“Is the Bride Getting Herself Ready?”

Thursday, October 18, 2018 @12:50 am.

Father God wakes me up by saying,

I love you my beautiful children, My peoples and tribes from all over the world this day.  Come closer to Me and tell Me and share your heart.  I’m right near you, so draw close and let us dine/sup around My table that is spread for you.  It’s a table with all choice foods of My Spirit.  They’re love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  All of these is what it takes to fulfill the marriage supper of the LAMB.

Come and pick of My plate, and you will be filled to running over. There is never too much for you to contain.  There’s always more than enough to get full on, so never doubt or worry about running out.  You can always ask the Master for a second helping and even thirds.  Your Father and I are just about ready for this bountiful banquet, the table is all set, and the placements are all in order.

All we are waiting for is OUR BRIDE to get herself adorned and ready for her GROOM, her soon-to-be husband.  Time will only tell when this date and time will be.  Oh, how WE are anticipating the day; are you, My children?  We have told you to prepare yourselves, so are you?

We have told you to prepare, so what’s keeping you from meeting with US?  Have you forgotten the rings or the bouquet of flowers?  What is taking up all of your time that I’m not getting the attention I have been deserving from you, MY BRIDE?  What could be so darn important for you to take your focus off of ME?  Have you changed your mind about being with Me, your God?

Have you decided that this trip is not in your budget, so you have called it off without giving ME, your God, a notice or a response?  How long are you going to wait before I get to know your intents?  I need to have an answer because I am tired of being in the background where there is NO LIGHT.

My daughter, My bride, make up your mind and give Me ALL OF YOU this very day before MY DAY approaches, and I AM not there to call your name, God.  Time 1:08 am.

Time: 1:13am

My children, hear My voice and answer Me.  Do you care that I want a relationship with you, and Do you hear MY voice when I speak to you?  You would think that it would not be hard for Me to get their attention, but quite the opposite.  I stand at the door and knock, and if you listen and hear My still small voice, you will open the door and let ME come in.  Those who don’t listen closely will not hearken unto MY voice, and will not know that I’m knocking, and will continue to keep right on doing their “same O same O.”

Why isn’t what I, your Father, says important to you, My children?  Doesn’t My Words/Torah stir up some kind of questions inside your finite minds of yours?  Doesn’t anything give you any kind of interest to make you rise up off of your comfy sofas/couches?  It doesn’t pay to get comfortable, My children, when the Day is approaching, and your fires are growing dimmer by the day.  Haven’t I told you to prepare yourselves for My arrival/coming?

Why don’t you take Me serious?   I’m serious about My love for you, My church, My Bride.  I’ve been doing and seeking a love relationship with you for what seems like forever.  Why do you continue to play Me, your God?   You want this and that, and I give it, then you are gone until the next time.  What do you think I am your POP-TART.  You want something, so you put Me in your toaster push Me down, and then I pop up until you need or want some more.  You only take from Me these days and give nothing in return.

You are growing very cold, and this isn’t good, My children.  I need from you all your heart, not just nicks and pieces that you choose to let go.  It’s all or nothing, My dear ones.  You choose this night before the door closes, and yes, it will with or without you.  It is what it is, My child.

You’ve been playing the fence more times than I can count.  There’s a time when I call the 8 ball, like so many of you play, and call it for what it’s worth and have to let you go  YES, you can be let go, if you choose to go on your own life’s journey without Me.  There is NO “once saved, always saved,” like some of you Baptist and other Denominations might be teaching.  Don’t know which Bible you’re reading, but it’s not the one I inspired by MY HOLY PROPHETS and TEACHERS.

It’s time to turn this boat/ship around, and start steering it in the right direction toward MY KINGDOM.  When you do remember to do and follow ALL of MY COMMANDMENTS, and REPENT and be BAPTIZED for the REMISSION of SINS, My dearly beloved ones this very day.  Rise up and smell your desirable coffee and drink it while studying and reading MY WORD.  This is what I need from ALL of you to do.

READ,STUDY, and OBEY and KEEP ALL MY TORAH from cover to cover, and don’t delete or take away any of it, for thus saith the Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day.  Make note and stamp it with MY BLOOD that I shed upon MY CROSS.  It is what made it possible for you to be in COVENANT with ME AND MY FATHER up in Heaven.

WE fulfilled the promise WE had made with your Father Abraham way back in Genesis 15 when WE walked through the pieces together while putting him in a deep sleep.  Why do you, My church/people, not get this?  Why do you purposely overlook what and where My Relationship started with you.   Hold tight, pull up your boot straps, and follow ME to new heights and avenues this day.

Learn to read and study to show yourselves approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, amen.  For lo, I come quickly and very soon. Look for ME, prepare like your life depends on it, and you will not be left behind when I come to catch you away, God.  Time 1:43am.

Time 1:49 am

I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD.  Which one of you buys a candle to light up your room to just put a cover over it and hide the light to where you cannot see?  You say we don’t, and I say you’re right.  But this is exactly what you have done to ME, your loving heavenly Father.  I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD, but My church/people put Me under a lid to cause the light to not shine so brightly.

They are ashamed of ME, so they leave ME outside of their family gatherings, or their parties that won’t allow ME entrance.  When they have had their full, and their appetites are no longer craving the world’s ways, they come back to ME like I’m their PROSTITUTE.  Why am I only good for them or their friends when they are suffering with something BIG like CANCER or some other disease?

I’m not some Genie in a bottle, like I’ve mentioned before in another post.  Stop using Me to get you out of trouble.  I’m not a “get out of JAIL CARD,” like in Monopoly.  I’m your GOD, your Creator, treat ME with respect like you would and should do to your ELDERS.  YES, follow the Golden Rule, and you will be much better for it, says your God in Heaven.

Don’t rush Me, your Father, for I have so much to share and tell you.  Yes, like the song you sang today in the shower.  “It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around will warm up to its glowing. That’s how it is with God’s love once you’ve experienced it, you spread His love to everyone, you want to pass it on.  What a wondrous time is Spring, when all the trees are budding, the birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming.  That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it, you want to sing it’s fresh like Spring, you want to pas it on,” Amen.

You’ve got to keep moving forward and keep letting your light spark a flame in your neighbors’ life, and they will be singing and rejoicing about the spark that caught on fire within him or her.  You can’t but help to let your light shine, once you have been lit by the match which is connected to Me, your Heavenly Father of the Universe.

My daughter, I love you for Wooing Me, your God.  Tell others how much I love them wooing Me as well.  Never stop singing “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,” GOD.     Time: 2:08 am.


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The following is a message God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015  4:45 am

He (Jesus) has delivered you and has called you out, says God.  He has saved you and has washed you in and by His blood.  He has satisfied you; He has set you apart for such a time as this, which for what reason and understanding you will know when it is time, says God.  I have asked you to do things that seem hard and difficult because I know you can do them with Me to back you up.  I have allowed things to happen for you, My child, to grow and to put forth effort to stand up and take a stand for Me to prepare you for what’s coming up ahead.  You do well by using your gifts for Me and calling EACH PERSON by THEIR NAME.  I AM has sent you there to Rosh Pinah for such a time as this, My child, My children, My daughter and My son.  Do what I have chosen for you to do, says God, and I will put My Spirit upon you and soar with you through it all.

I am happy for and with you, Karen, because I have seen your trust and obedience to Me and My Torah/commandments.  I have not made any mistakes or accidents, for I cannot do so.  I take whatever the devil and his imps mean for harm and turn it around for good to them and those who choose to obey Me, like you and Chris do, says God Almighty.  I want to bless you and prosper you in all things, says God.

Just trust your God and He will do for you everything that My manual/Word says that it will do.  What you heard someone say is hogwash and not so.  What he has heard might seem true to him but not true to Me nor My Torah.  Not everything you hear or heard that My people, Israel, would do is pleasing to Me.  That is what I was sent here to do is to fulfill My Torah, which they tried to destroy.  That doesn’t mean to destroy the very life and breath of one, but to make full the understanding of My words that the Temple prophets known as the Pharisees and the Sadducees were misleading and misquoting My God’s breath, Words which are Me through and through.

You say, My Church, that they have been done away with, but I say, “No, how can that be because I am still here.  You do away with My Torah, My commandments, then I do not exist,” says God.  I love My people, but you are so lost to Me, not lost to where you aren’t Mine, but lost to where I’m about to spit you out in disgust.  Remember, My church/people, I do not like sin or can live where it is, so choose you this day if you are going to serve God or manna.  You know what I fed My children Israel and the stranger who came alongside them.  That stranger is the church today, who are acting the very same way as they did so very long ago when My servant Moses came up to talk with Me, just as I am talking with you here this day in the bathroom.  I will come to visit you anywhere you are, so choose well My daughter and make good use of our time together.  It is a good thing to give praise unto the Lord and to make music to the God of Abraham.  5:31 am


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God’s Message to the Cocopah, Jews, and All Those Who Are His People

Tuesday, October 8, 2018 @ 5:38 am.

God wakes me up to the question, “WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE COCOPAH?”  God then went on to say,

It might not mean much to you, but to a Cocopah or to their people/nation, it is everything, they would tell you back.  Oh, I know you didn’t ask the question, My daughter, but there are many that have, and for that reason, I’ve had you write this all down.


A long time ago, when I brought My people here from far away lands, they sailed across the ocean blue to find land that they could call their own and live and dwell freely, so that they could worship and support their families off of the land that God has created for them to do.  It wasn’t an easy journey, but they made it and survived most of them.  So many, though, did die along the way from this or that, but the majority made it just fine.

They, the Cocopah tribe/nation, never gave up, but they relied and trusted in ME/US, their God, and never doubted that WE would get them to safe grounds, so that they could resign on to make a home for their families from the land that they have claimed for their very own.  Yes, they have come a very long way across the oceans blue, but they didn’t care just as long as their families and loved ones could once again be free to  live and worship their one and only God of Heaven and of Earth.


They desired to be One people, One nation under One God, where they could worship freely without being persecuted and told what to do, but then after they got to where they were and got all settled in on their land, then others came, and they, the Cocopah, tried to be friendly with them, but they only tried to take more than their share and the circle of life started all over again.

[God begins to identify with the tribe]


All we ever wanted was to have peace and live on our own land to worship the God of creation.  We just wanted to live away from all the upheavals and uncertainties that were before Our Tribe, Our Peoples.  Why did it have to be such a hard thing to find peace that surpassed all understanding that our God was all about?  We smoked our peace pipes and banged on our drums, but it didn’t seem to help us at all.  Things just got worse for us, and we didn’t know which way to turn.  For out of fear, we only came to another place of persecution as we had left, but maybe as time would tell, it might even be even worse than what we had ran away from back in Jerusalem in the first century when we had to make a decision to not worship our God of Israel or die under the authority of Rome and her people.


We were being killed and burned alive at the stake for believing in a God other than the ones they told us too.  We were Jews, and we would not bow down to them or give our Allegiance to none other but OUR ADONAI, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.  We found a group of believers who were going to escape by ship/boat to an unknown land to find safety and security for themselves, and we paid the price to go with/along to risk everything and leave all to find a new land that we could raise our families in the knowledge and understanding of Torah and the Scriptures that were all ready written down for what seemed like forever, but after leaving our homeland, we then landed on dry ground after what seemed like eternity for each of us.

We hadn’t a clue where we were, but at this point and time, we didn’t really care.  All we care is that we made it and found land, and it looked good and productive, and there was trees and green grass and the rivers flowed, and there was much that looked good to the eyes.  We didn’t have much to work with, so we had to create and make things with our hands.  We relied on our ways and customs of the day, and that is how we started to beat the odds.  Our hands and feet tilled the grounds to find food and shelter for our families.


It was a land of good soil, and we were able to grow and feed our families from it until the WHITE MAN came and kept pushing us further and further away from what we came to know as our land.  They would say they were going to help us and teach us their way and lifestyle, but all they wanted was our good soil and running streams/rivers where the fish and the antelope/buffaloes roamed.

Why couldn’t they just leave our peoples alone?  Why couldn’t they just give us the peace we so desired from the very beginning?  We were willing to share with them.  Why were they so desperate to have it all for themselves?  Where was this peace and love that OUR GOD had given to us in them?  These other people came from some other place and saw that we were doing good, so they wanted to see who and what we were and where we had come from.


Everyone had an agenda to get from us.  We didn’t mind sharing with our neighbors, for that was one of the BIG TEN given to Moses on MT. Sinai back after God delivered the children of Israel through the running waters of the RED SEA upon dry lands.  God parted the RED SEA to save the children of Israel, our people, from the hands of Pharaoh so very long ago in Egypt.

They made little tiny shelters for their animals and for themselves during our wanderings in the wilderness, and so when we came to our lands here, we did the same, but sometimes differently with what materials we had we made use of it accordingly.


We used our talents to help us survive and live off of the land God created for us, His people/creation/children, to use and take advantage of.  We never wasted anything.  We only used what was needed for the time.  We sang and danced before ADONAI, our God of Heaven and Earth, and kept ALL of HIS WAYS that our forefathers have taught to us.


We never desired anything other than to worship our ONE TRUE GOD and HIM alone.  Freedom never comes easy, and we were still fighting for it up to this very day on the RESERVATION where they, the white man, has stuck us to live and then try to say, we are our own people and we can do what we want, but they just never stop lying to us and think we are STUPID, but we are not.

We understand the white man very well indeed.  We only allow the white man to rule us because, otherwise, they will kill us, and we won’t allow them that right.  We are God’s children from way back, and we will continue being HIS children/people until we die and forever.  We will not give the white man no more of our dignity.  We are going to keep the rest and fight back until we are no longer able to.


We are a strong people/nation. We may not be the biggest, but we are one, and we are always as big as we let ourselves be.  GOD formed and created each of us to be His chosen Royal Nation, and we will continue to fight and survive because WE are a MIGHTY ROYAL NATION who will serve and rule one day in OUR FATHER’S TEMPLE back in JERUSALEM where it all started so many years ago before we were persecuted and forced to be slaves, and even killed, for our faith in God of Heaven and Earth.

“Heaven is MY HOME and Earth is MY  FOOTSTOOL,” says God Almighty.   Without either one, we couldn’t exist.  We have to have both, which is how WE created life to be.

[God goes back to speaking as Himself]


I love all My dearly beloved PEOPLES/TRIBES/NATIONS.  Don’t ever doubt MY LOVE for you all.  I’m coming back riding on My White Horse to take back MY TEMPLE and RULE MY KINGDOM with an IRON ROD.  Those who love ME now will be with ME then, and those who don’t love ME will not be.  Oh, how I love and want all to be with ME, but I know it isn’t possible.  Oh, My little lambs come unto ME your CREATOR, your MASTER, oh, how I long to hold you in MY ARMS.


Oh, House of DAVID, how very long before you say, “Blessed be the name of MY GOD.”  Oh, House of Jerusalem when will you say, “Blessed be the name of the LORD GOD of ISRAEL.”  Oh, little town of Bethlehem, for out of you came the Messiah, and you too will rejoice to see MY DAY, which is not to far away.

Remember to KEEP MY DAY HOLY and SET APART, for you are a HOLY PRIESTHOOD, and you are A HOLY NATION, set apart for and unto ME, your GOD of ISRAEL, this very day, so start living like it, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords this Tuesday morning, My daughter.


You have done well in writing this down and telling My chosen people to get ready, for the Day of My returning is right around the corner.  Prepare yourselves and get ready, My Bride, for the day is not far but very close indeed.  I love you, My little lambs, for the Day will come with or without your knowledge.

Open up and read My Words, for they are Life and Breath to your very bones.  Life to those who walk in MY TORAH, and DEATH to those  who throw it aside and make light of it.  I would rather you be HOT or COLD.  LUKEWARMERS are no better than DUNG/POOP in the streets.  They stink to ME and MY FATHER.  They make US want to puke and vomit you up.


Why do you continue to ride the fence knowing this?  Why do you not feel it necessary to be obedient to ME, your GOD of Heaven and Earth?  I created you from the dust/dirt of the Earth, and My Spirit brought life to you.  Oh, how WE rejoice in your day, but you keep playing with fire and choosing to get burned.  It will happen just the way I have said and spoken.

You have a choice, My dear ones, so choose and pick well, for the day only comes as a thief in the night to those who don’t prepare and keep their candlesticks/lights burning brightly, GOD.  10/08/18  @ 7:11am.


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Thursday,  October 11, 2018 @ 8:30 am.

I awoke to hear God saying once again to me, “OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE.”


Immediately I got up from my bed, and “the million-dollar question” once again:  “GOD what is it that You, O Father, want me to write down or speak?  GOD, You are the Author and Finisher of our faith, and there is absolutely nothing that you can not perform or do in any individual’s life, if you so choose.  I know GOD that You have the power to do anything, but it is even limited when it comes to us, because we have been given Free Will/Choice to choose for ourselves.  We say we like this until something goes entirely wrong, and then we run here and there to find answers to make our choices disappear or vanish because of our poor decisions.

GOD, please reveal to me your daughter, what it is when YOU said, “OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE.”  LORD, I humble myself before You to acknowledge that You are bigger than me, and that is easy for me to do, so please reveal, clarify and give me Your child wisdom to discern this for Your people/creation to hear Your very heart this morning of preparation for your soon to be Shabbat once again.  Oh, how I long for Your Sabbath, GOD, so we can rest from another hard day of work and to rest before You, GOD, just taking in all of Your splendor and beauty.  Father God, I give You all the praise, dear JESUS, for giving us all the opportunity of knowing YOU and being Your kids/children.

GOD, I know that without OBEDIENCE, SACRIFICE to YOU is worthless and unimportant.  Because where our heart goes our bodies follow my GOD.  Without a renewed heart my LORD it’s a waste of time to just go through the motions, because it just a act of pretending to be what were wanting others to see more than we care what you see LORD JESUS, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.


This idea that if you speak it out loud enough, you can in some way bring your HOCUS POCUS to life is ridiculous, says GOD ALMIGHTY KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, this great sun shining morning here in Somerton, Arizona.


Why do you think and believe you have been here [on the Cocopah Reservation] for so long, and My people haven’t made the decision to attend your building you’ve been in charge of to bring forth MY TEACHINGS?


Lord Jesus,  really I haven’t a real answer to any of it.  All I know is that you have told me that they were your chosen set aside people  in your LITTLE JERUSALEM, and that you have a special plan and purpose for them in your Temple HOLY PLACE.  That their people used to know You a long time back but have forgotten You, and You wanted to reclaim them for Yourself because the days were coming to an end/close.

What is it, LORD, that You want to enlighten me on my God?  Please, your daughter is here with her pen and paper.


I tell You the truth, these people, the COCOPAH TRIBE, is a distinct tribe.  They are different from most, and they from the beginning had set themselves apart like NO OTHER.  You don’t know this, but they from way back have had a relationship with Me, Your God and the God of their fathers, ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB.  They studied MY WORDS and OBEYED them and followed MY TORAH to the TEE.


But then the WHITE MAN came and took from them, and everything went down under from there.  I have been trying to mend the broken fences that My so-called church has done in times past where they have killed and tortured My prized people of My tribes of LEVI/JUDAH, but they have been so scared and wounded that they cannot accept anything from what you WHITE PEOPLE have done to them.  They have been so affected/broken and beaten down, that it doesn’t matter what you have to offer them, they won’t even give you the chance of a glimpse of a SUNSHINE’S RAY that beats down from the sky.


They throw their gourds and dance their dance, and they don’t even really understand or remember why they do this, other than that they’ve always have and will always continue to until the day they die.  There is no real meaning, just a lot of words and music with their gourds and voices.   They have in their ancestry that they are called River People, but they have almost lost that as well.


They are trying to bring back different things, but all of their Elders are dying off, and it’s making life here amongst their TRIBE, and trying to teach their language and their LEGACY, almost too hard and almost impossible.   The young ones have been forced to cut their hair and live like WHITE PEOPLE, and they were forced to live like the WHITE MAN in houses, even on the RESERVATION years ago.  Everything they remember is almost completely gone, except for inside the Elder’s minds/memories.


These people want and miss their mothers and fathers and grandparents so much because they know without them, they will never really know who they were supposed to be.  This frightens them, for without them, they have in their eyes NO FUTURE  to pass on, so they all drink and take drugs to try and stop the pain that their feeling inside of them, beating like a drum they didn’t even beat themselves,  until I brought you and your husband to live here amongst them.


They were so angry that you arrived from the very beginning.  They didn’t want you here living amongst them, like a few said and even told you.  They thought you were undercover POPO/POLICE trying to catch them doing what they were doing behind closed doors of the houses around you.

They couldn’t understand why any WHITE MAN OR WOMAN would sell everything to come from anywhere, especially from JERUSALEM, to come live amongst them in what they thought was already HELL.  For you to tell them that GOD loves them so much that He chose us to tell them of a better life with Him, they didn’t want to hear or understand.  To them this wasn’t NO “LITTLE JERUSALEM,” it was what the WHITE MAN had given to them because they didn’t want it for themselves.

[God then begins to identify Himself with the COCOPAH TRIBE]:

They [the WHITE PEOPLE] saw NO WORTH in it, just like they still see NO WORTH in us today.  They still look down on us and see NO WORTH because of the bottles and pills we consume because of them and what they did to our people way back.


We were fine living here and taking care of ourselves until the WHITE PEOPLE came into this land, and forced and beat us to conform to their way of thinking and ideology.  Whatever we did, they thought it wasn’t good enough; they had to make us look and line up to their ideas and images of what man should do and not do.  They took, molded and stripped us of our dignity, and left us only with their scraps, and fed us like their dogs, if not worse.  They didn’t care that we survived, for they wouldn’t be happy until every last one of us were dead and in the ground.

We owned this land and lived here way before the WHITE MAN came, and they came and treated us as if we were nothing, but scum and dirt, not worthy to live but only to die.  They made sure that we lived hard.  They took from us what we ate and left us with nothing, but only then we had to rely on them for our shelter and survival.  We became a people who would rather die than live anymore.  Oh, we did fight back, but they kept coming after us and killing us one by one, and we just started to lose our fight and slowly caved into their WHITE MAN’S LAWS AND WAYS.

It was either shut up or shut down.  We decided that it was better to live than to let them, the WHITE PEOPLE, shut us up completely.  We were going to keep our pride and dignity and be able to pass on what we could onto our children and their children’s children one day.


It has been a long road MY PEOPLE have come to today.  They don’t remember any of their TRIBAL WAYS AND CUSTOMS OF MY KINGDOM.  They have been lost to them.  Oh, that one Cocopah lady sang a song on YouTube about “JESUS, O Happy, Happy, Happy, JESUS is a friend of MINE.”  But they don’t remember what it was like to worship before Me, their GOD of HEAVEN AND EARTH.  They still dance and make noise unto themselves, but they have lost their way.  They don’t know why they do what they do anymore.  They have longed for a HIGHER POWER, but they don’t remember that the HIGHER POWER is ME, their ADONAI, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, this very day.


So when I say, it is better to be OBEDIENT to ME, your GOD, over SACRIFICE, I hope you understand that to do something without knowing why is just a bunch of rules and regulations, and it means absolutely nothing to ME, your GOD, who sits up on High on the right hand of yours and MY FATHER.


Oh, so just because I said this, my beloved ones/children, it doesn’t mean I have done away with My sacrifices COMPLETELY because I have not.  You would know this if you would continue reading MY ENTIRE WHOLE BIBLE from cover to cover.  It hasn’t been annulled or changed to meet your desired needs for your church today.


That’s ALL NONSENSE and RUBBISH, so superficial for you to think that you can pick and choose what you believe, just as you did with MY CHOSEN ELECT people from long ago, who are still surviving and alive, but not from any help of you, My children who say you love Me, your GOD, but won’t be faithful or obedient, even in the small areas of your lives.


SIN IS SIN, whatever you choose to call it.  One sin is NO better than the other.  ALL because someone else does one you don’t like doesn’t make it worse than the one you’re committing.  How do you like those potatoes, My children?  Stop making everyone else’s sin humongous and yours tiny.  What did I say in Scripture, remove the LOG from your own eye before removing the PLANK  from your brother’s eye.


For the Kingdom of Heaven is like two brothers, one who goes out into the world and spends all of his inheritance while his brother stays home with his father and friends. The youngest one sees life up close and physical, and the older one doesn’t realize what he has and becomes JEALOUS when his baby brother comes home and is welcomed with such great love.


This is what is going to happen for MY CHOSEN set aside people, the Cocopah Nation/ Tribe.  They will one day soon see what a valuable treasure they were and are still to Me this very day.   The older brother should have been glad to see him, but he wasn’t.  The Father is a picture of ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.


I AM ALWAYS happy to see one of My babies, My lambs/My children, come and REPENT, humble themselves before Me, and bow down and acknowledge that they have done wrong.  This is truly what I long for from all of you.  A grateful heart, knowing that it is I, your God, who holds everything in the palms of MY HANDS.

Thursday, October 11, 2018 @ 11:06 am.


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October 9/2018 @8:06 am

If you want to be famous, you’ll need to leave / give it all up and trust Me, your God. Being famous with the world is just a waste of your time.   Come follow Me, your God, and store up with Me treasures in Heaven, and I will give and build you a mansion fit for a King.


My Kingdom is not of this world, and neither am I.  Trust in Me, your God, and nothing shall be far from your grasp.  I have things that you don’t have any knowledge of or understanding of.   For My ways and thinking are so far from yours.   I tell you the truth, open up your eyes and ponder on Us and dream large/big, and all that We have can and will be yours at your fingertips.


Never doubt what my Father up in Heaven is doing because He always is loving and working things out for your good.   He always has.  Even when I was down walking amongst you, I was praying for you in the Garden of Gethsemane where they arrested Me for a crime I didn’t commit.   I was praying to My Father God and your Father to protect you and keep you all safe from harm because it wasn’t yet your time to die, but Mine.


I knew then what was going to be happening, and that’s why I was sweating great drops of blood out of My love for each one of you, My dearly beloved children, who weren’t even born or thought of by your parents yet.   Yes,  you weren’t even a glimmer in your mother’s eye yet, so to speak.   I was loving you then, and I am still loving each of you today.   What will it take and cost Me to get you to see how very beautiful that you are to Me, My daughters and sons, this very day that you just woke up to.  Yes, some of you are just resting your heads upon your pillows, if you have one, but that doesn’t matter, what does, though, is My unending love that My Father and I have for each of you.


Come unto Me and let Me show you the greatest of My/Our Kingdom.   Ears have not heard or eyes seen of its glorious beauty.  You have no idea what or how My Kingdom functions,  if you don’t know or understand your King.   I went and left you to prepare the way for you up in My Father’s Kingdom, so that one day, you would be able to be with Us forever.   It is a place of great beauty and importance.   It is a place of great wealth.

Prosperity is rampant there, and you’ll never lack for any good thing.  Healing is always there when you need it, which is never a problem because you are with your ruling King of all ages.  It has also always been in My Wings, My fringes, My tzitzit.  Everything that I told you to do in My first Testament/Covenant is a replica/ copy of the one in My Father’s Kingdom in His Holy Temple/House, where you shall all live one day with Us.


I said and told you that I go to prepare a place for you.   In My Father’s House are many mansions, I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go to prepare a place for you I will come back and take you unto myself that where I am, you may be too.  For if I go, I will return again, and take you unto Myself.  For greater Am I, Jesus, than he that is in the world.


I was in the beginning, and I am also in the end.  I was, I Am and I will always be amongst My Father’s business/Kingdom. You are unable to comprehend My Kingdom because you don’t live with a King ruling and reigning.   You have a Democracy, not a Monarchy with a King and a Kingdom.   Whatever the King says is Law, and no one gets to put their two cents in, like what happens now without a King ruling.


My Father is a King, and His Words stand strong FOREVER.  No one can change or annul them, no matter how much He or they try.   He has always existed and always will.  He has no beginning, and He has no ending.   He is who He is.   He is the Great I AM.   He is El Shaddai, and He is more than enough for you and your friends and family.   There isn’t anything that He can or cannot do for you, if you will only trust Him and obey Him and all that He says in His Words that are written of Me (JESUS/YESHUA) from Genesis to Revelation.   This is why it is ludicrous for the Church to tell people that I have annulled My TORAH.   It is who I am, and everything that I AM.


My Father loves Me, and I love Him.   I gave My life to please My Heavenly Father and then I gave it up freely for each and every one of you, My little lambs who have lost their Shepherd.   Get back to your Shepherd, for He is looking and searching for you this day. Run to Him, and never look back, for the Kingdom of God is at hand; it is here right as close as you want it to be.  The Great I AM has got His hand outstretched to you this day. Will you accept His offer of Eternal life, or will you once again reject Him like in times past?   The choice, My Church, my little lambs, is all up to you.  The time is clicking and the door is about to be shut/closed.

Will you get on board, or will you still continue to ridicule My chosen set-aside people who live differently from you?  What will it take for you to get My love for you?  I’ve given My very best, My all for you.  Trust Me, and you too can have this abundant Life that is free from the stresses of this life that you are struggling with.   I will show you how to live holy, righteous and pure lives.

You say I’m so far from what you’re speaking of, but accept Me and repent of your sins and be baptized in water, and I will send My Holy Spirit to you to be your Helper in times of distress.   He will lead you and guide you into all truth about who I AM.   He will be right beside you, teaching you and training you.   He will be your helper always.   Invite Him into your life and everyday places.   Ask of Him, and He shall bring it to pass and to your remembrance.   Nothing is too hard, for He is a Gentleman and won’t ever embarrass you or Me.


Everything is on purpose and has a design.   Nothing is by chance or coincidence.   If it has happened, it’s so we would acknowledge God as our Maker and our Creator and Lord.   We always have two choices.   The one to do good, and yes, the other to do harm/bad.   The second one is the ugly head that loves to creep up and do ugly hurtful things to My Children.   I see all of this, but My creation/ people have been given free will to choose life or death.


But for some strange reason, they take the wide road that leads to death and destruction more time than not.   This is why my precious children are being abused, killed and murdered every single second of the day.   They don’t listen to My Spirit wooing them to turn away from that bottle of alcohol, or that pill that will get them high and give them a way out of coping with life.  They would rather hide and push it inward and hurt themselves even more than what their abusers, rapists and offenders did to them and to others in their safe places called home.


Stop blaming Me, your God.   I hate what is happening behind closed doors.   I hate that you are hurting and feeling depressed and all alone.   I don’t want for you to continue down this long road, doing the “same oh- same oh,” and never getting the help and love you deserve.


You are precious and worth more than costly jewels.  You have been bought with a high price.  My very life was given, so that you could be free and sin no more.   Give Me a chance to show you how valuable you really are.   Stop allowing people who say they’re your friends, but they tell you your worthless and have no hope.   Those are all lies straight from the pit of Hell that you were listening to yesterday on someone’s wall.


You listened because your heart wanted to help this friend.  Problem is they really aren’t ready for change yet, and if you push too hard, you will lose them.  Just let life take its course, and she too will wake up, like others have, since your time there amongst My chosen, set-aside people in My Little Jerusalem.


Hold tight to Me and cover yourselves with the blood of My Son Yeshua/JESUS, and nothing shall by any means hurt you or your families.  This dream that you were dreaming about covering up stuff when not in use is a good thing.   Don’t open up your self to others until you have checked and prayed about it first.   Otherwise, it will spoil and turn rotten with a great big stench.   You will lose them and might never get the opportunity back.

Let the seeds be planted and wait, and let the process run its full course.  Some plant, some water, and then there’s those who get to see the fullness of all the hard work that has gone into it.

Blessed are they who hear My voice and do it, for theirs is the Kingdom of God/Heaven. 10/09/18 Tuesday @ 9:54 am



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God Sharing His Heart & Frustrations about His People Today

October 7/2018 @ 7:28 am

God said to me today, “I want to fill you up with living blessings to overflowing.  I tell you the truth neither Heaven nor Earth shall pass away till every stroke of the pen has been done away with.”

I wondered about this. What do you mean my God? He said,


I tell you the truth,  not one iota or stroke of the pen shall be deleted from my TORAH, My words, till Heaven and Earth, My Two Witnesses, say so.  They are what determines how or when My TORAH or Myself will be done away with.  Stop thinking you or anyone can eliminate what God has ordered /ordained from before the very foundation of the world.


I have everything in the palms of my hands so don’t forget that.  I have plans for all of My creation, so don’t stop believing that you are special [different from everyone else] and have a destination/plan to play within its design. Shape up, wake up, for greater am I than he that is in the world.


Allow Me /Us to share with you all that which the Father has set out for you to accomplish.  Don’t get the cart before the horse.  Don’t get ahead of yourselves, let Me your God direct you and guide you to where you ought to go and be.  My ways are so much better than yours could ever be.  So don’t doubt or be persuaded to give up before you get to your destination place.  Yes, the road may get tough and bumpy along the way,  but hold on tightly and you will be just fine, My dearly beloved ones of My Torah.


For you are much stronger than you let people think you are or appear to be.  Have faith in and whatever I tell you to do.  Step out and trust the Great I Am, and He will guide you through every difficulty and obstacles/obstructions that may deter you from getting the job done to completion.  Don’t worry or fret about this small stuff, for they will take care of themselves in due timing.  Just know that when I have called you to do something, I will always be right there helping and guiding you through each and every step of the way.

There’s no need for doubt, My children, for if I tell you to go here or there, I will be there right alongside of you as well.  For I never will leave you or forsake you, My sons and daughters of the Most High God of the entire, big, humongous universe.


You haven’t even scratched the very surface yet.   I know this boggles your finite minds because you feel you have accomplished so much in your outer space.  I am beyond space and time, and you will never ever know the magnitude of what or who I AM.


For I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and that is all you need to know for now.   I will rule over My son David’s Kingdom in Jerusalem with an iron rod, and I am coming to complete the work that I’ve started so very long ago.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a God of Love, but there is a Justice to be done/served, and I am the one who will be doing it.  Yeshua/Jesus is my name.  I AM that I AM.  Yes, I was in the very beginning of all time and space.


I Am was with Abraham when we, my Father and I, put him in a deep sleep and walked through the pieces together and made a covenant with Him. This started our relationship together with you, My people.  Not the other way around.  My going through the process of the pieces showed you My very heart.  It was to tell and show you that I wasn’t finished with My people yet.  That I wanted to get back to the place and the plan that I had originally started with.

I made a promise/Covenant with your Father Abraham that if anyone throughout his generations would sin or break our Covenant that I would take their place and die just like these animals that were cut in half and in pieces.  Because My Father and I knew that already that this wasn’t possible for Abraham to do on his own.  We stepped in and made it possible.

Yes, We loved you all that much, knowing full well with all knowledge and understanding what this all amounted to, but We did it anyways.  That should give you an idea how much We desired to get back to where We started in the GARDEN, where we were able to communicate and commune with one another on a daily basis.


Although Moses, who led my children of ISRAEL out of Egypt years later, had a totally different purpose to fulfill.  He was to be My prophet/leader, and even My priest, to get My Laws, My Teachings, My Spirit into their hearts, and not on some stone tablets, but they were afraid, and that is why it took so very long.

My death didn’t dismiss what Moses, My servant, did on Mt. Sinai that day so long ago.  It’s nonsense, so utterly ridiculous, to even think so.  My Laws and teachings were given to you to help you grow and understand My love for you, My dear ones. They were set in place to help guide and direct you to know and teach you how to live a Holy, set aside, life pleasing before your Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

It was never meant to beat you down like you were beaten In Egypt as slaves.  Why would your loving Heavenly Father free you from something like that only to take you back into it?  You’re right, I wouldn’t, so why do you treat Us as if we did by saying that My Son’s death did away with what brought you freedom from Slavery?  That is the farthest from the truth.


What My Son’s death accomplished and fulfilled was what happened back in Genesis 15 when I, Yeshua/Jesus took the place of Abraham.  My Father put Abraham in a deep sleep, and I, His Son, took His place.  So when I died on the cruel cross that day on Golgotha in Jerusalem, I was fulfilling My promise to Abraham and nothing more. Abraham could not have done it.  For only I, Yeshua HaMashiach [Jesus the Messiah], was without sin and capable of doing such an act of love for all of humanity.   Yes, I had to come back as a baby in a manger and give up/ lay aside My divinity to live as a man like you, so that I could fulfill the promise I made to your Father’s Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


My death on the cross brought so much pain and heartache to My Father and your Father in Heaven that He tore the cloth that was close and above His very heart that cruel, cold day while I was on that cross.  The VEIL was ripped from top to bottom, just as a good Jew does still today when someone dies.  I don’t know what or how you have come up with such garbage and such saying that I have done away with the very heart of who and what I AM.

My death on the cross, which you all seem to think I enjoyed, because you keep sinning over and over again, and believe that it’s okay to do so, because God doesn’t see your sins anymore because of what I did for you.  This is all a Poppycock and Garbage!  You have it all completely wrong, My little lambs.


You are no different than the Pharisees or the Religious leaders of my day.  You are all white-washed tombs. You think you have all the answers, but you are so so wrong. Listen up, for I have sent you the truth, and you will not listen.  Just as I have come and they did not.

When, O wicked generation, will you ever listen to the truth about what is written in the very pages of My Words.  I have given them all for you to read and to understand.  When are you going to do and read them for yourselves?  Stop allowing others, like the Religious leaders of my day, dictate what you can and cannot do.


Stop being afraid of losing friends and relationships because of following the truth.  If they don’t desire to know Me, their God, then walk away from them.  I tell you the truth, if they did it unto Me while I was walking amongst them, how much more will they do it unto you?  It was hard, even for Me, My dear ones.

People are always saying, “Oh, but JESUS was God, so He knew everything that he needed to win the temptations of the devil.”  Yes, I am God, but from the time I stepped down and became a baby born to my earthly mother, Mary,  I laid aside all my divinity and took on humanity.  If I hadn’t, there could never, ever be a way for you or your family to ever have an eternity with Us, your family in Heaven.


I lived this earthy life just like one of you. I had to learn and grow in TORAH each and everyday like you should be doing.  If I could do it, so also you can.  I learned and grew up following My Father’s Laws, just as you should be doing.  They are good for you and bring health to your very bones.


I did not die to do away with all that My Father has taught Me.  It’s so ludicrous to believe that what I’ve learned growing up was for naught/nothing.  My Father’s Heart is the very Laws you are trying to dismiss.  My Father God loves each of you so very much. Why else would He allow his only begotten Son that day to stand in the gap for Abraham and make covenant and then save you from dying and being lost without hope of a life with Us/Him?


We are all about Relationship.  Why do you think I try and wake you up in the wee early moments of your day, or when you shut your eyes when you are trying to go to sleep at night?  I long for you.  I long to hear your voice.  Do you long for Me your God, your creator of the universe?

Oh, you enjoy the things I provide for you. But soon as one disappears or you lose someone you love, you start blaming Me for being cruel and harsh, even mean.  You say, “Why God?  I needed her or him.  How can I make it here without them?”  And all the time I’m screaming back,  “I love you, daughter and son.  Reach out to Me, for I long to comfort you and to hold you.  Let Me fill this hole, this emptiness, with Me, your Loving, Heavenly Father.”

This world is just another way to show each of you how much We absolutely love you.  We have given you everything to enjoy.  But your Father and I long mostly for a relationship with our children/Creation.  Can’t you tell that about Us?  We have proven it and even given evidence to back it up.  We aren’t finished with you all yet? We have such high hopes and standards for our children/creation.


We are so excited to be able to share our a Feast and Festivals with you too.  We are a great big loving family who enjoys partying.  Why do you think We have so many times we tell you to get together?  We enjoy your attention and stillness.  Each week we have given you a time to rest and ponder on things that are important to you. This day is a SHABBAT for you to get close to Me and everyone else that is close to your heart, My dearly beloved ones.

This is the day I’ve set before you to remember to keep.  This day is My day.  You can not ever change it, for it is carved in stone and on your hearts, if you are My daughters and sons.  It doesn’t matter who tells you otherwise.  It hasn’t and never will change.  Sabbath was made for man, not the other way around.  God your Father knows what is best for you, so adhere to His teachings and learn from them all.  Don’t allow man to decide what is good or bad for you.  I’ve already done that and have made it clear in My pages of Scripture.


I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  No one is before Me or after Me.  I have created all things, and without Me, there’s nothing that ever existed or ever was.  I AM INFINITE and encompass all things everywhere.  I Am humongous and gigantic.  There never has nor will ever be or exist, that I haven’t already known about.  Nothing is ever knew under the sun.  It was and always has existed.


Everything is new to you and your finite mind, but to Me, your Eternal God, it’s not.  I like surprising you, and opening up doors and windows for you to see new challenges and opportunities.  This is what I do for those who spend time trusting and going out on a limb, so to speak.


I like for My children/ creation to step out of their shells/boxes and try new things that make a difference in one’s life and others. What would have happened if Thomas Edison would’ve just followed the crowd and not tried to be different and stand out?  It didn’t happen overnight, but it took many different opportunities and failures to succeed to have the light bulb and electricity. What about Alexander Graham Bell and the telephones?  All of these inventions came about because someone like you and I dreamed BIG.

I gave you an imagination when I created and formed you in your mother’s womb. You are no accident or some mishap.  You were designed with a purpose and with a plan before the foundation of the world, so live your life like you are unique and special because you are.  Peace and Shalom, all My beautiful treasures.  I always love our moments together and getting to know you more and more, God. 9:32 am. Sunday 10/7/18


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