Saturday, March 4,2023 @ 6:29 am.

My Dream

Chris and I were in a pavilion with a couple of families having a picnic where there was shelter, and then out of the blue, I saw to my right the sky was filled with falling brown, huge rough shape balls of rocks (meteorites) falling down from the sky and the winds are super strong, and we start running to the left because the rock formations are literally crashing in the metal covering of the pavilion. People are screaming and yelling. No, I’m not the only one who seems to be noticing this taking place. I stopped and started to pray in tongues and rebuking this storm that came from just nowhere. Remind you in my dream, I was awake, but apparently sleeping, because I wake up in my bed speaking and yelling, “Help! Help!” but not even my husband who is lying next to me comes to my rescue or ask, “Honey, are you okay?” Just apparently, he must think that G-D is speaking to me, because then, I get out of bed, hit the floor and continue speaking in an unlearned language. This was all part of my dream.

My Prayer

Help me, L-RD, to understand what it is you want me to say and tell your people who are anticipating your second coming or what they think the Rapture to be. Todah (thank you) and praise you, Heavenly Father, for your Holy Spirit to bring the interpretation to me, and this I pray in Yeshua’s name. Amen. @8:02am

God’s Response,

What I remember hearing from the Holy Spirit in my dream is the following:

Many Christian Churches are Deceiving You

This is just the beginning of beginnings of what is coming to this world you live in today. He said that those who are expecting to be delivered from all this evil and destruction should think twice about what your churches and denominations have taught and deceived you with. He, the Holy Spirit, is a gentleman, and in every temptation, He will make a way for you to flee and be safe from any harm that may come your way. He will always be with you pulling you up and bringing you through to the finish line with Him, amen.

I Protect and Bless Those Who Follow My Torah

Oh, there will be days like what my daughter just dreamed about, but don’t be afraid, for I have overcome the world, and I will protect those who are truly Mine and who have My name written upon their foreheads and forearms. I will bless them that faithfully follow Me and My Torah. I will prosper them that walk steadfastly and humble before Me, their G-D, and keep all My Holy Days, Festivals, New Moons, etc. Those who keep and remember My Commandments of G-D and the faith of Yeshua/Jesus are My True Israelites who make up My One true Bride, Israel, this very day.

Christianity has Polluted My Sabbaths

My church, you have polluted My Shabbat with abomination that disgust Me and bring dishonor to Me, your Holy all- knowing G-D of all the world that you can put your eyes to see.

Repent & Be Immersed, and then Pick Up Your Crosses and Follow Mee

Repent and be Born Again, if you really want to be My sons and daughters this very day. You must be immersed, as I was My people, who say they are Mine this very day that I take very serious and desire for you to do likewise. I f you truly want to be My disciples, you must continue daily by picking up your own crosses and follow Me to the finish line. You must be baptized (immersed) for the remission of your sins, My children, who say you love Me, your G-D, Your El Shaddai. You must do all these things, if you truly love me and want to be My One true Bride, ISRAEL.

There are NOT Two Brides, but Only One – Israel

You must do all these things, if you truly love me and want to be My One true Bride, ISRAEL. There isn’t two Brides, like so many churches and religious people say that there is.  NO, they are the blind leading the blind astray and are wolves in sheep’s clothing disguised to lead you astray, My So-Called church, that is so lost and are so blinded by all your sins that you are no better than Pharaoh in Egypt was. You need to listen up and do this quickly, or you will not make it into My Kingdom, says your G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this day you were told to keep and remember, but you discard it and say Jesus made every day just like the next. 

Christianity’s Erroneous Doctrine

I say that what Paul said in His letters to the churches has been so misconstrued and taken out of context and misapplied that you need to seek Me until you find Me, the One True G-D of the Bible, you say is without flaws. The original was without flaws, but man has got His hands on it, and now you need to do exactly what Paul wrote about and study to shew yourselves approved, My children, who need a shepherd who will teach sound principles and not phony baloney you are getting from most pastors and missionaries, who don’t even study themselves, because they themselves have been taught the first part of the Bible was annulled at the cross. This is false and this doctrine needs to be disposed and thrown out like the trash that it is.

Come and Do Your First Works Again

Thus, saith the L-RD today open up your hearts before your HOLY RIGHTEOUS ELOHIM and do your first works over and then come to Me in obedience and humble yourselves and live for Me, says the L-RD, your Creator of Heaven and of Earth today, My Footstool.  I love you, so get your life right before My daughter’s dreams become your reality. Because the sky will be falling and without Me as your sheltering, you will collapse and die in your sins and forever be away from US, your El Shaddai.

Israel is My One and Only Bride

I am your forever King and Savior of the world who came to bring Restoration to the House of Israel and to you, Gentiles/Strangers in the world, who have separated yourselves from this sinful prideful land that you are now living, in order to be engrafted into the One True Olive Tree, ISRAEL, G-D’S One and Only Bride, so prepare and get right before you miss your chance, like so many others have already done. There are no second chances, like you have been taught. You are either in or you are out, says Your ELOHIM. My love is unconditional, and I will not force you to love Me back.

Follow My Commandments

If you’re waiting to have more fun, as you think sinning is, you will not change your heart at the moment before you die either, because you don’t always know when that day will come.  It will come like a thief in the night to those people who play with fire and think they can determine when they will follow Me.  Wrong, I am the One who is in charge, My people/creation. The only decision you have is to do or not to do what I have COMMANDED in My TORAH/SCRIPTURE. You violate and break My Ten Words, then you break them all. These are the pillars that what you have been taught are built upon. Love G-D is the first four and love your neighbor as yourself is the other six. Nothing has been changed or annulled. This is only true in your simple selfish hearts.

I Did Not Come to Do Away From My Scriptures

I came not to do away with anything but to correct what the people of My day we’re taking out of context just like you are today here in your lifetime. Churches/People, wake up before you find yourselves burning in the lake of fire with the devil and all his accuser/imps. Heaven is real, and so is Hell. So many false prophets today as were in My day. 2Timothy 3:16 says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” @9:30am

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