December 31, 2020 @6:20am.


I am sleeping and dreaming about moving from a large house, but I wasn’t exactly sure why or where we were going to, but we were, I knew that for sure.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up when I saw this large 15 pound bag of what looked like beautiful, baking-size potatoes that ended up being rotten when I went to touch and move them. It was really heartbreaking to see them turn from being beautiful to rotten, and then all green and a slimy stinky mess before my very eyes.

I heard someone behind me, so I’m going to see who it was, and I find out the movers were here. I’m looking out the front door, and I see that the semi-truck they brought is not in our front yard like it was when we moved here, but in the neighbor’s driveway across the busy street. I asked why, and he just said he thought it was best, so I went back to my kitchen to continue cleaning.  When I did I found this little boy and a black dog. I didn’t know who they were, but assuming they belonged to the moving man. I tried to scoot the dog away from underneath the sink because not only the potatoes had been there which I removed and threw away, but now I saw three jalapeños in the corner, and the black dog was licking his lips, and I knew that it had to be hot.

I’m trying hard to wash the dishes, but I’m just keep getting distracted by this thing and that. This time the movers are asking what I wanted out first, and I told them everything that was furniture and that was big. He responded by saying that was what he had been doing, and right before that, I had seen him running across the street really fast, pushing something with his dolly,  trying not to get hit by the traffic.

Then I went upstairs, and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to go next, and this same little boy came upstairs with me and had a scuba gear thing in his mouth and was so happy.  I didn’t think that he should be climbing the stairs and playing with it, so I gave him a job carrying some bags to the trash can. Then apparently his brother came too, and I had thought, What could I give him, and I saw some party Hawaii necklaces, Leis, and was just about to say, “Do you want one?” but changed my mind and kept quiet. I started to think what might happen if he was to put it around his neck.

So then I got busy with choosing what would go next, and I saw two ceiling fans, and I picked one up and then put it back down and said, it could stay, and then went back down stairs. All the furniture looked like it was already out of the house, and I was thinking, “Why don’t I see anyone else here helping?” Now I’m thinking, maybe, that they are at the new place, already organizing it for me, while I’m cleaning up and keeping an eye on the house on 1416 North Logan Street where I had lived while I was fifteen years old till I got married at almost nineteen by just about seventeen days.


Holy Spirit, I thank you for wooing after my heart and for giving me this dream. Please reveal to me the importance of the rotten potatoes, and why they looked so wonderful, and then as I moved closer to them, they started to rot and turn green and slimy?  L-rd Jesus, I pray that You will continue to woo after me, Your daughter, and seek me out to do Your will and be Your servant to spread Your Kingdom to all of the earth/world around me. Use me for the building up of Your Kingdom here on this earth where You put us/me to be for such a time as this in Your name Yeshua/Jesus, amen.


The interpretation the Holy Spirit told me was this:


The Big bag of beautiful baking size potatoes are ISRAEL, MY ONE AND ONLY TRUE BRIDE, who I am coming back to rapture and take home for myself, but not like you have been taught growing up in the churches all around you – NO!  Just as I delivered Moses and My children from Egypt, so I will deliver you and your families as well from your government who is trying to destroy you and your families.


You need to wise up and be as smart as them, as cunning as the snake, (the devil) who was able to trick My first children into turning their backs on Me, their Creator.  It will not be easy, but very hard indeed, My little lambs of My Torah. But don’t think just because it is hard, it can’t be done or overcome, No, I am greater than all of their schemes and tactics. They think that BILL GATES has something over Me, and they would be so very wrong indeed.

You might think and believe that you have it all figured out, but you would be just fooling yourselves because I am Your Creator, whether you want to believe it or not, and like I told you yesterday, I already know what the end will be because I have had it all predestined from the very beginning before I spoke it out of My mouth.  I see the end from the beginning, and it is just a matter of time before you see it as well.


You have made your own choices and decisions for yourselves. You have been given free choice to believe or not to believe.  I just am so humungous and ginormous that I encompass everything, every nick and crack/crevice, I am there.  Every area in your universe and out, I am there. You can not ever go somewhere, where I am not already there, so stop your foolishness now and trust Me, your G-D, your Creator, to know how disgusting and how defiled your pretty little hearts can be, My children/ people who think that you can fool Me, YOUR HOLY RIGHTEOUS G-D of all time and space.


You, My children people, if I can even call you that anymore are nothing more than dirty rotten potatoes, which are not good for anything, but disposal for compost to the ground for which it came from, just like you, my friends. Rotten is what rotten does. Rotten produces rotten. Rotten can never be anything different, unless you change what it is made up of. 

If you, My people, My chosen people, ISRAEL, want to change and make a difference, you must decide to do it because it will not happen by itself. You must make the difference between life over death. I, My child/children, are whom you are searching for and are in desperate search and need of this cold Thursday morning/night wherever you may be living at in the world. Don’t be mistaken, My children, who I want to be Mine this day, but it will only happen if you turn your eyes and focus back on Me, Your Holy G-D of the universe, this day in your hearing.


You have messed things up big time, so you must re-examine yourselves and repent, and turn back to the very beginning where you messed up, and tell Me you’re sorry for all your sinning and unholiness that you have done against Me, your Holy G-D, if you are wanting to be My sons and daughters of My Kingdom, that is right up and around the corner, so to speak. Yes, I am coming soon. Will you be ready and prepared for my Grand Finale?  My Day has been a long time coming, but it is almost here.  Are you prepared and doing something today in preparation for it, or are you just completing and doing the “same-oh, same-oh” things every day, just as you were thirty years ago or more?


When are you, My church / My Bride Israel, who are one in the same, going to start acting the part of being this Bride, and stop fighting amongst yourselves who is better and bigger in My Kingdom that is almost here? It is My Kingdom, and I get to choose who is in it and who is not.  Do I make myself crystal clear?  I have the authority to place into authority whoever and whomever I choose and select to bring My Kingdom to your home you call earth today.  Do I make myself crystal clear for the second time, My children/creation, who have been anointed and destined for such a time as this to see My glory be manifested in all the world.


Yes, everyone will see My glory coming down and resting in My city of Jerusalem where I will set up My Kingdom and rule and reign with a rod of steal, amen.  It will be a Jerusalem like never before, because My Father and I will be there.  And yes, I will finally get what My Father and Your Father has promised Me from before the foundation of the world came into existence as you know it to be. For My Father and your Father have always existed and always will exist, for we have no beginning and we have no ending. We just are, and that is the final story that you need to know for such a time as this in your hearing to tell everyone you know before We come back to take you home with Us.


All the moving, cleaning and throwing away is a picture of Israel and the church, who is the True Complete Israel, the True Tree coming together as ONE again. Israel and the church were never to have been separated in the first place. They did that to make their lives easier for themselves, so that they would not be persecuted anymore.  They chose their paths and went different directions to separate themselves from each other, so that they could live and not die, or so they thought. Little did they know or realize that they were going to die anyway, but just in a different way. They separated themselves from Me, their Holy G-D, who gave them the life and light that they needed to survive the hardships that they would need up ahead. These two groups of people were meant to be together, for they were made for such a time as this to bring My Kingdom here to the earth in the city of David there in Jerusalem. The church should have never left My One True Bride Israel, for she has always been Mine, all Mine.

You, My church, have been grafted in and made part of Her, Israel, and you should be happy, but you have not ever been. You keep pulling yourselves away by denying My Torah and making yourselves your own little gods who make up your own little rules to follow and live by. This is not right, and you need to stop it right now before it is too late to change your mind. 


The church has lost her way.  They have gone their own way and lost their love for Me, their G-D Almighty.  Oh, they say it is all about Me, but you can see what they believe by their actions, for actions speak louder than words do, amen.  Teach and raise up a child in the way of the L-rd, and when they are old, they will not depart. Is this what My Scripture says? Well then what is happening to this today? Why aren’t My children following and living for Me?  But instead, they are out pleasing their flesh, and not keeping pure and holy before Me, their King?

Is it perhaps that you are not practicing what you preach and teach to your own children and others around you? Is it perhaps that you are saying one thing, but then behind closed doors you are living another? Or perhaps you aren’t even trying to hide it from them anymore and are just watching the filth and dirty things/stuff right in front of them, thinking that it won’t hurt them because look how good you turned out, right?  This is what I call the blind leading the blind.


You think you, My children kids, if I can call you that anymore, have it all figured out, but you are only deceiving yourselves and the truth is not in you. Yes, I said that, My people. You have this delusion that you can do whatever you want to do, and you can still claim to be Mine by repenting on Sunday morning after knowingly doing what you have done the night before, and you expect Me, your “genie in a bottle,” to give you a free pass back into My Kingdom in heaven when you die.  Well, think again. It is not so, because remember what you like to say when someone confronts you and you don’t have an answer? Yes, that one: “Who are you to judge Me? G-D knows my heart,” exactly. That’s right child, I most definitely do, and I say, REPENT AND TURN BACK TO ME AND BE BAPTIZED FOR THE REMISSION OF YOUR SINS, MY PEOPLE, if you truly want a place with Me, your G-D, when you die.


Just telling someone after they died that their loved one is with Me and not in hell is a lie and teaching them that they to can live like the devil too and still be with Me when they die. This is just once again the blind leading the blind and making a fool of themselves and those around them. You cannot continue to be Kingdom-minded and continue to be living for the devil (satan)? You must repent and pray, and allow the Holy Spirit to come into your lives, and do some heavy duty remodeling of your broken down lives, and start living like you are Kingdom children of the Holy G-D that you say that you are, amen.

G-D is One, so let us treat Him as number one in our lives today and everyday, amen. Let G-D arise, and His enemies be scattered, amen. 8:51am.

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