Saturday April 7, 2023@11:15pmI just put down my phone and the L-Rd says this to my spirit. Thus says the L-RD,


Purify and cleanse your selves this second night of Unleavened Bread, My people.  Remove yourselves from all filthiness and unrighteous behavior this very Shabbat evening in your homes and places where you are living and doing your life.Open up your hearts to Me, your El Shaddai, your King of kings and L-RD of lords, this very night where so much is going on around the world and getting ready for My soon coming, My children/people. I know your hearts, My church-going people. I know that there is no good fruit growing in your lives. Why is that My people, who call themselves My church today in your world? Why is it that there is not any change in your behavior? Why is it that you resemble more of the world today than you do of My chosen set-aside believers following My Torah?


Oh yeah, you claim that My Torah was done away with by My Son Joshua/Yeshua/Jesus who died on His brutal deathly cross there where you claim HE died there in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago. Yes, HE did die there, but the exact places you have destinated HE died are different from what your eyes can see today in your viewing.


My Feast and Festivals and Sabbath Days are all lined out for you in your Bibles that you seldom read or even pick up. These days are the ones that are important to Me, and I Highly recommend that you do too. These are on My Top 10 list or what you would call your “bucket list.”


My SHABBAT/SABBATH IS VERY IMPORTANT to Us. Did you not see in your pictures and images of them that it says to keep and to remember. I put that in there because I knew you would forget. Was I right about that?


Return to Me, your Holy set-apart ELOHIM this very day that you have changed to benefit your pocketbooks and wallets. You have turned, My House, into a Den of thieves and robbers polluting My House with swine and all detestable things that aren’t meant for human consumption. You should be aware of that when the demons who were being cast out of that guy asks to go live inside of them, instead of being thrown into the abyss. Why do you not see this?


Why are you so dull of mind and thinking? Why aren’t you being rational? Why don’t you see what is being told to Peter in his vision of the Tallit/ sheet coming down from Heaven?  He gives the interpretation of it being Gentiles, not animals.  Food has never consisted of the unclean animals. My chosen people, ISRAEL, knew the difference. Why if you are one of My true followers of Torah do not know or understand this? My only conclusion is that you aren’t one of My chosen elite set-apart bride of ISRAEL, My sons and daughters today. 


I highly suggest that you re-examine yourselves once again to see if you really are My set-aside Bride who has been born again and engrafted into the one and only true olive tree.  My true ISRAEL from the very beginning when I chose her to be My Bride at Mt. Sinai.


My Relationship started with their Father Abraham back when I walked through the pieces in Genesis 15 when I made a promise a Covenant with him.  My death of My Firstborn son Yeshua started and finished that promise with him, and My resurrection finished and took back what My First Adam lost because of the sin he committed in his heart in the garden that day so very long ago for you people today.


My promise to your fathers to restore ISRAEL, My Bride, back to Myself is still ongoing. They are being restored, and if you, My so-called church Ecclesia of today will humble yourselves and call upon the G-D of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel, you too shall be considered to be part of My One true Bride Israel by engraftment into the one true Olive Tree of My Chosen beloved people, ISRAEL.


For I have but one bride, not two, as most of the church today thinks and believes.  For those who think I have divorced and cut off  My bride to bring in the lost Gentiles are all wrong. During the Passover and the Exodus of Egypt when I delivered My chosen people ISRAEL out of Egypt with My mighty outstretched arms, I also saved the foreigners and the strangers who had attached themselves with them by the blood of the LAMB upon their door frames.  By that declaration of faith (emunah) they had received Me, their G-D ADONAI, and began walking with Me, their one true G-D ELOHIM. The G-D that is more than enough. The G-D that is and was and is to come. “I AM that I Am,” I told Moses that day on the Mountain.


Trust Me and know that I am who My Scripture says that I Am this day that I told you to keep and to remember for all times, says G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this April 8, 2023. 11:37am.

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