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Be My Evidence, My sons and daughters, to this World

Thursday, September 12, 2019 @ 9:30 am.

After I went swimming, I was showering and singing “Aveinu Malkeinu” (“Our Father, Our King”), and then I asked the Lord, “How am I going to prove you to someone?”  The Lord Jesus responds and says back to me this.


Your very existence is proof enough, My child. Just look around you, My Child, My Creation is all the proof and evidence that you need to have.  There is no more or no less of who I Am.  Everything exists because, and of, who I Am.  There is nothing else that you need to know or to to prove.  I Am in all things, and I have created all things.  No one or thing could exist without Me, for I AM that I AM, My dearly beloved daughter of My Torah here and forever, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very day.


Why is it that people are so complicated?  Why can’t they just accept things for the way that they are?  Why can’t they just accept that I AM that I AM, and leave all doubts and fears aside?  Why is it so very difficult for you humans to do?  I know that I have given to you a free choice to decide, but let’s get real here, do you really even believe that nothing out of nothing made something?  Why is it that you can believe something like that (Evolution), but you have such difficulties and doubts to believe in Me the ONLY TRUE GOD of the Universe who has always existed and never ever had a beginning and no end?  You humans have so little faith that you over compensate so much and read into so much of what could be or should be.  Take all of your efforts and leave them aside and rest in Me, your God, your Savior, who came to die and rise again to give and bring to you NEWNESS of LIFE EVERLASTING.


For I am this LIFE EVERLASTING. Without Me in your life, you are no more than dust and dirt as I created you from.  With Me as your Lord and Savior, you get to have life, and life more abundantly, in Me and through Me, your King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  You wonder why people do the things that they do, whether they be a Christian believer in Yeshua/Jesus, or whether they’re not, and here is the reason why, My children/creation:  It is because when you put your faith and trust in Me, your One True Omnipotent Heavenly Father, I come and live on the inside of you and put My Holy Spirit in you to help you, as well as direct your steps.

But what most of My children/believers are still lacking is the power of My Holy Spirit that was given to you on Pentecost, so very long ago in the Upper Room.  Those who obeyed Me and waited were filled with this power. This power of My Spirit, which I poured upon them that day, is still for all of you, My people, today.  It has never died out or been annulled or stopped.  This teaching that it has died out, been annulled or stopped is all a lie from Satan himself and from any one of you pastors, preachers, priests, or evangelists who preach this same nonsense today.


This is why the church and their people are dying and in such need as of the world today.  You really can’t tell the two apart anymore, can you?  My church/believers have lost their way, and it’s about time to take what the devil has robbed from you back and to start living in the promises of Abraham, your earthly Father, that I made covenant with so very long ago while putting him into a deep sleep.  My church people are dying left and right, and this shouldn’t be happening.  My people need to get back to My Torah/Scriptures, and they need to read and believe them and stop picking and choosing which ones sounds good and which ones don’t.  It’s not for you to decide, which ones are Okay and which ones aren’t.


My church/people need to know that if they don’t heed to My teachings and callings, they will die in their sins and not spend eternity with Me and My Father.  For the blessings of Abraham are only for those who are obedient to Me and My Father’s commandments like I told Moses to write down.  I gave them to you on stone tablets there in the wilderness.  There is where I had planned on filling you with My Holy Spirit, but they – as well as you today – rejected (and are rejecting) it/Me, and it is working for your harm, not your good.  For there at Mt. Sinai, 3,000 died for rejecting Me, but then on Pentecost on Mt. Zion, 3, 000 came to life in Me.

In like manner, just as you continue to reject Me, your God, today, people will die and not see Eternal Life in Christ Jesus the Lord and Savior, says God.  You can not live one way to please yourself and not receive or accept My very Holy Spirit, which I sent back for all to receive like on Pentecost, My beloved ones of My Torah/ Scriptures.  For I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, anyone who comes to Me will have life more abundantly and everlasting.  For I am this Life Everlasting.  So when you accept Me as your Savior and choose to live for Me alone, just like the one thief on the cross, you will be with Me in Paradise.


It is who I AM, I AM ETERNAL LIFE.  When you acknowledge Me and REPENT of your old life of sin and shame, you will then become one of My Little Lambs.  Be imitators of Me, My Little Lambs, and be washed and thoroughly cleansed by My blood and by My baptism in water for the remission of your sins this day.  For if not for the shedding of My blood and the cleansing of My life flowing waters of baptism, you cannot enter or see Me, or be with Me, in My Heavenly home in Heaven, or on this Earth in the My Kingdom to come.

This is the way it has always been, My People.  These aren’t new sayings.  Just read My Book of Instructions, My Torah, for they speak of Me and My Words, for they are Me in Totality, in all completeness.  There is nothing that exists that I, your Lord God, has not made.


For I AM the God of all things, and My existence is FOREVER instilled/en-grained in the hearts and lives of all of My Children/People from all parts and nations of the world.  I AM the God who heals you and binds up the broken-hearted.  For there is nothing that I can not do, if you would just put your faith and trust in Me, your Heavenly Father of the Entire Universe.  You have just the right amount of faith you need to see and understand that I AM He that you need to be whole and well.  Stop doubting and denying that I don’t exist because you are only fooling yourself, not anyone else, especially Me, your Creator.


Oh, you might have tried to silence Me by all of your self-righteous tactics, but you, as well as I, know what is real and what is not, My sons and My daughters of My Holy Torah/Scriptures.  My children, My People, stop following your own ways and get back to My Torah, My Holy Word, My very existence of who I am.  I am not a fable or a fairy tale that will be here one day and not the next.  I am not the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy or any other made up notion to bring fake happiness to you, your family and friends, NO double NO, MY People, MY Children, My Creation.  STOP ALL OF YOUR FOOLISHNESS and REPENT and TURN (Heb. TESHUVAH) right now from all of your sins past, present, and those in your future to come, and change your thoughts and ideas, and come bow down before Me, your God, your Elohim. Humble yourselves before your Almighty God of Heaven and of Earth this very day, and choose to live for Me, your Holy, Righteous God and be baptized in water for the remission of your sins that you have committed and be Born Again, like NICODEMUS was.


You, My children, need to be like Me, your Holy God.  You need to be reflecting, My image, not your own.  You are to be living for Christ Jesus, your Messiah, your soon awaited King of Kings and Lord of Lords this day.  Stop looking like the world you live in.  STOP reflecting the world and stand up, and stand out from amongst them and be the LIGHT that I talk about in My Word.  For I AM the Light of the World, so shine brightly, My children/people who say you are My sons and My daughters.


STOP profaning My Holy Name before the world, but let your light shine before men so that they will know that you are one of My sheep who have been found and who is feeding amongst the finer things of life in My Kingdom to come that’s soon and just around the corner, GOD.  @ 10:39 am.


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Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 8:00 am.

I was sleeping and dreaming about a lady opening up a refrigerator.  She took out this strange looking bottle that had different spouts.  As she was pouring it into her baby’s bottles,  I continued to watch and wonder why she was doing it that way.  My mind was just enthralled about the whole situation.  This is where God starts to talk with me.  As I kept laying upon my pillow, not wanting to wake up quite yet, God doesn’t stop impressing upon my heart and mind these words:

You are to SEEK and DESIRE the Sincere milk of the Word of God.  You are to hunger and thirst for MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is the Sincere Milk of Truth.  Don’t allow others to feed and teach you MY WORDS, but seek Me and trust ME to show you and lead you to know what My WORD teaches, what real MILK is.  People say they know what it is, but they DO NOT, says God Almighty.   If they did, their lives would show forth the product of it.  People are dying everyday, thinking and believing they have found what it is, but they have been fooled into believing a lie straight from the father of all lies.

You ask, How can we know what real truth is?  Well, I will tell you the truth, my sons and daughters of MY TORAH.  Seek after ME and follow ME, and I will show you and guide you into this truth that is in MY WORD.  It is not difficult, if people would just put their own doctrines and theologies down and pick up MY VERY WORD for themselves, and seek MY FACE and understanding, and I will give them this Wisdom that will outreach and unlock to them the world.

It is not hard to know ME, says God Almighty.  People complicate My Word,  but it is very simple indeed.  “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”  Yes, you know this song, and it is a very good one indeed.  Why has My people/children stop doing this one thing that makes such great sense?  Why have they given up on doing what My WORD tells them to do?  I wonder why they can’t seem to get their lives together these days?  Could it possibly be because they have left their Creator and God by the wayside to try and do life on their own accord?

Foolish and unwise children you have become.  You are not alone, but you have chosen to be.  You have chosen to do things your own way and turned your back on your Heavenly Father and ME to walk this great big world by yourselves.  How smart do you think that this sounds?  You’re right, not one ounce bit smart indeed.  Oh you foolish and unwise servants of the Most High God.  You say you love ME and MY Father, but you are NO more than whitewashed tombs full of dead man’s bones.

You walk around like you have the world by the tail,  but you are so lost and are just saying you are one of My children, but are deceived and are only deceiving yourselves, because the world can see what you are doing and how you are living.  Open up your eyes and ears today, My people, for time is running out and the door to MY KINGDOM  is soon to be shut.

Don’t let the things of this world get in your way any longer.  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Oh the heart is such a wicked thing and who can trust in it.  Oh ye of little faith, run to the LIGHT while you still have time to do so.  I AM this LIGHT, I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD that I AM speaking about and you sing about.  Trust in ME, for I have great things in store for you, My children, if you leave it ALL behind and pick up your CROSS daily and follow ME into ALL the World, first to the Jew and then to the Greek/Gentiles.

Obey ME, and keep ALL of MY TORAH, from the beginning to the end, and let NO man deceive you any longer.  If I call you out to do something, I will be your provider.  You will not have to beg from NO ONE, EVER.  I AM your Source.  Trust and believe in ME and MY FATHER’S KINGDOM.  For out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, I have ordained strength and praise, and MY WORDS will be accomplished.  For My Children do not, and will not, ever have to beg for food or anything else, says God.  For out of the mouth of two or three witnesses a thing will be established, amen.  Thursday, 8:41 am.


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Tuesday February 20, 2018

The Holy Spirit implanted this into my brain this morning.
I will supply all your NEEDS in and through Christ Jesus.  I tell you the truth, you don’t have to lack for ANY good thing, My daughter/My children, if you put your faith and trust in Me, your Father which art in heaven this day.  Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.  What are you waiting for? There is plenty of available room and space for you to come and rest your weary bodies down upon My floor.


There is never enough time or space to do what you will need to do where you are at, but make sure you take the time to remember to keep My fourth Commandment and rest on the Shabbat (Sabbath) just like I commanded you, so that you can replenish yourselves from such a hard day and week of labor.  Don’t be foolish and say it’s not necessary or it doesn’t make a difference when or what time we rest.  Not true, My people, if you’re going to say you’re one of our kids, you need to be playing by our set of rules.


It is Our Kingdom not yours, My dearly beloved ones.  Who says you get to set the rules of My Kingdom?  Who says you get to place your ideas into when we say things should be done.  I don’t think so, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very Tuesday. My Kingdom, My Rules, and that is how it has always been ran.  A King has always been the one who gives the final direct orders, and that is how it will continue to be when I AM ruling on My Son David’s throne there in Jerusalem one day very soon.  When I tell you this, I expect you to give ear and listen very closely.  My Father and I have set rules from the very beginning, and we expected you and everyone to keep them and to obey them completely.


My Father God and I are one and Our Holy Spirit is your Helper and Comforter.  Unless My Father draws you to Me, you are lost.  Pray that the Holy Spirit draws your family members to Me, so that I can go to them and dine with them.


Unless they are drawn to Me, they will not ever come.  I know you are thinking, “That is not fair.”  Oh really, some people are just pure evil and have wickedness in their hearts, and nothing will move them to Me/Us.  We have tried, but they just won’t bulge or listen. They have such loathsomeness in them and hatred, malice and anger that they can’t see through the glass clearly.  They have blasphemed OUR Holy Name and become bound by the chains of their father Satan, the devil.  Nothing can get these ones out of their pits that they have dug for themselves.


You wicked and cruel generation of vipers, when will you see the truth?  When will you open your eyes and see Me your God, and acknowledge US as your Father and King?  We are the only way into the Kingdom.  All other doors/ways lead only to one place, and that is to hell with the devil and all his imps, and those who he has stolen and taken from Me and My Father which art in Heaven.


They couldn’t have done this, but each and every individual creation of Mine has been given a free choice, and they didn’t make a wise choice, but they listened to the one voice that makes life more easier and pleasant for them, the one that lined up everything to be easier and prettier.  That made their pocket books more plentiful for the here and now.  The one voice that tickles their ears and said, “Let someone else do it; you’re too busy doing life already.”  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” is a nice quote/saying when people use up everything they got and fall on their faces and hit rock bottom.


Sometimes, well, most times, My people/church/children, why do you try to be like everyone else and enjoy your life and luxuries when you know that My Children everywhere are starving and hurting and even dying as you and them are doing their own things you call “relaxing” and just breathing.  Why do you think you deserve to live better than they do or have time to just do nothing?  My time is soon at hand, and I AM not far off.


Does this not concern you at all?  You say, well, you have difficulty and not enough money to make ends meet, so to speak. Are you trusting Me? Are you spending time with Me more than all of the worldly pleasures you enjoy to do on this Facebook and other trinkets you have built up for yourself to idolize and worship, besides your Heavenly Father which art in Heaven?  This is not good, My children, you have lost your FIRST LOVE.

Yes, these things don’t have to be bad, but you make them that way by spending way too much time on them and replacing ME with them.  I tell you the truth, NO matter what lies you feed yourselves, it doesn’t really matter, because they are still lies just the same.  Oh, don’t get ME wrong, there are plenty other things that you also do that leads you away from your Heavenly Father this very day.


Examine yourselves today, and see if there is any wickedness in you.  Clean out the sins in yourself first before going after your brothers and sisters, even your husbands and wives/mothers and fathers, and the list goes on and on, MY friends.  Yes, in My Word, there is a parable where I AM speaking, and I tell you to take the log/plank from your own eye first before taking the pebble/stone out of your brother’s eye.  Get yourself right before Me today, My dearly beloved ones, for your days are already numbered, and you do not know for when your day is up.  Trust Me to say this, for I AM have spoken it, and it shall come to pass sooner than you may think.


I say this not to alarm you, My children, because if you are heeding My voice and obeying My holy commandments, you will see the signs and the times coming and will not be caught off guard.  Be watchful servants, for I tell you the truth, neither death or height nor any principality shall hinder you from seeing My Kingdom, if you wholeheartedly put your faith and trust in Me, your Father in Heaven, this day, says Your God Almighty, who loves you so very much.


There is a COST, though.  You must pick up your CROSS daily and follow ME, and walk in all Godliness and Holiness, and to do this, you MUST KEEP and do EVERYTHING written in MY HOLY SCRIPTURES from Beginning to End, thus saith the Lord God of Israel this very day, says God.   @9:54 am


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