Tuesday, March 15, 2022 @9:10 am.

I’m dreaming and we are at some outside conference where dogs are welcome, and this is what the Holy Spirit has woken me up to this morning.

Come and Drink of My Living Waters

Come and drink at the fountain and table of the L-RD Jesus today, My people, My friends. Let My Words fill you up to overflowing as did your white, puffy dog, Levah, allowed that water hose entangle her until it wrapped completely all around her and her collar. She wasn’t afraid to get close to it, so why is it that you are to afraid of Me, your Heavenly Father?

Don’t Allow Fear & Doubt to be a Barrier

Just dive right in My kids/My children. Don’t allow fear and doubt to stand between us anymore. I want for us to fellowship one with another like we did when we first met. When you and I were inseparable. When you were new and fresh to the very idea of Me being the Savior of the world and realizing you didn’t have to die in your sins, but that I had already paid the price with My own blood on the cross over 2,000 years ago.

I Kept My Promise to Abraham

Yes, My child that was a day full of both kinds of memories good and bad. My Father G-D kept His promises to Abraham. He told him that if any of his descendants would ever sin or be lawless, He,   G-D, would step in and die an excruciatingly painful death for them, and that is why I had My one and only Son die for you all that day so very long ago, My people/children. It was not only My love for you and everyone else, My children, that made Me, your Heavenly Father, keep My Promises, but it is merely who I AM, My chosen elite Bride of My Kingdom, that will surely soon be coming to a place near you, My beautiful bride, ISRAEL.

I’m Looking Forward to Meeting You

I’m so thankful to finally get to meet all of you very soon indeed. These movies you have been watching about Me are so very creative, but don’t take them for complete truth, because they are not. Many ideas are good, but no one could ever re-enact what it was like during those days walking and talking together with My friends/disciples/apostles.

You are in the Best Days Now

You would say those were “some good days,” and in a sense they were. and you would be right, but you, My children, are the ones who are really in the best days because you will, and shall be, the ones to see My glory shine brightest. You. My bride, will not just see Me but be present to see what My people of that day wanted for Me to do. That day, over 2000 years ago, wasn’t time yet for that to happen. I needed to keep the promise My Heavenly Father had made to Abraham your earthly father in Genesis 15 in your Bibles.

I Came to Begin a Revolution!

My mission here that day so long ago when the angel Gabriel came to Mary, My soon-to-be Earthly mother, became what you, My church, started as My mission statement. I was sent to start a revolution to bring both of the two brothers back to Myself, to bring restoration of them to fulfill prophecy in your Scriptures. Israel and Judah had been separated long enough. It was time to bring Jacob’s 12 sons back together from all four corners of the earth, so to speak.

I Am the Good Shepherd

For I love all of you so very much, and I cannot fathom, even one lost sheep/little lamb being lost to My flock/fold. Oh how if one of you had lost one of your own children/child, wouldn’t you do everything that you could to go out and find them? That is what I came to do My first time around, and they, for the most part, rejected Me the first time.

Some Believed, Some Doubted and Rejected Me

They just couldn’t see Me for who I really was, that is evident.  Some did with the miracle signs and wonders.  They really liked the ones where they were fed and made whole, but even then some of them still turned away from Me and didn’t believe. How very sad this made Me and MY Father feel. But sadly we knew already that their hearts would remain cold as stone. This verse in your Bibles testifies to what they did that day. The stones that the builders rejected would become the CORNERSTONE, and it surely came to pass and into fruition as you’re able to read clearly about Me.

Get Excited About Me & Make Me Your All

Just as you have seen your little Levah in your dream playing in the murky, muddy waters with other dogs, big and small, having so much fun being free from all their leashes , so must you, My beautiful beloved bride, also get so excited to be with Me, your Master/L-RD, King and Messiah.

For that day is coming, just as the day did so long ago to my mother Mary and My father Joseph. I am very real.  I gave My blood for each and every one of you. I don’t have favorites. You have chosen your destiny. You have made the decision to listen to the still small voice of My Holy Spirit wooing you day and night.

Will You Soften Your Hearts and Turn to Me?

Will you allow Me to soften your hearts today on this very early beautiful morning, where My daughter is choosing to be obedient to her G-D/ME? Or will you continue to turn a deaf ear and harden your heart towards Me again because of what someone else has done to hurt you so long ago as a small child, or even as a young person who had not been given a choice out of fear? I do know your pains and your hurts, whether it’s losing a close family member or an old friend from way back. It doesn’t matter, My sons and daughters.  I’m right here beside you wanting to help you just reach out to Me right now. I am waiting patiently, but My time is almost here. Shalom and blessings, My friends, until next time we meet, G-D Almighty. 10:19

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