is over, and you will be vomited/puked and devoured up.  This will not be a pleasurable moment for you.  My Word/Scriptures is truth, and what it says to the unbelievers and those who practice such things will be their outcome in the lake of fire and brimstone.  There is NO WAY out of it once the trumpet sounds and you meet your Savior face to face in the clouds/sky.


My church, My people, who say you know what I want and what I say, think again because you are all going to be fully awakened soon, and I truly hope you are all happy with the decisions you have made during this time you call “yours,” God .  @ 1:06 pm.


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“Why do you pretend?” Says God.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017 @ 10 am.

While I was in the shower, God spoke to me and asked me a series of questions:

  • Why do you go to church every time the church doors are open and just pretend and play that you are My so-called child?
  • Why do you only attend and go to put your time in, and then get out just as fast as you came in?
  • Why do you not get real with Me,  your God, whom you say you love?
  • Why, oh why, is following and serving Me your God so difficult for you to achieve or do?

God then said,

Following Me, your God, isn’t as hard as you make it out to be my sons and daughters of My Torah.  Yes, that is exactly what I have called it.  I AM the same God as your Father Abraham, who served so many years ago, and I AM the same God for you today as well.  If I had spoken to him in his day, don’t you believe and trust Me your Father to do the same for each and everyone of you, My children, who say that they know Me and love Me?  I AM not the one playing games.  I AM not the one who is saying one thing and then doing the total opposite.

You, My children, who go to church every Sunday, who say you love Me, but refuse to obey even the simplest of commands, and that is to keep My Sabbath day holy and to reverence My Holy name above All other gods that you should not be allowing in your homes.  My church, My people, are falling away from Me, and some are so blinded that they don’t even recognize it.  How can you not see it?  If you would just pick up and read My Holy Scriptures that I have given to you through Mosheh [Moses], you would know that he writes of Me and tells you all that you have to do to stay obedient and faithful to Me, says God Almighty.

My commands were never meant to save anyone but were to lead you to My one and Only Son who would come into the world to bring salvation and deliverance to all mankind, if they would just believe and accept Me for who I AM, the Christ [Messiah], the son of the living God Himself.  Yes, I existed with My Father up in Heaven before I was conceived and born of My mother Miriam/Mary in the little town of Bethlehem in a little stable so very long ago.

My Father and I are One, just like We both want you to be one with US.  Like We want for you all to be in mind, spirit and soul, so We can have this relationship with you as We wanted with Adam in the garden of Eden.  Man allowed sin to enter by not following the direct orders/commands from their God while walking in the garden, and so they were no longer welcome there, but was kicked out to do life a whole different way than what they were accustomed to do life.  From that moment on, I have been trying to get back and make a way suitable to where We could once again fellowship together as One, as we did in the beginning with Adam.

I’ve turned what the enemy meant for harm, and I made once again a way of escape for All My creation to come back to Me and have a One on One relationship with Me, like I had in the garden of Eden while walking and conversing with them.  I’m not interested in just being someone who you know of or know about.  No,  I Am only desiring a relationship where we are called friends and want to hang out and talk together and commune together.

Yes, I want you to be My bride and come into a relationship with Me and My Father in Heaven, so we can dine and get to know each other, so that we can talk and chat and tell each other our most intimate secrets and desires.  Yes, you say this sounds like a marriage, and I say, Yes, you are so correct, My daughter of my Torah.  A relationship is what I am seeking after.  I want for Our trust and respect to grow and flourish like a flowery bush or tree that is in season.  Not like the fig tree that My Son cursed that day with his disciples because it had no fruit upon its leaves/branches.  This fig tree is what My so-called church looks like today because they are allowing all of the past lies and deception of the Roman Catholic Church and even before get in their way of serving Me their God.

Stop and read My Words that you say are holy and stop profaning My Church with all the pagan practices of old.  You continue to bring them back inside the church with a new face lift, and say you are trying to use them to bring new converts to My Kingdom.  BULLWASH!  You aren’t doing this for Me, you are doing it to satisfy your pleasures and your pocket books.  STOP IT, I say, and leave all those paganistic practices aside and fall to your knees and come running back to serve and follow Me, the Truth and the Life, the Bright Morning Star, on a journey that will set you free from all bondage, and take you from being a slave to sin to a free man of My Holy Scriptures.

I have not come to abolish or destroy anything in My Word but only to bring a fresh anointing and clearer understanding of what the Temple priest and teachers were doing to put bondage on My people who were wanting to be Torah Observant and keep My LAWS.  I did not come to do away with My laws, but to elaborate and bring you into a whole new reality of Myself.  I came so that the Kingdom could come, and so that you could live a fuller abundant life of what the Kingdom looks like.

I want you all to be whole and well, walking in the Light as I AM in the Light this day, My Child/Children.  Don’t allow people to say otherwise.  They are just thieves trying to act like they have something better to offer, but they are liars, just like Satan the devil himself coming around to take as many with him as possible to the Lake of fire and Brimstone.  Don’t be deceived, My children.

I have said once and time again to not believe that I have come to do away with My TORAH!  I did not but only to make it more understandable and clearer because the Pharisees and Sadducees and those in power have put their hands on it and made it almost impossible for anyone to keep it.  That wasn’t My plan but sin got in the way.  I took care of the sin problem when I allowed God, My Father, to nail Me upon the cross.  It broke My Father’s heart, and that is why the Temple Veil was torn from top to bottom that day so long ago.

My Father was mourning over His Only Begotten Son’s death, but He also knew what was coming up around the corner.  God knew that the enemy was now defeated once I Jesus was raised from the dead.  God knew this day was going to happen way back with Abraham, when God and His only begotten Son Jesus would take the place for Abraham, if ever anyone in his lineage would sin again.

God did keep His promise to Abraham, and He also promises to keep His promises to us, His people, who call him Lord and Savior and King.  God expects for us to be so hungry for Him that we would act like the Canaanite woman who said, “Lord, even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”  Help us, Oh Lord, to trust you enough to be like this woman who came out shouting, “Have mercy upon me, Lord, Son of David” and believe He will answer us and bring to pass all that we have trusted Him to do on and in our lives.  November 7, 2017 @ 11:22 am., Tuesday.


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