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My Word is Very Fragile

The fragile baby you saw in your dream is My Word, the Bible. Yes,” He says that “it is very fragile and can be twisted and turned in all different directions and expounded on, if not taken seriously and put back into the right context and time period and culture that it was intended for when written down, and was spoken by those I have called to be my servants and leaders of my day and beyond.

The Living Torah – the Light of the World

Even before the creation of the the world, when G-D spoke about Me into the world, and I was this LIGHT, THE LIVING TORAH, that brought Light where there was no light but pure darkness (hasatan). Yes, this has been a mystery since before the world existed and beyond, because ha-satan deceived so many of My Angels and Seraphim to follow after him. Because of that, the world became so very dark and ugly, so My Father sent Me, the LIVING TORAH to be LIGHT to cover and bring light to the darkness, which My church of today calls Salvation.

The Living Torah – Salvation

Yes, I am their Salvation, My people, who follow Me, the Torah, My church. Problem is they have rejected Me, this LIGHT that My Father, Elohim, has sent Me both in the before creation period and after My Virgin birth to Mary and My earthly father Joseph who adopted Me as his son because the angel Gabriel told him to “not be afraid of taking Mary to be his wife” for from her Salvation would come from her, and His name would be Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the Light of the World, to save (yoshia) his people, one day very soon indeed.

He would be just like all other little boys in his day in the sense that he would need to be taken care of and nursed by his mother Emma, Miriam, and taken care of by his adopted Abba, Joseph/Yoseph.  This was a very big step for Joseph to take knowing this was not how things happened in his day. They would stone women for having a child out of wedlock and breaking the vows that were already said in their betrothal to one another.

Mary and Joseph – Examples of Who I Am?

You ask Me why would I allow such a thing to happen with My people who were TORAH OBSERVANT to the T Letter? I say because I AM THE TORAH MADE FLESH, My children. And from Me, I must also have total faith, trust and obedience and Mary & Joseph were these living examples of who I came to represent Me and My Father who art in Heaven that very day so long ago. We knew We could trust them both because they both sought us with their whole entire souls their entire bodies their everything. Nothing came in between them and Us, their Elohim/G-D Almighty. They were so TORAH OBSERVANT and loved like no others. We knew them and they knew Us. They kept the Laws of Moses and followed them to the letter and did not stray like all of My so-called church teaches today.

Yeshua Did Not Come to Do Away with The Law of Moses

I did not come to do away with Myself, THE LAW OF MOSES. I did not Abolish Myself On My own cross. This is HOGWASH, PHONEY-BOLOGNA, My so-called Bible believers of today in your own little makeup or made-up world you’ve created for yourselves to live in, but to not stand out but fit right into, to please your fleshly desires as well as your families.

You are to Remember & Keep the Sabbath Day

I do not care about your feelings and emotions when it stands between Me and My Father, G-D in Heaven, this day that begins preparations for our set-aside Sabbath/Shabbat day. You know what I mean by that, don’t you? I’m talking about the fourth Commandment where it says to keep and to remember the Sabbath – not anywhere does it say “to change it to suit your own needs and wants, to make it more suitable for you and for the world I created for you to live in forever.”

There is NO Secret Rapture!

Heaven is not your forever home, just your pit stop, until I return for My ONE TRUE BRIDE, ISRAEL. When I return, it will be My second coming. I do not have a secret return for My one true Bride, Israel/My church Ecclesia.  If you miss My return and haven’t kept your lights lit, you will not have a place in My Kingdom, or In My Holy City of Jerusalem, do you comprehend?  I never told you that you were more special than anyone else in My Holy Scriptures, My Tanakh. If they had to fight for their lives and walk through sins, sickness and transgressions and call upon Me, your L-RD G-D, your ADONAI. Your ADONAI RAPHA. There has always been a great price to pay for your actions. There has always been repercussions for your actions all through Scripture your Holy Tanakh/Bible.

My Scriptures Were Never Meant to Be Divided

My Words were never divided by chapter and verses and never, I say never, supposed to be put into what you call today “Old and New Testaments.” I have My Torah, My Prophets, and My Writings. You, My Church, have misapplied MY FATHER’S WORDS from the beginning to the very end of what you say is truth. You, My so- called church/believers need to re-examine yourselves to se if you are still of the faith of your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, because if you are not, then there is NO US, if there was ever an Us.

My Church Began with Abraham

Your fathers had a loving relationship with Us. They kept covenant with Us. They followed and kept Our Word. They Repented from their transgressions, sins and iniquities, and I forgave them and they moved on. My Loving Chesed and Lovingkindness was all throughout Scripture. My GRACE was never hidden from them as it is not hidden from you, My church of today. My church, Ecclesia, has been in existence way before you, My church of today. It started way back with Abraham, your father, when I took his place for your sins. He is truly My Friend, My church, but not so much you who think and sing that we are.

We want to Vomit Lukewarmness out of Our Mouths!

We are not pleased with LUKEWARMNESS. We rather spit you out like vomit, My so-called children of G-D this day, where you are already plotting how you are going to be doing this and that on My Holy Day, My SHABBAT/SABBATH DAY. Yes, I said that “the Sabbath was made for man,” not the other way around. But no where did I say anything about you could swop it out and change it to suit your needs and wants.

The Ten Commandments

My 10 Words/Commandments we’re first placed in stone, but you claimed that they were too far away from you to keep and do them. So I removed them from being on the outside of you to putting them on the inside of you that day I died upon that cruel rugged cross that you just worship like it is your god and not I, your King of kings and L-RD of lords this very day. You are using My cross for idolatry, not for what it was intended for, My so-called church of today.

My cross fulfilled what I did and spoke with your father Abraham in Genesis 15: 15 -18. I took what you said you couldn’t do because it was too hard and too far away and placed it in a different location, your very hearts inside of you, just like you asked for Me to do, and you still say it’s not good enough for you and for your families.

You Are Obnoxious & Rebellious People

You are a spoiled and hard people who just don’t want to obey no one, but your own selfish selves and desires. You want everything your way, rather than to obey your Heavenly Father, who is the CREATOR of the Universe and beyond.  You are a very obnoxious, rebellious people who want what I can give but don’t want to follow Your KING’S RULES.  You want to have what My cross provides, but you don’t want to obey your KING’S COMMANDMENTS/STATURES and PRECEPTS.

You want My free gift of salvation from going to hell, but you don’t want to follow My example of picking up your own cross daily and following Me in a relationship to the finish line of your own race.  I said you were selfish, and this I will hold on to, because I have no sin in Me because I AM Holy, Righteous and True to the very end and for All-time.

I Am & Have Been & Always Shall Be Holy!

I have always been untainted by sin of any kind. You who say that I literally took all your sins in My body on the cross are a liar, and liars cannot inherit eternal life in My Kingdom, or where I am says the L-RD G-D of ISRAEL this very pre-Shabbat morning where My daughter is writing this all down.

Repent and Turn Back to Me

Oh, you wicked generation. How long will it take you to truly REPENT and turn back to Me your G-D ADONAI/HASHEM, Creator of the whole entire universe, you know of or about, but haven’t yet a clue what is really even out there yourselves and never will.  You think yourselves to be so pious, so smart, but you are so very simple and dull.  Turn back to Me, your EL SHADDAI, before you fall completely on your face and find out how dull and unlearned you have become my creation/people.

Reasons Why I Have People Share My Words with You

Why do you think that I have people, like My daughter Karen, here today writing down this Word from the Holy Spirit wooing after her? I do it for a few reasons. I do it because I love you, My Creation children, and I desire for you to love Me back, so that I can teach you and train you how to love Me, your KING/HUSBAND. I’m all about RELATIONSHIP AND COVENANT. When you understand fully what that involves and means, you will be one step closer in RELATIONSHIP with your GROOM/ HUSBAND.

Israel is My Son, My Bride, and My Flock

ISRAEL IS MY SON, and I AM HIS FATHER. If you are ONE WITH ISRAEL YOU ARE MY DEVOTED BRIDE AND WILL BE with ME for all of ETERNITY, MY LITTLE SHEEP/Lambs of MY fold/Flock. If you are One with Messiah, you are One in the Olive tree, My beloved Church Bride. There are no two brides, My dearly beloved ones. I and My Father are One/ECHAD. You cannot divide us up not now or ever. We are ECHAD. Take Us as We are or stop profaning Us and stop wasting your time pretending any longer. Pretending will only get you to hell the same way as rejecting Me as you say the Jewish people do and have in the past.

You Cannot Change My Creation

You can live a lie and say you believe, but let Me say it, you have been created either as a man or a woman, and nothing you say or do will ever change that because I Am your CREATOR, and what I make and create does not ever change. Do you understand that? I could repeat, but I know that as dull or dumb as you are or claim to be, you do have some intelligence and ability to choose good over evil.


You say how can I make that diagnosis, because again, I am your ELOHIM. I AM THE LAW OF MOSES, I AM THE GREAT I AM that I told Moses when he asked Me what to tell the people and Pharaoh in Egypt that day I called him to deliver My people ISRAEL and those other people who chose to attached themselves to Israel and make Me their G-D and Savior, Redeemer too.

Israel is My One True Bride

No one is exempt from being My One true Bride Israel. All you have to do is believe that I AM who I say that I am and come follow Me to the ends of the earth you live in today, My footstool.

Will You Accept the Cost of My Betrothal?

Question is, Will you accept My Betrothal to become My Bride and be FAITHFUL TO ME TO THE FINISHED LINE, or will you keep making excuses about how hard life is to follow and walk in My Footprints in the sand on your seashore and beaches? My true believers don’t continue in sin and use the excuses that they sin every day and can’t help it because they are just humans saved by G-D’s grace. If you have truly repented and are following Me, My children, oh, My precious little sheep /lambs of My flock, you will not desire to go back to your old life of sin and lawlessness but will desire to live for Me and My Father daily by picking up your own cross and following Me, your KING, LORD AND MASTER to the finish line. So start today by running the good fight of faith to the finish line and never look back upon what you have accomplished for the enemy/satan/ha-satan is out to kill steal and destroy you and get revenge on Me, his G-D/Creator.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time!

Don’t waste another moment of your time debating whether or not this is true, because it is, and satan is also real and is studying you and knows how you think because you keep revealing yourself to him. This is the only way he does know what you are like. So keep quiet unless you are saying and speaking what MY HOLY SCRIPTURES say to say and do. Satan knows Scripture and that is how he was able to twist it to deceive Eve as well as Adam and is also able to deceive even you and the very elect, during the Great Tribulation that all of you will be going through at one point or another, unless saved by death before.

Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey. G-D 11:27am December 30,2022


I’m retelling my morning dreams to my husband while playing Skip Bo after bringing in Shabbat and the Holy Spirit tells me more of the second part of my dream. He said,

The Fallacy of the Altar Call

Many are called but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14). My people need to give Me their BEST, the FIRST of their harvest.  My people, My Ecclesia, these dreams that My daughter had are very practical for you today, My church goers. You who believe that you have been chosen because of your confession of your faith down at the altar, or in the front of your churches, or fronts of your TV screens or in any place where you have taken the plunge in asking or “saying a prayer to repeat after me,” by a pastor or someone who says they are born again and walking in Covenant with Me, their ELOHIM or their JUDGE as your husband said this morning, that it can also mean and be interpreted to mean as well.

Obedience to My Commandments Speaks Louder than Any of Your Confessions

All because you say you believe doesn’t prove anything to Me, your ELOHIM, your G-D, who is your ultimate Judge and Ruling King of all kings, this very night of My set-aside Bride, My people, who love Me and put Me before everything and everyone else. Why are you still having difficulty with this, My chosen set-apart Bride who says that they love Me but doesn’t take My Words seriously but says that they can mean anything that they say that they mean because the Sabbath was made for them and not the other way around. Oh, how foolish, My people, My chosen-elect ones have become. How immature you are this very day that I have set apart for My One True Bride.

Quit Being Babies and Learn to Study the Bible for Yourselves!

Do you even know, My church, what the word “perfect” even means in My Tanakh? It doesn’t mean that you will have everything figured out or that you will never be without sin or fault. No, you are just reading and listening to false prophets and teachers/pastors who aren’t literate in My Holy Tanakh Scriptures. This word “perfect” means “mature,” to grow up and stop acting like children/babies. It means to dive and dig into My Torah and hunger for the meat of My Words and stop whining about the little things that aren’t or as important. You need to stop misapplying My Words to make excuses for yourselves and grow up and take responsibility for your actions and become perfect/mature. Stop being babies and having to be bottle fed or being nursed for your growth. Yes, there is a time and a season for all things, but most or a lot of you have been claiming to be Mine for a long time yet, and you are still not growing up or producing any or absolutely no fruit to show that you are even Mine, if ever this was the case.

It Is Time to Get Harsh Before You Die and Stand Before Me in Judgement!

This is very harsh, I admit, but it needs to be told before you die and stand before Me, your Judge/your Creator of all time. You say what will it take to get this growth that you spoke about? I have told you over and over again in My Holy Tanakh/ Scriptures in My TORAH. You must be BORN AGAIN. You must deny yourselves daily and pick up your cross and follow Me and not the world’s ways.

Have You Left Egypt’s Ways or Have You Adopted Them as Yours?

But have you done that? Have you left Egypt’s ways, or have you just adapted your ways to please yourselves to make life more comfortable to you and your families? I will answer for you because I see your hearts, and I know what they are made of. They are wicked and who can know them, but I, your Creator of life, My people, who claim to be Mine, but don’t want anything to do with Me, unless I give you everything you ask from Me. When I do not act like your genie, you deny Me your attention, and your relationship with Me, your ADONAI, drifts further and further away, until once again you are in need and you come running back to Me pleading for help or to someone else who you know is close with Me to pray and intercede for you and your families.

Why Should I Help You, If You Are Not Mine?

Why should I help you when you aren’t even in relationship with Me, your G-D your ELOHIM? Why should I allow or let you into My Kingdom, if you were to die right now? What gives you the right to live an unholy/unrighteous lifestyle and be ushered into My Heavens on the day you take your last breath?  My Holy Tanakh/Scriptures says that unholiness and lawlessness should not inherit the Kingdom of G-D ever. Because I, your L-RD G-D is Holy. Sin can have no place where I am.

My Grace Is ONLY For My One True Bride, Israel

Yes, but you say, “My grace is sufficient for you and your family,” this is true for the true Bride of Israel who has been truly forgiven and has been engrafted into the Olive Tree. This is true for My betrothal bride who has promised herself to Me in Covenant. My Bride does not continue to make excuses as to why they can’t continue to obey and keep all of Our Commandments and the faith of Yeshua, My Son, who obeyed Us in all areas of His life without sinning against Me, His Heavenly Father and your Father, if you choose to do and walk in the footsteps that He walked in up to the cross to keep the promise We made to father Abraham, when we took the place for Abraham while putting him into a trance. It was necessary for Us to do that because otherwise, you My church today, as the rest of My creation could never know Salvation in Yeshua HaMashiach, My only begotten Son, who I created to keep My promise that day so long ago. Without Me keeping this promise, there would not be any Yeshua as you know him to be, My Church, who struggles every day because you don’t love Me like you love yourself. My Bride would give up her life for her Bridegroom, if she really believed that He existed. My Son, your Yeshua, did give up His Heavenly Mansion/ Divinity to become as you are today, so that others could also be where He is. He came from Heaven to earth to re-open the door for you, and all HIS creation could have a Relationship without sin and death being an issue ever again.

What Has the Church Gone & Done?

Now what have you, My so-called church, gone and done. You have defiled My son’s blood in the mud. You have blasphemed His Holy name saying that He has abolished His Father’s Laws given to Mosheh (Moses) on Mt Sinai. You have committed idolatry and need to repent of your sins. You have profaned My name by misusing it and saying I’m okay with your pagan holidays you keep instead of the ones I told you to keep in your Bibles in Leviticus 23, as well as other places.


I never said anything ever about changing My mind about anything concerning My Torah or My Commandments. The thing that did happen was that I replaced where I allowed My Commandments to be located, as Jeremiah, My prophet, spoke about writing them on the inside of your hearts to make it easier for you to do, and you are still complaining that you can’t keep them and it is still too hard. You say that you are unable to not sin everyday My so-called church people who say that they love Me but not enough to where you can’t stop sinning and committing adultery against Me, their Holy, Omnipotent
G-D of Heaven and Earth, this special night I made just for you and I to fellowship with one another.

When Will My Bride, Israel…?

I love you, My Bride Israel. When are you going to stay faithful to Me, your HUSBAND? When are you going to stop fornicating with other lovers and come back to Me, your One and Only True Lover, your Husband, who gave His life to buy you back that day on My cross? Oh, My Bride, My church, My Ekklesia. When will you hear My heart? When will you receive My Gift of Eternal life in Me, Yeshua, who is this Eternal life that you are seeking after. It is not a one-time event, no, but it is a daily relationship with Me, Yeshua, your propitiation for sin once and for all time. 

I Paid My Cost, When Will You Pay Yours?

I paid the cost for each one of you, My people/creation, so will you now pay your price to accept it by returning to Me and daily walking with Me in this race to the finish line?  Like My daughter seen in the last part of her dream this morning. She had seen this trailer with sheaves of wheat all bundled up next to each other, standing tall and slightly bent over and bowing down. She wasn’t sure at the time what it meant when she seen it from the inside of the building. She asked the lady what they were doing, and she replied they did this every year to give of their First Fruits of their Harvest because they were thankful and blessed to have such a great Harvest.

You Need to Start Using All the Helping Aids in My Word

Just as you should also do, My church of today. My Word has many forms of teaching tools provided for your helps of staying faithful to Me, your Holy G-D/ELOHIM. You would do good if you would adhere to them and to follow them, My people, who aren’t doing them and complaining about how they can’t stop their sinning and being unfaithful to not only Me but to their own spouses that they say that they love, but they cheat on them time and time again because they just can’t help themselves, for they are just human beings who sin every day, but it’s okay, G-D understands, they claim. How ridiculous you people are getting! You are so lost and in need of Me, your Savior Yeshua/Jesus. Not the “false Jesus,” who is okay with your sinful lifestyles that you keep. This “false Jesus,” you say is all right with what you are doing, just as long as you attend church and pay your tithes and help out once in a while, and don’t forget sitting in your pew too, and singing and watching everyone else praise and worship for an hour and then go back home and repeat your sinful, adulterous lifestyle all over again until you get caught by someone seeing you and calling you out.

How Can You Win People for Me When You Have Nothing to Offer?

How is it, My people, that you plan on winning people for My Kingdom, if you are just like them in the world? My thoughts exactly, you aren’t, because you have nothing to give them but the same junk that they are already carrying around. It’s time, church, to get out of your bondage of Egypt and cross over and start making a difference for My Kingdom, because you are no more believers than the world is today. Wise up and brew yourselves another pot of coffee, or whatever you like and re-examine your walk with Me and see if you truly are BORN AGAIN AND HAVE LEFT EGYPT.  Because what I see, My church, is that you look a whole lot like the people who crossed over the Red Sea with Moses. You might have crossed over and left Egypt, but Egypt has not left you yet. G-D 7:48pm

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