September 7, 2023, 6:58 am

To My Dear Beloved Bride, Israel,

My dearly beloved Church/Bride, ISRAEL, for you are ECHAD (One) as I and My Father are ECHAD (One). Listen to the Word of the L-RD, My beloved Bride, this Shabbat/Sabbath morning in your cities where I am practiced and obeyed. Hear the Word of the L-RD, oh BRIDE OF JUDAH, oh, hear the WORD OF THE L-RD, EPHRIAM and Mannesah, sons of Joseph. The time is coming to an end/close.

To Those of the Northern Kingdom, Ephraim – the Church?

You, oh Ephraim, are My chosen elite son of your fathers – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – for I have predestined you for this purpose and for this time. There is none like you in all the world. For you are Mine, scattered abroad throughout the entire universe and beyond. Oh, how I long to gather you up under My wings and shelter you like a mother does with her newborn baby/child. Oh, how I have missed you, My dear little Ephraim, My people/church of today, who has lost her way and has been blinded for a time and a season, but am coming to age where the blinders are about to be removed for her to see ME, her G-D/creator for the very first time since I divorced her and sent her away out into the world to roam and to wander up until now.

Repent & Return to Me and My Kingdom

Behold, My Bride/ISRAEL, I am your G-D, your ELOHIM, yes, even your friend, if you would just receive Me for who I am and REPENT and turn from your evil ways this very day. I have told you to keep and to remember from the very beginning, even from before Moses in the wilderness.

Shabbat is My Sign that You are Mine

Why do you have such a hard understanding of this?  It is not too difficult. It is as plain as the fingers on your very hands. You have 10 of them. Why do you think that is?  Yes, you even have 10 toes, dull you are in your understanding of My Commandments and KINGDOM here today this day that is your Sabbath/Shabbat.  My fourth commandment, My Sabbath, that I gave to you to remember and to keep forever. This will and has always been My sign to you and to others that you are MINE, MY ISRAEL, MY BRIDE, MY ECCLESIA.

There is None Like You

You are like none other, for you have obeyed Me, your ELOHIM from the very beginning of time. There is no one like you in all the Universe here today or ever. You asked how can this be, My daughter of My TORAH?  My Ecclesia, My church, was and has always been with ME BEFORE the world existed, before I formed you in your mother’s womb.

I Am Your El Shaddai, Your God

You were already Mine before I spoke the world into existence before Yeshua became the light of your universe. Before the sun and moon and stars were created, I knew you would be Mine, and I would be your G-D/ELOHIM. Yes, I am your judge and your ruling King, Your EL Shaddai. There is no one like Me, your El Shaddai. Like the songs you sing in your church buildings today. I am, I was, and am to come.

The Church Has Changed – It is No Longer the Same as I Set Up

I do not change, My church people, but oh, you sure have. My church/Ecclesia looks nothing like it did in My day, or even in the life of My servant Paul, who tried to warn you his last three years with his words and tears.  Why, My church, do you not understand the magnitude of his warnings to these believers?  You are just like them. You are no different today, My church/Ecclesia. Wise up and stop being so callous, My church people today. How do you suppose to be winning My lost tribes back to Me, if you reject Me yourselves? How are you going to make her jealous for what you have? You aren’t doing what My WORD/SCRIPTURE says to do?

Christianity Has Changed Me and Jesus into Who We Are NOT

You have turned it all into a game. You have defiled My Holy name and have polluted it with all your Idolatry and perverse ways. You have disobeyed Me, your ELOHIM, and are teaching others to do the same. You say that it’s okay as long as you are winning souls for Me, your understanding ELOHIM/G-D, or you call ME JESUS today. The JESUS you are teaching about is not the one you think I am. You have eliminated Me from your Bibles you say I have given to you. You have torn and ripped Me out from your Bibles, you say I preserved for you throughout the centuries by My Jewish people, Israel. Now you reject them and have tortured them for being My elect Bride out of jealousy.

The Jewish People Did What I Wanted You To Do

They have done to you what I told you to do to them – to make them jealous. You were to help bring the lost tribes, the Northern Kingdom, back to Me, which were scattered, but instead, you became jealous of her, and My love for her that your desires towards her were only evil – not good.

You Are Both Part of the Same Olive Tree, Israel

When will you ever fully understand or comprehend that if you are even one of My children today is because of her falling away and being scattered? When will you comprehend that you have become engrafted in to the one Olive Tree because of her and My love for you, My one in the same bride of Christ Jesus/Yeshua. Without My scattering her amongst the world today, you would and could not have ever been, My bride.  Because of the goodness of My Chesed-loving kindness I made it to where you could be part of this glorious Kingdom I was sent to bring in and accomplish.  It was never intended to be just one people, but a giant, humongous groups of individuals who would worship and obey Me in all languages of the world. I am a loving Heavenly Father, and I want a vast family worshiping together before My Throne in Israel one day very soon indeed.

Get Back to Your Hebrew Roots!

Stop your blasphemy and idolatry and get back to your Hebrew roots where you have come from. For I am Hebrew, and you too need to cross over and worship Me, your King of kings and L-RD of lords, this day, which is in obedience to Me, your Holy G-D of all times and seasons under the sun.

Christian Arguments Against the Tanakh is a Farce!

Stop following your pagan ancestry and turn back to Me, your ADONAI. Stop listening to the traditional argument, “this is how I’ve always done it” and listen and read My Holy Scriptures, My Tanach, which most of you have deleted by saying My death on My cross eliminated the first 39 books. Even some have even said and say anything I, Yeshua, taught before My cross has been annulled and deleted because that was for the JEWS who rejected Me.  I say that is a farse and so not true. That is as far from the truth as if I have heard one.  Trust Me, church, if you are even Mine anymore.

You Need to Brush Off the Ways of Religion

If you do want to be or become My bride, you will need to brush yourselves off, like I told My own disciples to do, whenever they entered into a place that didn’t want or accept them. You have this same commission to go out and make disciples for Me, not to become one of them. Do you have any more questions, My one true bride, Israel, who says that you are separate and not one, ECHAD?

There are NOT Two Different Brides – Only One!

If you still believe that there are two brides, then you are not one of My sheep. You are still blinded by the world’s ways and need to come out of her. I know that you think this is harsh, but I tell you it is the truth, so read all My Words and study to make yourself approved unto Me, your Holy, Omnipotent G-D and Messiah King of kings and L-RD of lords this here Sabbath day in your hearing.

Sunday is NOT, Nor Ever Has Been, Nor Ever Will Be the Sabbath Day!

Let Me make Myself very clear, in case you misunderstand Me again. Sunday is not My SABBATH DAY, nor has it ever been and will never be. I do not ordain the change, nor does anyone have the right or authority by Me to do either.  What I say stands for eternity forever and ever, My chosen elite bride, ISRAEL, if you want to be Mine for ETERNITY.  This is important for you to get. There are no other options. “I am that I am,” this Sabbath/Shabbat Day, all across and around the world, so to speak. I know you have different time zones; you know I am G-D, and I know the end from the very beginning, amen.

The Torah and I are One!

If you see Me, you have seen the Father, for I and the Father are ECHAD (One).  It is not very difficult, you can know the Father and the Son, if you choose to keep and study OUR LAW BOOKS. The TORAH AND I ARE ONE IN THE SAME. You rip out or delete anything from it, and you have rejected Me, your Elohim. and I am your Judge on Judgment Day. Will you hear Me say, “Good and faithful servant,” or “Depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness”?

Eternity is Not Based on a Single Decision – But What You Live Every Single Day

The choice you make today could just be your last. Trust Me, just two of My daughter’s friend’s coworkers recently died in the last couple of days, and their eternity with Me cannot be changed for the good or for the worst. Only I get to decide. Did they live for Me, or did they live for themselves? You may say one thing, but are you living for Me in relationship with Me, or are you living for your adversary, the devil? Wise up, My church, if you are even that, because the way you’re living your lives and committing fornification and idolatry in behind your very walls of your buildings and in your sanctuaries, I would fall to your knees and repent before you to die before your time, and then have to face Me, your Creator and L-RD.

You Cannot Live Like the World and Be Mine – Read and Study My Word

It’s not okay for you to follow the easy path, the wide road. You who are MINE, you must daily walk with Me and do as I did. You can beat sinning. You do have the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of you, if you are truly BORN AGAIN, like I told Nicodemus in your Bibles. Read them, study them, dig deeper than ever before. Read the Hebrew and Greek. Read your history before they clean you out from it with their lies and fallacies. They will continue to bring in people to try and hinder you from knowing Me, so you need to remain strong and firm in your beliefs. You need to make the decision in your hearts to not turn back but to continue fighting the good race/fight to the finish line.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears My voice, I will come into her and sup with her and she with Me. I am your husband, if you accept and answer the door of your hearts to Me, Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ your Messiah and L-RD/ Master.

Salvation is NOT a Single Decision – But a Life-Long Walk of Discipleship

I’m tugging on your heart’s door right now. Will you give ear to Me and allow Me to help cleanse you from all unrighteousness and make you Holy and acceptable unto Me, your G-D/ELOHIM?  I am coming back very soon, and I know you have heard this many times before. Israel is Mine and so are you, if you will turn from your evil, wicked ways and repent, and follow after Me, your El Shaddai. Leave everything – all your worldly goods – and come and be fishers of men to all the nations of the world here today and forever. I love you so very much, My brothers and sisters. You are My beloved bride today, if you have left father and mother, sisters and brothers, and anyone who has a claim or hold of you more than I, your El Shaddai, your KING. 9:03 am

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