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Friday, February 15, 2019 @ 11:00 am

It doesn’t matter how large or small things may seem to you, My child, that matters, but what does matter is how much you love Me, your Heavenly Father, who loves to lavish so many blessings on you that you cannot contain.  Trust in Me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, and in all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Saturday, February 16, 2019 @ 6:12 am.


For I love you, My daughter, Karen, for I have not left you or forsaken you, My dear precious little lamb of mine.  Hold on, keep strong, for your day is soon to be here.  Don’t doubt and stay firm in your faith because greater am I that is in you than he that is in the world, My precious lamb.  For if you stay strong in the small areas, you will be able to maintain the larger things that may, and will, come up in your everyday life.  We must not lose faith, but hold steady, and do not waiver to and fro like so many in My church do today.


We are living in the last days and it is not going to be getting easier, but only that much harder.  You must gird up and put your battle armor on each and everyday, so that when you are attacked, you will know just how to ward off your enemy that’s riding your tail, so to speak.  We don’t fight with our eyes closed, so stay alert and keep yourself suited up for the Day of my returning is soon to be here.  This should not surprise you, My children, for you are seeing and watching for the signs, and they are all aligning up to My GREAT DAY.


Oh yes, I know My daughter, that so many are still very lost to Me, but We cannot wait forever.  Those who are listening and alert will hear My still small soft voice of My Holy Spirit wooing after them, but there are still those who just don’t want to obey or trust Me, the I AM who I say that I AM, this day.  They have been hurt and only have bitterness and resentment left inside of them.  They can’t understand that is what satan wants for them to have, so that they won’t come to Me and ask for HELP.


Hurt, Bitterness and Brokenness takes so many from Me because they blame Me, their God, for not doing something about they perpetrator that put them in this condition.  They have listened to the lies of satan, saying, that if I had loved them, then I would’ve stop them, but this isn’t the truth at all, My sons and daughters.  I AM Holy, My children/people, and I hate seeing these acts of sin and betrayal going on behind closed doors.  I have tried to stop it; I do, but your perpetrator just wouldn’t  listen to Me and stop.  They are too gone, for they can no longer hear My voice against all the lies the devil is telling them.  My sons and daughters who have been hurt, I AM very sorry.  I want you to know I have done all that I could for you.


You are here today, and that is a good thing.  I am wanting to help you to heal and be reconciled to Me, your Loving, Holy God of the Universe.  That person or people who have done this to you will have Justice be done to them accordingly.  They will not get off the hook.  Justice is also around the corner for them, says the Lord God of Israel, this very day.  No one harms one of My little lambs and gets off the hook, so to speak.  Judgment will be Mine, and I will be the one serving them.


Don’t allow these perpetrators to continue to hurt you any longer, for they will be taken care of by Me, their God, that they have been denying, and saying doesn’t exist, and is only some fluke of the imagination, and is just a crutch for people to hold on to because they need something.  I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, My children, My sons and daughters of My Torah.


Do you know, My beautiful children, that My Torah is My love for you.  I gave it to Moses (Heb. Mosheh) on top of Mount Sinai that day very long ago, after saving you and all the people from the wicked Pharaoh, who had kept you all in bondage for over 400 years total.  That is a very long time to be enslaved to a people.  Don’t allow yourselves to become slaves again to Egypt and her ways.  Allow Me, your Heavenly Father, to loose these chains from off of you and let you walk free once again.


STOP allowing people to keep you all chained and bound up.  You are all grown men and women.  You can not be hurt by these ugly, dirty men or women any longer.  Give Me all of your hurts, fears, and anxieties today.  Forgive your abusers, and let the peace of God free you and set you free this very day/night.  For who the SON sets free is free indeed, My children.  I didn’t ever plan or want for you to be hurt in such cruel, evil, and ugly ways, but it was beyond My control.  Like I told you, they just wouldn’t heed My Holy Spirit calling out to them to STOP.

My children, know that I love you, Oh, so very much, and I want for you also to love ME back.  Choose to listen, and choose to make the right choices today.  Open up your heart and let Me, your God, heal every space that needs to be healed, and restore to you My Holy Spirit, which bring peace, joy and comfort today.  Remember to always trust Me, your God, with ALL of your heart, mind and soul.


Keep My Words, My Commandments, and walk in My Torah, which is My very heart.  To love Me is to obey Me and to do what My Word says to do from beginning to the end.  Come to Me, all you who are weary and alone, and I will give you REST here on My Shabbat/Sabbath Day for now and forever.  For I do not change My Word,  it stands firm and strong forever and ever, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very Shabbat Day here in the Valley, amen.  @ 6:54 am.

@ 7:03 am


I AM not done with you, My Church, My People.  I have so many plans for you to do and to accomplish before My Great Day happens.  Oh, yes, it is just around the corner, but remember a day to the Lord is a thousand years and where in this thousand years are we?  NO one knows, not even Me, say the Lord God of Israel. Only the Father does, My little ones.  Just rest assure that it is getting, oh, so much closer.  I would not bring this up unless it was, Oh, so very important, says God.


Keep on the lookout and prepare like it is today or tomorrow, and you will never be off guard or unaware of our return.  Be wise virgins, My children, who always has her oil lamps filled to overflowing, because she doesn’t want to miss her Great Day with her Groom.  I stand at the door and knock, and if anyone opens the door, I will come in to her and sup with her and he with Me, says God (Revelation 3:20).  The time is coming when all My people will be saying,  “He is here!” or He is there!” Just know that when the signs come together in My Words/Scripture, you will know who the True Messiah Is.  For there are wolves in sheep’s clothing masquerading and trying to fool/trick you, so be on the alert, so that you will not be deceived, My little ones.


Read and study to show yourselves approved unto God (2 Timothy 2:15), and you will not be taken for granted and be misled.  It is time to grow up and mature in My Torah/Scriptures, and stop letting everyone out there tell you what My Words says.  Learn them for yourselves, so that you can get them down deep in your very soul this day on My Sabbath, My Holy Set apart Day.  On that one day I will reign as King in My Holy City, Jerusalem, where you, as well as so many others, have walked and visited in times past.  Oh, what a beautiful Day of Rejoicing that’ll be, when I see you, My children, all face to face, amen.


Don’t stop rejoicing, praise Me, Glorify Me, Exalt Me, your King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this beautiful Day that I have made.  Clap your hands, Oh house of Zion, come before Me with sounds of praise to My Father.  Jump for Joy and sing unto Me, for I AM worthy of it all, My people of My Holy City, where I will Rule and Reign for a thousand years.  Oh come and bow down before Me, and give Me honor due My Holy name that is above every other name above the earth and below.  Sing and make melodies unto Me, for I deserve all of your praises today and for always.

Don’t worry and Don’t fear, for great is the Lord and greatly We are to be praised and adorned.  For if you don’t praise Me, the very rocks and stones that the builders rejected Me will praise ME.  Oh how I enjoy to be with each of you this early morning.  It makes Me, your God, happy to be in your company.  I enjoy My children who desire to be in relationship covenant with Me, their ONE TRUE GOD of HEAVEN and of EARTH, MY FOOTSTOOL.  @ 7:27 am.


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Thursday, February 27, 2019 @ 5:40 am.

The Lord Jesus wakes me and says,


Don’t deny any of My little ones the entryway into this world, for such is the Kingdom of God, says the Lord of host, this very morning.  Put harm to even one of them, and it will cost you your place in My Kingdom, says God Almighty.  Don’t harm not even one of them, for they are all precious in My sight.  For I have formed and fashioned each and everyone of them in My IMAGE, says the Lord God of Israel, and I will not tolerate this any longer.


For Justice/Judgement is for Me to decide, not you and your government system.  I AM GOD ALMIGHTY, and I love My Little lambs that have been formed in their mother’s womb. Don’t deny a single one, for I hold My IRON ROD/STAFF in My hand, and I will repay, says the Lord God Almighty, KING of Kings and Lord of Lords, this day.


What gives any one of you the right to say when life begins and when it does not?  Once again, that is all up to Me to decide.  For I AM your God, and I AM their God, from the time of conception.  I have placed the egg and the sperm together, and therefore, it has begun to create, it has started, and let NO MAN take away, says your Lord God of the Universe.


Just like in Marriage, My people, what has been joined together and consummated, let NO MAN put asunder.  Wherever two or more are gathered together in any dispute or disagreement, let them take with them the allotment of people to get the dispute handled properly, so that there is no reason to question anything from that moment on.  Your Rabbi and husband are 100% right in the fact and idea that the church, and even you, were using this verse out of context.  I know that it was what you and most of the church have been taught for it to mean, but unfortunately, My leaders and pastors have not been teaching like they should be, and if each of you were reading your own bibles and studying, you would know enough yourselves to make one’s self a student approved in My eyes.


STOP blaming this person and pointing your fingers at others, and thinking you are better than them, for you are not.  Each person needs to grow and mature, and we all do this on different schedules.  We all mature at different degrees.


Some of you would grow faster even, if you would hold your bibles in your hand and put down your cell phones that you say you have a Bible APP. on.  Don’t fool yourselves, people; remember I AM God, I know and see all.  Yes, you may have it there and look at it from time to time, but not as much happens there like it would if you opened up the pages of your bible and started to read it from cover to cover.  There’s just something that happens, My loved ones, when you can dive in and turn the pages in front of you.


I know that you think you all just have everything all figured out, and isn’t that “all peachy keen.”  Trust Me, your ALL KNOWING, ALL SUFFICIENT GOD who made and created you in My image.  You don’t know half of what you think you do, so STOP playing games with Me, your Creator, right now and let’s get down to business.

I love you, My church/My people, Tribes, Nations/ Governments, whoever and wherever you are; come and bow down to Me, your Holy, Omnipotent God, and allow Me to direct and protect you from this very moment on.  For I love you and have your BEST INTEREST at heart for you.


How can you continue to keep doing what you have been doing for years on top of years and see nothing wrong with it?  How can you call the killing of innocent babies just tissue/fetuses and not even real live humans when they are living, breathing, moving and even crying and sucking on their thumbs for comfort inside of their mothers wombs/tummies?  What is wrong with you, My people/children, who say you love Me?  Do you not even have a heart or conscious any longer?  Are you so dead/cold and heartless because you have been so hurt that you don’t even feel any longer and could care less if anyone else feels and lives? You know what you’re doing is wrong and evil, but you have given up caring for anyone other than yourselves, to care about even one little helpless child who can’t fend or take care of themselves, and has to rely on you for everything.


You have put yourself in a very dangerous spot, My so-called health providers, that say you have taken an oath to do no one harm and to do all that you can do to prevent death.  WOE is you, who take the life of one of My innocent lives, whether for health care reasons for mother and child.  It doesn’t matter to Me, your Holy God.  I determine whether one lives or dies.  Who are you to say that someone is a person or not a person because of someone’s situation at the time of conception?  ALL of My children are beautiful to Me, and they ALL have a reason to live and that is not for you to delegate, but Me, says the Lord God of ISRAEL this very day.


I AM on the THRONE not you.  You may live in this world, but if you are one of My born again believers, you are of ANOTHER WORLD, only living where you are temporarily, so start showing and living like you’re My subjects, My chosen set apart kids of the KING that you are this very day there on earth where I put My foot to rest.


I haven’t stopped watching what is happening there where you are this day.  I can see everything very clearly and My time is soon to be here and is just around the corner to speak.  Don’t get impatient and don’t say I’ve heard this all my life.  Truth is I know what is in your thoughts and minds, and that is why I tell you, it isn’t much longer; prepare get your house in order, for MY DAY is not far off, but just up ahead.  I will come quickly and I will not delay My children.

Keep yourselves prepared, get yourselves packed for the Day of the Lord comes only to those who do not know Me, as a thief in the night.  And for all others, it will be a GRAND AWAKENING, A HOMECOMING, like you’ve never ever experienced before in your lifetime.  My Children, we’ve both been waiting a very long time.  Only My Father know the day and the hour, so let’s pray and rejoice that this day comes very soon, indeed.


Oh how I long to see you and hold you all in My arms and to say WELCOME HOME, you good and faithful servant,  you have done very well indeed.  Enter into OUR KINGDOM; you are finally home where you belong.  Oh what a Heavenly Wedding Feast we will be having My people, My chosen elect few.


Oh, what a day of rejoicing that will be when we see You, Jesus, face to face, amen.  Praise and blessed be Your name, Oh God.  I love You so very much, Your daughter of Your Torah, this very morning, sitting here being obedient to hear and to listen and to write down Your heart for Your people, Your church to hear and to be warned for such a time as this.

Thank you, Father, for loving us enough to tell, share and warn us before that great and terrible day, that is up and around the corner.  I just want to say thanks again for wanting to talk with me and to give me these LOVE LETTERS to cherish and to keep, but most importantly, to share with Your people/children, so that they too can know Your heart as I know Your heart.   You are a MERCIFUL and LOVING Heavenly Father who cares about us so very much.   I’m grateful to be Your child, amen.  @ 8:00 am.


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Sunday, January 13, 2019 @ 9:26 am.

God starts wooing after Me, and I start to procrastinate by still laying on my comfy bed.  The Holy Spirit keeps bringing thoughts and words to my intellect, and I keep thinking, but Lord, I’m tired and want to sleep more.   And that’s when I hear the loving words of My Heavenly Father, telling me that He wants for us all to meet and congregate under His Heavenly TALLIT.  I see that HE is getting impatient with me.


He says that He loves you and I so very much.  He (God) calls us His sons and His daughters.  He says, that it is not too hard or out of our reach to keep and to obey all of His commandments, if we would just follow Him, as Jesus told his disciples to do while He was with them.  He (God) says to not get all bound up by everything around us,  and keep our eyes, ears, and mind set on the goal/mark set before us, the Lord Jesus, and we too should be able to withstand all of the fiery darts of the evil one satan, also called Lucifer.  Gods says,

That you are all more than conquerors, who keep your eyes focused on the One who paid it all for you on the cross of Calvary.  And as He (Jesus) paid the debt that He did not owe, you can claim what He did for you all, and one day, be where He is for all of eternity.

We need to be followers of Yeshua [Jesus] and do what He did and act like He acted, and be His Talmidim/ His very students. We need to study and learn as He learned.  We need to be kicking up the dust of our feet, and having students behind us getting covered in the dust as we’re walking this faith road to the other side.  We need to be imitating our Master, Lord and Savior, and King of the Universe every single day.  Teaching others how to love the Father, as the Father is unconditionally loving us, His Children and Bride.  We are to be illuminating the love of Yeshua/Jesus to the world, so they, too, will see how much the Father loves them and wants for them to love Him back.


How will they know, if you don’t tell them, My people, My Chosen elect few, who say with your mouths that I AM Your KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, this very beautiful morning in Phoenix, where you, My son and daughter, live at with your daughter, who I have chosen to bring you to live with.


Oh, I know that it is humbling, but trust Me that I have great plans for you both and for her.  God’s ways are not your ways, My children.  I hold the whole world in the palms of My hands, so know that I also have you right where you are needed for this period/season of your lives.  I know that it may feel uncertain and unsure, but trust your Heavenly Father to guide and lead you into all truth, knowledge and wisdom, for such a time as this, as My sweet Esther said in her book in your Bibles there, where you are this very day.

Hold on tight for great and better days are up ahead for the both of you.  Keep trusting, keep believing, and your whole house shall be saved and made whole once again.  Never fear, never doubt, for thus says the Lord God of Israel.  Doubt and fear shall never enter into My Kingdom, says God Almighty.


I AM very strict when it comes to obeying ME and Keeping My Word/ Commandments, My people, My children.  You have NO RIGHT to tell, My Creation that I have done away with anyone of them.  They are MY HEART and what I AM LIKE.  They were never written down to SAVE you, with His Mighty Hand.

These Commandments that you call “legalism” are My very HEART and they are WHO I AM, and want for you all to be like.  I’ve said and told you over and over again to IMITATE ME and MY WAYS, and I tell you again if you love ME, you will keep and do them ALL.  Not to be SAVED, but because you LOVE ME and want to be OBEDIENT to Me, your Creator, your Father, which is in Heaven this very day and for always.

I AM ETERNAL, and I have always existed.  I have NO beginning, and I have NO ending, unlike you.  You can not pick and choose which of My Commandments can stay, and which ones are abolished.  They are Eternal, just as I AM ETERNAL, My church, My bride, if that is what you call yourselves.


Clean up yourselves, purify your hearts and come back to the altar where you first met Me, and do your first works over by repenting, washing and cleansing yourselves in My clear flowing waters of My Words and in baptism, and I will once again receive you unto myself, My little lambs, who have strayed and fallen short of My glory this very day.

Come running back to Me, your Holy God, and I will carry you just like a Shepherd would carry one of his sheep, who would stray off and fall down or break a leg.  Let this be an example of how much I love each of you, My children. Even if just one of you strays away, I AM always right there with you waiting for you to call out and ask Me to help you and to forgive you.  All you need is to repent and acknowledge you were wrong, just as you would to someone that has hurt or harmed you by saying or doing something that has caused you an offense or heartbreak by cheating or committing a crime against you.  This is what I AM talking about My people, My church, who are fornicating and committing adultery on Me, their One True, Invisible, ALL-knowing God of Heaven and Earth this very Sunday, you call your day of rest and your Sabbath.


I AM not pleased with you My church people, My so-called set apart ones, who say you desire Me as I desire you.  Show yourselves approved like My Word says to do.  You cheat and you lie about Me, your God, who is a Holy God. You say, I have changed My Mind, and that My Son’s death and resurrection makes it all okay?  Well, I AM telling you, it is not okay with Me,  and it has never been.


I AM warning you to get your lives in order before it is too late, My daughters and My sons, who say you love Me and keep My commandments, but prove to be liars, thieves and robbers, and are practicing and teaching others to do likewise.  It does matter to Me, and it has always mattered to Me.  I have sent you a prophet and prophetess.  I have sent you teachers and preachers to help you, but you reject them and say, they are not telling the truth and are false teachers claiming to tell and preach things against My teachings in the Scriptures.


You, My church, need to hear and grasp hold of My Prophets and leaders I have writing and broadcasting to you through Face Book and on YOU TUBE or wherever you are hearing about ME.  If they preach about Me and My Torah that it is for today, and that I have not changed My mind concerning it, then you’d better take heart and listen, and follow them and get some of the dust and dirt in your faces.  Cover yourselves in their dust they are kicking up, as you follow and seek truth, because truth is what you need to gain ETERNAL LIFE in Me, for I AM The WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, My Church.  My Words stand forever.  Paul was a man like you and I, and he was preaching to the Gentiles, and he was very hard to Understand, but was preaching of Me, and following after Me, and doing everything that I did, so learn from Him and understand that he was answering the questions of the people.


Just like Me, you do not have everything written down that I did and said.  Paul said and did so much more that you don’t have too.  He was preaching and teaching about Me and was very Torah Observant as I am still this very day.  How can I not be, it is who I am.  Paul was and also will be a Jew, and the same is for Me, your God of Heaven and Earth this day.  Stop trying to change Me, My people, who say you love Me.


My question is, “Do you truly believe who I say that I AM, or are you just saying and confessing it because you want to keep your prospects open, just in case these bible-believing people might just know something?”  Funny humans, when will you ever learn to trust and obey like that song you used to sing in your churches so long ago?  You might want to bring it back.  But I guess it’s not one that draws much attention and brings in the offering and tithes that you also claim to is for today, but it is from the OLD TESTAMENT.  Stop using Me as a buffet table for your disposal.


You can not have it both ways.  Stop polluting My Holy Temple, that you say that you are My church.  You disgust Me and make Me want to puke you out.  Lukewarmness is stinky, like I said before, like a dirty toilet bowl.  CLEAN IT UP and RETURN TO ME, your Holy, Righteous God, who created you all to worship and to praise Me your GOD.  I created you because I wanted a family to love Me and have a relationship with Me, your Father.  I didn’t need you; I wanted you.  Love Me, Keep My commandments and you shall/will do well and prosper, and be in good health, My children, God.  10:36 am.


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Friday, January 4, 2019 @ 1:30pm

Getting ready for Shabbat service when the Lord Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, reveals to me that HIS church has been defiling and polluting HIS HOLY TEMPLE by doing such wickedness as did the Pharisees  and the Sadducees in their day.  He says,


Come out of her (the world) and stop profaning and polluting My name and My holy, set apart temples that you are supposed to be.  Leave behind what the pagans do by taking what is Mine and perverting it and changing it.  When I created Adam and Eve, I said that it was very good.  I also said to go and procreate, and be fruitful and multiply and to replenish the earth.  I created them Male and Female, so in doing that, they could reproduce and make offspring in the likeness that God had made the both of them.  I’m appalled when you take what I meant for good, and you distort and pollute it so that your flesh can be satisfied to your liking.


I created and breathed into Adam the breath of life.  The very essence of who I am.  My very seed came into existence in Adam, or you should say, My own “sperm.”  This same sperm/life/breath that impregnated Mary that day when Gabriel the Archangel came to her in her room.  This seed/sperm of Mine is to be respected because it gives life and, in this case with Mary, life everlasting.


You need to take seriously what I meant when I told the first two people who ever existed because of My love for you that day so long ago.  I gave you permission to go and to be together as one in the union of marriage that day to populate and be fruitful.  You, as the body of Christ, cannot be fruitful if you are perverting the very act of marriage that I said and set up to do.

You cannot be fruitful, if we are having sex with the same sex partners.  You cannot be fruitful if you are doing acts that aren’t meant for you to do as Oral and Anal Sex.  It is unproductive in the command of being fruitful, but you are perverting and making unholy what I designed to be Holy and separate unto Me your Heavenly Father.  These kind of actions are only from a heart that wants to please the flesh and self, not producing in life as I intended it to be for.  When you disobey Me and My Word, you cause yourselves to be disobedient children of the My Father and this is what “Lukewarmness” looks like.


My Bride, My children are to be different, set apart from the world and her ways.  You are to come back to Me by repenting and doing your first works over, so you will be without spot, blemish or wrinkle in My sight.  You are to stop perverting everything that I call Holy, Pure and Righteous.  The Holy bed of marriage is to be sacred and Holy as well.  It is to reflect My very image, the One who created it for this very reason, to bring others back into a living, breathing relationship where fellowship could be pure, loving and giving, not distorted and taken to please one’s flesh and desires in ways that aren’t proper and right in My eyes, says God Almighty.

How do you reflect My image if you are all acting like cats and dogs who know no better?  You, My children, who do so, STOP it and get back to Me, and do not distort My Words to make yourself happy and satisfied.  You have been given so much.


Why can’t you all just be thankful that I created you for such a time as this to bring My Kingdom down to your earth, so that My Son, My one and only Son, can rule and reign for a thousand years without having to worry or be concerned with satan and his little imps or minions as you read, someone called them yesterday.  Yes, I have a sense of humor, My people, My children.


My children, My people, how have you gotten so off track with Me, your God.  You should know better. You should have read My Words, My Torah, My Scriptures.  Oh you say that you have, but you just have distorted them to please yourselves and your flesh.  I say that My Words never go against Me and how I have told you to do.  My Will is My Torah, and if it at any time sways from My Torah/Scriptures, it is not okay for you.  It doesn’t matter if the two of you agree upon something, it is still wrong because My Word says so, My people/My church/My creation.


What is Sin for one is sin for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you accept it for yourself or not.  You all have been given the same knowledge of Me, your God, so use it and stop saying you don’t understand it so you’re not held accountable.  That is Bull Wash like I’ve said before.  Wise up, church.  My time is short, shorter than what you think it is.


Love Me, your God, with all your heart, mind and soul.  Your everything. Just like I tell you to read My Words from cover to cover, and you won’t be tricked or fooled into doing things you know you ought not to do from the beginning.  Yes, things of this world look and seem to be fun for a time, but they will catch up to you.  You have NO promise of tomorrow, so get it together and open up your dust cover bibles, and start this journey of a lifetime with Me, your Heavenly Father of Heaven and Earth, this day.


Oh, if you haven’t gotten the hint yet, your unholy sex acts are not okay with Me, your Holy Father, who created you each, for such a time as this.  You were meant to be loved and taken care of and cherished, not to be used and abused for someone’s pleasures and gratifications, says your Lord God of Heaven, this day.  You are a prized jewel and should be treated as such, God. Time:2:17pm.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018 @12:49pm.

Today, God said to me while I was cleaning up, “Why do you not adhere to MY WAYS and to MY LAWS?”  And then I responded back, “What do you mean, LORD?”  He then went on to say,

I tell you the truth, My children, until ALL of MY SCRIPTURES has been fulfilled and accomplished, not one yodh or stroke of a pen shall be deleted from My Torah/Scriptures, My child of the Most High God of all the universe and beyond this very day, My Torah-observant daughter.

“Okay,” I said, “so what do you need for us to do, my Father?”

I need for you and your husband to walk out just what MY WORD tells you to do and nothing more.  Don’t be like the hypocrites in the Temple where they would say and tell one thing and then do the total opposite.  These people are two faced/forked-tongued.  These people can’t see clearly and are blinded from coming and going.  My sheep/people hear My voice and obey Me.  They are what I call “Wise Sheep,” for they hear My Voice and they come running to ME and do as I tell them to do.  They are OBEDIENT and obedience ALWAYS leads to answered prayers.

I love My children who worship Me with their arms lifted and raised before Me, their GOD.  They are surrendering their hearts to Me, their God.  Open up your hearts unto Me and cry with a loud voice.

Then as I was writing down what God was telling me, He started getting really descriptive and poetic.  And anyone who knows me can attest, I am not poetic or descriptive like this.

Sing and dance before Me and make melodies like of a rushing mighty wind that is made by the rustling of leaves on a tree in the fall.  Oh, how beautiful you are, My daughter, My children.  You glow like the rivers of Lebanon in the springtime.  Oh how magnificent you are. You are a prized jewel and worth more to Me than gold and silver and fine choice goods.  You carry yourselves straight and tall like a cedar tree and who can find a wife finds a good thing.

God then turns His attention to my husband, Chris,

You have done well My son, and know that I have found MUCH JOY in whom you have become.  Never give up and know that you are on the right path and are moving along quite nicely.  Don’t slumber and don’t fall for your adversary, the devil, who sneaks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

God then goes back to speaking to the both of us.  He again in here alludes back to His initial calling of us.

Keep in My Word, My children.  Continue to grow strong, don’t delay and keep on the move.  Time is running short, and My people are in need of you to teach them and to grow them in the faith that they need to know.  Having a purpose and a plan is everything.  Don’t hesitate for this is vital to OUR KINGDOM goal.   Be the light to the nations that I have called you both to be and know that I too will guide you and lead you into the places that you should go.  This won’t be easy, but it also won’t be hard either. 

Just rest assured in Me, your God, to work everything out for your good and for OUR PURPOSE to bring MY KINGDOM down to this world, you call “home” this day.  Be of good courage and don’t ever give up, for greater AM I  that is in heaven than he that is in the earth below.  Rise up, and take the weapons that I have provided for you in My very words, and stand guard and girted in My Truth with the sword of My Spirit and the Shield of Faith.  Put on the preparation of the gospel of Truth on your feet.  Don’t leave off the Helmet or your Breastplate because every piece is much needed to keep yourselves protected and safe in the day of battle that is coming.  Don’t fear what the enemy is about to do, for greater AM I than he is on any oh day.

Remember this, and get this, because he will try and feed you fear, but fear is not of Me.  Resist the devil, and he shall flee in My name, that is above every name above the Sun.

I love you, so hold fast, be strong and bold as LIONS, thus says God Almighty, and you shall see great and marvelous things to come in your life span, GOD.  1:23pm., Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 8:00 am.

I was sleeping and dreaming about a lady opening up a refrigerator.  She took out this strange looking bottle that had different spouts.  As she was pouring it into her baby’s bottles,  I continued to watch and wonder why she was doing it that way.  My mind was just enthralled about the whole situation.  This is where God starts to talk with me.  As I kept laying upon my pillow, not wanting to wake up quite yet, God doesn’t stop impressing upon my heart and mind these words:

You are to SEEK and DESIRE the Sincere milk of the Word of God.  You are to hunger and thirst for MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is the Sincere Milk of Truth.  Don’t allow others to feed and teach you MY WORDS, but seek Me and trust ME to show you and lead you to know what My WORD teaches, what real MILK is.  People say they know what it is, but they DO NOT, says God Almighty.   If they did, their lives would show forth the product of it.  People are dying everyday, thinking and believing they have found what it is, but they have been fooled into believing a lie straight from the father of all lies.

You ask, How can we know what real truth is?  Well, I will tell you the truth, my sons and daughters of MY TORAH.  Seek after ME and follow ME, and I will show you and guide you into this truth that is in MY WORD.  It is not difficult, if people would just put their own doctrines and theologies down and pick up MY VERY WORD for themselves, and seek MY FACE and understanding, and I will give them this Wisdom that will outreach and unlock to them the world.

It is not hard to know ME, says God Almighty.  People complicate My Word,  but it is very simple indeed.  “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”  Yes, you know this song, and it is a very good one indeed.  Why has My people/children stop doing this one thing that makes such great sense?  Why have they given up on doing what My WORD tells them to do?  I wonder why they can’t seem to get their lives together these days?  Could it possibly be because they have left their Creator and God by the wayside to try and do life on their own accord?

Foolish and unwise children you have become.  You are not alone, but you have chosen to be.  You have chosen to do things your own way and turned your back on your Heavenly Father and ME to walk this great big world by yourselves.  How smart do you think that this sounds?  You’re right, not one ounce bit smart indeed.  Oh you foolish and unwise servants of the Most High God.  You say you love ME and MY Father, but you are NO more than whitewashed tombs full of dead man’s bones.

You walk around like you have the world by the tail,  but you are so lost and are just saying you are one of My children, but are deceived and are only deceiving yourselves, because the world can see what you are doing and how you are living.  Open up your eyes and ears today, My people, for time is running out and the door to MY KINGDOM  is soon to be shut.

Don’t let the things of this world get in your way any longer.  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Oh the heart is such a wicked thing and who can trust in it.  Oh ye of little faith, run to the LIGHT while you still have time to do so.  I AM this LIGHT, I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD that I AM speaking about and you sing about.  Trust in ME, for I have great things in store for you, My children, if you leave it ALL behind and pick up your CROSS daily and follow ME into ALL the World, first to the Jew and then to the Greek/Gentiles.

Obey ME, and keep ALL of MY TORAH, from the beginning to the end, and let NO man deceive you any longer.  If I call you out to do something, I will be your provider.  You will not have to beg from NO ONE, EVER.  I AM your Source.  Trust and believe in ME and MY FATHER’S KINGDOM.  For out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, I have ordained strength and praise, and MY WORDS will be accomplished.  For My Children do not, and will not, ever have to beg for food or anything else, says God.  For out of the mouth of two or three witnesses a thing will be established, amen.  Thursday, 8:41 am.


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Are We Christian’s Just Too Busy for God?

December 14, 2017, @ 6:17 am., Thursday.


As usual,  I was still asleep in my bed, waiting to hear the rustle of my husband and son, getting ready for work, when I am seeing in my dream a light brown-colored brick home with a cement sidewalk going from the house to the garage out front.  I’m assuming that this is my parents’ place or soon to be my house.  It’s sorta weird because I know my parents are dead and have been for sometime, but I’m still thinking it’s their house, lol.

I’m outside by the garage door, the kind where you have to lift up so you can drive your car into.  It was a little strange because the garage opening was facing the house.  I’ve never seen this before, instead of the street. I was bending down to open it up and noticed there was some of the weathering on the right bottom coming loose, and I said that’s going to need to be repaired and fixed soon, but hadn’t a clue how to.

As I thought about this,  I heard a noise to my right, so I looked and there was this lady across the street sitting in a white lawn chair up on a hill out in front of her house. She was all excited to see me, but I was just thinking, Not now, please, I haven’t got time to do this visitation stuff.   The lawn was beautifully landscaped and green.  She was waving at me and trying to get my attention.  I waved back at her, and I sensed that she wanted to tell me something, but I didn’t feel that I had the time right then to accommodate her request.  I just waved  and yelled “Hi” back to her, and continued to look amongst the things in the garage.

I came across a few things and put them to the side, and one of the items was a white lawn chair.  I left it there and turned to go out,  and my mother was standing there.  I assumed it was my parents’ house in the beginning but never seen them there, lol, until just then, Boom!  There right before me stood my mother.  She didn’t seem to be very happy and was rather sad to think about it.  I asked her if she and dad still sat outside at night together, and her response was “not lately.”  I thought to myself, How sad. I know how much you had enjoyed it in the past.

I turn again after talking with my mom, and this lady is still sitting in her chair all alone, and looking rather lonely.  The house and area around her is all white,  including”{‘[ her chair, except for the green lawn.   I’m sensing she is still wanting for me to come over and visit with her, but I just keep doing my own thing, and this is where the dream goes from being a dream to God wooing after me.  The Lady, God says, is what He is using to get my attention.


The Lady says, “That’s okay.  Everyone is always just too busy to come and see Me.  They don’t ever have enough time in their busy day for Me.”  This is where I realized that God is such a loving Heavenly Father.  He’ll do anything for us; all that is required is for us to believe and seek after Him and His Kingdom.  God is a very jealous God, and He doesn’t like it when we don’t put Him first and foremost in our life.  He doesn’t like it when we say one thing and then do the total opposite.  God is looking and seeking after a people who aren’t ashamed of Him and His Kingdom.


He is searching out and looking for a people who will be Holy and Righteous and Pure as He is.  He doesn’t need for anymore wishy-washy people because they are plenteous and easy to find.  God would say to each of us this morning to examine ourselves and see if there be any wickedness in us.  Then He says to cleanse and purify our hearts and come before His throne to worship Him who is Holy, Holy, Holy.  We need to open ourselves up to God as Holy vessels set apart for such a time as this, in order to Glorify our Father which art in Heaven this very day, thus says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, amen.


God says, “That He is tired of His children/people saying one thing and then doing another.”  He also says, “To leave all of your pagans things aside and turn to the One true God, who is your very true source of LIGHT today and for always.  Stop profaning My name and Stop putting My Holy name to the places of your idols of worship.  My Kingdom is coming very soon, and I AM your King who will reign on My son David’s Throne, and it will be as I have spoken so very long ago when I walked and reigned on this earth that you live on.”


God then says, “Nothing is too hard for your God to do.  If I have not said it or spoken it before, I will say it again.  Nothing is impossible for Me or My Father to do for you.  You just have to have the faith of the size of a mustard seed for it to take root and to grow and mature.  Do you, My people, have this kind of faith to speak forth life from the dead, like I did for Mary and Martha that day when I visited them?  Rise up My people/My children, and let your faith arise to great standards to where you can see Me with your physical eyes and believe that you too shall do these great marvelous deeds as you saw Me do and perform before many crowds of people.  Yes, I did do these great and marvelous works because of My Father which is in Heaven this very day, and so can you My beloved ones, if you just stop doubting and stop fearing what man will think of you.  It doesn’t matter what they think, My child of the Most Holy God.  What matters most is what your Heavenly Father thinks about you.”


God continues, “Be obedient, My children, and obey all that I have spoken to you in My Words.  For they are life and breath to all that read and behold them to this very day.  Nothing is by accident or mistake.  It all has a valuable reason for why things happened the way that they did, and there is never a reason for it not happening just the way it did.  Stop questioning yourselves, because it is just a waste of precious time.”

God has each of you in the palms of His hand, and there is no greater place for anyone of us to be at this very moment in time and space.  God then says, “Count it all for Joy when people come and persecute you for My name’s sake.  Because as I have said in times passed, if they did it to me, they will also do it to you, My dearly beloved ones.  Hold fast and tightly to the hems of my garments and know and be rest assured that this too all shall pass away in due season and time.


“I’m not happy with all of this name-blaming chaos that’s going on in the world today.  Know that it is leading to nowhere and getting absolutely nothing accomplished.  My name is important but not to be thrown around like it is merely nothing out of the ordinary.  You put My name to things that aren’t meant for Me to be involved in.  Like all of these holidays that you impose Me into.  I have not told you to do so.  You have forsaken your true love, and this is a really Big problem for Me and My Father which art in Heaven this very day.

“I told you before that these holidays that you forced Me into are Unholy or Unkosher, but you choose to impose them on Us anyhow.  This isn’t good, My children.  I have set in order and given you the plans I have for each of you to do, and you choose to go and do your own things anyhow.  How do you think this pleases your Heavenly Father when you go against what I’ve spoken to you in times passed.  My very Words speak of the Tree, and of the pagan practices that they were involved in.  Do I keep having to repeat myself over and over again for you all to get it?

“I hate and detest all pagan practices, and when I tell you to not do something, it is for your good, My children of My Torah.  Fun and games, you say, but I say, These are not games to Me, your Heavenly Father of the Most Holy God, who reigns and lives in not only in your hearts and lives but in the entire galaxy of the universe outside of everything that you can even think of or even dream it to be.  I AM who I say that I AM, and that is all that you have to know and trust in.


I can not have any other gods before Me, and all this worship you do with the so-called Christmas season of putting My name to unholy things is so disgusting, that I would rather puke you up than to allow you to see My holy things in My Kingdom.  I do not like to share My name with anyone else.  This spirit, they call Christmas, is not of Me nor has it ever been so, My children.  You are getting so very close to be getting spurred out of My mouth, My dearly beloved ones.  How can you keep profaning My Holy name after knowing what My Word says so clearly that a baby could understand it?  I’m not okay with any of it, so hear My Words today and listen very, very closely.  I don’t know what others might have told you is Truth, but it is the farthest thing from truth that it is.”

“All that shopping and business of the season isn’t of Me nor of My Father which is in Heaven.  I have never been in the season you call “Christmas,” and I Am appalled at the very essence of you trying to connect Me with such heresy and paganism as you all seem to love and worship.  Put away all of this man-made religion and get back to the basics of My very Words/Scripture. All of My Words are valid and worth more than all of your pagan belief and customs/ traditions that you have accepted for yourselves to do and say it is good and is bringing others into My Kingdom.  You are only spreading lies and placing counterfeits before My people who you say you are trying to help and bring to Me.  Lies, Lies, and More lies of the devil himself.  Woe unto the man who keeps spreading divisions and heresy amongst My children /My people. It would be better if they would have never been born, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day.”


“You say, Why isn’t others teaching this or hearing My voice?  I will repeat, they who listen to My still small voice and obey Me are spreading My gospel and doing what I have spoken for them to do and to say.  It is those teachers and preachers and whatever you want to title them with, that are more concerned with lining their pocketbooks and wallets here on this earth below than they are in seeking after My Torah /My Scriptures.

Neither do they seek after My counsel and ask Me, ‘What is it that you would have me to do for you and your Kingdom right now for such a time as this?’  If these teachers and preachers would come before Me like they do when they want something for themselves and for the people in their congregations, and be truthful and honest when asking what it really is that I want, I would tell them the same message as you are writing down this very second.  But that isn’t the case with them.

They don’t ask Me anything directly because they don’t want to hear My heart.  They are afraid that they may have to make some changes to their lifestyle that they’re living and preaching about.  I Am not about all that prosperity message that they are trying to feed My people.  They are killing and murdering so many of My people all around the world because of their self-righteousness lifestyle of thinking that they deserve all of this wealth that they have accomplished for themselves using Me and My Father as a cornerstone to do it.  We are not the ones that are accommodating them.  It is satan himself who is counterfeiting and imposing  himself to be Us, when he is so far from being anything like us at all.

My children and My people would know Us, if they would search with all of their hearts, soul and minds.  The problem is they don’t, and they parade around like they do, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They go from place to place showing off all their luxuries and telling people they too can be blessed by just giving into their ministry.  They go on and on about telling their members and followers that if they want to be blessed and prosperous that they too need to give and sow into their ministry, and they too can have fine cars and houses, etc.


I do bless those who walk in obedience to Me and My Father, and if you are obedient to Us, you can have what you claim and say.  But these wolves in sheep’s clothing take My words and turn them around and twist everything to their own advantage,  and in the process, end up leading hundreds and even hundreds of thousands on a long dark road to hell. I love My people.  So, My so-called Church, will you humble yourselves today and heed My Words?” says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
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