The Holy Spirit wakes me up and says,


I AM THIS LIGHT OF THE WORLD that Hanukkah is all about, MY so-called church and Messianic people/believers who are dabbling in both worlds at the same time, and I am not happy with you at all. My True-blue Jewish brothers and sisters know and keep My Torah and Commandments, and I am so proud of them.


They have still much to learn from you, My church, My living, breathing Temples, that you supposedly are who know of ME, your Messiah/Ha Mashiach, but how will they ever know, if you who know Me don’t follow Me, the TORAH made flesh? Yes, I am the TORAH, I am the LAW OF MOSES/Mosheh that some of you hate hearing about because you have been programmed to believe that it was why My Father had Me, His Son, His only begotten Son, die upon a cruel, horrendous, wicked, cruel cross almost 2,000 years ago to keep a promise to your Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Your theology stinks My so-called church of today. You are teaching and preaching blasphemy and doctrines of men just as some of the Pharisees and Religious leaders of My day did.


This is another reason why My Father had Me, His Son, to come when I did as well. Not to start another revolution or another “Testament” like you have done, but to keep My Father’s promises to your ancestors in your Bibles, you say that you believe in, but today I really doubt that you truly do anymore, except the parts you believe are about Me removing you through a secret rapture that has been made up and you have started teaching it by reading what you called the Bible out of context.


My Holy Tanach in My HOLY SCRIPTURES states that I am coming back for My Holy set-apart Bride, ISRA’EL, who is preparing herself for her husband to be. My church, if you are not part of ISRA’EL, and keeping both the faith of Yeshua, My Son, and all of My Commandments, all 613 to be exact, plus more, by what you claim I did away with by My humiliation and debilitating torture of My cross so long ago.


You, My church people of today, don’t even really care about what I went through, but all you care about is what you don’t want to go through because you are all selfish and proudful and arrogant children, who just wants to be pampered and told by their teachers and preachers and public speakers, like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer, how good they are and how they can have their BEST LIFE NOW by just claiming it and naming it for themselves, and it will magically happen and appear.  These false teachings and the health and wealth and prosperity message is from the devil, My church people.


The only way you will come to blessings with Me is by keeping in Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, My servants who I called to walk alongside of Me and to keep and follow all that I commanded them to do and to say. If you do not keep in Covenant with Me, as they kept Covenant with Me, you will not have a place in My Kingdom, says your L-RD G-D of ISRA’EL, this 3rd day of Hanukkah in your land where you live in today. This is no accident or coincidence that I have you or anyone in your family right where you are at for this time and season. Know that I am using each and every one for MY PURPOSE to bring MY GLORY to the earth, My Footstool, My Church, who says that they love Me.  But do you really love Me, or are you just saying that to make yourselves feel and look good?  I already know your hearts remember, My creation/people/church of today.  You speak with a forked tongue. You care more about yourself than Me and My Words/Torah/My Laws than you ever have about Me, your Holy set-apart G-D, ADONAI.


You know that you wouldn’t really ever die for Me, unless you were forced to deny Me, and then so many of you, yes, so many would deny Me out of hunger and family being tortured like in My days and before, and yes, even in times coming up when you will be required to take a mark on your right hand or on your forehead just to get a piece of bread to not die. To be able to live and not die, you will have to deny Me, your Savior, Yeshua/Jesus Christ. Just like in the times of Judah Maccabees and his father Matthias and all of their soldiers in the army hiding in the caves on the Sabbath. They were trusting and obeying what I had taught them in the Holy Tanach/Scripture/TORAH. They were staying faithful to Me and MY FATHER G-D. They later learned that they needed to do something for themselves. They needed to put some actions behind their words and stand up against their enemy, like David did that day with the Philistines Goliath and trust Me, His ADONAI, who he had always trusted in as a Shepherd boy watching over his father’s sheep in the field.

Then there was also Moses who I had called as a small baby and how I saved him by the same people that were trying to take his very life. I say you are not alone; you are being taken care of by Me, your G-D, Creator of the Universe here and forever.  Know that I am G-D; there is no one else ever, but dead stones, wood and bricks, glass and mortar.


I AM that I AM, says your L-RD G-D, ADONAI. I have placed the sun, moon and stars into your galaxy, and I hold everything and everyone in the palms of My Hands, says ELOHIM your Creator/G-D. Now who do you think you are to tell Me how to run My KINGDOM?  I will do as I see fit without your approval because I AM your ELOHIM, your Creator and KING of all kings.  I am everything you will ever need and some more.  I will not have you believing that what you are being taught in your churches today is all right with Me because it’s not. You are, or may be, teaching about who you think I am, but it is not Me at all because you teach a Jesus that is compliant to all the things MY HOLY BIBLE/TANACH/ SCRIPTURES teach against as idolatry and fornification as well as blasphemy against My Holy Spirit to say a few. You break MY SABBATH DAY to appease yourselves, and you say all days are considered the same because of your illiterate selves who misquote Paul/Saul words out of context, even after Peter warns you about his hard words.


You, ignorant people of today, who would rather have your unkosher stuff that pleases your own palates/stomachs than to keep obedient to MY HOLY SCRIPTURES.  You all are whitewashed tombs, and you are starting to really stink of death, and you’re not even aware of it because you are so blind, like Bartimaeus used to be before I healed him by the Temple that day. Oh, how the religious leaders were very mad and upset. They would rather help one of their animals out of a ditch on the Sabbath Day than to heal him, a son of Abraham, who they claim to preach about and who they also say that they teach about on the Sabbath day on Moses’ seat-in their Synagogues every Sabbath.


I am the Light of the world, My people/church. Throw out your old concepts of who you think I am and start today reading and studying My Torah for yourselves and see that I am good and Holy. See that I never ever said anything about deleting My Father’s Laws that He has written and gave to Moses/Mosheh for you to keep and to remember, even right now in your hearing.  Nothing was done away, except for the Law of Sin and death on My Cross for you, My dearly beloved ones who My Father and I love so much to allow such an act of death to happen to keep the promises and covenant we made with your Father Abraham back in the Five Books of Moses called the Torah, Genesis 15.


We are still keeping Covenant with Him this day and we expect for you to do so, too. This relationship is what We depend upon. Nothing has stopped My church people. I am coming back to My church, My bride, who continues to be faithful to Me and who is set apart from the world, not one who has fit herself in with the world and says she is winning souls for Me. I tell you if you are not different from the world, you are and never will be called My BRIDE ISRA’EL.  For I have only one Bride, church, not two. So if you have not been engrafted into My One olive tree, you will never see My Kingdom, says the L-RD G-D of ISRA’EL. My path/road is a narrow path, and few are they that will find it.  For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone to enter the Kingdom of G-D this very day.


Keep trusting, keep believing, but mostly keep being obedient to My Commandments and follow them and keep and do them to the very end of your race here on the earth where you live. There is nothing too hard for you, My church-going people. Stop your profaning My Holy name. Stop using it to benefit your pocketbooks and wallets. Stop misusing it to teach others how to get prosperity without keeping covenant and obedience to Me, your Holy G-D.  Stop using a different Jesus and proclaim Me as THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.  Live for Me every day, whether no one comes to church or not. Just like My two children did back in the church I planted them in back in Arizona on the REZ that no one has heard about. I am not dead anymore since My Father kept His Promise and after three days and three nights in the tomb, He resurrected Me back to Him. It is no fairytale, but it happened just as it is written down in your Hebrew and Greek Bibles, My Tanach/Holy Scriptures.  You have everything at your disposal to learn and study about Me, your G-D.  What are you doing today about it?  What are you doing with My Son? What are you doing today about teaching others about My love for them? Are you going to be able to hear, “Well done, My good and faithful servant”? Or will you hear, “depart from Me, you wicked one who practiced lawlessness and have perverted My Holy name, which is Higher than any other name above Heaven and Earth today.


My church, listen up and listen up good: For it is you who is holding back My returning to your earth this day. You are not teaching or preaching what it is that will make My chosen Bride ISRAEL jealous. You have been lied to by your so-called prophets and bishops that you care more about than Me, your Holy, Omnipotent G-D of the Universe, here and today.


Stop listening to them and open up your hearts before Me, your G-D, Repent and deny yourselves of all that is unholy and unrighteous, like this Hanukkah story that did happen in what used to be in your Bibles, and man decided that it should be removed, not I, your G-D HASHEM. I tell you the truth this day that some of you are keeping and remembering I was with them, the Maccabees, fighting the wicked Syrians and Greeks.  I was with them keeping My people alive to bring Light back to My Holy Temple where I was walking around on Solomon’s colonnade proclaiming that I was the Light of the world and soon coming King. They were blinded, so most of them could not understand Me nor My Father in Heaven, who I was brought here to proclaim and to bring Light back to.  For they had become so very dull of hearing, and their hearts so very cold.


I was there outside the Temple walls declaring My love for them all. The people could not recognize Me from all their preconceived ideas of Me. For they hated Me because I spoke with such boldness. I didn’t say anything to where they should hate Me so, for I did only as My Father told Me to speak.  I was there on Solomon’s porch because I was there out of love for My people ISRA’EL and proclaiming My LIGHT to My Jewish brothers and sisters who fought well and were obedient to the G-D of their Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were truly blessed and obedient. I came to bring back this LIGHT to My people, who have been blinded by their religion, just as you, My church, today is. Stop comparing yourselves better than them because you’re not. You are just as blind as they were in My day.


Open up your hearts and doors this Hanukkah season and discover how much you can learn from the Maccabees who fought well and conquered the Seleucid Greeks and were then able to rededicate the Temple and relight the MENORAH and then keep My Holy festival of Booths in remembrance of Me their KING, amen.  You too are commanded to keep the feasts of your Kings, so start by Lightning and being the Light to the world all around you this day, G-D


“This little light of mine I’m going to let it shine” is a beautiful song that I learned as a child. This song never grows old and everyone young and old can be part of the blessing amen.

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