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Friday, January 4, 2019 @ 9:35 am

Sabbath Preparation Day:

I want for My church, My people to preach and teach My Undoctrinated, Unshakeable, Unmovable, Unchangeable Word of God to the Nations/Peoples and Tribes of the World this very day and times.  My Word must go forth into all the world before My Son, My one and only begotten Son, shall return to take you, His Bride, home to be with Him.


Time is running out, My children, My Creation, what is keeping you from being obedient and responsible?  You say that you are ready, but how about your next door neighbor who doesn’t even know you’re a Christian?  And if they did, would they even want to be one?  Are you living a holy, Godly, righteous lifestyle pleasing to your Abba/Daddy?


Are you walking in the footsteps of Me holding you, or are you trying to do this road trip all alone by yourself?  The picture is pretty clear, isn’t it, My sons and My daughters of My so-called church of today.  Why do you keep fighting to do things on your own?  Why do you keep trying to remain your own single bosses that only ask for help when you dug yourselves in so very deep and can’t get out of trouble, and that is where I come into the picture, isn’t that about right, My Church people who say you believe and trust in Me, your Holy God?


You know that I’m holy, pure, and even righteous, but for some reason, you feel you don’t have to be.  I’m fed up with all of you who say My Son, My only Son, died so that you don’t have to be.  I’m fed up with all of you who say My Son, My ONLY SON, died so that you don’t have to pick up your own crosses daily and continue in this race that I have called you on.  This race just started when you acknowledged My Son’s death upon the cross which was done for you, My people, My children, who say you are Mine already.


My Son dying for you and resurrecting and ascending back here to where I AM still today gives you NO ALLOWANCES to keep repeating over and over again what My SON JESUS came to your world to do away with.  He came to fulfill what He promised to Abraham so very long ago.  He wanted to make it possible for our relationship to continue where it left off in the Garden when My First Adam sinned and fell short of My Glory.  My Second Adam DID NOT SIN and now you are able to walk with Me everyday and commune with Me, and we can have fellowship one with another.  To do this, My child, My sons and My daughters, you must be willing to pick up your own cross, like I have done, and continue this race that you are on to the finish line/course.


This course is one of denying self and taking on Me, your God, and loving and imitating what I have done and what My disciples/apostles had done after I returned to My Father.  It is not an easy path/road, but they saw Me and you have read about Me from those who have.  It is not impossible; it is doable.  For I left, so that I could send you back a HELPER, a COMFORTER, who you wrote about just yesterday on your Facebook Wall.  He is to help you to remember what you already know and bring it back to your remembrance in those tough spots that you will be going through, as I had to go through on My journey to the cross and back home to My Father.


Your journey is NO different than MINE was.  You do not get any short cuts.  I did what I did so that you could have a life everlasting with Me and My Father and your Father up in heaven when you die on this earth you call home today.  One day We will all be together singing and praising and worshiping the Father all together, like We had originally planned for you all to do until SIN entered the world through two people We created to worship and fellowship with.


The accuser of the brethren, satan, or so your bibles call him “Lucifer.”  He is NO longer “the shining one,” for he rebelled against Me, his God, and was dismissed from all of his duties up where I am this day.  Not even the earth belongs to him any more.  My Son reclaimed it all that day upon the cross when He said, “It is finished,” He meant that everything He had set out to do was done/complete, Not that I had annulled My HOLY LAW/TORAH that I had given to My servant/prophet Moses up on Mt. Sinai that day in the wilderness.  Neither did I mean that I had finally been let out of the Holy of Holies to let all of you come in.


This lie that the church and denominations are teaching are ludicrous and shall be destroyed and done away with like you say that I have been.  For you say such nonsense, and it is blasphemy and appalling to Me, your Holy Merciful God of the Universe.  My Laws are Me, and there is NO WAY what you say could ever even happen.  You who say this are all wolves in sheep’s clothing, and should REPENT and do your first works over again.  For My Day is to be here, and if you do not do what I have said, you will be in doom of hell and all that comes with it, My people, My church, who say you love Me and have a relationship with Me, your God.  My day has been slowly coming you say, but that just means that it is just that much closer, My Children, who say that you love Me.


Don’t just say you love Me to have an escape out of this world.  For I do know your heart, and My Word says that the heart is so evil and wicked, who can know it?  Do not follow your hearts, for they will lead you astray and far from Me, your Holy God of Heaven and Earth.  If you want to know Me and of Me, My children, My bride, open up your bibles and dust them off, and start reading them from cover to cover, starting with Genesis and go all the way to the opposite end, Revelation.


You will find Me, and you will know Me, your God for yourselves and not for what your teachers and pastors and or denominations want you to know of Me.  For there are many wolves amongst you trying to steal, kill and destroy My Church, My people, from ever getting to know Me, their Holy, Loving, Merciful God who created them all for such a time as this, as He did for Esther, the little JEWISH girl, back when she did a remarkable thing and went against her giant and saved her people from being destroyed/ exterminated and killed because of the hatred of Haman for the Jewish people.


My Church today hates Me for MY JEWISHNESS as well.  For they are constantly trying to kill Me by removing Me from My HOLY TANAK/SCRIPTURES, MY TORAH, which is Me from cover to cover.  There is NO COMPROMISING MY Church, My Bride.  You have to take all of ME or there is NO US, it is just you My dearly beloved ones today.  You can not be LUKEWARM.  You must be HOT or COLD.  There is NO LUKEWARM because if this is what you are, you will be vomited/puked up, My church people.


For know this you have once been a part of Me, but you have strayed and lost your way.  You have not been picking up your cross and denying yourselves.  You have gotten stagnant and are losing your faith and trust in Me, your Holy, Pure God, and you will not see Me, if you choose to stay this way.  You know not the hour or the day that I come.


Do what I have said before: REPENT and do your first works over, and see if I won’t open the floodgates for you to come into where I am in that Day not too far off.  Oh, My children, My bride, I am so anticipating your return to Me, don’t procrastinate or slumber, for if you do, We shall never meet face to face, like I have been planning on doing since I have left you so very long ago when My children/disciples and apostles saw ME RETURN back to My Heavenly Father in the clouds, amen.  Friday, 10:46 am.


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Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 8:00 am.

I was sleeping and dreaming about a lady opening up a refrigerator.  She took out this strange looking bottle that had different spouts.  As she was pouring it into her baby’s bottles,  I continued to watch and wonder why she was doing it that way.  My mind was just enthralled about the whole situation.  This is where God starts to talk with me.  As I kept laying upon my pillow, not wanting to wake up quite yet, God doesn’t stop impressing upon my heart and mind these words:

You are to SEEK and DESIRE the Sincere milk of the Word of God.  You are to hunger and thirst for MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is the Sincere Milk of Truth.  Don’t allow others to feed and teach you MY WORDS, but seek Me and trust ME to show you and lead you to know what My WORD teaches, what real MILK is.  People say they know what it is, but they DO NOT, says God Almighty.   If they did, their lives would show forth the product of it.  People are dying everyday, thinking and believing they have found what it is, but they have been fooled into believing a lie straight from the father of all lies.

You ask, How can we know what real truth is?  Well, I will tell you the truth, my sons and daughters of MY TORAH.  Seek after ME and follow ME, and I will show you and guide you into this truth that is in MY WORD.  It is not difficult, if people would just put their own doctrines and theologies down and pick up MY VERY WORD for themselves, and seek MY FACE and understanding, and I will give them this Wisdom that will outreach and unlock to them the world.

It is not hard to know ME, says God Almighty.  People complicate My Word,  but it is very simple indeed.  “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”  Yes, you know this song, and it is a very good one indeed.  Why has My people/children stop doing this one thing that makes such great sense?  Why have they given up on doing what My WORD tells them to do?  I wonder why they can’t seem to get their lives together these days?  Could it possibly be because they have left their Creator and God by the wayside to try and do life on their own accord?

Foolish and unwise children you have become.  You are not alone, but you have chosen to be.  You have chosen to do things your own way and turned your back on your Heavenly Father and ME to walk this great big world by yourselves.  How smart do you think that this sounds?  You’re right, not one ounce bit smart indeed.  Oh you foolish and unwise servants of the Most High God.  You say you love ME and MY Father, but you are NO more than whitewashed tombs full of dead man’s bones.

You walk around like you have the world by the tail,  but you are so lost and are just saying you are one of My children, but are deceived and are only deceiving yourselves, because the world can see what you are doing and how you are living.  Open up your eyes and ears today, My people, for time is running out and the door to MY KINGDOM  is soon to be shut.

Don’t let the things of this world get in your way any longer.  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Oh the heart is such a wicked thing and who can trust in it.  Oh ye of little faith, run to the LIGHT while you still have time to do so.  I AM this LIGHT, I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD that I AM speaking about and you sing about.  Trust in ME, for I have great things in store for you, My children, if you leave it ALL behind and pick up your CROSS daily and follow ME into ALL the World, first to the Jew and then to the Greek/Gentiles.

Obey ME, and keep ALL of MY TORAH, from the beginning to the end, and let NO man deceive you any longer.  If I call you out to do something, I will be your provider.  You will not have to beg from NO ONE, EVER.  I AM your Source.  Trust and believe in ME and MY FATHER’S KINGDOM.  For out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, I have ordained strength and praise, and MY WORDS will be accomplished.  For My Children do not, and will not, ever have to beg for food or anything else, says God.  For out of the mouth of two or three witnesses a thing will be established, amen.  Thursday, 8:41 am.


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