Thursday, March 21, 2019 @ 8:11 am.

God wakes me up to “Not everything is good for you.”


My respond and prayer back was, “Okay, I know this already, so why wake me up to tell me what I already know, my God, my Adonai?  What did I eat or do yesterday that made you tell me this?  I had been fasting, I know, to get closer to YOU, and because it was PURIM, I had decided to stop for the day to celebrate with my husband and daughter and the Congregation we were attending that evening. We had even gone as far as getting our free cone from Dairy Queen before the party of PURIM started. I know that You, GOD, like festivities because You have given to us seven of them in Your Torah, and if You count Purim and Hanukkah, there are nine of them.”


At first, when I posted this LOVE LETTER, I didn’t see the connection between these two postings, even though they were given to me on the same day, after I had prayed and asked for understanding.  Then as I pondered and prayed over this sentence “Not everything is good for you,” I realized that God was telling me that even though Purim is a Great Time to re-focus and remember what had happened long ago, and how Esther/Hadassah was a picture of Me (Christ Jesus) and was able to save her people from being exterminated and wiped off the face of the earth.

Through this, God is saying and was trying to show me that OUR RELATIONSHIP needs to be even more important than anything, even any party or festival.  That I need to remember to continue to stay faithful to Him, even when the people in your life around you are seeming to enjoy themselves and party it all up.  The moral of this now has become very clear to me, and I pray that you can all see it as well and can learn as I have come to appreciate the love of my Heavenly Father and King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very day, April 1, 2019.

Thursday, March 21, 2019 @ 1:32 pm.

I was dozing off while reading my book, Lionness Arising.  My eyes were getting, oh so tired, and then God, through His Holy Spirit, says,


I have not called you to do something hard but not something simple either, but to just do what My WILL is for each and everyone of you here this day.  I have called you to do My purpose, My plan, to get what I want done, but for all the world to know and to see this very day, right where I have called each of you to be everywhere, where you are located and live, for such a time as this.


Yes, you are all celebrating My PURIM where you are living.  You are doing a great thing celebrating and making melodies to the freedom that was brought to My Jewish people from all over the world in their day.  I AM so very happy that I have people, still even today, who get excited about this FREEDOM, this very VICTORY, that My children were given to set them free from the bondage and slavery in such a time as that which was back in Shushan where Queen Hadassah/Esther lived at in that time and space.  There was such a time of peace, but then much hardship for them like they never knew. How would you all feel if everytime you went out to do something that you feared for your life and livelihood?


That was what it was like for them, the Jews, back in the reign of King Ahasuerus/ Xerxes before Queen Esther was brought into the King’s Chambers that very day.  Yes, I AM not mentioned anywhere in this, for so many reasons.  I have not even the slightest mention of My Holy name to let you know that I am still quite apparent, even if I am not.  I don’t have to be mentioned to know that I exist, My people, My children.  I exist, even when I don’t appear that I do.  Just the mere thought of Me makes ME brighter and higher than any other god that you served or call yours today on the earth that I created with My own hands.  You cannot  keep Me, your Heavenly Father, out of anything.


I am in everything, whether My name is in it or not.  I am implanted and infiltrated in all things/everything.  You cannot hide Me or remove Me, however hard you may try, it won’t work.  For I am all powerful and My very existence is more than you could ever fathom or make up. I AM that I AM is all that matters, My beloved children/creation.  I hold all things, for everything is in the very palms of My hands.  There is absolutely nothing that doesn’t exist that I haven’t already made available to you to see today.  For nothing exists, unless first I make it to exist.  Yes, I know that this is hard for your small human brains to comprehend, but that is understandable.


For I created everything out of nothing, and without Me, there wouldn’t be any of you this Day.  This is how loving and kind I am, My children of My great Big Universe.  Why does it take such great trouble just to get and draw your attention to Me this very day?  Why does it take such hard work for you to see just how important I am to you, My child/My children?  Why does everything take your time that is supposed to be with Me, your Heavenly Father, that you say that you love and want to have fellowship with.  Where has your love gone to, that you claim to say you have for Me, My child/children?

Do you ever really wonder what it is that you really feel for Me, or are you just getting by okay without putting Me in the driver’s seat anymore?  Are you comfortable just waiting for Me to wake you up and start the conversation going?  Why has our love come closer to running out?  Does this even concern you just a little bit, or is it starting to be the “new normal” for you, because it is not okay with Me, your Heavenly Father, who loves you, Oh, so very much.


I have so much planned for you and I.  I have so much to tell you, My daughters and My sons of My Torah/Scripture.  Aren’t you even just a little bit interested in what I have been doing and preparing for each one of you while I have been gone away from you?  Oh, I miss you all so very much, and Oh, how I long for you to miss Me as well.  My Church, My Bride, won’t you come a little bit closer and set down with Me and tell Me why it is you have decided to let our friendship fall asleep/aside?  Come sit down and bow down before Me, your Creator, your God, and tell Me why it is you decided to throw in the towel, and do things your own way, since I left you back after seeing you the last time before you watched Me ascend back to My Father in Heaven?


I did not leave you alone, but I sent to you My Helper, the Holy Spirit, just as I promised that I would do.  Why do you not accept My Helper?  Why won’t you believe that He is of service to you?  You, My church, My people, need Him so very much.  You cannot do and live life in these days and times without Him to help guide and lead you into all Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge and Understanding.  The enemy satan, the devil, is out to kill and destroy each and everyone of you, My little lambs/children.  He is not your friend but your enemy.  Why can’t you see this?  I will tell you why it is because you have rejected My Holy Torah, My very Words, spoken to you through My Prophet Moses up on Mount Sinai that day in the Wilderness where you convinced his only brother Aharon/Aaron to help make you a golden god to worship Me, the God of the Universe.


Didn’t I already tell you not to do, or make unto yourselves, anything to worship as idols?  Didn’t I just free you from the slavery of bondage of Egypt, and bring you in and through the RED SEA, by My Holy outstretched arms of My Prophet, Moses, and his brother, Aaron.  Why can’t you grasp ahold of this and see how much that I do love and care for each and everyone of you this very day of PURIM that you’re celebrating for the deliverance of My Jewish people today; My very Israel, whom you are all supposed to be a part of, if you have accepted Me as you’re Lord God and King of the Universe.


You claim to be one of Mine, so don’t you think it’s time that you start acting like one of Mine as well, My people/My children, who have been bought with a very High Price with My very own blood that was shed upon the cross of Calvary, for you and for all mankind’s sins, sicknesses and diseases?  What more do I need to do for you to understand how very much that I love each of you this very day/night, My beloved ones of My Father up in Heaven?  Where you’re all going to be at before My returning to this earth where you are at and living here today, My footstool?


Don’t forget to do and keep all that I have told you to do before.  REPENT and BE BAPTIZED, for the remission of your sins and receive My Holy Spirit with Fire, like in the Upper Room on that Day of Pentecost, Shavuot.  This is all important, and needs to be done, My church/My people.  Don’t listen to those who will convince you otherwise.  The enemy satan knows that when you do, you will be changed and be able to do all that is written in My Book you have at home on the shelves and night stands.  Don’t delay or hold back any longer, for the Day of My Returning is close at hand, says the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.   2:35 pm.


Wow, Lord, this makes Me REPENT and ask for your forgiveness once again.  I’m so humbled by your visitation to Me, your servant girl.  This book that I’m reading just before this was absolutely an eye opener to see the Lioness Arising in My very soul.  Help me, God, to not let the fire die down, but let the Lioness in Me burn always for You, Lord, always and forevermore.

I cannot wait for your coming in the clouds, My God.  Help me to not ever get stagnate in my love for you, but keep me strong and alive and alert at all times.  Help me to see the good in people, and help wherever there is a need wherever that may be.  Give me a love for all of our people near and far all over the world, God.  Thank you for dying for me, and rising from the dead, but even better for ascending to God, our Father, and sending back to us/me your Holy Spirit with Fire, so that I can experience what your disciples did while with you and even greater, amen.   @ 2:42 pm.



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March 19, 2019  @ 6:30 pm.

Yes, I was in the shower, and I was quickened by the words,


You’re just never happy.  You say you missed your daughter ABBY, and now that you’re with her, you only talk about how you want to be closer to your son who was so close to you, but at the time you thought he lived too far.  You silly American people, you don’t realize how good you have it?  Why can’t you just be happy in any situation or place you are in?


I’ve given to you, oh so very much, and still you aren’t happy.  My children, My kids, open up your hearts to Me and let Me fill you up to overflowing.  Let Me, your Heavenly Father, give to you this peace that you are searching so drastically for?  Let Me be this sweet aroma that you need to smell like beautiful perfume that your daughters wear, or that you smell others wear, and it takes your breath away.


My dearest, beautiful daughter, learn to be content in any situation or place that I plant/place you in.  It isn’t forever, so just take life one day and one step at a time, just like you did today on your walk with your dog.  Open up you heart to Me, my daughter, and run to Me when life gets to be unbearable.  But better yet, don’t let it get that way at all.  Keep your eyes fixed and set on Me, your loving, merciful OMNIPOTENT, ALL-knowing God of the Universe, and things will never fall out of place for you ever again.


Keep seeking Me, and keep striving to do what MY WORD says over and over again that which is Good, Righteous and Holy.  Never doubt or fear what lies ahead, and always trust Me to do all that which I have already promised in My Word that I would do and bring to pass for you, My Children, My little lambs, who need to always be looking and following the Master Shepherd.


Know that I haven’t left you, or anyone of your family members behind.  I know right where each and everyone is, and where they will be tomorrow, and even the next day, and a year from now.  Nothing ever gets past Me, your God of Heaven and of Earth My Footstool.  I AM right on top of everything, and I know the purpose and plans I have set into action, and even the motive and ideas that you’ll all be thinking up and planning out.  For there is a time and a purpose under the sun.


What the Son has set free is free indeed. So don’t allow yourself to get all anxious over the little things, and don’t get all stirred up over the things that you cannot change because it is a waste of time as well as effort.  Stop and smell the coffee, even if you’re not drinking it, for the smell and the aroma will soothe you and bring comfort and peace to you.  I AM the Prince of Peace and the Rose of Sharon, so come unto Me, and I will give you the comfort you have need of this very night/evening.  Hold on to Me, and let Me soothe your wounds and bandage up all your hurts and “boo-boos”.

Don’t allow satan to take you on an escapade of “what if’s” and “how comes.”  They aren’t worth the time or the effort.  Don’t waste your time, My child, My princess Karen.


Rest assured in Me, your Heavenly Father, that all of your household shall and will be saved from the oldest to the youngest in My timing, not yours.  I have everything worked out for their good and for MY GLORY, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very night there in the middle of beautiful Arizona.  My child, trust Me to have your cares and consideration at heart.


Know that I have you wrapped up in My sheltering, loving outreached arms, My child.  Nothing I say is ever too hard or too difficult for Me, your OMNISCIENT GOD of the Universe.  I’m not far off, but so very close to you, My daughter.  I love you so very much.  Love Me back as much, God.  March 19, 2019  @ 7:03 pm.


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Back on March 28, 2017 I had posted this. On the 24 is the day My brother Brian had passed away and went to be with his Lord/Savior/Master and Maker. Before he died the Holy Spirit gave me a word to tell him while we were living in Oklahoma City.

I posted this letter that the Holy Spirit had given to me last year but today I would like to share it again, to show everyone how good, just how great God’s love is for us all, amen.

Here I am talking to and about my brother Brian L. White, may He R.I.P. born on 5/4/1950 and died on 3/24/16.

We may not of had a whole lot of good times the last 20 years but we had a conversation on the 15th, before he went to be with Jesus and it made such a difference and I will cherish the Holy Spirit’s letter, I read to him that day, and here it is, here below: I Called my brother, Brian White, and talked with him over an hour and a half. Then he started saying Yahweh wasn’t God’s names and that Jesus wasn’t his Son’s name and then I was tired of hearing this. Then he was also just saying over and over again how he just wanted to die, so I decided to end the call and walk on my treadmill.

Then I showered and as I was the Holy Spirit quickened me and told me why my brother wasn’t healed. Pure as day the Holy Spirit said because he has rejected my son Jesus Christ. If your brother would only, repent and call and seek after me I will raise him up and bring healing and wholeness to his bones and flesh. He needs to trust ME and stop trying to make excuses and let ME lead him and guide him into all truth, wisdom and knowledge.

He once believed in ME and sought after ME with all of his heart, soul and mind. Something happened and started to make him doubt ME and MY Holy Spirit. The devil comes but for to steal, kill and to destroy, but I come to bring life and life more abundantly says the Lord God Almighty. I AM the Way the Truth and the Life, anyone who seeks after Me they shall find Me. My sheep know My voice and they follow and search after Me. Anyone who reaches out to Me with their whole heart will find Me and not be lost. The only clause here is that you must believe, I AM who I say I AM. I and My Father are one in the same. My son Jesus/Yeshua said I come in My Father’s name. So if his name is Yeshua/ Jesus than that is also my name. (Whatever the name you call the Father applies to the Son, just like whatever name you call the Son, applies to the Father because they are ONE.) I have many names I go by. Don’t get all caught up in which name it is you need to say. That mess is all from the devil/satan and all of his demons. They are consistently trying to get all of my children distracted from what is truly important to Me and My Father which is in Heaven. Do not be consumed with what to call Me by. I AM that I AM, just like I told Mosheh/Moses when he asked Me what or who do I say told me this. God was telling Mosheh/Moses that every name was His and that He made everything and is indeed everywhere. There is no place that God doesn’t exist in our minds and thoughts. We need to just trust and obey and then trust and obey some more. Stop trying to figure God out because we just can’t with our finite minds and understanding.

I AM coming quickly says the Lord God and every eye that is looking for Me will see Me and every bride that has his or her oil lamps filled will not be left out, but will be there when the time of My return draws near. Come close to Me says God Almighty and don’t hesitate because there isn’t much more time. I love you My daughter’s and
my son’s. If you choose to walk and run after Me you choose very well. Don’t let your hearts be troubled and don’t let your hearts faint for truly I say come close to Me and hide up under the cleft of the rock underneath my sheltering wings. I will bring to pass everything that I have spoken to you here this day, say the Lord Almighty, King of King’s an Lord of Lord’s, Amen.

After asking my brother if I could read what the Holy Spirit had revealed to me while in the shower. He agreed to allow me to read it first then to wait and respond afterwards. This was not easy by no means to do. I was so scared but God had told me that if I didn’t do it, I would have regrets and never really know what would of happened. So I agree and decided to trust God who has never led me astray and has always had my back. So I progressed and started reading the Holy Spirit words given to me several hours before. Took me that long to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. I’m still a very much a work in progress and will be till the day, I go to be with my Lord.

I read it all and to my amazement I had found out that I was on speaker phone in his hospital room and the whole family, meaning his 4 daughters and whoever else was also listening to me read. My brothers response was “so what’s wrong with any of this or that.” I said well for one thing you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God’s son and that He saved you. You deny that He died on the cross and that He shed His blood for you and I…etc. Then to my amazement his oldest daughter chimed in and said , “Uh, Dad aunt Karen is right. You don’t believe any of this, that she has said or read to you.” Brian then spoke out, “I DON’T.” Amy, his oldest daughter responded again and said “No dad you don’t, you haven’t for a very long time. You get on to everyone who just mention Jesus.” Brian then said, “Well I DO NOW”, and then I’m just doing the Hallelujah dance in my head and saying, thank you, Holy Spirit for giving me this Word in the shower to help bring the change in my brother’s heart before you healed him and took him home to be with you. God thank you, for not giving up on me in teaching me some valuable lessons in obeying you in being a good student/disciple for your Kingdom.

God I praise you that my brother died and left none of us wondering where he would spend eternity, unlike what happened when my earthly father died. God thank you for loving me so very much to have not made me worry or be not sure where my brother would be. What a gracious loving God you are. You truly love your creation and all of your children. Help us Lord to always be listening to your still small voice, even when in the shower or on the white throne, lol 


Image may contain: 1 personObituary for Brian L. White
White, Brian L.,
Saginaw Twp., Michigan
Formerly of Lansing, MI

Beloved father, grandfather, brother and uncle passed away on Thursday, March 24, 2016, at Covenant Medical Center-Cooper, following a long battle with heart disease. Age 65 years. Brian was born on May 4, 1950, in Lansing, to the late Eugene and Althea (Wilson) White. Prior to his disabilities, Brian was employed at General motors, Sparrow Hospital, and Meijer warehouse. His hobbies included swimming, basketball, tennis, reading, shopping, spending time with his children and grandchildren, and singing to the Lord.

Surviving to cherish his memory are his four daughters, Amy (Dwayne) White, Kellie White, Shelley White, and Sherrie White; three grandchildren, Ronnie Banda, Nicholas Banda, and one on the way, Emilio; brothers and sisters, Richard White, Gary (Alice) White, Charlene (Bill) Steadman and Karen (Chris) Verschage; several nieces and nephews and a special friend, Marilyn Rosas and her son Philip. Brian was preceded in death by his nephew Brian White.

In accordance with Brian’s wishes, cremation has taken place and a private family remembrance will be held at a later date.

To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Brian L. White please visit our Sympathy Store.


I wrote this back on March 18, 2017

ISRAEL needs our prayers, but so does all of the world.  This is very sad to hear.  Breaks my heart to know that God’s people, all of God’s creation, whether they know Him or not, would do such an evil act of murder to the unborn child. If the children are not going to be able to give their voice, then we as Christian’s need to help the young mothers choose to do the right thing, instead of the easy supposedly quick fix which it never really is. What it does is make the girl/woman feel bad and devastated later on what she has actually done after the act has been committed.I realize that there is a man involved but the man/boy should also be held responsible too. The problem is they either end up leaving or paying for the procedure of murder to take place. I know I’m not very popular right now but God hasn’t called me to be. He has told me to tell His children how much that He loves them and is coming back real soon.

You say when I don’t know but God says soon, so prepare yourselves and get ready for the King of Kings will be coming back and we don’t want to be doing things that dishonors our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God isn’t concerned with our titles or positions but He is concerned with our behavior and in our lifestyle we are living. God is a Holy God and He only can live in that which is Holy and Righteous. How can we say we love God if the ones calling themselves Christians are living the same lifestyle of most of the world is today. This is very very sad when this is happening in Israel God’s Holy City.

I’ve been there and it is the most Awesome place I’ve ever been too or seen. Quite different from what I had anticipated from what others had told me from their tour experiences. Living there for three months was quite the trip of a lifetime. Didn’t go there to be tourist but to be a walking living example of what Christ had told us to be. Telling and sharing the love of our Father to the nations of the world. Trust me there were so many different nations represented there when we were, what an honor it was to be in the center of the world and not only see but hear all the different languages. Oh how it might have sounded at the bottom of the mountain where God had spoken to the children of Israel that day when they yell out to Moses to go back up the mountain and speak to God for us. God said that was a good idea because where their hearts were at they would’ve been exterminated by God’s Holiness.

If that would’ve happened there would’ve been no Jesus/Yeshua and we would’ve all eventually died in our sins. God wanted to start all over with Moses but Moses interceded for us, thank you Moses for going to God and making an Atonement for us. Wow! isn’t God the most loving Father to give His children the grace and mercy for those that wanted to come to the Lords side. We call ourselves a Christian nation, we need to start praying like never before to save the voice of the babies who are being murder as I type this. You and I were given a chance to live, do the same for the one you’re carrying right now or someone you know who is carrying a child within her who doesn’t feel like she can do this for one reason or another. Yes, it may be a hard decision but aren’t you glad that you had been given the opportunity to have a chance to be who you are today.

Maybe you don’t care, just maybe you wish you didn’t survive but you did and now you do have a choice. Be thankful that your parents whoever they might be gave you a chance to be who you are today. Maybe it was the hardest decision they had to make and it wasn’t easy for them to do, but they did because someone helped them and told them it would be okay and that somehow, somewhere they would be able to make it work. Maybe they just kept you and gave birth to you so that some couple who couldn’t bare children for some reason or another couldn’t conceive and have the child of their dreams. I don’t know the reasonings behind all the things I have mentioned here because I have never been in anyone of your shoes. What I do know is that my parents chose to have me and I’m so very grateful for their decision even though my mother had polio and it wasn’t easy for her to have me or any of my four siblings. Yes we were conceived out of love and I know there are those who weren’t but that isn’t the baby’s fault nor is it necessarily the mother’s fault either. Sometimes bad things happen to good people but it doesn’t mean that it can’t turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

People are people and a lot of us do make unwise decisions at times. God has a way of turning our bad decisions into something very beautiful if we will just give Him the opportunity or opportunities to do so. It just take one unique person to talk to another unique person and give that one person just a little bit of hope, a dream of what could develop if just given a chance to dream, blessings and shalom. I know we live in a flawed world but as flawed and messed up as it is we can make a huge difference by just being kind to the ones who have to make such a huge decision. Just show a little kindness your love can go a long long way. Be the person you want other to treat you like. God is a faithful Father and He’ll never turn anyone away just go to Him and make your request known unto Him. He’s waiting patiently at your hearts door. Just take a second and open up your heart to Him.

This is one of those life decisions that you’ll never ever regret. If you’re seeking peace and contentment try and give the ONE who has all the answers to this universe a try. I know that when I’m in a store and they have samples of something if I like it enough I will go back and ask for another. This is like my Father. Once you open up that door and take a glimpse in you never will again want to shut that door, because it is like nothing ever you seen before. It just keeps drawing you back for more. The Word of God is enticing and it’s like an onion. You can peel it over and over again and always find something new and bright behind the next page. I once was told in one of my pieces of writing that God had me write down. He referred to one of my favorite games as a child, Hide n seek. God likes to hide His mysteries from us in His Word so that we will seek Him out in His Scriptures/Word. God loves it when we give Him His special time early in the mornings. God is a jealous God and He seeks to have a relationship with each of us. I know that this is long but God is wanting for His children to get on board and help prepare for His coming that is just around the corner. How long do you say, That only God knows. He just keeps saying over and over to prepare your hearts and get your lamp oil prepare so that when that Great day comes you won’t be left behind.

For God is waiting for His bride to come back home are you there yet? For those that have had an abortion in their past. God loves you and HIS heart yearns for you. He is ready to heal you and to forgive you. No reason for you to feel condemned because God is willing and waiting to wrap His arms of love around you this very night/day. Just ask Him open up to God and He will wash you white as snow just like His Word says in John 3:16-17

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Thursday, March 14, 2019  @ 2:46 am

The Lord here is speaking, and HE says,


This is the Light of the Holy Spirit you saw in your head as you were praying in tongues, My child.  It is I, your God, who loves you and all of your family this early morning.  Yes, I am the God who woke you up from your sound sleep, not your husband like you have thought.  It is very important that you praise Me and give Me all the honor due to My Holy name.  For your ways are not My Ways, saith the Lord God of Heaven and Earth this day.


Turn, My people, from all of your sins and come unto Me, all who are heavy-burdened and loaded down with care.  Seek Me with your whole heart and know that I am your God, and not just some kind of made-up scheme of your imagination.  No, I am as real as you are this day, My Church, My People of all Tribes and Nations of the world.  Do not be afraid, for thus says the Lord God of Israel this very day, “REPENT, My People!  REPENT, My Church, for the Day of the Lord is soon to be here, and if you don’t, JUDGEMENT is lurking at your very door.  Yes, that is what I, your Lord God, has just said to you.


Do you hear this, My Church, My dearly beloved ones of My Torah/My Scriptures, the very Scriptures who you have deleted because you think that I have no idea what I came to do on this Earth to perform.  You have so much pride and arrogance to think you know more than I, your Lord God of Heaven and Earth, this day, My Child/ Children.  These sheep in wolves clothing are taking you straight to “HELL in a basket,” just like My children had let down My servant Saul/Paul in a basket down the side of a wall that one day long ago, after I had returned to My own Father up in Heaven.


I sent back to you Our precious, loving Holy Spirit that you were praying and speaking in just before you saw the BRIGHT LIGHT shining down upon you, My servant girl of My Living, breathing Torah this morning.  You didn’t know at first what the Light was, but My daughter, I AM this LIGHT you saw, and I AM even much BRIGHTER than that.  Be wise, and open up your very heart this day, and receive Me into your life to do and see GREATER MARVELOUS MIRACLES than you have ever seen and or heard of before.

Yes, you have prayers that in your eyes haven’t been fulfilled or even answered, but rest assured that they are on their way to being answered, too.  Just keep Trusting Me, your loving, caring, Father who made everything to fall into place at the sound of My very voice, and when that day comes, your son, and your very loved ones, will be right there welcoming Me into their lives as well.  Keep doing all that I have spoken and told you to do, and you shall reap your harvest 100 percent to the T.

Rest in Me, your Heavenly Father, and know that I am Trustworthy to perform all that I have said that I would.  Never doubt or fear what seems to be with your small intellectual minds within your earthly vessels, but rest assured that I have you and them in the very palms of My outreached arms of My Heavenly Father up above.  Continue and rest in My Goodness, My beautiful daughter/child, and know that nothing is ever too difficult or too much of a challenge for Me, your Awesome, Wonderful, Loving and Caring God.  I hold you, as well as all the world, in the palms of My hands.


Whatever happens is because I have allowed it to happen; it was never by happenstance or by chance, My daughter and My son, Chris.  I allow things to happen to grow you up and to mature you in the Ways of My Father and your Father, My son, My children.


Why is it that you keep continually to doubt Me and put Me, your Holy God, to the test?  Haven’t I been plain enough to you, My people/My church of today, who thinks they have gotten everything all figured out and than some.  Oh, My people, what a tangled web we have woven just to continue to try and hide from Me, your Most Holy God of the Universe.  Do you really think /believe that you are going to get away with murder, as Esau had thought when he had come up to Jacob in the wilderness to kill and take revenge into his own hands?  You saw by the means of what happened and expired because of that.


I was the one who turned that bad situation/scenario for the good of Jacob, because he trusted Me, his Lord God, to deliver him, just like you need to trust Me, your Heavenly God, to deliver you, My church, from all the deceptive wolves that have been seeking and roaming about your churches, trying to devour you and keep you from knowing the True, Living, Breathing God of your Bibles today.

These wolves are stealing and keeping you from believing the whole Scripture/Bible.  They are telling you that My Words have no importance for you and have been given to, and only valuable for, the Jews back in My day and before.  This is NONSENSE, My people/My church!  For I came to all the lost sheep of Israel, not just to what you call the Jews of today and back then.  LUDICROUS, My church, you are so very lost and blinded!  Your eyes have lost their sight, even though you can still see with them in the physical, but spiritually, My church, you are all dead, and will also be dead in your sins, if you all don’t REPENT and do your first works over again.


Oh, you say we aren’t saved by our works, but by Your GRACE, lest any man should boast.  Yes, you are correct in the fact that you can not do anything in and of yourselves to be or get saved, for it is all ready done by what I have done on My cross, My child of the Most High God of Heaven and Earth this day.


But what you don’t understand is that I have given and made a way for you to receive Me, which is ETERNAL LIFE, and a home with ME one day very soon, but to get to keep this gift, you must stay in Me and do ALL that I did and showed My disciples to do while following and imitating Me when I was with them and walking in amongst Jerusalem and the surrounding areas.


Nothing is too hard for you, My children, My little lambs.  For if you watch your Master, your Lord Jesus, and study to show yourselves approved this very day, there where you are living, you too will see and do mighty good deeds and miracles as I did and My apostles/disciples did, as they memorized and studied Me to know what it was to be a good son and daughter of My very TORAH.


You say that My Torah has been done away with by MY CROSS, but this again, I say is NONSENSE and LUDICROUS, garbage.  My people, My children, you’re messed up, and need to wake up, and stop allowing the wolves/satan to come in and steal from you.  Not just from your wallets and pocketbooks, but from the Living, Breathing Words of Life in MY TORAH/ SCRIPTURES.  This is not OKAY, My church, My people, who say that you believe Me and My doctrines.


Throw away all your preconceived doctrines that are polluted by customs and rituals of the past pagan days and celebrations, and come home to Me, your Holy God, who has freed you from your past sins of EGYPT and have brought you into your promised land of blessings and abundance, to where I will fill you to overflowing, My children, My people.


This will all happen when you follow and keep and observe all of My Commandments, from cover to cover, and keep and do all of My Holy set-apart FEASTS that the church and their religions have put asunder and do No more because of being afraid of being persecuted and killed in their past.  This My church, My people, is not okay with Me, your Holy, Omnipotent, all-knowing God of the Universe and beyond.  There is NO ALLOWANCES for your unfaithfulness to Me, your Holy Sufficient God, that doesn’t involve your time and space.  I have set My plans into action, and I will bring them all about in My time, not yours, My children of My TORAH.

You have no right to ditch My HOLY FEASTS/FESTIVAL DAYS, for these other pagan days that I have been forced into.  I will say once again, you have forced My name to these, but I have never been in these days, you who say you are My church have put My Holy name into.


REPENT and be BAPTIZED for the remission of your sins, like My very Word says over and over again, but you have even rejected that as well, and see it not needed to be saved, but you are so very wrong again.  For without Baptism, there is NO REMISSION of your sins, My people/My church.  My church/My people are starving, for they have perverted My TORAH and are living in such immoralities and ungodliness and abominations like never before has been done in times past.  I will bring recompense and judgment to My people, My church, if they do not REPENT from their immoral behavior, says the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who paid the penalty for all humankind on the cross over 2,000 years ago to be precise.

I am the One who rose from the dead and ascended and who is coming back again riding on a White Horse. I am the One who sent the Baptism with Fire back to you, My church, in the Upper Room that very day on Pentecost, My Shavuot.  My FESTIVALS and FEASTS were, and still are, all a picture of Me, My church, so why is it you’re so afraid to remember what I came to fulfill and to do for you?


Do you not love Me?  Are you ashamed to be associated with Me, your HOLY GOD of the Universe?  Did I not say I was coming back in the same likeness that I left you?  Why is it you hate My Jewishness?  Why do you hate the very thought of My LAWS, that MY FATHER and I wrote down and gave to Mosheh/Moses on Mount Sinai?  They are for your good, My people/My children.  Why can’t you see this for yourselves?


They were never meant for your SALVATION.  For we saved you before we delivered you from the mean tyrant Pharaoh in Egypt by putting My precious lamb’s blood on your doorposts/mantels.  I even came inside with you and became your loving friend before I was slain and killed before you and your families.  How much more do you need to know and to see?


Just read My Living Words in My loving Grace-filled pages of your so-called Bibles, you say aren’t important any longer because that was just for the JEWS, not us.  We are better, we have grace now, not laws of bondage and legalism.

Is that so, My people/My church, if you can even say that, you are not Mine any longer.  You have blasphemed  your Lord God of Israel, and you’re all bringing judgment and damnation unto yourselves this very day.


Don’t be like all the rest of them in times past. For Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t REPENT, and you seen and heard what happened to them.  Don’t think that you’re any better than them today, My chosen elite ones, who think you can do no harm.  Be wise, My loved ones, My chosen elite, My creation from the very beginning of all time.


Come before Me, and Love Me and Obey Me, Trust Me and Worship before Me, for I AM Holy and Worthy of your praises.  Make melodies unto Me, and dance before Me in all of your splendor.  Do not worship or seek after other gods anymore; give them up, destroy them and put them in the fire, burn them and then pick them up no more, for I am your Lord God Almighty.  I am the ONLY ONE TRUE GOD OF ALL TIME.  There is NO ONE GREATER than ME, YOUR GOD.


I desire your FAITHFULNESS and your ALLEGIANCE; that is who WE are.  You can not separate Us, for We are ETERNAL, and that is why when you give yourself 100 percent at your conversion, you have ETERNAL LIFE because that is just who WE are.  Come to ME/US and continue this race, for it is who WE are.


You have to continue with Us, for We are a HOLY God, and HOLINESS is what WE crave and desire and need from you, My people, to be also.  For where Holiness is, We shall also be.  No HOLINESS, No PURIFICATION of your life, No CHANGE, NO LIFE with Us, your HOLY GOD.  For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM and LIBERTY to all who come and bow down to the Father, amen.  Pray, seek Me, your Holy God, and pray to the Father, and We will send you OUR HOLY SPIRIT to lead you and guide you into all Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge.


For wherever two or three are gathered in My name, there We will be in their midst.  My Father and I AM and My Holy Spirit are three in one.  We are always in agreement, so follow Us and you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free indeed, amen, says God.  4:17 am


Thank You, Lord, for sending the LIGHT to ME, and showing and leading me to You who are the LIGHT, amen. Thank You for wooing me, your daughter.  I love You for not leaving me alone, for the teacher is always quiet during the test.  Thank You for this test being finished for this season/moment.  Todah, I love You so much, for hearing and answering my prayers in my time and day.  4:20 am

After My prayer, God again continued speaking:


Remember, I AM returning to the Lost Sheep of Israel, so if you don’t believe yourselves to be a part of Israel, then you will end up missing My Second Coming.  For My Kingdom is for My Israel.  For Israel and I are ONE in the same.  If you were in Egypt and came out with My people, then You are mine.  If you have accepted Me as your true Messiah who came and died, resurrected and ascended to send back My Holy Spirit back to you, then you are My Israel as well.

For My Bride will prepare herself for her Groom.  She will keep her candlestick burning.  For she will hear My voice when I return to receive her unto Myself, says the Lord God Almighty.  Are you following My instructions, My people, My children?  Do you know that the Father is getting ready to tell Me that it’s time for Me to return soon?  Are you getting excited as I am to see you, My Bride?


Don’t delay or procrastinate any longer.  Like I said before, don’t be like a GOMER and keep prostituting yourselves out for a good time, just so you can have fun for a season and still think you have enough time and oil to continue the RACE I have set before you to run.  Don’t play with fire, for you will get burnt.  Yes, I am a loving God as Hosea portrayed, but the door will soon close, just like it did for NOAH and his family, too.


My church, this is your WAKE-UP CALL, don’t think that this is all just BOLOGNA, because it’s not.  For the Lord God of Israel this morning has spoken to you through My Spirit to My daughter Karen.  Let this be My warning to you, My beloved children all around the world.  For I love you, Oh so very much.  4:33 am.

8:31 am


I AM this LIGHT that I just talked about earlier, My people/children.  So stop trying to hide under all those FALSE TEACHINGS and PREACHERS coming in and going out of your churches today and from now on, My saints, My Bride, for this is what I have spoken to you, and this is what I want to be done and where I want it to stop.  Do I make Myself clear, My people.  I am the LIGHT of the WORLD, so shine brightly, so all mankind can see and hear Me, not just about Me.  For I am coming quickly.  Will you all be ready? Here I come, ready or not!  8:36 am  3-14-19


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Wednesday, February 27, 2019  @ 9:25 am.


When I first woke up, I asked the Lord what He wanted to give to His people.  He responded and said to tell them He is God.  In the Gospel of John, we read,

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by Him; and without Him, was not anything made that was made.  In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men.  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.  (John 1:1-5)


God says and wants all His people and children to know that He didn’t call us to be perfect, but to be obedient sons and daughters for and of His Kingdom.  For there is but ONE who is perfect, and this is He Himself.  What He is calling for us to do is to strive to “be perfect as He Himself is perfect,” because we are to desire to become imitators of Christ Jesus who came into our world to show us how to be partakers of Himself.    This word “perfect” doesn’t mean “to be sinless” or “morally perfect,” but to act in a way that’s consistent with the ways of God.


We are His children, “His little ones,” and He wants for us to grow up and mature in His likeness and to be that Light shining brightly on the hilltop never that never goes out, just like His menorah in His Temple, which is supposed to be lit and shining brightly 24/7 without burning or dying out.

This is how, My child/children, I want for you to be.  So the whole world will see your light burning and will see Me in you for all of Eternity.  For I am this light that John wrote of Me in his Gospel and also in First, Second and Third John and Revelations.  I am very serious about what I have told him and shown him, My people.  Do not take lightly what My Word says.  When I told My daughter after she asked Me what to say to you this morning, this is what I told her to say.  She questioned Me and said they do not want to hear that you can be perfect because they want to continue believing that the Bible is trying to say that you can’t.


I tell you the truth, like I said before, the only one who is perfect is Myself, your God Almighty.  Those who choose to OBEY ME and keep MY COMMANDMENTS are those who I love and will give to them the keys to My Kingdom here in Heaven and on the earth below.  I have never called you to be perfect, My dearly beloved ones, but I have called you to LOVE ME, and to LOVE ME is to love the things that I have told you to do and to say.


Come to ME all of you who are heavy laden and burdened down with a load of care.  Give it to ME and leave it here at My feet, My altar, everything that is troubling you and bringing hurt to you this very day/morning, wherever you may be or live.  For I am the Good Shepherd, and I know what is best for My Sheep/My little lambs.


Have you fallen down and broke an arm or leg?  Rise up and brush yourself off, and come to Me, your Healer, your Adonai Rapha, and I will heal and restore all that the enemy has done unto you this morning/day.  My Word is for you today, and it was for My disciple/emissaries of long ago and before.  My child, My Words are profitable for doctrine and reproof, just like Paul wrote about in your Scriptures/Bibles in 2 Timothy 3:16.  He also wrote for you to study and to show yourself approved in 2 Timothy 2:15.


My people, My children, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this.  You have not because you ask not, My dear, sweet little lambs.  You can have what you can believe and trust your Heavenly Father for.  Oh yes, everything does come at a high cost though.  “To much is given, much is required,” isn’t that right?  To this I say, be very wise and discerning, My little lambs.  Be wise and smart this day.  For when you are obedient and are trustworthy, you will have My blessings flowing down from Heaven above.


Be very careful that you don’t treasure them more than you do the giver of them.  For when you do, you will be in deep waters, and the floods of life will overtake and consume you, and you will lose sight of Me, Your God, who blessed you in the very beginning.  This is where so many of My children/people go wrong.  For they want Me to bless them, but then they stop loving and serving the One who loves them the most, who gave them the things they desire and love.


My children, My people, you cannot LOVE ME, your God, and MAMMON/MONEY at the same time and expect to enter into My Kingdom, it  just DOES NOT work that way.  You have to choose and pick one over the other, because you apparently cannot do both at the same time.  For you are limited, but I, YOUR FATHER in Heaven, AM NOT.  I give to those who are faithful and obedient to Me and ask of Me, but it does come at a cost/price and a very high one to boot.  My children, you must be wise and discerning.


You must be filled with My precious Holy Spirit like I poured out on My disciples in the UPPER ROOM that day so very long ago.  Yes, it is still available to all of you, My disciples/emissaries, this day.  Don’t listen to the lies that it stopped with My apostles; that’s just a bunch of nonsense and poppycock, My children/people.  The enemy wants for you to believe that, but it’s not so, My Bride, My children, who have accepted Me as your Lord and Savior, and have been baptized in My Living Waters and in My Spirit, like on the day of Pentecost, where I told you and them to go and to wait.

I am a GENTLEMAN, and I won’t ever force anything on one of My children, My little lambs,  but what a joy and a blessing it is to hear My children speaking directly to Me and My Father, which art in Heaven, this very day.  The Holy Spirit is a direct communication line between you and Us, and it by-passes all of the enemy’s darts and arrows that are flying around, trying to hinder your answers to your prayers.


Why do you think that satan and his imps are trying to get you to believe it has been done away with?  Yup, because he hates Me, and all that I do for you, My little lambs, that need Me, your God, so very much.  I left you for this very reason, so that I could send back to you My Helper, so that He could lead and guide you into all TRUTH, WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE.  I knew I must leave you, but I didn’t want to leave you all alone, so My Father and I loved you, and still love you, so much. We have given to you a precious gift for free, just for the asking and receiving, just as you do with Me, My children, for I AM ETERNAL LIFE, My precious lamb.


For when you receive ME, you have Eternal Life.  Turn away from ME, NO ETERNAL LIFE, for I AM ETERNAL LIFE.  “NO ME, NO LIFE,” it’s just that plain and simple, My children.  You have to be in Me to have ETERNAL LIFE, for ETERNAL LIFE rests in knowing and resting in ME, He who is ETERNAL LIFE, this day.


Why else did I tell you to daily pick up your own cross and come and follow Me?  It is not a one-time event, My people/children, but a continual process, not an event, where you make a confession of faith down at the altar, and then turn around, and continue down the same oh path that you were living just minutes ago.  NO, STOP RUNNING those nails and stakes into My hands and My feet over and over again, My people/children, who say that you LOVE ME, but don’t really even understand Me or My Father God in Heaven.


What I did and paid for on My CROSS was to take the penalty of sin for you and to do away with the LAW of SIN and DEATH, and nothing more and nothing less.  I did not do away with My TEMPLE SACRIFICES, nor did I nail My TORAH / LAW on the cross to be NO MORE, My children, My peoples of every tribe and nations of the world. This is ALL NONSENSE and POPPYCOCK like I said before.

For I also didn’t die to let Myself or God out of the Temple by ripping the great curtain/robe from top to bottom.  Where, My children, do you come up with such nonsense/poppycock?  You have missed the whole point for My dying on the cross for you, My children, of all colors and nationalities.


My purpose and My reasons were to fulfill the promise I made when I entered into COVENANT with your father Abraham back long ago in your Genesis 15:1-21. Read it, study it, and “show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.”

My people who saw Me die knew who I was and what I was doing, but they did not care, for they were too self-absorbed to care anymore because they were full of self-pride, and they were cowards filled with anger and bitterness, that they would rather see someone who was a criminal get set free from some evil crime and Me get all the punishment.  This is how the Scriptures had prophesied it to be, so it had to happen this way.


The Bible is living and active, and it will never stop giving life and life more abundantly to anyone who will read it and accept/apply it for themselves.  For I was rejected and turned over by one of My twelve disciples with a kiss.  How many more this day in your day will likewise reject Me, their ALL-KNOWING God of Heaven and of Earth, this very day.


My children, read My book from cover to cover, first with My Torah, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, and then everything in-between and end with what your Bibles tell you is Revelation.  I tell you, My dearly beloved ones, that if you stay true to Me, your Heavenly Father, I will stay true to you as well, just like in your message you wrote before about Hosea and Gomer.  We too can have a happy ending, God.


Oh, I just want for all you church-going fans out there to know that My Jewish believers knew exactly what it meant when My veil/curtain/robe was torn from top to bottom. They knew just what happened, and no one had to explain to them what had just expired/happened.  Any good Rabbinic Jewish man knew that whenever someone close to them had just breathed his last breath and died that they would RIP the cloth closest to HIS HEART, and that is what God the Father did when I, His Son said, “IT IS FINISHED,” and I took My last breath.  There was a Great Earthquake and the Tearing of the veil.  There was no mistaking what they had just seen or what had just happened or expired. There is no longer any confusion, My people,  and so you now know the rest of the story from My viewpoint, and that is all that matters, God.  @ 11:04 am.


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