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June 15, 2018


Father God, tonight I come before you with a humble and heavy heart on this dear Shabbat evening and ask that you touch and restore those who aren’t having a very good start. God, in Jesus name I ask that you hear and answer those prayers Father who are calling out to you on bended knees, seeking you (JESUS) for answers to life’s difficult questions of why this happened and why that happened. God, we don’t always understand why this person died or why this particular thing happened, but God you have all of the answers.

Please give us comfort through your Holy Spirit. Open up our eyes and ears to hear and hearts to gain clarity into what you have for us. You know the beginning from the end and you know our hearts better than anyone ever could. God, help us to pray for wisdom dear Jesus, to understand what is right, true, and lasting. Help us Father to reach out for your hand of wisdom to understand and have good judgement and most definitely obtain good common sense.

God, I ask that you forgive us of our doubts and fears, and touch each and everyone here wherever they are with your peace that surpasses all understanding to overflowing. Father pour out your Holy Spirit like never before upon your creation/ your people / your children Father who have invited you into their hearts and made you Lord and King this very night. Lord Jesus thank you for making us and giving us this Eternal Life with you, just by receiving you as our Master and our Savior. Thank you gracious Father for giving us this chance to live a Holy Righteous Life with you and Forever in your Kingdom. God you have so much in store for us that our finite minds right now cannot even fathom.

Help us Jesus to keep your commandments, and be obedient to you, and follow in your ways of Holiness/Sanctification, so we won’t get detoured off the straight and narrow way/path. Father help us, to reach others for you and to share this Good News of your Kingdom. Lord illuminate our hearts and guide us to the one and only Way to Heaven and that is through you dear Jesus. There is no other Way to the Father but in and through you. All other ways lead to death and doom. Help us Lord to stay faithful and obedient to you and to your WORD/SCRIPTURES/ The BIBLE.

God you are awesome and I thank you for never giving up on us, your Creation/ Children/ People of all tribes and nations of the world. You are a God of us all. You are no respecter of persons. You love each and everyone of us, in a powerful way. Help us to choose you and to make you the LORD and KING of our lives. You are the same yesterday, today and forever, and I praise you for keeping all of your promises from Genesis through Revelation. You are the Alpha and the Omega the Aleph and the Tav.

Father I thank you, for remembering your Covenant with Father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For giving us your Commandments to Moses in the wilderness. Most of all sending us your Son Jesus to die an excruciating death upon the cross/tree. God give us the grace that we need to leave our sins at the foot of the cross and not ever pick them back up. Father for you have given us your children such a precious gift of Life Everlasting and have saved us by your grace, so that we no longer slaves to sin, but we are saints saved by grace. I thank you Father for hearing your children’s prayers and answering them. Thank you for your wall of protection over our families and pour out your Spirit upon each of us, keeping us safe from the enemies attacks or darts that he tries to throw at us.

I plead the blood of Jesus, over our families and loved ones. No weapon formed against us shall prosper in any way shape or form, in Jesus name. God I’m grateful and thankful for all that you do on a daily basis. You overwhelm my soul with gladness and rejoicing. Father thank you for allowing us to be a blessing to all who ask of us. Father, for you own the cattle on a thousand hills and also the mountains themselves. You are the owner of it all, and I thank you for allowing us to enjoy in the riches of your inheritance.

Thank you, for supplying all of our needs and taking care of us. Father for you never let your children go without food or drink. You always provide and keep us warm and dry. Help us to trust you and stay faithful children resting in your sheltering arms/wings. Father I give you all my worship and all of my praises. Father help us to dance before you and give you the praise you deserve. Help me and whoever is reading this, never forget to be grateful and appreciative for all that you have given to us. Help us to stay humble.

Lord, there’s no better place than in your presence, lifting up Holy hands in worship before you. God look upon us all and let us fill your presence and let us each have our own face to face encounter with you. We/I invite you Holy Spirit to do mighty wonderful,powerful things in your church/people/tribes and nations of the world right now, like never before. Open my eyes Lord Jesus, you are welcome into my space to do as you desire to change me and mold me into whatever you see fit for my life here trailer you prepared for me and my husband just 15 months ago.

Lord, you have proved over and over again that you are faithful and that you have not changed your mind concerning anything in your, TORAH/SCRIPTURES, and I will shout it from the mountain tops, to anyone who wants to hear it. For you have given me a whole new life and I’m so thankful you didn’t ever give up on my mother’s prayers for me. God, you’ve done so much for me and my family. You changed this girls heart. What I thought I wanted didn’t work out until I submitted to your will for my life. When I did , you O Lord took what was broken and made something beautiful. You are the Potter and we are the clay. When you O Lord mold us we become beautiful pottery and vessels worthy to be in you presence/Kingdom. Thank you Father for you healing cleansing waters.

Thank you, for opening up my eyes to see that you really do love me and have great plans and purpose for my life. Thank you for taking the stinky thinking from me and healing me from the inside out. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that lives inside of me and makes intercession for me on a daily basis. Thank you for never leaving me nor forsaking me.

Thank you, for giving me and making me Holy and Righteous in your eyes, and making me your daughter/bride. God there is nothing better than a personal daily relationship with you. God, I love being apart of your wonderful family of believers in Yeshua/Jesus. For there is no better place to be than in your presence and fellow-shipping with others that love you as well. Talking and chatting and getting to tell others about your Goodness and Mercy is what I live for. Being a blessing to others is such a JOY.

Help me Father to show your LOVE and to be your hands and feet. Help me to be the Light that you are and help me to imitate you in all aspects of my life, to those around me. Lord I desire to be used. God, wherever you lead me I shall go and tell others about your Love Stories to me and be a blessing like you’ve called me and Chris to be. There is nothing better than to know what you are met to do and to be here on this planet called EARTH. Better is one day in your courts, than ten thousand elsewhere. I need you Jesus more and more.

I love you God and trust that others will love you too, amen. God I know you have no accidents and there are no coincidences. Father I trust that this prayer reaches many hearts and will be shared and multiplied by others sharing prayers of their own in a domino affect. Halleluyah

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  • Deanna Wornell AMEN. HALLELUJAH.
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  • Kerrie Young Yes Lord Jesus I agree and come along aide my sister in this holy spirit led prayer. You will be done Lord. Use me and let us give the testimony that brings you glory and honor. In Jesus name amen!
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  • Hermelinda Barrera God bless you Karen. Your posts are so inspiring. This one blessed me tremendously.
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    • Karen Verschage Well, thank you. All the praise goes to Jesus. God is good. As I got up to go outside to take our evening walk and , Chris said that it was still raining. He sat back down in his chair and fell asleep while I decided to use the computer to see what was going on. When the Holy Spirit said pray so I did with my fingers. What a beautiful God we serve. It just hurts a lot to think that there are people who still don’t know and understand yet why we do what we do each and every day.
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Yes, God has given us FREEWILL to Sin or not to SIN, to live for HIM or not to live for HIM, but either choice we make, there will be repercussions for our actions. Even though HE loves us so very much, HE has given us each the right to choose. We make this choice everyday when we wake up: whether or not we are going to pick up our cross and live for HIM, or not to pick it up and live for our own greedy selves.


How we choose to live each second/minute/hour/day/month/year, for Christ determines if we are GOD’S child or if we are the devil’s child.  We will know by the decisions we make and the fruit that we bear.  Are we going to pick up our own cross daily to live for HIM, or are we going to lay the cross down and walk over it, and do life our own way only to choose to deceive ourselves into believing that we are truly our own god or gods in this world, to do as we choose to see fit to do?


By using our freewill, which was given to us by God, we daily need to make the decision on whether we are going to submit ourselves to God and to His Kingdom, thereby acknowledging Him as our Father/King/Lord or by rejecting HIM as our FATHER/ CREATOR, we have chosen not to accept what the Bible/Scripture says to be real and inspired by God and relevant for us today.  Either way, when we die, we will be in one place or the other, heaven or hell.  God didn’t create HELL for us, but for the devil and all of his imps who decided to make their own choice to be their own gods and do what pleased themselves over worshiping their CREATOR of HEAVEN and EARTH.


If we are faithful to God by daily deciding to follow Him, then we will be given the reward of being ushered into the pearly gates of HEAVEN where we will hear Jesus say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant,” or those who choose not to pick up their cross daily will hear Jesus say, “I never knew you, depart from ME you who practice lawlessness [or iniquity],” be thrown out into outer darkness, the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

I don’t know about you, my family, friends and loved ones here today, but what I do know is that I don’t want to use my FREEWILL/CHOICE to live for myself,  acting like I was created to enjoy my life any which way I choose, pleasing my fleshly earth suit, and then one day die and find out too late that I was wrong, and there really was a God/Creator of the entire Universe.  And also discovering too late that there was a devil who was very real, and that I had chosen to listen to his stupid voice, instead of the still small voice of the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Holy Spirit wants to be our HELPER/COMFORTER to show us how to live right and be obedient to GOD the FATHER by keeping HIS Commandments. I don’t want to stand before GOD, my Heavenly Father in Heaven, and find out when it’s too late that I was OH SO VERY WRONG. That I was filled with so much of my own SELFISH desires that I couldn’t see the truth, and now would end up burning in HELL for all of ETERNITY FOREVER and EVER.


Yes, God gave to each of us the ability to choose and make our own choices, because of the LOVE HE has for us, HIS CREATION. We only get to be called HIS children when we choose to make HIM our LORD/SAVIOR/KING and MASTER.


I know that so many people don’t really believe that this GOD that I’m referring to is real, but that He’s just some made up entity to try and control us into conforming to the church ideology and to try and manipulate us, or even brain wash us, so that we will give all of our hard earned money to them.  Yes, I will have to agree that there are those in the church who use the gospel to pad their own pocketbooks.   They are not true shepherds of the flock, but there are, unfortunately, many wolves in the church who are out to deceive and fleece the flock, but there are also many others who aren’t.

That is why it is so very important to keep our eyes focused on JESUS and HIS WHOLE WORD/TORAH/SCRIPTURES and not let the wolves, who are masquerading as believers, out there to deceive us, the very elite of GOD and His children, who only want to love Him with our whole heart/mind/soul and strength.


I want to be one of God’s chosen elite who choose to daily pick up my own cross to walk this pilgrim path.  This path is not easy, but it’s very narrow, but it’s the path I need to walk if I am going to serve my CREATOR YESHUA/JESUS, the One who was my SIN OFFERING. and who paid the PENALTY for all my sins and your sins.  It was He who made the ATONEMENT once and for all for me and you that day over 2,000 years ago on the cross of Calvary to fulfill what HE promised to Abraham way back in Genesis 15, so that we can once again be in right standing with God and have the relationship back that had been lost back in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.


God/Yeshua/Jesus loved each of us so very much that THEY went to such extreme measures, so that we could come back into relationship with THEM and be a happy family worshiping the FATHER as HE (GOD) had so DESIRED from the very beginning at the CREATION OF THE WORLD and ADAM & EVE (GENESIS 1-2). This is a perfect picture of how much GOD/ADONAI loves us and wants to have us love HIM back, amen.


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