Wednesday, November 17, 2021

I’m laying in bed after getting up to use the bathroom and from having a dream. The Holy Spirit says to my spirit within me this morning.

Yeshua Is the Way

My people, My church, is seeking all different avenues to obtain the healing of their bodies and the salvation of their souls in this this, their world, they’re living in today. The L-RD Adonai would like to say to all those who have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” that there is only but one way to reach and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven to see G-D, and that is through Yeshua/Jesus. our One. true Messiah, King of kings and L-RD of lords, here this very day.

He Is the Only Door

There is but only one door, and Yeshua Ha Mashiach is HE. HE is the only gate that is accessible or where you are accepted into HIS KINGDOM. HE is the TOP CHIEF Commander in charge, do you understand yet, MY people, tribes, and nations of the world that any other way you try to enter in by is not going to ever happen. For any other way, you would be breaking laws that will take you to prison in your own lands and governments. You must come in by the right entry way/gate to enter into My Kingdom, My children. All other entries/gates will not be opened or granted unto you with My permission. These other gates are for thieves and robbers, and these other gates will only lead to damnation, and this road/gates lead to the fire and brimstone for all of Eternity.

What Are the Other Ways?

You ask what are these other ways? First of all, My so-called church, these other paths and roads are all those that choose lawlessness over ME, their MESSIAH/CHRIST. These other paths are for all those who choose to live like the world and still believe they can have ME too, just a little bit. These other paths are for those who say they have repented and said their simple “2 minute prayer” after repeating after their pastor or friend “the sinner’s prayer” to get their “free out of hell card” and exchange it for “a Rapture card for heaven.”

You Must Carry Your Cross Until the Finish Line

These paths are a good starting spot, but it is not the complete package deal, by no means, My church. You are not doing your whole job, and you will not receive any crowns for this in My Kingdom. You must continue the race to the finish line. You must follow ME with your whole life, being. You must forsake the world to be Mine, My dearly beloved ones. You can not serve two masters, for you will either give homage to ME or to the devil, your adversary. You cannot serve us both at the same time. This is a lie. Oh yes, the church says that you can have it all, but I say differently, My People, My so-called Bible believing hypocrites, who are no more than white-washed tombs speaking death upon themselves and believing their own lies. You hypocrites and white-tomb saints of today. Get right before ME, your G-D, by repenting of your iniquities/sins of unrighteousness by accepting what I have done for you upon My Cross over 2,000 years ago and be cleansed and washed in My Blood. and then be Baptized for the remission of your sins. as I commissioned for you to do and even showed you to do, My simple little sheep of MY flock today.

What Will You Give Up For Me, Your God?

My Salvation and My Heaven comes with a BIG PRICE. I gave My life as a ransom for you, My friends, My people, what will you give up for ME, your G-D. Your Adonai, Your KING of kings and L-RD of lords, this very season of your life your living here on this planet I made just for you? Think about it, but don’t wait or “count your chickens” too long because the clock is ticking, and you know not when the clock will strike for the last time, G-D. 9:39 am.

Why Are You So Blind?

I, the L-RD their G-D, if that can even be, since I am HOLY and sin cannot be anywhere that I am this day, nor any day, My people, My children, My creation. Why are you so confused and so lied to this day of all days that you live in? You have it so much better than the people of My Day, don’t you know that? Are you so blind that you can’t comprehend the little things right under your very own noses on your tiny heads, so to speak, compared to all your other body parts? I love you, oh My children, people, My little lambs of My Flock. Oh, when will you wake up and smell the coffee right under your very own noses? When will you allow My Holy Spirit to infill you and draw you closer to ME, your Holy G-D of Heaven and Earth, this very day.

I Am the Anointed One

I, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, was sent to you by My Father and your Father, if you believe who I am this day, My children, My sons and daughters. I am this Anointed One that My word speaks of, and I am this one who hung on “the old rugged cross” you sing about in your hymnals and churches today, but not as often as you used to, for I am getting very outdated, and you’re all trying to replace ME with newer and better things to draw attention to the younger crowds trying to win them over by false methods of theologies and doctrines of men, not of My Words.  

Don’t Think You are Better Than the Religious Leaders

You are being led astray and are losing them for trying, and don’t even recognize it anymore, because you have all been blinded, just like the religious leaders of My Day. And don’t be thinking any longer that you are any better than them, because you most definitely aren’t, child of the devil is what you have become.  A child of Lucifer, the devil, has led you to believe that lie, and if you do not repent soon, you will be lost for all of eternity, and you will not be anywhere near ME, nor My Heavenly Father, which I love so very much. I laid down My VERY POSITION WITH HIM to save the wretched soul of yourselves, because of OUR love for OUR creation/children.  Yes, you and your neighbor, which you are commanded to love like your very own selves. Yes, you have been given two commandments to keep in My elaborated, renewed version, but they weren’t ever meant to replace the TEN, but to enhance and to build upon the other ones.  Just like the 613 don’t and didn’t end at My cross, NO, how silly, but the 10 pillars are the foundation of all the rest.  If you can keep the 10 that I had given to Moshe, then you can keep the others that apply to your earthly situations as well.  Just as you are able to keep the laws of your land where you live on the earth I created for you to inhabit and make your dwelling place home. 

Heaven Is Not Your Eternal Home

I have never intended for Heaven to be your eternal home. and that has been another lie that satan and his demons have planted in your simple minds today.  Heaven is the place you go to when you die only because I had asked My Father that HE allow you to see My Glory, so now it is the new pit stop before My Resurrection happens at My return in the sky to catch away My one, true bride, Israel, before the Big Event of the Marriage Supper of the LAMB, and it will be the greatest day ever, since it will be where I will receive My Crown of Crowns and start My ruling of My Kingdom that My Father promised ME before the foundation of the world existed.  HE, MY G-D/Father promised ME, and HE has been faithful to ME, as well to each of you, My brothers and sisters, moms and dads, uncles and aunts, cousins, and the list goes on and on to a thousand generations, until the final White Throne Judgment, and then on some more, into all of eternity, as far as the east is to the west, infinity, My chosen elite bride. who is keeping herself adorned and ready like all good brides do before her wedding night.  So don’t allow the world you’re all living in to bring harm upon you by listening and doing things that will pollute your hearts/minds before ME, your KING/HUSBAND.  It is so very important to keep your eye sight pure before ME, your G-D.  It is also very important to not damage your hands, which is holding your lampstand, which holds the light up high for all others to see ME in you, My children, My Bride who is promised to be MINE, all MINE. 

Israel Is My One and Only Bride

I do not share you with NO one, or you were and always have been promised to ME from My Heavenly Father up above, and I am so waiting for the day that is soon coming to take you as My own, and to love you as a Good husband loves His wife/bride and cherishes her with all that he is.  There is nothing too good for My bride/My church, My Ecclesia.  My bride is only One, My bride is One olive tree. My bride is Israel.  My bride makes up the restoration of the house of Israel from the very beginning.  She was scattered amongst the world/nations, and My birth/creation to My mother Mary and My adopted father Joseph is what initiated the start of this restoration, which is why I was sent here to preach the GOSPEL of the KINGDOM of G-D/HEAVEN.  This is why My disciples were surprised to hear that I was to die, because that is and was never the only reason I was sent, but just another aspect/process that needed to take place for it to happen. 

The Holy Spirit Witnesses About Us

My coming to this world is what initiated the whole restoration process, and My death upon the cross is what made it all possible for salvation to take place and for all peoples/and nations to come back to ME and to My Father just like My G-D spoke out before the foundations of the world ever existed, as you know it today, My peoples, My children, who are so deeply loved by ME and My Father in heaven and beyond.  My Holy Spirit was sent back to be a witness of US, so HE could guide you all into the knowledge and understanding of what the Father wants for you all to know and to tell other’s about US.  The Holy Spirit is why the devil has and is trying so hard to have us think and believe HE died out with the last disciple/apostle JOHN, but HE didn’t, HE is very much with you, if you would just ask HIM to fill you and help you in this world that you live in here today.  HE is a person, and HE has His own separate characteristics but without a body, but HE uses yours, and HE so very much wants to be available to each one, but you must ask and give HIM permission, for HE is a gentlemen and won’t override your free choice/will. 

You Must Learn to Pray and Fast Like Never Before

He will help you by speaking for you in your heavenly tongue, but you must use it for HIM to take it to the throne where Yeshua/Jesus makes intercession for you daily 24/7.  There is never time for sleeping, My children, and you also must do less of it yourselves, and you must start to learn how to pray and fast like never before, for the Days of Tribulation and Wrath/Hell is soon approaching.  Wrath is not what most of you think it is, My church, people.  Wrath was not made for man. but the devil and all those who chose and sided in with him.  Wrath is HELL.  I never said I would keep you from trials and tribulations, NO. but I will keep you from MY Wrath/Hell by you accepting My Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach/Jesus as your L-RD and Savior.  By believing what HE came to do by re-establishing HIS KINGDOM to this earth HE created for all us to live on for all of eternity, not heaven, since that was just a temporary place for HIM, Yeshua, to show HIS Glory that HIS Father brought HIM back to in heaven, amen. Wednesday 8:21 am. November 17, 2021  



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