Stand & Be Strong and Courageous for My People Israel

Friday, August 19, 2016


Wake, and rise and shine, My daughter of My Torah, for I have many things to tell you this morning.  Get yourselves together for My Day is coming sooner than you think.  I have been telling you both this, so why do you keep procrastinating and loafing around like you have all the time in the world?  Trust Me, your Father, for you do not have as much time as you suppose you have.


My people have so very many questions.  Do you think yesterday was just a happenstance or a coincidence?  No, sir, it was Me who put you together for such a time as this.  He is your friend, and he is one of the people who is looking for signs to tell him that I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that no man cometh to the Father, unless first I draw him through My Holy Spirit, My Ruach HaKodesh.

Good, My daughter, you are getting it.  You have made progress, but you have so far to go, but trust Me, your Father which art in heaven, that you will be where you need to be very soon, if you keep trusting and keep learning.  Yes, you say, “It is hard,” but what isn’t hard at first?  Put all of your heart, mind, and soul into it, and you shall not grow weary or tired, for My strength will pour over into you, and I will make you to rise high up into My heavenlies and soar among the clouds with Me and My Father God.


You trust Me and believe in your heart, and you shall do all things accordingly to all My riches in glory through Christ Jesus, the Son of God, Prince of Peace and the Apple of My Eye, says God Almighty.


You are My little lambs, and I desire from My belly that you all grow and flourish like the palm trees in My holy city, Jerusalem, tall and straight, looking up pointing to the sky where they no longer care about what is next to them, but are so far away from the ground to care about what is coming next.  For the branches or leaves are able to flow and blow in whichever direction they want and no one bothers them.  Their arms are free to worship their Creator, so like I want for you both to do.  I have given My creation arms to worship and wave them, like the trees I created to do as well.  Let everything I have created praise and worship your Creator, for this is what pleases your Father and I.


You both are no mistakes; you were created for such a time as this to worship Me, your Creator, and to give Me worship in the streets of Jerusalem.  Trust Me, trust Us, your Father in heaven, to get our work done before that great and terrible Day of the LORD arrives.  What a terrible troubling day when that comes into fruition because so many of My children whom I so love/loved will be destroyed and damned to Hell with the devil himself.


They have been deceived by him and lied to, but I have tried and tried through My Spirit to unveil their eyes, but they just won’t believe and accept Me due to their misunderstandings and lack of wisdom/knowledge.  They have heard so many lies and don’t know Me, so they keep hiding from Me, and if someone like you and Chris can’t make them see how much I love them, then they will be damned for all of eternity.  This breaks your Father and My hearts.  Please, I say unto you, arise and go and tell My people Israel, just like you did yesterday at the store what I have done for you and your family, and tell them more, because they are so hungry.


You ask and wonder why they ask where you live?  It is because they are hungry for knowledge, and you have put a hunger and desire for what you have inside of them, and they are jealous for what you have, and they want to know where they can hear more of what you have to say.  Nothing more.  They are not out to harm you.  They want more.  They are starving to hear what I have brought you here to teach and preach to them.


Stop, drop, and go tell them the Good News of My Kingdom, and you should and/will make many followers for your Father in Heaven this day in My holy city of Jerusalem.  You heard that man in the store get a light in his eyes when you talked about keeping the Shabbat and My Torah, and how you got his interest when you told him God sent you here to tell his people that HaShem loves them so very much, and how when you said that the Law was not annulled or destroyed, but has and will remain the same forever and ever.  And that His Word is unchanging, and is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).


Trust Me, there are many more out there like this young Orthodox Jewish man that is wanting to hear this message that I, Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus loves them and forgives them of denying Me and of blaming you, My so-called Christian church, for killing their people so many years ago.  Forgiveness needs to happen, My people, before restoration can be resolved to bring a bridge between you and them.  They, Israel, is in need of peace, and they need you and your husband to give them the hope and assurance that you have heard from Me.


You say, Still, but what signs and answers, and I say to you trust Me, your Father.  Remember in your bed last night, Karen, My daughter, when you were seeking Me before you shut your eyes.  You started praying in your God-given language and you spoke differently in some other language as before.  It wasn’t a mistake by no means.  This is the sign that they are seeking after.  Trust Me to know about Me, for they have heard of this in times past, but think and feel like it has been done away with with the prophets of old.


Trust Me, you will be different here in this land and will be a light for so many people who are searching for Me.  You say the [Western] Wall is dry and has no life there.  True, but what you don’t get is that they have hope, and there is still trust in their hearts that God will bring to them the answers that they are searching after, and you and your husband are part of that plan.


Don’t let Me down, for your Father and I are trusting in you to be their light of answers to their questions.  So many in times past have come and gone without My signs, but you have something different.  You are special and unique, for you have My Spirit inside the both of you, which makes for you to soar up high like the eagles, My children.  You saw the Orthodox man’s eyes when he asked where you both lived, and you, Chris, were scared to tell him, but your wife would’ve taken him by the hand and guided him, but that would have been unkosher, for that would’ve been wrong in the sight of man there, and they are all about keeping kosher there in Jerusalem, My holy city, the city of the Great King.


I shall make you bold as lions, tigers, and bears, but you must take the first step, and I will do the rest.  You know what happened when your wife trusted Me that morning on her bed that morning when college was cancelled due to the snow storm.  Well, this is no different.  Just put all fears and doubts about “what-ifs” aside because I say, be willing to help My people come to know their Creator, and you shall be blessed more abundantly than you’ll have ever known possible, My son of the Torah, from birth and beyond.  Don’t doubt Me, My son.  I love you so very much.  We need your trust to get our Scriptures fulfilled, so My return can come.  Many have come and gone, but Our Spirit was not inside of them, My son and daughter, but I say, Don’t let your heart be troubled; don’t let the fears build up for greater am I in you than he that is in the world.


Satan is the one putting all of this fear and doubt and anxiety in you.  Trust your wife when she says, “Take small steps,” because she is right.  She knows what I can do and is capable of doing.  She remembers My hand of fire upon the right front lobe of her brain.  She remembers how My Holy Spirit (Heb. Ruach HaKodesh) came down upon her that early morning and healed her and reconstructed her to where she could remember and retain knowledge and understanding where what the devil had stolen from her was returned 100 fold, and where we kicked satan’s butt to the curb, and he has no longer had any access to her because she knows 100% what and who she is in Me, and how much I love her and wouldn’t harm her, but only help her to grow and flourish in the Kingdom of God, My Father.


Know that it was I, your God, who visited your wife, Karen, that morning, and I, your God, is the One who saved and restored your marriage that had been in shambles since the day you married.  There was definitely a love there, but you were both very young and both very scared individuals.  You were meant to be together; that is why I told Karen she was going to marry you that day in the skating rink.  I knew you would be good for one another and be faithful to My Kingdom to bring about the plan your Father in heaven has for you to do this very day.  You weren’t accidents.  You were called from the very beginning with a purpose, and that purpose is what you are here to do in My holy city right now.


You, My son, have always felt you had more to do and haven’t done it well, and that was somewhat true, but all that you have done prior was to get you to this point, so you could teach and train My people Israel, My people, My covenant people, My beloved and cherished people, about My Son, Yeshua HaMashiach (“Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah”), the One and Only begotten Son of My Father, God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords in His name.


He is the name above all names.  He is the Most High God, who sits and makes intercession for you and I each and everyday non-stop.  He does not sleep, nor slumber, because He loves you and I so very much and doesn’t want for any of His beloved children to die in their sins and to go to Hell.  Hell was not made for any of you, My chosen ones, but sin got in the way.  But God sent His One and Only begotten Son to repossess what was stolen from us, and now all mankind can have redemption and salvation through just the asking in My name, Yeshua HaMashiach (“Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah”).


Just acknowledge that you are a sinner, and that My blood was sufficient for you, and you are on the start of a beautiful journey, My beloved ones.  Remember, this is just the start. There is so much more involved in My Kingdom, so I say to you as well, “Trust Me, and do all that My Word says from beginning to end, and everything in between,” says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  (5:46am)

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Arise, Shine, O Ye daughter of Zion

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
@1:02 am.

God says that He wants to reveal Himself through Chris and myself so that He can make Himself known to all the Nations of the World.

Wednesday, August 17 2016
@9:29 am.

God once again, speaks:


Arise, shine, O ye daughter of Zion, for you who say you are mine and shine forth like the bright sun.  Wake up, and exclaim Me before the walls of Zion, and proclaim Me before My people Israel.  You say you love Me and My Father so show Me, your Father, what you are made of and seek Me with all of your hearts.


Cry before Me and show Me how good of a God you think Me to be amongst My people.  Cry before Me, dance before Me, for thus says your God of Israel, there is nothing, I say, no thing in all of Israel and my Footstool the earth, that  is too difficult for Me to do or to perform.


You say you are preparing and planning, but I say you just go and trust Me to have your backs and teach you as you go into My lands the things I will show and tell you to do. No weapon formed against you shall prosper or harm you, if you trust your Heavenly Father to do it.


So rise up, shout, and exalt and proclaim My name to the City of David, whose throne I will take for Myself after I reach down upon My Mount of Olives and walk through My Eastern Gate, so stop procrastinating and stop doubting Me, for greater AM I, says your God.


Walk step-by-step and follow after Me, and I said I would make you My Fishers of men to My people and to the Nations, which I have called for you to Go.  I’m watching out for you, My dear ones, believe Me when I say to you, I have you in My very palms of My hands. Don’t allow this fear of the ones standing at My Gate alarm you or put doubt and fear into you, for greater I say that I AM in you than he that is in the world.


It’s time to become bold as Lions and Tigers and Bears, like in the Wizard of OZ and become like Dorothy and don’t give up.  Not as the Scarecrow or the Tin Man or the Cowardly Lion because when you do, nothing will ever happen, and you just hang on a pole and lose all of your hay and stuffing, and your very joints will dry up, and you’ll lose your very heart. Now you’re starting to get My drift, aren’t you, My Son and My daughter.  You just needed a little boost from what feels comfortable to you from home.


Silly untrusting Americans, when are you gonna seek Me and trust Me, your Heavenly Father, like those in other places around My world who would be more than happy to have and share in all of your comforts.  But no, you all are too shy and selfish to apply My scriptures to yourselves and think when I say, “leave Father and Mother, sister and brothers,” that I’m speaking of everyone else rather than you yourselves.


When I said this,  I was not just talking to My disciples, My emissaries .  Yes, at the instant I said it, I was, but I didn’t plan for it to stop there.  RUBBISH!!  I meant for you to stop, drop and pick up where I left off with them, and not to be lazy and say, “Oh it was good for them in their day, but our day is much different, and our culture is much different and what they did wouldn’t work here in our times, BULL WASH!!   Do you know how many times I hear that a day and I would like to vomit you out of My very mouth.  What I say matters to your Father and I in Heaven.


I don’t suppose you are loving your Heavenly Father and I too much right now, but that is OKAY, because we are rather upset with ALL of our so-called children who are looking just for a quick fix or a quick escape  from HELL and BRIMSTONE and FIRE insurance to make it into our Kingdom of God, the City of David, and through the blood of the Great Lamb of God, Jesus Christ the Messiah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


I want for you to become more aware of who you are dealing with because apparently you haven’t a clue since you are not obeying Us.  We need for the people who have said they are ours to live like they are Ours, and stop loving the world and the things thereof more than us says, God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Time is very close and coming to fruition, like I’ve been saying, don’t you believe Me when I tell you these things? Of course you do NOT, because if you truly did, you wouldn’t be putting Me off and denying your Father in Heaven the privilege and honor to use you and prepare you with the very breath of our hands.


Thus says our God, Arise, pick up your beds/mats and follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men to the nations, but first starting here in Jerusalem, at the city of the great King David, where I will pour out upon you great gifts like never before in all of the universe before you.  You say you don’t understand, my daughter of my Torah, but I say trust Me and you will see that nothing is too difficult for your Father which art in Heaven to a thousand generations.  GO and trust Me, and sing MY praises, and shine bright for the Day of the Lord is near at hand, Amen, GOD.  (Wednesday, August 17, 2016, Jerusalem, Israel.)

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“Proclaim the Lord from Zion’s Gates!”

August 15, 2016

Early this morning, the Holy Spirit woke me from a deep sleep to say,


Shout My name and proclaim Me before My people at the gates of Zion in My Holy City Jerusalem.   Love Me and let My people know that I love them as well.   Don’t be afraid and don’t let your hearts be faint for greater AM I that’s in you than he that is in the world. Trust Me to know what is best for you; don’t allow fear and doubt to build up and take that which I mean for good to destroy and tear down My Kingdom.  I desire for All My people in Jerusalem/Israel to know Me and of Me.


Take to heart what I’ve just told you and meditate upon it, for this is my desire for you, My children, to do the work that I have set out for you to do.  Be bold as lions and speak forth My Words like you did the day you came to Me in your bedroom seeking Me with all of your heart, not leaving anything out but right straight to the point.  For lo, I want My people Israel to know exactly  what I did for you upon your bed, how I healed your brain and caused you to see again for the first time and to be able to comprehend and understand.


Shout My glory , Shout My praise,  so that the whole earth will hear and glorify the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  You say, “This is insane and out of your BOX,”  but I say, I never ever wanted you to be in a BOX, so  come get down out of it, and tell My people I love them so very much, and that there is nothing too hard or difficult for your Father in Heaven to do for them.  If He said in His Word that He would, then I say to you He will perform it and bring it to pass to show you His Mercies and His Truths.  I love all of My children and want for none of them to miss out on what My Father and I are doing and preparing for each of them in My Glorious Kingdom of God.


Show yourselves and prepare your hearts before God, and cleanse yourself and make yourselves clean and Holy before coming into Our Presence.  Come with singing and with dancing because your Father in Heaven loves to hear His children praise and dance before Him and to give Him all your honor and adoration.   He says to bow down and worship and give Him, GOD, all your praise.  God wants for you to Trust Him and Obey Him and Love Him so that He can show you all the love that He has for you like He did by sending Yeshua HaMashiach  (the Messiah) to the earth so many years ago right here not far in Bethlehem to a young virgin girl named Mary and to her husband Joseph.


God wants for all His people to recognize Him and to acknowledge Him, so that they will believe and come to know His Son Yeshua HaMashiach (the Messiah) and to accept Him as their One and Only Messiah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to a thousand generations. This is the heart of HaShem (God), and He says trust Me and know Me, for I want to show Myself to My people so that they will not be afraid or troubled.  So that they won’t have to hide out and seek shelter, for they will have My name to call upon, and I will be right there at their beckoning call to hide and rest them under the shadow of My Almighty outstretched arms.  I will seek them out and guide them unto all truth, and I will remove and replace their hearts of stone with a New Heart to where they can hear My voice and see My face and know of Me.  I cry out to My people because I love them dearly; they are my Little Lambs, and I do not want for one of them to be lost and taken from My Presence. The enemy wants for all of them to go to the Lake of Fire, the Abyss, with him because he hates Me and My Father so very much, and he can’t stand that I have so much love that it envelops the whole universe like the sun, moon and stars.


His plan and wish is that all mankind dies in their sins, so he can laugh and ridicule Me for even trying to SAVE My people from their sins and the sins of their forefathers, even back to Adam and Eve in the garden that I had created for US to walk and have fellowship together.


It was a perfect garden, but I had just One Command in it that they should not eat of just one tree in the garden, the one called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  We had told them when they ate of this tree,  “you will surely die,” and be cast out of the garden forever, but one day that God would send a Savior to crush the very head of satan (the adversary) himself and bring a deliverer to save us from what we have done by our disobedience in the beautiful garden of God [for all were in Adam and Eve when they sinned]..

As they had everything that they had need of, the enemy satan deceived them both to thinking that they could be like God and that We were hiding something from them, but that was a lie straight from the pit of hell.  My Father and I loved Adam and Eve so very much that we gave them this beautiful garden to work and till and share with the animals, and We even allowed them to name each of them what they chose, but then there was evil that came into the garden and persuaded them both to eat of the forbidden fruit that We told them not to, and he said, if they did they would not surely die.  When they were deceived by satan, that is the exact point in time when they realized that they were naked and needed to hide from Us, their Creator.

What a sad day that was for Us, their God, because We enjoyed the fellowship amongst the garden speaking and communing in the heat/cool of the day, getting to know them and having a relationship with them as We are trying to have now with all of mankind, our creation, from that point on.


Our plan and our purpose will come into fruition and become as We have spoken it to be. We just need people like you, Chris and Karen, to come together and help this happen in the time and place where We, your God, can get this together and worked out, so Our coming will be closer, and when We, your God, can see each of you sooner amongst His Kingdom where we all can worship and praise Adonai, ‘Elohim, King of Kings forever and forever, Amen.  This is our desire that everyone of our children, who has in their hearts our new heart, not one made of stone, but of My Spirit, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


I AM your ‘El Shaddai and the Lord Almighty; I AM your Adonai Rapha and your soon awaited King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Who says that We are not real?  Who says We are not who We say We are?  RUBBISH, people.  Those who claim this and say these unholy things, the truth is not in them because if they truly believe in Us – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – they wouldn’t have said such blasphemies words.  I tell you the truth, until one yodh or one dot (tittle) be taken away from My Holy Mountain of My Temple, My very Words, says God Almighty, nothing shall be annulled or removed from My Torah/My Commandments, My sayings, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  This here is from the very lips of God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, your ‘El Shaddai, your King of Kings and Lord of Lords to a thousand generations and more.


My Words and My Torah, My very Scriptures and teachings, will never disappear or be annulled because they are Me, and without Me, not one person would be standing upon another.  For without Me and My Father in Heaven, not any one of you standing on My footstool would even exist on the earth today.


So stand up and shout for Zion has come to you, and stand up and shout for your Redemption draweth nigh today.  Will you accept what I have said to you this day or will you say, “Lord, this is too hard for us to accomplish, this is too hard for us to do?”  Trust Me, Trust Us your Father which art in Heaven to know this isn’t too hard to do because you have OUR Spirit within you to accomplish every good works for  your Father which is in Heaven.  Trust the very Holy Spirit within you both, who are spirit-filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  You will need this.  He will help you, and He will guide you safely under the shadows of My wings.  Trust Me, your Father which art in Heaven, to know and to help you in this calling upon your lives today.  I say it is NOT too hard for you to do, but you will have to trust Me your Father to know and have your best interest at heart.


Shout out My name and praise Me and tell of all the wonderful things that your Father in Heaven has done for you in My Kingdom here on this earth today.  Remember I AM not far away from you .  I AM as close as you want for Me to be.  Trust Me your Father to not let any harm or illness befall you in My house of Prayer outside My city walls.   Fear Not for what man may say of you and trust Me your Father to know what is best for My people .  Shout for joy and praise My name because I say to you, who say you believe in Me and love Me, if you will not profess Me and My Father before men, why should we profess you before the very throne of My Father in Heaven.


Trust Me,  Know Me,  Prepare yourselves with clean hearts and wash yourselves today for the land that you stand upon is Holy, and all who worship Me and My Father are Holy.  Go, My children, and Do Not be afraid.  Trust Me that I have your best interest at heart.  Fear Not and know that all things work together for good to them who trust their Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


For You, O Lord, are our Elohim and our Adonai Rapha, our soon awaited King and our ‘El Shaddai, our wonderful Counselor,  our Rose of Sharon, our Prince of Peace and our soon awaited King of Kings .  Yeshua/Jesus is His name, Amen .


Trust Me and My Father, God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to have your backs.  (August 15, 2016  4:06am).

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O Lord, You are Above and Beyond the Firmament.

Saturday, August 13, 2016
1:45 am.


O Lord, You are above and beyond the firmament, and You, O Lord, are above all that we can see with our human intellect.  Lord, You are far above all we can fathom because You are Lord of everything, and we cannot even control an ounce of anything, but You, O Lord, have all the oceans in the palms of Your hands.

Who is man that God is mindful of him?  No one can or has seen God with the naked eye because if they had, they would’ve been consumed by fire.  How majestic is Your beauty, O Lord, in the Holiness in all Your glory from earth to shining seas.  You, O Lord, reigns from Glory to Glory, and no mind can fathom your magnitude.


Come before Me with thanksgiving and come into My presence with dancing.


Know ye that the Lord He is God, and it is He that hath made us.  Know ye that the Lord, He is God, and not we ourselves.  Enter into His Presence with good things and bless His name for Thine is the Presence and the glory forever and ever, amen.


Why do you think that I have forgotten and forsaken you?   Why is it that overall you think that I have let you down and you have fallen on your face to only die in a land that doesn’t want you here?  Let me tell you the truth, My children,  it isn’t that way at all .  They are in need of you from corner to corner not looking back.  They are in need of you from one end of the earth to the other.  O taste and see that the Lord God is true.  They that hate you are a mere few, but they that hateth  Me shall and will hate you because you teach of Me and all that I AM about, but I say don’t fear what man has said or will/shall say because greater AM I in all the world than those who will be in the world to come.


Seek Me early like I have said, and ye shall do good/well because this is how I know that you love Me when you seek for Me and woo after Me as I have done you this morning .  I AM not far off from amongst you as you have felt so far here in a strange land, but rest assured that I have been right here next to you as you have walked the streets of Jerusalem where I’ve walked so many years ago with all of My beloved disciples/emissaries.  I know your hearts as you have been preparing for Me/Us,  and I see your hearts’ cries and how you seek to know what to do amongst My people who are so stiff-necked and scared to get acquainted with you.


Trust your hearts and know that I AM with you with each and every step you take.  Let your light shine before them and trust Me, your Elohim [God], to give you the right words just at the right time to minister to My chosen elite.  Don’t feel or think that  I have left you here  to die or to get lost in the things that are in and around you because what purpose would that unfold into?  Silly Americans, you’ve had so very much and the world needs to know just what you have given up for the likes of them.  You will no doubt confuse their simple minds like you have so many Americans, but that is OK with your Father in Heaven because when the end comes into fruition, you and I will knock their very socks off knowing that you trusted your Father which art in Heaven and cared more about what God wanted than for yourselves.


Selfishness and greediness is of the devil himself and greater is He who puts their trust in the Lord than they who put their trust in their pocket books.  Yes, I know that when anyone talks of their wallets or purses to do something for My Kingdom, they cringe and pull back and start turning Me off, just like the person who said they wanted to help support you and Chris.  Where are they?  What happened to them?  Why would someone do such a harsh thing and make one of My sheep happy and blessed and then turn around from doing the one thing that brought some kind of hope to all of this journey?  So don’t doubt, My children, I have and own all the cattle on a thousand hills and I also own the hills that they sit upon.  Just trust Me and My Father to take care of you just as I take care of all of My creation who look to Us for their nourishment.


Come before Us with Thanksgiving and come into our courts with praise.  I say bow down before your Creator and be rest assured that if We are able to hold the sun and moon in the sky,  We can hold and take care of all of your earthy situations as well.  You are our children and you have done well by coming to My Holy Land, Israel, where you have been preparing and teaching one another of the love of My Father and I.


Don’t fret because you too have a purpose just as each of the sparrows who trust Me for their daily bread.  Just keep your hearts open and receptive to the voice of God Almighty, and you will be shown what to do and when I want for you to do it.  Be alert and aware because the enemy comes as a roaring lion since that is all that he can do for he isn’t as scary as one might think him to be, but he has a whole lot of people scared into believing that he is just what they need and nothing more.  They are deceived and the truth is not in them anymore


For I know My children and My children know Me, and they fellowship with Me because We are a husband and a Bride. A Bride who does not enjoy who her Husband is and a Husband who doesn’t enjoy his Bride is not in a true relationship.  They are deceiving themselves.


This is what has happened with My so-called church here today.  They have lost their savor, just like the salt you have been searching for and have just found.  This too was no mistake or coincidence .  I was teaching you that you need to keep studying My Word, My teachings, because when you don’t, you become like the food you were consuming good for naught/nothing.  Oh you tolerated it, but face it, it was no good and you know it.  Yes, it did fill the bellies of yours, but other than that, useless and a waste of the spoon and fork.


Trust your Father in Heaven to keep His promises, and be rest assured, I know that I have made all things new and bright in your lives.  Things come and go, but My Words and My Teachings never shall until the Day of My Return, and then you shall have Me and My Father with you always and forever right here in the midst of Jerusalem, Amen.  The oceans are mine, the Earth is mine, and so are you, my beautiful daughter of My Torah. Trust Me and know there isn’t anything too WILD or too CRAZY for Me and My Father to perform.  I hold the whole world in My hands, and I also hold you and your husband safely underneath the shadow of My Almighty wings, Amen, your Heavenly Father, ‘Adonai Rapha, and your soon awaited King of Kings.  I love you so very much, GOD.  (August 13, 2016  2:30am.)

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