Appreciate What We Have

Chris and I went out walking this morning. It was warmer today than it was yesterday morning, PTL.  I’m trusting everyone has been enjoying their Sunday.  Our freedom is slowly being taken away, so let’s appreciate everything we have, Amen. We need to hold on to what we have in Christ Jesus our L-RD and not take anything for granted.  Today is here, and tomorrow we could all wake up in our eternal home with Father G-D or to a place of everlasting torment. Which one, friends and family, is your destination place. But how will knowing this change your lifestyle? Let’s all take a moment and reflect on your relationship with Jesus Christ and see if we have made the right reservation for the right place we want to be when we shut our eyes for the last time.

What Effects Our Eternity?

Just know that everything we do has an effect on our eternity with G-D. Everything we have is because G-D has allowed us to have it. Everything that we do today will affect our tomorrow, so let’s not waste one more minute. Tell those who you have hurt or offended that you’re truly sorry for what you’ve done and move on.  Let yourself be free of all baggage that you have been holding on to trying to make the guilty party pay for what they’ve done to you. You deserve to be free and happy knowing that you have forgiven others and set the true prisoner free, which is yourself, Amen.  Nothing feels better than being free and having the peace of our loving Savior holding us and telling us,

The Lord’s Statement to the Obedient

Well done, good and faithful servants. Enter into Our KINGDOM. You have finished well and completed the race strong. My child/children.  When we said to continue, you did exactly that, My child/children. You were obedient and you followed My example by picking up your cross daily to follow Me as I picked up My cross and obeyed My Father and died an excruciatingly painful death for each and everyone of you who wants to obey Me by following Me to your own deaths daily.

Life is Not Fair!

Life isn’t fair, My friends and loved ones. If it was, I wouldn’t have had to do what I did on My cross either, but I did because of the promise My Father, and yours too, made to Abraham.  if you have an ongoing relationship with Me and keep and adhere to all my Torah/Commandments this very day (Sunday, September 12, 2021) that you believe is My sabbath day, which it is not.

It is Time for the Deception to End

You my people / children, have been so deceived and disillusioned because of how you have been taught to believe by your pastors and friends of the faith. This is the day and time for it to end, My people. because I have overcome the world, and I am coming back really soon, so stop your doubting and your procrastination before it bites you in your butt/seat. You have had plenty of time to get yourselves ready to meet ME, your King of kings and L-RD of lords, this day.

Who It Is That Are Truly Ready to Meet the L-rd?

I am so excited to meet you and to get to know you, My daughters and My sons. Are you truly ready to meet Me, your Savior and Creator of the entire universe and beyond?  Those who are ready are daily walking the walk and talking about ME and My KINGDOM. They are not just taking life one day at a time to just try and make it with a D- grade. no, but will persevere and press into My Words and study to show themselves approved unto ME, their HOLY G-D, their ELOHIM, their Rock of all ages, their long-awaited KING of ONE Bride. and Israel is her name. If you are My true washed in My blood Bride, you will be born again and baptized in My spirit and in my life-giving flowing waters.

The True Identity of My One and Only Bride

If you do not believe me when I tell you these things, you will not be in my KINGDOM when I return for My bride without spot or wrinkle. My Bride, Israel, is My only bride for Me, My church goers. If you have not been born again and repented by being baptized in water, you will not have a place in or anywhere near Me, nor My Father. do I make myself very crystal clear, My church goers who break My sabbath to only set up a day where you choose to worship Me and My Father up here in Heaven where I make intercession for you and your loved ones?

Teshuvah – The Way Back to God

I never wish that anyone should perish but have everlasting life, Eternal Life, because that is who and what I am, My people who are slow to hear and to obey. Wise up and finish following and doing your own thing, and Repent, Teshuvah. turn your attention and desires back to US and do your first works over, and then pick up your cross and continue this here race that you’ve started and continue it to the finish line where you will pick up your crown of righteousness, and your Father and My Father will say, “Well done. you good and faithful ones! You have received your awards for staying faithful to ME in all of life’s trials and tribulations. Yes. I never promised anyone a rose garden. unless you enjoy the thorns that were shoved down upon my head while being crucified that day over 2000 years ago. I wish none of that upon you. no, but to grow you up and to mature you. yes. these things do and will happen. The test is how you handle them. My children/people? The times and seasons last for a time and how you prepare yourselves determine how long a time you will remain in that testing period.

My Times and Seasons

Seek ME early and seek Me in My designated times and seasons. Seek ME when you wake up, and when you go to sleep and every where in between.  There is no time or place where you shouldn’t be seeking ME for counsel. My thoughts should always be your thoughts, and vice versa. We should always be on the same page since My Torah / Words should always be on your lips 24/7 and never shall depart from you.

Be Wise For the Days Ahead

Do not allow the devil, your adversary, any foothold to come in and steal from the crop you have planted in My Holy Scriptures, My Tanach of your Bibles, you have and our reading to get understanding, knowledge and wisdom from. Children, you need to be wise at all times, for the days up ahead are only going and getting worse, not better. No, we don’t have a “new normal,” we have the Word of G-D, so read it and study it until you are blue in the face, so to speak. Read it, regurgitate it, review it, rehearse it, meditate on it, and, of course, remember to do it and teach others to do it as well.

I Do Not Change – Ever!

My Words are not hard to keep for they bring life and life more abundantly.  In Hebrews 13:8 I make Myself clear to the hearers. I, Jesus Christ, am the same yesterday, today and forever, Amen. I haven’t changed My thinking about anything that My Father sent for Me to teach you, nor will I ever. I am this ETERNAL LIFE that you all seek after today. It is not “a free get out of jail” type of thing in your Monopoly game, but much better than that, My friends. One thing you need to know is that I am this “free gift” you talk about, and then after receiving Me, you divorce Me and return to your same-oh lifestyle that you say or said, I just saved your sorry butts/behinds from. What is that all about, My lazy, sorry, so-called friends, that you say you are.

Are You Born Again?

Which one of you like it when people treat you with disrespect and tell you one thing and then do the total opposite? Exactly, you don’t like it, and the same thing is true with Me, your Creator and L-RD.  If you truly are born again and washed and cleansed by My blood that was shed for you, you will turn from your wicked, sinful behaviors by being baptized in water to be rid and cleansed from all of your sins, and then be forgiven by Me, your Holy, Righteous and Pure spotless Son of G-D, this very day before it’s too late to do so.

The Deception of Many Today Within the Church

Oh, you say, “My grace is sufficient for you,” and now that I died on My cross, you don’t have to do tidily nothing because that would be “works.” Well, I’m telling you right now, through My servant girl, that you’re absolutely wrong, and hearing and believing a lie straight from hell where the devil is not at yet, but he is roaming about to and fro, deceiving the likes of you and anyone who will give ear to his deceptions and twist of scriptures, as he did to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and also to Me in the wilderness.  As well as all of you today who are listening to the lies of your pastors, etc., who teach that Peter’s vision was about food, and not people.  Listening to what man says over My Word/Scriptures.  My Words have been preserved/saved throughout generations and generations by My chosen, elite people who have chosen to believe Me, their G-D, and obeyed Me and kept My Holy Commandments, amen. I know that they haven’t always obeyed Me and kept My sayings to the T, but they are doing more than most of you. My church are today, and that is that they honor My sabbaths and keep My Feasts Holy and set apart unto Me, their Omniscient, all-knowing G-D of heaven and earth. this day.

They Are My Feasts – Not the Jewish Feasts

My only begotten Son full-filled and brought new light upon My spring feasts, not the Jewish feasts. They are Mine and I expect all My creation/children who say they love Me to honor Me by observing them as well. My Fall feasts are upon us now, and they are there to help teach you and bring light upon My only Son’s return for His One True Bride, Israel. Are you going to be part of this Bride, or are you still believing that you’re better than Israel and you have, and are going to, taken her place?

I Have Only One Tree – One People – Israel

You need to rethink your response/answer, My so-called church-goers because there is only One Tree. and if you are not connected to it, you will not enter into the Kingdom of G-D.  This Tree is Israel, and if G-D can prune off the natural/original branches, and then bring them back how much more can He prune off the engrafted ones like you and Me, and remove us from not being obedient, faithful servants in His Kingdom. We are not any better than the natural ones since we are all important and have our own special purposes and positions in G-D’S Kingdom, Amen.

Why Do You Continue To Profane My Name?

Stop profaning My name by keeping other pagan holidays when my Word tells you not to do anything that the pagans do to worship their gods. “Remember” means exactly that. We are to “remember the sabbath and keep it Holy,” not change the day to please yourselves and make it more convenient. If I, G-D, am truly is who I say that I am, then you will respect and reverence My Holy Scripture and do what I say, even when it is not easy or convenient to do so, Amen.


The L-RD says to us that we should be this light on top of the mountaintop that we can see clearly and feel awe upon. We need to gaze upon His goodness and say, This is the day that the L-RD G-D ELOHIM has made and be glad and rejoice in it,” and shout and blow our shofars/trumpets, for soon and very soon, we are going to see our KING YESHUA HA MASCHIACH. JESUS CHRIST, OUR L-RD and Savior, Amen. Time 4:30pm Sunday September 12,2021.


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