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This series of blogs will share what God said regarding Messiah’s return and how to prepare for it.


Tuesday February 20, 2018

The Holy Spirit implanted this into my brain this morning.
I will supply all your NEEDS in and through Christ Jesus.  I tell you the truth, you don’t have to lack for ANY good thing, My daughter/My children, if you put your faith and trust in Me, your Father which art in heaven this day.  Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.  What are you waiting for? There is plenty of available room and space for you to come and rest your weary bodies down upon My floor.


There is never enough time or space to do what you will need to do where you are at, but make sure you take the time to remember to keep My fourth Commandment and rest on the Shabbat (Sabbath) just like I commanded you, so that you can replenish yourselves from such a hard day and week of labor.  Don’t be foolish and say it’s not necessary or it doesn’t make a difference when or what time we rest.  Not true, My people, if you’re going to say you’re one of our kids, you need to be playing by our set of rules.


It is Our Kingdom not yours, My dearly beloved ones.  Who says you get to set the rules of My Kingdom?  Who says you get to place your ideas into when we say things should be done.  I don’t think so, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very Tuesday. My Kingdom, My Rules, and that is how it has always been ran.  A King has always been the one who gives the final direct orders, and that is how it will continue to be when I AM ruling on My Son David’s throne there in Jerusalem one day very soon.  When I tell you this, I expect you to give ear and listen very closely.  My Father and I have set rules from the very beginning, and we expected you and everyone to keep them and to obey them completely.


My Father God and I are one and Our Holy Spirit is your Helper and Comforter.  Unless My Father draws you to Me, you are lost.  Pray that the Holy Spirit draws your family members to Me, so that I can go to them and dine with them.


Unless they are drawn to Me, they will not ever come.  I know you are thinking, “That is not fair.”  Oh really, some people are just pure evil and have wickedness in their hearts, and nothing will move them to Me/Us.  We have tried, but they just won’t bulge or listen. They have such loathsomeness in them and hatred, malice and anger that they can’t see through the glass clearly.  They have blasphemed OUR Holy Name and become bound by the chains of their father Satan, the devil.  Nothing can get these ones out of their pits that they have dug for themselves.


You wicked and cruel generation of vipers, when will you see the truth?  When will you open your eyes and see Me your God, and acknowledge US as your Father and King?  We are the only way into the Kingdom.  All other doors/ways lead only to one place, and that is to hell with the devil and all his imps, and those who he has stolen and taken from Me and My Father which art in Heaven.


They couldn’t have done this, but each and every individual creation of Mine has been given a free choice, and they didn’t make a wise choice, but they listened to the one voice that makes life more easier and pleasant for them, the one that lined up everything to be easier and prettier.  That made their pocket books more plentiful for the here and now.  The one voice that tickles their ears and said, “Let someone else do it; you’re too busy doing life already.”  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” is a nice quote/saying when people use up everything they got and fall on their faces and hit rock bottom.


Sometimes, well, most times, My people/church/children, why do you try to be like everyone else and enjoy your life and luxuries when you know that My Children everywhere are starving and hurting and even dying as you and them are doing their own things you call “relaxing” and just breathing.  Why do you think you deserve to live better than they do or have time to just do nothing?  My time is soon at hand, and I AM not far off.


Does this not concern you at all?  You say, well, you have difficulty and not enough money to make ends meet, so to speak. Are you trusting Me? Are you spending time with Me more than all of the worldly pleasures you enjoy to do on this Facebook and other trinkets you have built up for yourself to idolize and worship, besides your Heavenly Father which art in Heaven?  This is not good, My children, you have lost your FIRST LOVE.

Yes, these things don’t have to be bad, but you make them that way by spending way too much time on them and replacing ME with them.  I tell you the truth, NO matter what lies you feed yourselves, it doesn’t really matter, because they are still lies just the same.  Oh, don’t get ME wrong, there are plenty other things that you also do that leads you away from your Heavenly Father this very day.


Examine yourselves today, and see if there is any wickedness in you.  Clean out the sins in yourself first before going after your brothers and sisters, even your husbands and wives/mothers and fathers, and the list goes on and on, MY friends.  Yes, in My Word, there is a parable where I AM speaking, and I tell you to take the log/plank from your own eye first before taking the pebble/stone out of your brother’s eye.  Get yourself right before Me today, My dearly beloved ones, for your days are already numbered, and you do not know for when your day is up.  Trust Me to say this, for I AM have spoken it, and it shall come to pass sooner than you may think.


I say this not to alarm you, My children, because if you are heeding My voice and obeying My holy commandments, you will see the signs and the times coming and will not be caught off guard.  Be watchful servants, for I tell you the truth, neither death or height nor any principality shall hinder you from seeing My Kingdom, if you wholeheartedly put your faith and trust in Me, your Father in Heaven, this day, says Your God Almighty, who loves you so very much.


There is a COST, though.  You must pick up your CROSS daily and follow ME, and walk in all Godliness and Holiness, and to do this, you MUST KEEP and do EVERYTHING written in MY HOLY SCRIPTURES from Beginning to End, thus saith the Lord God of Israel this very day, says God.   @9:54 am


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Come to Me, ALL of You Who are Heavy Laden!

Sunday, January 28, 2018 @ 5:23 am


“Come to me, all of you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  “Trust me, your God, for I know your future from the very beginning.   I knew you before your mother gave birth to you.  How marvelous you are to Me and My Father.   I hold the whole universe in My hands.  There is nothing that I cannot do for you, My child.  Yes, I have healed you, and yes, I want to continue to heal and restore each and every one you come in contact with to show My love and faithfulness to a thousand generations.


I am a loving Father, and I love to bestow good gifts upon My children who call out to Me.  I am no respecter of persons.  For I do love each one of you, I do.  Some of you have done much in pleasing Me and My Father which art in Heaven.  You have come to Me on bended knees and proclaimed your love for Us and have desired the good things from My Words.  You have chosen the riches from My Words.  The treasure will I pour out of My heart to you this day.  For you have found favor with God and with man.


I have anointed you for such a time as this. Don’t be afraid and doubt, for verily I say unto you, My son and My daughter of My Torah, I do want to bless you two exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ask or think or even imagine.  I want for you to keep trusting and obeying your Heavenly Father to give you the desires of your heart’s cry.  Nothing is out of our reach, so desire BIG and ask for whatever you want, for you are My children, and you are precious in our sight, and you are doing a great job.  You have been faithful in the small tasks, so here I am wanting to bless you like any good Father does His children who are obedient and honors and obeys his father and mother.


What father or mother wouldn’t lay down for their child if they could save its life?  That My son and daughter is exactly what I did for you the day so long ago on the Hill of Golgotha.  I cried out to My Father and said, “If there is any other way.  Not My Will, but your will be done.”  I knew there was no other way, but I just knew the path was here, and I needed My Father, for I knew My death would break His heart.  But He loved His creation so very much that He was willing to allow His one and only Son to be put to such a cruel death for the sake of winning you all back from the sin that happened in the garden so long ago.


Trust Me, nothing hurts My Father and your Father more than to see one of His children hurting.  But listen to Me, it is not feasible to think that We can fix everything like you think We can.  Even though My one and only Son died for you, you still live in a broken down world that is corrupted by sin, guilt and shame.  We can heal and We do, but it is your choice to believe and trust and have the faith of that tiny mustard seed.  You’ve seen how tall that bush/tree can grow.  Just call out to Us and without doubting, and trust Us that We want to make your life full to overflowing.  Don’t get all wrapped up in the if’s what’s and how’s that it comes to be.  That is beyond your intellect.


Remember to not forget to read, study and regurgitate My Words I have set in front of you.  Obey them, follow them, ponder on them, and memorize them for there comes a day when you will not have them with you.  Oh what a sad day when that day arrives.  So many of My children will not make it, for out of fear and disbelief, they will take the mark that I have told them not to take.


They don’t take Me seriously, but I tell you the truth, in that day you will wish you hadn’t ever been born.  It is a terrible, terrible day, so prepare yourselves and don’t listen to teachers who try to water down the truth to pack their wallets and make for themselves treasures here on this earth.  They have their reward already.  Woe to them who lead My lambs astray.  They will account for their actions on that great day which is not far from you, My children of My TORAH, who are faithful to My words and believe them and teach others to obey and follow as well.


My dear children, hold on to your faith, even when it gets hard and even harder for that day is soon approaching.  I love you so much.  My relationship with My children needs to grow and grow as the day approaches, for you will need to hear My sweet voice calling you to come home, you who are faithful servants of My Kingdom.  Yes, I am going to be reigning on My Father’s throne in My holy city Jerusalem one day very soon.  Don’t be alarmed, but trust Me that what I tell you is truth, thus says God.   Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 6:17 am.

“It’s Time to Get Real, My People”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015
7:21 am

Awake, arise, O My people.  Sing a new song unto Me.  Delight in My word, says God, and I will make you to arise and soar like the eagles.  Know that I am God, and that I delight to do and give good gifts to My children.  You choose to delight in Me and are obedient to Me, says the Lord.

Don’t say you love Me, says God, and then continue to keep sinning against Me.  You say you love Me, but you keep not following what I have put into your hearts.  I need for My people, My children, to walk before Me with a pure heart, mind and soul.  Nothing wavering, nothing left undone. I desire for My people to praise Me and to magnify Me with shouts of praise, lifting up holy hands unto Me.
Do not say, I don’t have to because God knows My heart; RUBBISH, not so My children.  Yes, I do know you from top to bottom, and I even know the number of hairs on your head, but I give you free choice to do as you so desire.  I spoke the world into existence.  You may think you are fooling others, but you don’t fool Me, says God Almighty.
You do say the truth when you say that I know your thoughts and the intents of your hearts, but that makes you sound holy and wise.  Don’t deceive yourself to believe that this is who you are because you’re wrong.  If you can’t speak it out loud and can’t profess Me before others, neither will I proclaim or profess you before My Father, which is in heaven.  It is time to stop playing around and pretending that something is true when it is not.  Because time is short and playing with fire is VERY dangerous.  You will get burned.  Stay away from fire as it will consume you, and take your very life from you, My children.
Remember when I spoke of the 10 virgins, only 5 came in unto Me, because the other 5 weren’t prepared.  So I’m telling you the truth, prepare yourselves.  Get up off of your warming pews and seats, and be obedient unto Me, because I want to start a new fire in your soul today, and this is My life boat to you.  Don’t pass it up because My time is so short, My people, and I love you and want none of My sheep who hear My voice, from the least to the greatest, to be turned away from the very throne of God and say, “I never knew you, depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity.”  8:00 am


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“A People I Have Called Out & Separated” (Part 1)

The following is a message God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015

I love a people that I have called out and have separated from all others for such a time as this.  A people who is without spot or blemish.  A people who knows Me and trusts Me to do exactly what I have called them to do and say.  Allow Me to teach you and to instruct you in all truths and bring you into the ways that I will show you.  Take up My cross daily, and let Me show you that I am good, says God.  Taste of Me and I will show you many things that are coming.  Eat of Me, and I will let you into My very secrets and mysteries of My kingdom.  Don’t slumber or sleep, for I am looking and wanting a people to stay alert and watch.  Don’t put your candle out, for I am telling you to be watching and waiting.

Wake up and proclaim My truths, says God.  Sound an alarm in My holy mountain.  Don’t let down your voice.  Shout and make known My coming is nigh, My people.  Waste no time sleeping, because I need you to prepare yourselves and to be ready.  Anoint yourselves with oil, for a new day is to begin.  Anoint yourselves, My children, make fresh what I have started in you.  Rejoice and be glad for I am coming soon to a people who are steadfast and prepared.  I am a mighty God and I reign on high with a mighty, outstretched hand.

I come in force and in power and strength.  Get yourself up and get yourselves in one accord, because we will be coming together to celebrate the One who has gone on before us to fight for us, the Great I AM.  Come now and reason together with Me, says God.  Come before Me and bow down and worship Me.  Come before Me with Psalms and praises and hymns in one accord.  Let your voice shout out to Me and lift your voice to the Great and Mighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Exalt Me and praise Me, glorify Me with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Reach for Me and seek Me.  I love you and am not hard to find.  Stretch out your arms to Me and give Me praise and adore Me.  Don’t let people detour you from what is important to My heart.  It doesn’t matter what they do, think, or say; all that matters is what I say, children.  Children seek to please their fathers, so be like little children, because they don’t care what is going on around them, they just do what I ask when I ask them to do it.  Let Me shape you and refine you into what I want you to be.  It has never been about you, My dear beloved ones.  It has always been about what I desire you to be, and how and what part I have chosen for you in My kingdom.

So don’t be ashamed of what you have done for if you had known like I have known, you would have kept yourselves clean and pure.  Turn away from what was sin and repent, and do your first works over, and purify yourselves and come follow Me to where you will always stay safe and secure in My wings. (2:38am)


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