Wednesday, December 26,2018 @8:21 am

JESUS wakes me and He says, “I want you to go back to where you first received Me and do your first works over.”


In my dream, I’m at this house where I had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and God was telling me to clean up and start preparing for the coming of His returning.  He said that it wouldn’t be that long, so I needed not to delay or procrastinate.  I have been packing, cleaning up and doing my laundry when a lady had come to visit me with a little boy.

I know her, and I asked, if he was her grandson?  She said, yes, it was her daughter’s little boy.  I then asked if the daddy was around, and she, “Mrs. Blank”, said that her husband  had cheated on her, so no he wasn’t.  The boy then had found some toys and was playing with them on the floor.

I was kinda impatient with them because I was trying to prepare, and they were keeping me from my work.  I was not dressed, so I tell them I needed to go to my room.  When I did, I saw Tyco blocks on the floor and two pairs of pants, so I picked up the white ones and hurriedly put them on when they came to my door.  I was thinking that this lady wanted me to take her someplace.   That’s when I woke up to write down what I had heard the Lord say.

I prayed, “Lord, what do you mean by this?  I believe that I know, but what do you want me to say and to type down?  I need to hear from You and have Your clarity on this?” This is what I believe the Lord to be saying,


For do not slack, and do not hesitate on how you prepare to meet me.  For My Bride will not withhold anything from me.  She will work very hard until she sees the day come to pass.  Not only will she adorn herself, but she will also help those in her wedding to prepare themselves and get all the necessary items for their needs to be made done, so that the Bride’s day is sure to be the most beautiful day ever.


For when the Bride meets her Groom, it is a day of great Happiness.  They share such a love for one another like no one ever has.  They glow from cheek to cheek, and their eyes are intertwined with one another’s.  They kiss like it is their very first one, because it has been such a long day coming.  Oh My bride, My church, why do you not have this kind of love for Me any more? Why don’t you anticipate Me coming and sweeping you off of your feet?  Oh I long for the day that I can call you Mine and kiss you for the very first time, as I take you into My arms and remove the veil from off of your beautiful face.  Oh, how I long to sweep you up and carry you into My bed chambers and consummate this relationship we have made between you, My Bride, My church and I.


No, don’t get me wrong, I have a need for you, My friends, My bride, My church, to be so very close that we all have one mind set, so that we can get the work of My Father’s Kingdom done, so that I can come back and take you unto Myself.  Oh happy day this will all be, My wonderful Bride.  This is what I long for, to see My Bride all dressed in white, which means purity, without blemish and spot free.


Just as I was your spotless, blemish-free sin atonement given once and for all time.  This is how My Bride must be as well.  You must strive to be your very best before Me, your holy God of the universe.  You can not give Me your second best. Only your very best will do.  If you are not Hot or cold, I will spew you out of My mouth in disgust.  My word tells you that time and time again.  There will not be any room for excuses.  You either are listening and obeying, or you are not.  It is very quite simple to see My children, My Bride, My church of today who seems to know what I like and don’t like.


Remember, I have warned you plain and simple in my word, My TORAH.  You can not get into My Kingdom with Me, your God/Father, living in such great sin of polluting My Holy House and My name.   I need for a Bride who will adorn herself and cleanse herself, and make herself presentable before her Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns and lives on high with His Father in Heaven, waiting patiently as His Bride prepares herself to meet her husband-to-be for all of eternity to come.  Oh, My Bride, stop procrastinating, for I have been waiting so very long to hear you say that you are ready for Me.


You say that you are, but your actions say and speak differently.  What is it going to take to make you see the damage that has been made in our relationship?  You have broken your vows to Me, and I am waiting for you to repent and come forward to tell Me that you’re sorry.  Yes, our vows we have made have been damaged by the deceit that you have told.  You can not say you love Me and then go out and cheat and have interactions with someone else.  This is what My church, My Bride and people have just got done doing, but they’re not completely done even yet.


They say that Christmas is My birthday, which it’s clearly not,  because if it was,  Birthdays last but for one day, and this is more like a season of a spirit, which has nothing to do with My Holy Spirit that My Father and I poured out upon you on Pentecost in My upper room so very long ago.


Wise up, My church, My peoples from all across the four corners of the globe and around the world/nations.  Come back to Me, your Holy God, and do your first works over, just like I had said earlier, and repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins, and I will forgive you and take you unto myself once again, just like a good shepherd does when He finds that one lost lamb and draws it back into his fold/arms.

I Am a good good Father, and I love My sheep and My sheep hear My voice, and come running unto Me their King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Amen.
Wednesday 12/26/18 @9:47 am.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us another warning to fall on our knees to come and repent before You, a Holy God, and to be able to be Your children once again. Help us to be obedient, not out of a “have-to attitude,” but because we love You so much.  Your daughter, Karen

9:57 am


My table is not a buffet.  It is a table spread like My word/Scripture speaks of.  It is a kosher setting with only food that My Word says that you are to eat from.  The clean and the Holy.  My people need to be Holy and set apart from all of the unclean. Anything that is unclean defiles your Holy Temples.  For you have been set aside and made to be My royal priesthood, My holy nation.


You have been chosen to be a light set up on a hill top/ candle stick to shine brightly, so that all mankind can see you and glorify your Father which is in Heaven this day and for all of eternity to come and forever to be.  You shall be the light on the mountain top that never shall burn out.  So let your light shine before man that they shall see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven this very day, My child/ children of My TORAH.


My TORAH and I are ONE and the same.  You can not have one without the other.  We are combined and connected forever.  Stop trying to do away with My Torah because that can never happen or be.  We are not a buffet like you love to eat at.  Stop making up your own rules in how to be obedient.  I don’t appreciate your unfaithfulness to Me, your Heavenly Father, King of the Universe.


If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times in My words, not to do as the heathens do.  Don’t take on what they have practiced, and then worship Me your Holy God in like manner.  It is an abomination unto Me, and you are blaspheming My holy name and temple that you are this very day.  How much longer do you think that I will put up with your actions and your unfaithfulness to Me, your God?

You know what I did to the Egyptians and those who tried to worship Me with the golden calf in the wilderness.  Do you not have a holy righteous fear for your God this day?  Have you left your first love and bowed your knees to the devil himself, and then brought into your homes and churches, where you say you come to worship Me, your one true God of heaven and earth this day, these pagan images?


You are all hypocrites and liars, and you are deceiving yourselves, and you are also just as blind as the Pharisees and religious leaders of their day.   Don’t act like you are any better than them, for you would not be telling the truth, My people of My so- called churches of today.  Clean yourselves up and do your first works over, like I have said, and I will repent like I had done with Moses and the children of Israel so very long ago at the foot of Mount Sinai in the wilderness.

Yes, My church, I love you so much that I will pour out my chesed (Loving Kindness) upon you and your children, but you must repent and come back to Me, your God, and do your first works over, like I have said time and time again, for thus says God Almighty, King of Glory and of Righteousness, for I have spoken before you through My servant girl this morning.  Take heed My warning, for I tell you the truth, Amen.
Wednesday 12/26/18, 10:29 am


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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 @4:44 am

I was sleeping, and I heard this knocking sound, but then I heard the Lord say,


If you answer the door, I will give you all eternal life and a home with Me in heaven above, My children, My daughter, who loves Me your Father.   You are wise by opening the door and following after Me, your Heavenly Father and King.   Those you walk after Me shall have life everlasting and shall never die but live forever, but those who see Me as only a myth shall never see the light of day, but they shall burn in hell for all of eternity with the devil and all of his imps, who would rather laugh at Me than to listen to Me, who created them and gave them life.

I am everlasting life, and I give it freely to all those who are willing to receive Me as their Lord and Savior, King and Master.   I will never turn anyone away, if they will bow down and accept Me, by acknowledging that they have sinned and have fallen short of My glory, and repent and ask for My forgiveness.  Nothing is ever too hard or difficult for Me, their God, to perform.


I have done so many miracles.   I’ve turned the water into wine. I’ve healed and cleansed the lepers.  I’ve opened the eyes of the blind.  I’ve made the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.  I’ve even multiplied the bread and the fishes on a number of occasions.  I have made the crippled to walk and healed the paraplegic.  I cast out demons, and I have raised the dead by calling out to them by name.

There is nothing that I can not do. I have split the waters open and had my people walk out of Egypt onto dry land and caused plagues to come on the Egyptians so that Pharaoh would let My people go.  I fed My people in the wilderness with manna that came down from heaven, and even brought water out of the Rock to give My people something to drink to quench their thirst.  I Am a mighty God, and there isn’t anything that I can not do or perform.

I closed/shut up the mouths of the lions while Daniel was thrown in the Lions den. I was with Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-nego in the fiery furnace, even when they turned it up seven times hotter.  I was with David, My shepherd boy, when he killed the lion and the bear while attending his father’s sheep.  The list goes on and on.

I was the miracle that brought life to the widow and her son, who fed My prophet Elijah.  It was I who saw the widow lady give her last coin that was in her pocket, while others gave from their much wealth.  I gave sight to the blind by spitting on the ground, and making mud to put on his eyes, and then I told him to go wash in the pool of Siloam; and when he obeyed, his eyes began to see for the very first time ever.


This is the loving God that I am people, not this cruel God that enjoys to see people hurt and tied down to a bunch of ridiculous laws and regulations.  I have come to a people to give them a hope with a promise and a future.  To bring them life and life more abundantly.  I have come to give them a bright future, one that is full of promise and hope that shall never run dry.  A promise not to die but to live and to see the glory of My kingdom, and to rule and to reign there with Me and My Father, which is in Heaven, this very day and morning.


I am your ‘El Shaddai and your bright, shining star that your daughter bought you and your husband, as well as your daughter Abby yesterday.  You are very special to Me, your Heavenly Father, and there’s nothing that I would not do for either one of My children who put their faith and trust in Me, their Lord God of Heaven and of earth, today.

Hold on and trust in Me, and see if I will not open up the portals of heaven and pour out upon you blessings that shall never run out.  This is the Father that I am.   The only thing that I ask is that you are obedient and faithful to Me, your Heavenly Father.  Trust Me that “I am who that I say that I Am,” and nothing more and nothing less.  “I Am who I Am,” My children, My people, My church.  I have so much to say and to tell you.  Will you listen and hear Me this day?


My time is running out, and although I am just around the corner from you,  I have yet to answer those unspoken prayers, and those prayers that are in search for people to answer them that still in need, need help, need to be heard, and that are lost.   My children are not listening and need to get busy.   They need to stop being selfish and need to get on the road to get My lost lambs back into My shepherd’s flock, where they will be safe from the wolves that are trying to eat them alive.


There is coming this darkness that no one will be able to stop, but Me Myself. When that day comes, every eye will behold Me and My Father, for We are one and the same.  Whatever My Father tells Me to do, that is what I do.  For I always do that which My father directs and tells Me to do and say.  I am obedient to My Father, even as you shall also be obedient to Me, your Heavenly Father.  I and My Father are One; there is no separating us.  I and My Father are one; there is no one like Us in all of the universe.  We are inseparable.  We have so much love in Us that is why you are all here today.


This is why I have allowed My one and only begotten Son to die such a cruel and excruciating death on the cross to save you, My people, from dying and spending your eternity in hell with the devil and his followers.   Hell was never intended for you, My children/people/ church / creation, but you didn’t heed My call to you.  I told you the commands in My words, My TORAH, and you were no different from My first Adam that I breathed life into in My Garden where I placed him to be with Me that day so very long ago, My children.


Don’t continue to be like him, but come back to Me and be My obedient sons and daughters of My TORAH.  Follow Me and study My Laws, for they are health and life to all those who hunger and thirst after them with all their heart, soul and strength.  You shall not die but live, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day, says God, your King, Amen.


I love you, oh so much; don’t ever forget it, says God your Father.  I’m waiting at your hearts’ door.  Will you open it and let me in?  For I stand at the door and knock,  and if any one hears Me and opens it, I will come into him and sup with him, and he with Me (Revelation 3:20), for I have come to give you life and life more abundantly (John 10:10).  6:11 am Tuesday

7:37 am Tuesday 12/25/18

I am this God of the Bible who did all these things and more, and I am this God who wants to be your more than enough as well.  Will you let Me or will you keep pushing Me, your God, away like in times’ past?  What will you choose today?  I’m still standing at your hearts’ door.  Will you let Me come inside or will you keep telling Me no?  I don’t have much more time for you to decide and make the right choice. Time is coming, My friend,  like I’ve said before to the end.  I so long for you to see My day?  Like so many others, they have waited too long and haven’t that option left.


Oh, how I love you, My child/ children, if you would only just give Me a chance.  I am a good, good Father, and I want for all of My family to know of Me, not just about Me and what I can give them.  I long for a relationship with My people.  I want to get to know each one of you this day.  Come and sit around My table, and let’s talk about things that My word says about Me, and how I saved you from your sins, so that you could rest and be in My Kingdom with God, My Father.  Oh how exciting it will be, My friends, to be all together worshiping and praising My Father for all the great things He has done to bring us to this very day, Amen  7:51 am

7:54 am


For do not sleep, nor slumber, for you don’t know the time nor the hour that I will come.  So stay alert and aware, for I will come as a thief in the night only to them/those who are not looking or are prepared for My returning, says God.

As I was laying my head down upon my pillow, all tucked back in and comfortable, the Lord begins to speak to me again. “Do not sleep or slumber. ”  And as I tell Him,  “I’m tired,” I hear and was awakened by this large sound of a balloon popping in my ear, and it startles me to where I’m awake and am writing once again.  He, God, says,


Just as what you’ve heard and felt, and how your heart is pumping hard right now, so this is how My children who don’t know Me are going to feel when I come back, and they are all left standing still with none of their families left for them to be with.  And as scared as you were by this, My daughter, the world will be much more terrified. My coming will be that fast.  Just a split second, and you who are waiting and watching for Me will be where I am.


It don’t take but a second, so be on the lookout always, and be sure you are in the right place, so that you will never be caught off guard.  I don’t mean to scare you, My daughter, but it was very important for you to get the picture of what I meant by quick and alert.  Stay faithful and alert, for you don’t know the day nor the hour the Son of Man shall come.  Oh, house of David, your savior, your King, is soon to be announced and riding in on a white horse in the clouds for all mankind to see.  Open up, Ye gates, and let the King of Glory come in, Amen. 8:37 am


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“Why Won’t My People Believe Me or My Word?”

2/24/18 Monday @ 8:55 am

I Am the Word of God who became flesh, and who came and dwelt among you, My chosen, set-aside people of My Covenant, which I gave to My servant and prophet Moses (Heb. Mosheh) up on top of Mount Sinai.   I am the same God who saved My family from death by having them build an ark, a very large boat, to save (Heb. yosh’ia) them from the coming destruction that would destroy the entire earth with My living waters.  I Am also the same God who planted and saved them by planting this huge, floating object on top of Mount Ararat, where it is now, even unto this day, frozen and hidden beneath the surface of the snow and ice.


I am coming again, and just as many of you think you can not see Me and say that I don’t exist doesn’t mean that it is true.  My Words, that my prophet Moses wrote about Me and of My friends before, are all true and reliable sources.  For they spoke of Me and they trusted Me without having to see Me face to face.  Why is it, My people, who say you believe, can not do the same thing?

Why do you throw Me, your God, to the side and ditch Me like I am a bag full of trash getting ready to be picked up and thrown into a garbage truck?  Is that anyway to be treating your King of Kings and Lord of Lords, My people/church?


Come be real, and come back to your first love and do your first works over.  Repent before your God of heaven and earth this day, because judgment is coming very, very soon, and when it does, just as Noah and his family found out, there is no way to escape My wrath and My punishment.   For when that day comes, you will wish and pray that you had never been born, just as My word says, if you would just take the time to read it, you’d discover it tells you just that.

You think “you are all that,” and you have it all figured out, My friends and people this day, on your calendar month of December 24, the day before that day you coerce Me into that pagan holiday you celebrate each year.   Stop it, right now, before it is too late!  Just like it was for My son, Noah,  who built the boat for me, and no one would adhere/ listen to him, for they thought him to be crazy too, just as many of you think and believe that My daughter here is today.  She is being obedient to Me, her God of heaven and earth here today, where she is sitting, writing and warning all of you to repent and turn your lives around, before this great catastrophe comes and wipes you clear away, like a mighty rushing wind.


It was also the sound of a mighty rushing wind that they heard in the upper room that day and also at the foot of the Mountain where I tried so hard to talk with you, My people, but you were too scared to listen and to hear me then, just as you are too afraid to hear Me now.  But why won’t you listen and hear My words of warning, My children, my creation?

My words are My love letters to you, My people from all around the face of the globe.  I’m telling you the truth, and you will not listen.  Oh foolish generation, you ask for signs and when I give them to you, you do not listen.   I’ve sent you a boat, just like I have done in Noah’s day, and just like them, they just laughed and ridiculed him, for they could not see what My son/ prophet was seeing through his eyes.   For his eyes were fixed upon Me, his one true God of heaven and earth, this day My child/children.


Wise up, and seek the counsel of the Lord your God, and walk in His ways, My church/ people.   Stop and don’t linger, for this time that I have been talking about is soon to be at your door.   Just as it was for Noah and his people,  it will happen again the same way, except there will not be a flood of waters this time,  but I will descend out of the Heavens, like a dove, just as I saw My father descend out of the heavens and landed on Me that day so very long ago, when I was baptized and anointed with oil by My forerunner, John the Baptist, that day in the Jordan River, when they all heard My Father say, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”


Then My people/church, I took on My royal garment and was your Levitical priest and King all wrapped up in one.   Then I went into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil to start My ministry that I had been sent to this earth to perform.  This was, and has always been, to fulfill what We had promised Abraham so very long ago when We stood and walked through the pieces for him while we had put him in a deep sleep.   Otherwise, this day could have never come to pass as it has today, My people, who say you are of My Kingdom.


My day has been a long day coming, like you all say, but My Father and I don’t want and wish for any to perish, but to have everlasting life for all of eternity.  We know this can’t, and won’t, be the case, but We still wait and pray for them to change their hearts for you, My friends, who are waiting on your loved ones to come into the Shepherd’s flock/fold.


My children, My creation, are both stiff-necked people who are stubborn and persistent on having it your way or no way.  Why is that, when you see the evidence, the signs and the times right in front of your faces?  How much more time do you need to see before you will allow yourselves to accept Me, for who I’m trying to show you that I am?  Really, people who are so smart and intelligent can’t believe Me when I tell you these things in My word, which are life and breath to those who would just believe,  listen and follow Me, their God, that is the way, the truth and the life.


I give myself to them all freely, but then, there is a cost to continue on this journey with Me, their God of the Universe.   My children, come to Me and adhere to what I say and tell you in My words, My holy Scriptures, of My Torah.   These words are living and breathing.  They are the veins in which My blood flows from and carries you to reflect Me and My very image.  I want you to know that I’m in every single word that you read in this Bible from cover to cover.  Don’t doubt this, but know that I am with you, and that I am a rewarder of those who diligently search Me out.


I am the way, the truth and the life, and no one can come to the Father, unless the Father first draws him first to Me.   I am the aleph and the tav ,  I am the first and the last.  There is none else besides Me.   I am this House that you need to come to and present your gifts and homage too.  I am this One who deserves all of your praises and worship that I require of you this very day.  There is no one else like Me in all of the universe.


Never doubt this nor be afraid, for I come as the Light of the world, and all others are only masquerading and pretending to be Me, but they are only “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  They are not Me, but imposters and are only trying to lure you away from Me, the One and Only True Lamb of God, who has come to save you (Heb. yosh’ia) from the sins of this world, and to give you a home with Me and My Father forever, amen.

10:32 am, Monday 12/24/18


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Jesus says to the Church, “Repent and Quit Being a Judas to Me.”

Friday,  December 21, 2018 @1:00pm.

While working out at the Fitness Center here where I now live, the Lord spoke to me and said,


You know I didn’t call you to be a people who do things all by yourselves.  You were never created to be on your own doing things/life without Me, your God/Father.  You were made and created for a purpose and a plan.  You were created to be and do Oh such great things in and for My Kingdom, My people.   But you have forgotten who you are and have left Me to go down this oh-so-ugly road of doom and gloom.  This road that you are taking only leads to one place and that is Hell, My children/people.


Why have you forsaken Me, your One True God of heaven and Earth? Why have you turned your backs and heart from the only person that loves you, and who has died and given it all up for you, My children/people/church?   Do you know that you are NO different from Judas Iscariot who betrayed Me with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane that day when the Roman soldiers came to arrest Me, while I was praying with My disciples and apostles.  You, My Church/People, have done this same thing to Me, your God of Heaven and Earth.


Yes, heaven is where I am, and the earth is My footstool.  I came to this world as an infant baby, but that is not how I am this very day.  Why do you keep putting Me back there in the manger or back on the cross?  Yes, both times are very important to Me, but neither one was pleasant, not as you make them out to be.  I had to leave everything that I loved and held dear to Me to become what you know Me to be.  It cost Me My everything for what you get to experience today.

Why don’t you appreciate that?  Why do you take it so lightly?  Do you know that I loved My Father and My Father loved Me?  It broke His very heart to see what His people had done so long ago.  Don’t you understand the love a Father has for his son or even a daughter?  It is incredible.  Can you even fathom what My Father must’ve gone through while His One and Only Son was being cruelly abused and lashed with whips and even spit upon?


You have no idea what He agreed to when He stood and took the place for Abraham that day back in Genesis.  He put him in a deep sleep so that he couldn’t do his part, for if he had, mankind would have all died because of their sins they had done from the very beginning of time with Adam and Eve.  Because My Father is such a loving and gracious Father, He stood in the gap for him that day, so that I could come and re-do what was broken from the garden when Eve and Adam ate of the forbidden tree, which the devil coerced her with a lie.  From there sin entered the world, and by My coming as a baby, I took back what the enemy satan had taken from Us, God’s creation, all of it.

My birth, My life, My death was all programmed out before the world was spoken into being.  There is nothing that My Father and I didn’t already know would happen.  God and I, His Son, saw what you were all doing before you were even in your mother’s tummies.  Yes, that is pretty profound, isn’t it?  But it’s so very true indeed, My sons and daughters of My Kingdom.


Will you hearken unto My daughter’s words she is writing here today on the eve and preparation of My Shabbat/Sabbath?  You have been given your free choice.  I have seen it all played out before you were ever created or conceived.  I know the plans for you, declares the Lord.  Jeremiah 29:11 says,  “‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  So you see, My children, My church, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that I can’t and will not do for you, if you trust Me and obey Me and keep all of my statutes, commandments and precepts.


All of My commandments are all good, holy and righteous.  These, My children, were never made or given to save My people, but to keep them holy, pure, and righteous before Me, their holy God.  These were guidelines and teaching tools to give to them to show them what their Redeemer and Savior/Lord likes and dislikes.


We are so vast and huge that your minds cannot even fathom Us.  We are more than enough, We are your El Shaddai, and there is NO ONE like Us in all of the universe.  We are ALL that there is, take OUR WORD on it because We are TIME and SPACE, and if We are not there, it doesn’t exist either.  Yes, I hear your minds running to and fro wondering and pondering on this and that.  Trust Us/Me, and stop wasting your time and focusing on what something is or is not, and turn your focus instead on the fact that I, your God,  loves you, oh so very much.


You were bought with a price, My children, My sons and daughters of My Kingdom.  So go out and fight for your King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very day.  In My Word/Torah, it says to fight the good fight of faith, and before that, Timothy says to flee [or run away from] youthful lusts, and to follow after righteousness, Godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness.  Yes, My daughter, so many others as well didn’t see or remember this as well.  My church, My people, need to get back to the basics and come back home and read your bibles, study them and show yourselves approved each and everyday you wake up, My dearly beloved ones.


My Torah/Word speaks of the Fruit of the Spirit and how the Spirit and the flesh are at war with one another [Galatians 5:13-26].  This war that Paul is talking about with your flesh and the Spirit is very complicated for most of the church today, because they don’t understand which LAW Paul is referring to, and they assume he’s talking about My LAW, but that is just crazy.   I would never do away with MYSELF.   It is NOT MY Law, but the LAW of Sin and death.  The same LAW that I promised Abraham that I would take on for him, if anyone in his lineage would disobey and sin.  Do you see My church?  Open up My Word and get back to the correct context of My Living Scriptures, My Torah.

My church has forsaken My LAWS, My very Torah and, therefore, they have rejected Me,  just as Judas betrayed Me with a kiss.  You are NO better than him today.  You make Me just want to vomit you out of My mouth and puke you up and throw you away, like I wanted to do in the time of Moses and the Children of Israel so long ago.  But Moses came back up to Me on My Holy Mountain, and pleaded for your case, and I repented and changed My mind/heart.

I had not sinned.  NO, that is not what that means, My children, My people.  It just meant that I was a Loving Father, and I just showed you My chesed (grace) and lovingkindness.  Apparently, all of you church-going people today think that My grace is only in the New Testament.  Not so, I was so full of grace in My first covenant and, maybe even more so, than the Newer one.  But you are all so very mistaken to think you have conquered what I’m about.


“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” My people, My church.  My church is so very lost and needs a Savior, but the one you say you have is NOT really Me.  You have left your Savior that bled on the cross over 2,000 years ago for your sins and infirmities, and you have picked up a different Christ with the same name to please yourselves and make your flesh of sins more comfortable and pleasurable.

This Jesus that you are serving in My Church today is not the same Jesus who was born to the Virgin Mary by prophecy of the Archangel Gabriel.  This Jesus that’s preached by many pastors and TV ministers is a FRAUD and an IMPERSONATOR.  He is NOT ME, but some religious man who seems to accept all of your worldly religious holidays that the world accepts, and you are all comfortable with Him because He brings you this Christmas Spirit that lasts and lasts, and it comes earlier and earlier each year, and yet you say that I’m in it, but you could barely tell anymore.

You say you do it to bring people inside the church, and that it’s a great witnessing tool for Salvation.  Really?  How foolish to use Me when My Word clearly states that I don’t like it when you leave a pagan city and take how they worship their god, their beliefs and practices, the same ways as them, and then use them with Me when you move on into your own lands that I have promised you to go.


This is clearly what My Church and My People have done over the years.  They have polluted My HOUSE of WORSHIP with all of these pagan idols of worship and call them okay.  They look at them and idolize them to the point of disgust.  I am a JEALOUS GOD and won’t have it anymore.  Who is going to fend for you now?  Where is your MOSES?  Who are you going to call to save your behinds from being wiped off this planet you call home today?  I am calling out to you, My Church, My Bride.   Are you going to heed this call of My daughter Karen, or are you just going to believe she has lost her marbles and is just insane?


My Father and I are ONE in the SAME.  We have given to you our Holy Spirit which will come and live on the inside of you, if you would just receive Us, and We would be so happy to give Him to you for just the asking.  It is quite simple, My friends.  Nothing with Us is hard.  You all make it that way.

My Father and I have given to you the days and the times, seasons and the years to do the things that are important to Us both.  Why do you not accept Our words? Why don’t you accept Our FREE gift of Eternal Life?  Follow after Us, and you shall live.  Walk away, and you shall die in your sins.  Pretty simple, don’t you say?

Yes, you do have free will, but why would you want to take the road that is broad just to die and go to Hell, when you could choose to pick the narrow road/path and be with MY FATHER and I who created the universe and everything that you can feel, touch, taste and see?  Everything that is, We have made for you to enjoy and cherish.  There isn’t anything that hasn’t been created that We haven’t already thought of.


We have given you the FEASTS and FESTIVALS that you have in your Bibles.  They are not just for the Jewish people, but they are for everyone, all mankind, to do and to enjoy.  They are My FEASTS, says the Lord God, they belong to Me, and I tell you to do them and to enjoy them.  I have given them as a sign to know the times and the seasons that I will come to you and be with you.


I am NOT hiding like you are, My church/people.  Come out from amongst her and be joined once again to Me, your God of the Universe, and I will be your God and you shall be My People, ISRAEL, My Firstborn son.  Oh how I long for this day.  Be holy even as I am holy, says GOD ALMIGHTY, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, THIS VERY DAY.  2:55PM.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018 @12:49 pm.

Today, God said to me while I was cleaning up, “Why do you not adhere to MY WAYS and to MY LAWS?”  And then I responded back, “What do you mean, LORD?”  He then went on to say,

I tell you the truth, My children, until ALL of MY SCRIPTURES has been fulfilled and accomplished, not one yodh or stroke of a pen shall be deleted from My Torah/Scriptures, My child of the Most High God of all the universe and beyond this very day, My Torah-observant daughter.

“Okay,” I said, “so what do you need for us to do, my Father?”

I need for you and your husband to walk out just what MY WORD tells you to do and nothing more.  Don’t be like the hypocrites in the Temple where they would say and tell one thing and then do the total opposite.  These people are two faced/forked-tongued.  These people can’t see clearly and are blinded from coming and going.  My sheep/people hear My voice and obey Me.  They are what I call “Wise Sheep,” for they hear My Voice and they come running to ME and do as I tell them to do.  They are OBEDIENT and obedience ALWAYS leads to answered prayers.

I love My children who worship Me with their arms lifted and raised before Me, their GOD.  They are surrendering their hearts to Me, their God.  Open up your hearts unto Me and cry with a loud voice.

Then as I was writing down what God was telling me, He started getting really descriptive and poetic.  And anyone who knows me can attest, I am not poetic or descriptive like this.

Sing and dance before Me and make melodies like of a rushing mighty wind that is made by the rustling of leaves on a tree in the fall.  Oh, how beautiful you are, My daughter, My children.  You glow like the rivers of Lebanon in the springtime.  Oh how magnificent you are. You are a prized jewel and worth more to Me than gold and silver and fine choice goods.  You carry yourselves straight and tall like a cedar tree and who can find a wife finds a good thing.

God then turns His attention to my husband, Chris,

You have done well My son, and know that I have found MUCH JOY in whom you have become.  Never give up and know that you are on the right path and are moving along quite nicely.  Don’t slumber and don’t fall for your adversary, the devil, who sneaks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

God then goes back to speaking to the both of us.  He again in here alludes back to His initial calling of us.

Keep in My Word, My children.  Continue to grow strong, don’t delay and keep on the move.  Time is running short, and My people are in need of you to teach them and to grow them in the faith that they need to know.  Having a purpose and a plan is everything.  Don’t hesitate for this is vital to OUR KINGDOM goal.   Be the light to the nations that I have called you both to be and know that I too will guide you and lead you into the places that you should go.  This won’t be easy, but it also won’t be hard either. 

Just rest assured in Me, your God, to work everything out for your good and for OUR PURPOSE to bring MY KINGDOM down to this world, you call “home” this day.  Be of good courage and don’t ever give up, for greater AM I  that is in heaven than he that is in the earth below.  Rise up, and take the weapons that I have provided for you in My very words, and stand guard and girted in My Truth with the sword of My Spirit and the Shield of Faith.  Put on the preparation of the gospel of Truth on your feet.  Don’t leave off the Helmet or your Breastplate because every piece is much needed to keep yourselves protected and safe in the day of battle that is coming.  Don’t fear what the enemy is about to do, for greater AM I than he is on any oh day.

Remember this, and get this, because he will try and feed you fear, but fear is not of Me.  Resist the devil, and he shall flee in My name, that is above every name above the Sun.

I love you, so hold fast, be strong and bold as LIONS, thus says God Almighty, and you shall see great and marvelous things to come in your life span, GOD.  1:23 pm., Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2018 @ 4:56 pm.

For this is My Torah, so follow and walk after it, says God Almighty.  For it is Good, Holy and Righteous, and it is WHO I AM.   It hasn’t changed and neither have I, says the Lord God.


You are the ones who have deleted ME from the WORDS I gave to Moses on Mount Sinai.  They are WORDS of LIFE, not death.  Walk in them and do them, and they shall bring healing and health to your very bones, thus says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very morning here in your city of Phoenix, Arizona, My children, and My dear daughter of My very Torah/Scriptures.


Study them, live them, walk in the very light of them.  Hunger and thirst after them, and you shall live, be healthy and whole from top to bottom.  Eat, Drink My Words and you shall never thirst or be hungry again.  Know Me, not just of Me, My little lambs of My Torah.


For I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD, a CITY on a HILL cannot be HIDDEN, so shine your Lamp and Light, so that ALL MANKIND can come and drink and eat of ME and of MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN.  The time and day are approaching and soon to be here.  Do not FEAR, but be of ONE MIND and follow after ME.  Open up your hearts and show forth My love and goodness to the nations before it is too late to do so.


Remind everyone and all of your friends that I AM coming back as I have promised, so be on the lookout and prepare yourselves, My wonderful sheep, My little lambs.  For My sheep know and hear My voice, and they walk and follow Me when I call them to go and to come here or there.  They OBEY Me and Trust Me, and never doubt or fear My still small voice of My Spirit inside of them.  I love you and plan on seeing you all very, very soon, amen.  5:12pm.


Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 9:00 am.

For I have tried to turn My People/Churches’ heart back towards Me, their God, but they are just filled with so much selfishness, greed and pride that they just won’t and don’t have time for Me, their God, in their lives.


I’m tired, and I am just about ready to give up on them, as I was the children of Israel there in the desert alongside Moses, who was leading My chosen people of all nationalities out of Egypt and into the promise land.  These Jews and Greeks alike would just not bend their knee to Me, their God.  They just kept fighting and blaming one another for this and that.  They just were never happy, even after I had delivered them from the bondage of being slaves to Pharaoh, their King, who suppressed them and wouldn’t allow them to worship Me, their God of Heaven and Earth.


My church, My people, don’t have this problem here where they are today, at least most of you.  But you have so much Freedom that you have gone overboard and are doing so much craziness with your Free Will/Choice and Grace.  You think you can do whatever you feel like doing, even if it goes against My Written Torah and spoken instructions to My people.  How long, how much time will it take, My People/My Church, for you to grasp that you are WRONG? and I AM RIGHT.  That My LAWS and JUDGEMENTS are Good and Everlasting and will not ever change to your way of thinking, not now, not ever.  Wise up and rethink, My Church, who has done away with what?  It’s not Me who has annulled/abolished anything, but the other way around.


You have killed Me all over again by deleting My Words, you call “LAW.” There are so many different words comprised of that one word you call “LAW,” and you have attached a negative implication to it by calling it “legalism and bondage.”  Not so, My Church of today.  You have it all so very wrong.  Why would a loving God, which I AM, give you such a thing after FREEING you from just that in Egypt, and then even saving you and delivering you through the waters onto dry lands?  It doesn’t make sense, or should I say, YOU, MY CHURCH, are very lost and messed up people who have lost their way because of FEAR and DOUBT of what could happen if you stood up and faced your Pharaoh, your King of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church of today.


It’s time My People/My Church that you care more about what I think, do and say than about what they think, care and do.  Don’t you think so,  since I have control of your final destiny/destination?  Yes, I AM a Loving God/Father,  but you are acting just like My chosen elect few of Jews and Gentiles who kept challenging Me at the foot of Mt. Sinai, back in the days when I delivered them out of slavery in Egypt.  They kept whining and bickering about what they didn’t have and what they missed because they had to leave in such a fast manner.

You, My People, are NO different from them today.  You have such a greedy, selfish attitude: “I want this, and I want that. Give me, give me, give me,” that’s all the Christmas holiday is for you today and has been.


This Christmas holiday is NOT MY BIRTHDAY, and it never has been.  You have personally forced Me into it and you, My Church, are living a lie and telling it to others as well.  I have given you My Word, My Torah, and if you would only look at it and give it as much time as you do with this day, you call “My Birthday,” you would know it.

But you don’t just celebrate My supposed birthday, but you’ve made a whole season of it to fill your happy hearts with joy and peace you never have.  You run around like crazy men and women trying to find the best presents to make someone happy, and most of the time they’re not and are too afraid to tell you, so they pretend to like it until you leave.  Everyone is just out to wear themselves out just for the sake of this “Christmas Spirit,” and they attach My Wonderful name to it to make it all okay.   But it is NOT SO, My People of today, who some of you go to Church.  Some of you only come once or twice a year, and then call yourselves “a Christian,” but I say,  I do not know you,  and even if I did at one time, I do not anymore.

Why is it My So-Called Church of today that calls Me their God that they don’t want anything to do with Me until these holidays come where they’ve attached My HOLY Wonderful name too?  They put Me on a shelf gathering dust until they are ready to celebrate one of the world’s holidays that the church is trying to make holy just to win souls in My name.

It’s hard for Me to fathom that you would say that I was born on December 25th, a pagan infested day when such idolatry and fornication happened, where they polluted everything and profaned My Holy sacred name that My Father gave to Me when the angel Gabriel pronounced to Miriam/Mary that day in her room.   I tell you the truth, I was not born the way that you have been taught for so many years.  All of that was all made up by liars like yourselves.   They have taken what My Father planned out,  and they have polluted Me.   My Father told you in His Word/Torah which was given to Moses/Mosheh up on top of Mount Horeb/Sinai everything you need to know about Me and of Me, your God.


He has given you each a mind to study and to read, in order to show yourselves approved, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, amen.  But you choose to not do so because you enjoy being able to say it doesn’t not matter anymore, because of what I did on the cross.  All those other laws given to Moses/Mosheh were done away with when the veil in the Holy of Holies was ripped from top to bottom in My Holy Sanctuary.   What a load of crap, My people, My church.  That is not how or why that happened.  To say that My death brought an end to My law is just another lie of the church/ the devil.

My Father’s heart was mourning His One and Only begotten Son that day when I said it was FINISHED.  I didn’t say, I was finished, so you could not follow Me and Everything that I  taught to you and MY DISCIPLES.  Not true, how ridiculous, and you say you are smart people?   Prove it by starting to act intelligent then.  When I said it was finished, I was referring to Abraham back in Genesis 15.  Where I stood in the gap for Abraham, so that if anyone ever in his lineage would sin or disobey Me, their God, that I would come and be their Once and forever Sin Sacrifice for all of Humanity once and for all, because that is how much My Father and I love you then and still today.


OUR LAWS, OUR TORAH are NOT BONDAGE, NOR LEGALISM.  That is all a bunch of POPPYCOCK and NONSENSE, My Church/People.  You all forgot the warnings then, and you still do to this very day.  What I mean is Peter tried to warn you about Paul’s writings being hard to understand, but you think that you are all so smart that you have figured him out without even trying to read what he actually said.  You are so smart, ha-ha, that you think you can just read the surface and not put anything back into the context of the times in which Paul/Saul lived.  He was not only a Jewish man but he was also a Pharisee of all Pharisees as well.  He knew just exactly what he needed to do and say in his time to help the different churches.  They would write him letters, and then he would respond to them likewise.  You, My Church, haven’t a clue what this or who Paul/Saul is?


You have ditched Me and made him your God.  You have turned what I have called good, righteous and holy, and you have made it a lie straight from the pits of hell, and if you’re not careful that is where you will spend all of your ETERNITY.  Paul was a very Torah Observant Jew in his day and time.  He even went to the extent to show the religious leaders and people then that he still believed in the Levitical Laws by shaving his head bald along with four others.  Whatever your ideas of Paul/Saul are, you have been blinded and taken on a wild goose chase because Paul did not ever stop following Torah or going to the synagogue and worshiping Me, nor did he ever stop following My Torah/Commandments.  And not only did he keep them, but he also taught others, both Jew/Greeks to do so too.  This Law that was told was bad, was the LAW of SIN and DEATH, NOT MY TORAH that was given to MY PROPHET MOSES/MOSHEH up on top of Mount Sinai that day so very long ago.   That same mountain where I told him earlier to remove his sandals for the place wherein he was standing was HOLY GROUND.


This church of Mine today is trying every which way to make My Gospel watered down to please themselves and to make themselves look good.  But My Church/My People, all that you are doing is costing yourselves your Eternity away from Me, your God.  You can not say,  you LOVE ME, and then not want anything to do with MY FATHER and I in OUR KINGDOM.  MY KINGDOM is made up of those elect few who worship ME/US in Spirit and in Truth.  There are very few of you who still do.


So many have said, they (My gifts) are no longer active today and they died out when My Apostles and Disciples did.  NOT SO, another lie from satan and My Church people today. I do not give and then take away.  My gifts are irrevocable.  You do not lose them just because you fall away from Me, your God.  Did you just hear Me right, My people?  Yes, you can fall away from Me, your God.  But your gifts I gave to you are still yours.  Having My gifts means that you began the journey with Me as My child, but they are not a guarantee that you still are My child.  You can choose to leave this walk, journey you had started because it got too hard for you.


My church tries to do so many things in My name, but they have NO POWER anymore because they have left their first love and they have indoctrinated My people into believing in these pagan festivals and holidays that the world celebrates.  The church has adapted them and brought them into their churches with this idea to win souls for God, and thinks that it is okay to pollute and desecrate My HOUSE again to pagan gods all in the name of Christ’s Birthday and Resurrection.  Let’s not even begin with satan’s day of Halloween, All Saints Day, and changing it to “Harvest Festival” or “Hallelujah Parties,” and even “Trunk or Treat.”


Really, My Church, are you that desperate to be entertained? Haven’t I given you enough FEAST and FESTIVALS in MY HOLY SCRIPTURES for you to win souls for Me, your HOLY GOD?  Oh, I’m Sorry, that’s right, you say I died that cruel unspeakable excruciating death to do away with MYSELF and to let MYSELF out of the HOLY of HOLIES, so that you could get in and change, and do things anyway you see fit to do them?  OH NO I DIDN’T, MY PEOPLE, MY SO-CALLED CHURCH.  Stop profaning MY NAME and polluting My Altars and Desecrating My HOLY TEMPLES, which you are supposed to be now by the shedding of My precious blood and by the running waters that you were baptized into for the remission of your sins.


Be filled up and go to that place, like I told My Disciples, and wait, and you will be filled to overflowing, just as they were on that day of Pentecost so very long ago.  First, you must be born again, cleansed and washed in My blood and baptized in My living waters, or you cannot receive My baptism of the Spirit given to My disciples that day in the upper room.  It was and still is very important, My Church/My People.  Without it, you can not know Me or the deeper things of MY KINGDOM here where I AM.  That is why it was so very important for Me not to stay with you, but that I leave and return back to My Father, who is in Heaven, this very day.  I sent My HOLY SPIRIT back just as I told you I would.

Just like not all in My day followed and obeyed Me and My Father, so it is in your day and even worse.  Out of the many I had invited, I only had a few that remained, 120 to be exact.  Those few 120 went out ministering and filled with the glory of God, My Father, and 3,000 were saved and filled to overflowing.  Just the opposite happened back at Mount Sinai where I first wanted to give My Spirit out to them, and they all rejected Me, except a limited few, and instead of Living and rejoicing, 3,000 died instead.  Oh What a very unhappy day for Me and My Father that day.  Our anger and wrath spread great among them and still to this day because you, My Church, are acting the same way as they had.


You are rejecting Me, which is MY TORAH, and you are forever polluting My HOLY NAME by bringing and celebrating these pagan idols you set up in your homes and in your yards, just to draw attention to your neighbors and to your friends.  This is a HUGE MISTAKE you are doing and teaching your children and grandchildren to do.  STOP IT! RIGHT NOW!  Heed to the Call and Warnings I AM giving to you this very day.  Oh Wise up, My Children, proclaim ME to the Nations the way I have told and spoken for you to do.  STOP setting up for yourselves these idols that you worship in your homes, churches, and workplaces.  They are not of ME nor MY FATHER.  You are very disobedient children.  You say how the JEWISH people are foolish for not seeing Me your God as Savior and Messiah, but you too are so very blind indeed.  You have the Messiah, but you reject the TORAH/SCRIPTURES.  They have TORAH/SCRIPTURES and reject Me their Messiah, who it is written about right before their eyes to behold.


They wanted both PEACE and a KING who would RULE with a rod of Iron, but when I came and only brought love and peace, they rejected Me and killed Me.  But it’s the same with you My Children, MY So-Called church of today.  You say you accept Me, but only for your insurance policy, so when you die, you can get to go to HEAVEN and get this great big huge mansion that you have been told is waiting  for you up in the sky.  Oh will you be all surprised, My loved ones, who think you are all doing the right things in your own eyes.  For haven’t I told you in My Word/Scripture, that your heart is full of wickedness and who should know it, and you shouldn’t follow it?  For it will lead you down path/alleys, you shouldn’t be trodding on or about.


Oh My dearly beloved little lambs, for you are all very stupid.  You have all lost your way and lost your Shepherd.  You have strayed, but it’s not too late, for there is still some time to come back into the fold.  My SHEEP, hear My voice, and they who obey and follow Me in the direction that I AM going.  Those who are impersonators don’t hear My Voice and follow their own destination plans for their lives.  These are the ones who say to Me, I want this, I want that,  I deserve to be happy just as well as TOM, DICK and HARRY.  It’s not fair that they can do it, and I can’t. This is what I hear all the time in the Churches of today.  If Tom, Susan or Larry can do it, then I should be able to do it too.


NO, NOT SO, MY CHILDREN OF MY TORAH.  You are to be different, set apart, HOLY UNTO ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, GOD, who brought you up out of Egypt/Sin and set your feet upon MY ROCK TO STAY.  I have freed you by My blood and washed and cleansed you in MY HOLY RUNNING LIVING WATERS OF BAPTISM FOR THE REMISSION OF YOUR SINS, all so that I could have a clean and purified hearts to come and to REST in on the Day of PENTECOST, which I sent back to you that day after waiting on your HEAVENLY FATHER.


You have not, because you have not asked ME, your HOLY GOD.  Didn’t I tell you over again to ask the Father, for Good Gifts and that He wouldn’t give you a stone?  This is who I AM;  I AM your GOOD FATHER, so ask of ME and I WILL fill you up to overflowing with MY HOLY SPIRIT in BAPTISM.  I will anoint you, just as I did MY Disciples and all those who believed that day in MY UPPER ROOM.  Jew and Gentile alike, it made no difference.  We are all about OBEDIENCE and TRUSTING your HEAVENLY FATHER IN HEAVEN.  Many were invited to come and to receive OUR HOLY SPIRIT, but only a small number came and waited before their God, who they just saw leaving them in the clouds.  He (JESUS) said,  I will return the same way as you saw Me leave, but these people, JEW and Gentile alike, still don’t believe what He’s saying because they didn’t believe and trust HIM in their hearts, only in their heads.

The ones who stayed and were faithful saw and felt the goodness of God their Father and experienced this FIRE OR THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND PROPHESIED  AND DID MANY GREAT WORKS.  As God says in HIS WORD/SCRIPTURES, we are not saved due to Good Works, but because we are saved, we do good works and deeds to show our gratitude and love for OUR GOD and for our Fellow man, amen.
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @11:09 am.


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