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This series of blogs will share what God said regarding Messiah’s return and how to prepare for it.

“It’s Time to Get Real, My People”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015

Awake, arise, O My people.  Sing a new song unto Me.  Delight in My word, says God, and I will make you to arise and soar like the eagles.  Know that I am God, and that I delight to do and give good gifts to My children.  You choose to delight in Me and are obedient to Me, says the Lord.

Don’t say you love Me, says God, and then continue to keep sinning against Me.  You say you love Me, but you keep not following what I have put into your hearts.  I need for My people, My children, to walk before Me with a pure heart, mind and soul.  Nothing wavering, nothing left undone. I desire for My people to praise Me and to magnify Me with shouts of praise, lifting up holy hands unto Me.
Do not say, I don’t have to because God knows My heart; RUBBISH, not so My children.  Yes, I do know you from top to bottom, and I even know the number of hairs on your head, but I give you free choice to do as you so desire.  I spoke the world into existence.  You may think you are fooling others, but you don’t fool Me, says God Almighty.
You do say the truth when you say that I know your thoughts and the intents of your hearts, but that makes you sound holy and wise.  Don’t deceive yourself to believe that this is who you are because you’re wrong.  If you can’t speak it out loud and can’t profess Me before others, neither will I proclaim or profess you before My Father, which is in heaven.  It is time to stop playing around and pretending that something is true when it is not.  Because time is short and playing with fire is VERY dangerous.  You will get burned.  Stay away from fire as it will consume you, and take your very life from you, My children.
Remember when I spoke of the 10 virgins, only 5 came in unto Me, because the other 5 weren’t prepared.  So I’m telling you the truth, prepare yourselves.  Get up off of your warming pews and seats, and be obedient unto Me, because I want to start a new fire in your soul today, and this is My life boat to you.  Don’t pass it up because My time is so short, My people, and I love you and want none of My sheep who hear My voice, from the least to the greatest, to be turned away from the very throne of God and say, “I never knew you, depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity.”  8:00am


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“A People I Have Called Out & Separated” (Part 1)

The following is a message God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015

I love a people that I have called out and have separated from all others for such a time as this.  A people who is without spot or blemish.  A people who knows Me and trusts Me to do exactly what I have called them to do and say.  Allow Me to teach you and to instruct you in all truths and bring you into the ways that I will show you.  Take up My cross daily, and let Me show you that I am good, says God.  Taste of Me and I will show you many things that are coming.  Eat of Me, and I will let you into My very secrets and mysteries of My kingdom.  Don’t slumber or sleep, for I am looking and wanting a people to stay alert and watch.  Don’t put your candle out, for I am telling you to be watching and waiting.

Wake up and proclaim My truths, says God.  Sound an alarm in My holy mountain.  Don’t let down your voice.  Shout and make known My coming is nigh, My people.  Waste no time sleeping, because I need you to prepare yourselves and to be ready.  Anoint yourselves with oil, for a new day is to begin.  Anoint yourselves, My children, make fresh what I have started in you.  Rejoice and be glad for I am coming soon to a people who are steadfast and prepared.  I am a mighty God and I reign on high with a mighty, outstretched hand.

I come in force and in power and strength.  Get yourself up and get yourselves in one accord, because we will be coming together to celebrate the One who has gone on before us to fight for us, the Great I AM.  Come now and reason together with Me, says God.  Come before Me and bow down and worship Me.  Come before Me with Psalms and praises and hymns in one accord.  Let your voice shout out to Me and lift your voice to the Great and Mighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Exalt Me and praise Me, glorify Me with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Reach for Me and seek Me.  I love you and am not hard to find.  Stretch out your arms to Me and give Me praise and adore Me.  Don’t let people detour you from what is important to My heart.  It doesn’t matter what they do, think, or say; all that matters is what I say, children.  Children seek to please their fathers, so be like little children, because they don’t care what is going on around them, they just do what I ask when I ask them to do it.  Let Me shape you and refine you into what I want you to be.  It has never been about you, My dear beloved ones.  It has always been about what I desire you to be, and how and what part I have chosen for you in My kingdom.

So don’t be ashamed of what you have done for if you had known like I have known, you would have kept yourselves clean and pure.  Turn away from what was sin and repent, and do your first works over, and purify yourselves and come follow Me to where you will always stay safe and secure in My wings. (2:38am)


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