Wednesday, November 27, 2021 @10am. & December 28, 2021 @ 8:45pm.

The Holy Spirit says,

I’m More Than Enough

You’re enough. I’m more than enough for you My daughter of MY KINGDOM today.  You are never alone, nor forgotten, My dearly beloved daughter of Mine.  You are just where I’ve placed you and your husband for such a time as this, and this season is coming to an end/close.  I did not tell you this for naught.

I told you this because I love you, My dearly beloved child of Mine.  I make NO MISTAKES and their aren’t NO COINCIDENCES either, My people.  Trust ME, for My Grace is sufficient for you and your family, and My timing is BEST because I am faithful to complete what I have started in each and every one of you, My Chosen Elite-One-of-a-Kind Bride to ME.

You Have A Purpose and A Plan

You have been made/created for a purpose and a plan.  You were etched out from the very beginning of time and space.  There is NO one exactly like you in all of the universe here and beyond.  You were designed for so much, and I have great plans sketched out for the two of you that hasn’t even been made known to you yet.  There are NO surprises in MY KINGDOM, for I have already made it all perfect from the very beginning.  Just let ME, your Holy G-D, show and direct your each and very steps, so that they can be imprinted in the sand and come alive and become something beautiful as I already know you to be, My children, My Torah-observing children of MY KINGDOM that is soon to be arriving in a city near you in Jerusalem, and My times and seasons are soon and slowly coming up once again.

MY Days and Feasts Have Meaning

Don’t be afraid to not celebrate the world’s so-called New Year’s. It is not important to ME because I have MY OWN, and theirs’ is just a waste of your time and money.  My Days and Feasts have meaningful memories, and they account for so much, My people.  They have so much to look forward too and have already been fulfilled, at least the first half of then that deal with My one and only begotten SON YESHUA HA MASHIACH:  Passover, Unleavened Bread, Shavuot/Pentecost, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles and the Eighth Day/the Last Great Day.

My feast days are as follows:

    • Passover – April15 (Fri)
    • Days of Unleavened Bread – April16-22 (Sat-Fri),
    • First Fruits – April 17 (Sun)
    • Shavuot/Pentecost June 5 (Sun),
    • Feast of Trumpets September 26 (Mon),
    • Day of Atonement October 5 (Wed),
    • Feast of Tabernacles October 10-16 (Mon-Sun) ,
    • Eighth Day/Last Great Day October 17(Mon)

The Biblical Days and Feasts are Mine

My Feast Days are MINE, not yours to do as you please, My church, My Bride, if you are that even anymore or if ever.  My Feast Days are Shadows of what were to come and which are still to come in the near future.  They are learning and teaching tools to bring you in relationship closer to ME, your Holy G-D of the universe, here and now.  They were always meant to help you live in closer covenant with ME, your L-RD G-D of ISRAEL.  My Commandments, My Shabbat is to draw you closer to ME and get to know you on a closer level as My Bride to be.  You are My Betrothed, and I am looking so forward to gathering you unto Myself so very soon indeed.

Are You Looking for My Return?

I am longing to be with you; Are you anxious to see ME, your KING/GROOM?  If not, why, My people?  Why are you not looking for ME, as I am longing to see you after so many years? My time is different from yours, My servants of the Most High G-D of heaven and of earth, today in your hearing.  A day to the L-RD is like a thousand years so to speak.  We are in the last days, My people, My saints, My Bride,  ISRAEL.

We are in the 7th Day!

We are in the 7th day of My Shabbat/Sabbath Day, and WE will have 1,000 years of pure bliss where there will be NO ADVERSARY, the devil, roaming around seeking whom he may devour.  What a wonderful glorious time, My children/people, bride, it will most definitely be when I can see you all face to face in one accord.  How totally awesome it is going to be when I take My Royal Seat upon My Throne in Jerusalem, and My G-D Crowns ME with many crowns at My Ordination Ceremony where I am given My rightful place sitting on My son David’s Throne there in My New Jerusalem during the Millennium for a thousand wonderful years.

My Reign in Jerusalem is Coming!

We will be ruling and reigning with a rod of iron, and all that aren’t compliant will be punished and judged accordingly for their actions, while in My Holy City, My Kingdom will be down there on the earth I created with My Father up in heaven before the foundations of the world existed to be as you or anyone else today have record of.

Great Ready for My Great Adventure!

Get ready, My people. Get ready and prepare yourselves for a GREAT ADVENTURE of a lifetime, My People/Church/Ecceslia.  My church didn’t start where you My church think it did.  It started back in the old testament – as you would call it – with Abraham, not with Moses.  My relationship covenant started the day that I took the place for My friend Abraham when I put him into a deep sleep/trace and walked the pieces for him out of love for My people ISRAEL who didn’t even exist as you know them today as.  They were in our plan from before every word was spoken out and the world as you know took form.

I Love My People Israel!

I love My Covenant people ISRAEL, and I also love you as well, because you are engrafted into My Olive tree, and if you remain in the vine and I in you, you shall remain with US, and you will be ONE as WE are ONE, says your L-RD G-D Almighty, KING of kings and L-RD of lords, this night of your start of your 59th Birthday, My daughter Karen Kay White-Verschage.

You and Your Husband are No Accident!

You are My royal daughter, and you are NO accident, nor is your husband Christopher Lee Verschage.  You two were meant for one another to grow together in unity with each other and with ME, your Holy Omniscient G-D of the universe.  Nothing, My children, is by surprise.  It all happens for a reason. You might not fully understand it, but trust ME to know and take care of you to the finish line.  Life and Salvation with ME, your G-D, is a process, and it continues to the day you take your last breath on this earth and you come home to ME, your Holy, Righteous G-D of heaven and earth, this day to forever. @ 9:45pm.

My Prayer of Praise

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for speaking to me and giving me your words, your Torah.  You, O Father, are a Good, Good Father/Abba, Daddy, and I give you all the praise and glory, My G-D.  You are a faithful Father, and I will always live for you and serve you because You, O Father, first loved me and gave your life for me, amen.  L-RD, thank you for another year to live for you and to learn and grow more in your Torah/Scriptures, amen. Your daughter, Karen Kay White Verschage.

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