April 15, 2022

While I was taking my shower after a long workout on my trampoline, the L-RD speaks to my spirit.  He says,


Thus says the L-RD God of Israel this very day in your hearing, “Stop your fornicating, My people/children, who say that you are all Mine this very day!  You say that it does not matter what you do anymore, but I say differently.  You say it only matters what we think about ourselves, not what others think, but that is not so,” says God Almighty, King of kings and Lord of lords this day.  It has always mattered to Me, your God of the Universe and beyond.  Remember what I told the Samaritan at the well that day?  This lady had five husbands, and the one she was living with wasn’t her husband.

If You Are My Bride, Why Aren’t You Acting Like It?

How do you intend to be My Bride, if you continue to fornicate with the man or woman you are choosing to be with that is not your spouse, My dearly beloved ones?  You know who you are.  I need not call you out on this, My friends, if you are truly are My friends anymore.  You have fallen far from Me.  I hardly can even recognize you anymore from all the fog that has built up.  How do you think that what you are doing in the dark won’t be seen by Me, your Omnipotent All-Knowing God of Heaven and Earth this day?  I’m calling all of you out on this today and say, Stop it and repent from all of your evilness that you are doing amongst yourselves before it too late to do otherwise.  My true Bride stays Holy and Righteous before Me their G-d.  They do not profane Me by allowing darkness to come nigh their dwelling places.

Think About Others

Think about your children and others around you.  Think about what an example you are not being to the ones you say that you love more than life itself.  Think how much you are hurting them in the long haul?  Why are you not taking what My Word/Scriptures says seriously, My sons and My daughters, who say one thing with their mouths, but live another story behind the scenes.

My Kingdom Is For All Eternity

Why can’t you understand why My heart pleads with yours?  Do you really care about your money more than you care about being loyal and obedient to Me, your L-RD G-D of all creation?  Money is only temporary.  My Kingdom is for all eternity and beyond, My precious little lambs, turn from your own selfish desires and turn back to Me, your Elohim/G-d before the door of My Kingdom shuts without you in it.

Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

This road is narrow, My friends/people, are you really willing to pay the price that you are today to miss My Second Coming to sleep around with someone other than your husband or wife?  Are you willing to make things legal in the sight of G-d and before My time comes to take My throne here in My kingdom in Jerusalem where I am longing to walk with each of you all again.

Repent and Turn Around

Stop, My people, repent and turn around from all your adulterous ways, for My One True Bride must prepare Herself to be Mine very soon indeed.  Open wide the flood gates of your hearts today, so that the cleansing of your souls may become clean and purified before Me, your Holy Awesome God, Amen.  6:31 pm

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