Prayer, Faith and Obedience: God’s Tools for Developing our Lives

        Today , as I awoke from my sleep, I prepared to go out into the world to conquer a battle/struggle within me.  As I was getting myself dressed for this job I felt pressed to do, I began by asking God,
“Why is it that life is so hard and difficult?”
“Because child, you allow things to get inside you that should’ve never been allowed to be there in the first place.”
I said,  “Father what do you mean?”
“Every time you forget to pray or study my Words or keep a promise that you said you would, you open up a door for the enemy to come inside and start stealing from you.”
Wow! God I’m so sorry.  So, Father, life is hard and crazy because of what I’ve done and not done, is this right?
        The Lord told me as I was outside working with my shovel digging out the weeds that have seemed to come up so plentiful in our yard here on the Rez.  As I’m digging one out, I’m looking around and pondering about what the Lord might be wanting to show me.
Lord, do you see me as a weed?  Is my life a weed?  Has sin got such a grip on me, to where it has taken up room and board, just as these weeds have such deep roots in the ground below?  God, please show me?  Help me God to ask for your help?  Help me, Father, to not allow for sin, not even just a little white lie to take root as these weeds do.
        Weeds, as well as sin, can look pretty or even taste good for a season or time.  But what happens though is that it doesn’t last.  Sin eventually comes to the surface and makes itself visible to the eyes, and others find out, and then it is never as pretty or fun anymore.  People get hurt and lives are changed forever by what just looked like something small and insufficient to others.  We start off  thinking, no one will find out, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, but this way of thinking is so devastating and not honest or true, because it does hurt somebody.  That somebody is yourself in the end, as well as everyone that you say you love.
        When we allow sin to fester in our lives. it makes it more difficult for ourselves to deal with it, as well as take care of the root issues.   Prayer is the best weapon we have to fight against the enemy in our lives.  Satan tries his hardest to put road blocks up in our lives. He (Satan) likes to put up road block in our life, so that he can keep us busy so we won’t keep our feet on the right path.  God through His Holy Spirit tries to prick our hearts to turn us around and go the right direction, but sins’ roots just seems to be so deep that we can’t hear His still small loving voice.  Sin likes to hang around and just keeps playing around with our minds, making itself look so beautiful to our eyes, and for a time it is, but it never really lasts.
        When sin reveals it ugly self, it’s never pretty, and it always brings guilt and shame with it.  It always has a tag price on it.  Sin drags us down and puts walls up between those we love.  This was not what God had intended for His children to have to deal with.  Not only does it bring the  shame and guilt, but along with it, it causes resentment, bitterness, as well as offenses to build up between married people, family, friends as well. `This is why prayer is essential to a Christian’s life.
        Prayer and a relationship with Jesus is what pulls down the strongholds that get built up.  Sometimes we aren’t even aware that it is what they are.  That’s how good the devil is at his games.  He’s been a deceiver of the brethren for a very long time.  He has had a heck of a lot of practice at ruining people’s lives for the cause of making our Heavenly Father’s heart to be broken.
        Sometimes, I believe that we give way to much credit to the devil.  I believe that if we would just stop and ponder upon our thoughts for just a minute, and think about someone other than ourselves and who we might be hurting by doing this action, we may just stop it all together.  Unfortunately, too many times, we just do things without weighing the cost of the what if’s, because it’s easier to ask for forgiveness after the fact of enjoying our own pleasures of sin.  Oh how does it go, “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission”?  This is the cowardly thing to do, because we know first hand that permission will never be granted.   My prayer is that we would take into consideration and account for who we would be hurting or what we would be doing, and stop this merry-go-round effect from happening in the first place.  I know that this is wishful thinking, but really why can’t we all just grow up and be the responsible adults that we claim ourselves to be.  God, warns us in His Word to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.
        Prayer is what it takes to come into a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father God, so that we don’t keep continuing to fall for his traps and schemes.   I’ve heard and talked with someone not long ago who said, “Everytime I try serving God and living right, something bad happens.”  I told this person I could relate because just not long ago, I felt the same way myself.  I then proceeded to say the life changer for me was when I came to the understanding that this is how God builds our FAITH.  When we ask God to increase our faith, He uses us to do it with. He takes from our inner most being and just like the potter’s wheel, he molds us and shapes us into a new creation, so that when He is finished,  He can see His reflection in us.
        This isn’t anything how I had been taught growing up, and at the time didn’t understand why all this bad stuff was happening to me and to my family.  Instead of seeing it as a good thing, I saw it as God punishing me, so I stopped seeking God because I thought this was too hard.  What I didn’t understand was that God loves me so much that He was trying to grow my faith, just like I had asked Him to, lol!  I didn’t understand that it was a process of growth.  I thought it was just something God gave you because He loves you and I, and God does love us more than we’ll ever know.  So now knowing this, it all makes since why every time I would seek Him out and ask Him to change me and help grow my faith, that all this junk would come to the surface and haunt me, lol!  It wasn’t because God didn’t love me but just the total opposite.  Unfortunately this person I had the opportunity to share with wasn’t ready at that moment to take the plunge as I had done,  but soon I’m praying.
        We all have the right to free choice but time is running out, so it’s important that we don’t linger too long on the fence or wide road.  We aren’t promised tomorrow, so don’t play with fire and get burnt.  Fire is very hot, and we were right next to a big one last night.  The heat was intense.  No way do I want to burn in it for all of eternity in hell.  We all have to come to the understanding that this following Jesus thing isn’t a game or a crutch to lean on when times are bad.  We do need to lean on Jesus, but not like it’s a magic potion that if we say “Hocus Pocus” or “Abra Cadabra.” we are going to get whatever we ask for.  It doesn’t work like that.
        If this is how it did happen, we as people, as God’s children, would never grow or mature in our walk with our King of Kings. What I know is that going to Jerusalem back last August changed our lives forever.  Not just for Chris and myself, but for our children as well.  Things that I would’ve never knew or understood have been made clearer to us. Things that the enemy wanted to stay hidden have been revealed.  This is all because of prayer and study of God’s Torah/Scripture.  We are not only to read it, but we are also to Keep the whole Torah/Scripture and to follow God’s Holy Word.  All of this is part of worship to God Almighty.
        Sometimes we think the only time we worship is when we go to church, but this is so false. The way we live outside of the four walls of the church or assembly is also worship before our Heavenly Father.  God has taught me that we are living and walking imitators of Himself when we confess and obey Him as Lord and Savior of our lives here on this earth.  Because of this, it is our duty to live and do this well, so we don’t lead anyone astray so that they will not fall away from serving God.  I’m a firm believer in prayer and I’ve seen what it can do.  It changes the lives, as well as the circumstances, around me, my family and my friends.  (June 28, 2017, 5:35 pm)

Prayer Insight

This brings to light a whole new look at Daniel. He went against the King’s orders and prayed three times a day. Because of his obedience and faithfulness to His One true God, God saved Him from being eaten alive by the hungry lions in the den. It says here that “I will call upon God and the Lord SHALL save me.”  Not maybe, or if I’m good enough, NO. But “Shall” means “He will.”  I really like this because David had the confidence of knowing and trusting God from experience.  Just like Daniel in the lion’s den, David also prayed three times a day and God answered his prayers.  So Daniel, like David, knew if he would keep obedient to God and not follow the law King Nebuchadnezzar signed telling people not to pray, that God would be faithful to honor and keep His promises to him as in times past.

Wow! I like this tenacity that Daniel and David took as well as others.  My prayer is that I too would be strong enough in my faith with my King Jesus to take this kind of spunk and do what God advises over this earthly King.   God revealed this to me after my hubby preached yesterday on prayer.  It is so important to read, study and apply everything to our lives daily so that we can grow and put forth the effort to be good stewards of our time.  Time is short, let‘s not waste any of it. Let’s remember that God loves us and wants so much to have a relationship with us.  He is desperately waiting for us to seek after Him and His Kingdom.  It’s not enough to just accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we need to make Him the King of our lives.  Salvation is necessary for sure, but it’s just the starting point.  There’s so much more God wants for us to do.  

Before Jesus left this world, He commanded/commissioned his disciples to go out into ALL the world and make disciples of every nation.  Jesus is desiring a love relationship with each of us.  By us being faithful to His Commandments, we in turn are being faithful to HIM because HIS COMMANDMENTS are a revelation of HIM.  The commandments draw us to Him.  They are what reveals sin to us and, therefore, are convicted and come to the acknowledgement of the one who paid it all for us on the cross of Calvary.  Without the commandments, we would not be made aware that we are sinners in need of a SAVIOR.  If there’s No sin, we don’t need a Savior.  If there’s No sin, we don’t have any need for Jesus.  If there’s No sin, we don’t have any reason for a cross.  But because of God’s great love for us, He (God) sent His one and only Son Jesus to be born as a baby, to live and to die, as well resurrect and ascend back up into Heaven with God His Father, and to send back to us the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is another free gift to us.  Just like Salvation, we have to receive Him by FAITH.  

Jesus left his disciples because He loved them very much.  Without doing so, we would never have been given this wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, i.e., the language of God.  Whenever we cannot think of what more to pray, the precious Holy Spirit takes over for us, and God the Father knows just exactly what we are saying and intercedes for you and I.  I can’t explain it, but I have been filled since I was 15, and it never gets old.  Each time God knows just how to bring the peace that surpasses all understanding in the hard times of trials and tribulations.  It’s like God’s hands resting on my heart and He’s wrapping His Tallit/Wings around me, comforting me and telling me, “It’s going to be just fine, my daughter, all you have to do is trust Me and give up all of your worries, doubts and fears over to Me.   I have not given you the Spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.” 

God is so loving and wants for all of His creation to come to this knowing of His love for them also.  It’s not hard, all you have to do is Seek Him, Ask Him and tell Father God just what it is you need for Him to do, and be serious about serving Him with your WHOLE heart, not just bits and pieces to your liking.  When serving Jesus/Yeshua, there is NO turning back to the old way of life of Sin.  You cannot have one foot in and the other foot out.  It doesn’t work like that.  Our God is Holy and detests  sin, that is why He had His only begotten Son die that cruel ugly death on the cross.  The reason Jesus came and died the cruel death on the cross was to take and get rid of the Law of Sin and Death, not His written TORAH/HIMSELF made in the FLESH.  This is what is so cool about our God.  He sent His son to be our propitiation to take our sins away once and for all.  That is what He had to go through to keep the promise He made to Abraham way back in Genesis 15.  Now that that was accomplished and fulfilled, we continue to walk in the path that Jesus laid out for us to do, and that is to be Holy as He is Holy.

This is called Sanctification.  We are to continually take up our cross and follow Jesus and make Him Lord of our daily lives until He comes back to take us home to be with Him.  Jesus told us that it isn’t too hard if you choose daily to live for Him and put Him first and foremost in your life.  By doing this, we can walk hand in hand with our Lord Jesus and have this relationship that we so desperately need to be one with our husband Christ.  I welcome you to do whatever it takes to get closer to experiencing a better relationship with Heavenly Father, to where you can hear that still small voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “I love you, my son or daughter, come and rest your head upon my shoulder, and let me show you the way of My KINGDOM.  My Kingdom is everything good.”  

How do you know that the Kingdom is here? By all the miracles, salvations, signs and wonders that are being performed.  If the kingdom was not here, these would not be happening.  People, there is so much more to Salvation than just life insurance from hell.  It’s good, but it is just the start of a beautiful relationship with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  “God, use me and take me to wherever it is You would have me go to further Your Kingdom here on this earth.”  I know that this is a dangerous prayer, but I’m tired of wasting time, and time is getting shorter.  I trust this will be your heart as well. Good night. 😴 


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A Lesson on Marriage

Just decided to call it a night, so I laid my head on my pillow. God spoke to me and said, “How you react and treat your husband reflects your relationship with Me.”


        I immediately started thinking, Lord what is it that you’re trying to reveal and say to me, as well as to others who are going through this same learning lesson, season? Father, I’m not perfect and actually very far from it 😔, but your daughter is striving to be.


I perceive Him to have answered, “How can you say you love Me, your Husband, whom you can not see, feel or touch and, at the same time, have strife,misunderstandings,or even disagreements with your husband whom you can see, feel and touch?”


I said, Wow God, this relationship thing is totally serious to You, isn’t it?


He responded, “Yeah! It really is My daughter. You are responsible for how you treat the ones you say you love. The very first Fruit of the Spirit is Love. If you can’t show love to the one that you can actually physically touch, how is that you think our relationship is where it should be? Child, I correct you because I love you so much. Your heart has to line up with My Word, which is My Heart. “Keep searching for Me and eat and thirst after Me and nothing will be too difficult for you, My child, to accomplish. Stay in My TORAH/ Scriptures and follow and seek after righteousness, and all these things will follow and come into fruition, thus saith God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


“I say to trust Me because this is how We set the system up for your use. Obedience is essential and required for everything to line up. You say no one is perfect, you’re right. Only your Father and I in heaven are perfect and Holy. We have given and sent the Holy Spirit down to live inside of you to help and comfort you in times of troubles and hard spots. He promises never to leave you or to forsake you. Just hold on to My hand, and I will lead as well as guide you all along the way, thus says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen.” (Monday 6/19/17 1232 AM.)

Blessed be the name of the Lord. Let God be praised, Amen.

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