Sunday 10/30/22

October 31, 2022, 9:30am

Deceived by Good Intentions

Do not be deceived by someone’s good intentions because that is how someone else can come in and bring hurt and distraction and destruction to the harm of you. Your dream was another part of My wooing after you, my daughter of My Torah. As well as your purchase of your favorite ice cream you bought right before My Holy set apart Sabbath last Friday before you lit your candles to bring Me your Light of the World into your home.

A Distraction from the Adversary

This ice cream was a disgusting distraction for you, My children, from My adversary and yours, My child of the Most High G-D of the Universe here and for always, My dear precious daughter, who is continuing to look and prepare for her bridegroom, not for her salvation only, but for a relationship with Me, her Almighty G-D, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this first day of the week, the day after my Holy Shabbat Day, I told you from the very beginning to remember and keep, so that you would never ever stop keeping this day separate from all the other days from hence forth and for evermore.

How Do I Get Your Attention?

My children, people, church, My ecclesia, what must I have to do to get you to wake up and smell My sweet aroma of My Holy incense in My Holy Temple, which you are that I created for such a time as this, My rebellious church, who refuses to accept my Torah, which My Father and yours only, if you reject the world’s ways and customs and become My one true bride, Israel, once again, as they were back in the day before darkness, which Sha’ul Paul taught and preached about.

I NEVER Expected You to be Perfect

There is never anything done by accident, My people, creation, children of your Creator.  No, not ever. I have never ever expected that you would be perfect, My rebellious sheep, who keep saying lies about Me without checking out your book that you say is about Me.  which is your crutch that the world accuses you about, and they would be oh so very right, My church, who say they are My sheep waiting only for My escape from My tribulation period coming up close ahead.

You Have CHANGED My Words

This is not what my Book you say is perfect and has no errors in it, but you would be wrong, because you have took what I originally set into stone and deleted from it to tell Me that I was wrong and meant something totally different than what I said from the very beginning.

You are of Your Father, the Devil

Woe unto you, My rebellious church, My so-called Israel, which you aren’t much longer, if you don’t pick up your own cross and deny self and the world’s evil abominations and occultic ways of your true father the devil, Lucifer.

I’m Very Digusted and Disappointed in Many in the Church

Yes, I’m very disgusted and disappointed in each one who is participating in these unholy, unhealthy acts of rebellion, my so-called church people, who have brought in Abominations into the places of where you say you are worshiping Me and saying lies to increase your number counts, and make your pockets and pocket books, purses, and wallets sing with the sounds of “ka-ching” like in that one children’s game back in the day or even your cell phones today with some apps when you or someone else buys something online.

I Am the Good Shepherd

You, my church /Israel, are the one lost lamb that I leave to go out to find because I know I can trust that the other 99 will be safe and sound in Marms of love. Those who are truly walking faithfully with Us, their King, in relationship daily in and out of season can be trusted to be My bride, My One True Bride\, Israel, and receive their rightful place with Me and y MFather for always and forever and ever to all eternity with Me, your Holy, Righteous King in His Kingdom.

You Need to Grow Up

So remember your dreams have great sermons, My people. I have always used dreams to get your attention. This is nothing new. Take seriously what I have said here, and don’t be surprised if you are looked upon being one separate and from the world, believing and acting outside the world views and ideas. That is fine because than you will have My Character and will be reflecting My Image, and you will become more like Me. You were never called to be perfect but more mature, eating upon the meat of the Word of Me, and stop guzzling down and drinking only breast milk to continue being a baby, and doing things that only please your fleshly lifestyles of sin and deceit.

For your L-RD G-D has spoken and has made My Words Truth this day. So hear and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Yeshua/ Jesus, amen

10:39 am