“I AM Your Creator, Your God”

On the morning of May 18, 2017, the Holy Spirit awoke me, and this is what He told me to write down. And then, after I wrote it, I read it to my husband, and as I was reading it, God healed me. My prayer is that as you also read this, that God would touch you as well.


I AM your Creator, your God. I have not changed, I AM the same yesterday, today and forever. Why is it that everyone wants to put Me inside their own little boxes and put Me, their God, on a shelf to gather and collect dust? I will not have it. I AM not some toy that you can collect or just throw to the side when you no longer want to play with ME, says God Almighty.  I AM your Father in Heaven and I AM the Light of the World, and I can’t put up with such nonsense from MY people who say they love Me.

I have MY ways, MY standards, that I must uphold to keep balanced to subdue everything which I have placed into Orbit from the beginning of time, says the Lord God Almighty. If one thing steps out of line/orbit, it would cause a catastrophe that you couldn’t even fathom with your intellect.

I AM the Most High God and I AM Holy, for thus saith the Lord God Almighty, I need for My People to wake up and shake the dust from off of their feet and follow Me and serve Me like never before because I AM coming back very soon and My so- called children of God will be left behind if they don’t start choosing today to follow and seek after Righteousness and Holiness today, says God of the universe.

My chosen people Israel are my heart and the apple of My eye. For such a time as this, I say unto you, get up off your lazy butts, bohinds, and start walking the walk that I’ve called My church, My People, to walk. It’s not an easy walk or path, but it is the one that I have chosen for each one of you to walk, and that is what I want for you to do. Stop giving Me all of your excuses as to why you can’t do what I’ve called you to do for such a time as this. Stop using your circumstances and reasonings why, stop procrastinating and putting limits on Me, say God, for I have such high standards for all of My children, whether or not you think you are able or capable of doing them.

I came to this world to change things up and to make things brighter and doable. Strengthen yourselves and draw your power from Me, your God, to show you and tell you everything that you will have need to drive the enemy away from your lives today. He is nothing to be afraid of, if you continue to walk in My Torah/My Scriptures, My Child.  It is only difficult and hard to do or accomplish when you take your eyes off of Me, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I AM your Prince of Peace, your Bright Morning Star in the darkness. Turn your eyes on Me and everything that was will be as it should be. Just as in a twinkling of an eye, everything is going to be changed from what you will ever remember, My dearly beloved ones who are not afraid to be different from the world as you see it to be today.

My love for you is beautiful and pure just as our Heavenly Father is Holy and Pure and Righteous . My children, behold this day in the Heavenlies, I proclaim you Holy, if you will choose to Obey Me/Us and do as We have commanded before the world existed. To obey and be Righteous as your Father and I are Holy and Righteous. There cannot be any Unholiness or Unrighteousness in My Kingdom. If you are to be with Us, you must live a Holy, Pure Life before your friends and your families there on the earth I created for you to be. If you cannot be Holy amongst your own people, how do you expect to live amongst your Heavenly Father in Heaven who is Pure and Holy without a Blemish?

Remember My Son, Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ), who I sent to you as a baby to live and die to bring about Hope to a lost hurting world. He too was Holy and Pure and without Blemish, even up to his death and resurrection. He is still Pure and Blemish-free in human form, just like I submit to you this day to be before Me, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You say this is impossible, and I say, “Garbage,. You can be Holy, Pure and Righteous, if you, My child, seek and choose to be. If you choose to walk and follow after Me, you can do all things like I did when I was living amongst you, and even greater because I left and sent My Holy Spirit to live inside you to help you and to comfort you with divine remembrance. All you have to do to get this is to seek Me, your God, with all of your heart, mind and soul.

Follow after Righteousness, My Torah/Scriptures, which will teach and tell you all that you will ever need to know. Just walk in My footsteps, and I will show you and guide you into all truth, wisdom, and knowledge, says God Almighty, your soon- awaiting King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I say this to inform you, not to scare you, because greater AM I in all the world than anything that the enemy could lie to you and keep you from Me, says God.

There will be times that he satan will try to put doubts and fears into your hearts, but beware of him, for they are just that, lies from the pit of hell. Be on your guard, My children, My people, for out of the abundance of your heart your mouth will speak – Words of life or words of death – which ones will come to life in your mortal bodies?”


I perceive to hear the Words of God on my spirit, and I proclaim words of life over me this morning, Jesus. Thank you for speaking to your daughter and giving me the hope I need to continue to follow and serve you here on the Cocopah East REZ. God, You are an amazing Father, and I love you for sharing with me Your heart like never before. You, O Lord, are my King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I praise You for giving me, Your daughter, Your words of love and mercy this early Thursday morning, 5/18/17 @6:14 am. , Praise you, Jesus, Todah/Thank you.



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