Tuesday, August 21, 2018 @ 7:14 am.


In my dream, I was in this hospital, and I had this lady doctor friend.  Apparently, I had been a patient, and I had taken a coffee pot there and some other things.  The doctor had called my name over the intercom, so I went to see what she had wanted. She came to see me, and then said for me to follow her to her office.  We went through this door which led to a small winding, very thin staircase upstairs.  She went very fast, and then I lost her.  When I got upstairs, it was as if I was in a church with Sunday School classrooms.  I asked where this person had her office, and no one seemed to know.  I was walking into this office where there were children coming in and leaving.  There was this big hanging decoration that was supposed to be hanging from the ceiling, but was now on the floor and a couple of us stepped on it.  The teacher wasn’t happy with us.  I apologized and then wondered how I was going to find my way back down the stairs.  I woke up and remembered that before this, I had taken something to this hospital before, and somebody had taken it as well.   Lord Jesus please give me clarity and understanding, in your name I pray this, Amen.  @ 6:09 am.


Later, while on my treadmill, God speaks and says:
People come and take from Me, their GOD, but seldom ever give back.  This is not how I set up My Kingdom.


5:21 pm.

While taking my afternoon nap while fasting, God woke me up by saying,


You are not what you think you are, My sons and daughters.  You have been bought with a very high price.  Oh, you can say, “you’re this or that,” but it is just a façade, a cover up.  You have been deceived by satan, the enemy.  He has put a veil over your eyes to steal you from Me and My GOD.  He has made you to think you’re somebody that you’re not.  This will only last for a time because the enemy cannot over power Me, your GOD.  The forces out there are limited to Me, and you have many people praying and interceding on your behalf as My daughter is who is writing /typing this.


The demonic forces are very real.  I have brought each of you with the price of My own life, and I have called you from before your mother’s womb. How dare you deny who I created you to be My son of My Torah.  Don’t allow the weapons of this world to take all of that from you this very day.  You were created to be a man of God, not a woman of the evil one.  Trust Me, your Father in Heaven to heal you from ALL past hurts and wounds.


This wasn’t My fault. How many times, My son, do I need to go over this with you.  It wasn’t your fault either.  The man that hurt you had been hurt himself from someone very close to him.  The devil blinded him as well, and he refused to hear My still small voice of My Precious Holy Spirit wooing after him that day so long ago when you were just a little boy.


My heart cries for you, My son, and I’m trying to woo you, but your ears and heart are so very wounded.  The enemy satan has convinced you that you are much happier living the way of the world.


Stop pretending and masquerading as someone you’re not because like I said, it is going to only get you more hurt than what you are already feeling My son.  Why do you think coloring and changing your body parts and adding things are going to make who you really are any better?

They’re not, it is only going to make life worst, trust me your ONE and ONLY GOD of Heaven and Earth this day.


The enemy is only masking and disguising things right now until you are so far gone that you are NO longer a risk to him.  He doesn’t love you, like I love you, My son, or you’re precious family does.  Oh, you say, if they truly love me, they would accept me for who I really was.  Oh really, you want them to lie for you, and let you go down this deep slope that soon, if not dealt with, will take your very life away from you.


Wise up, My son, and remember who has always been there for you in your deepest hour of troubles and who would change your past for you in a blink of an eye if she could.  Yes, your beautiful, loving, caring mother who birthed you and always wanted the very best for you.  She didn’t know this hurt you were dealing with, and if she had, she would’ve made this man go away for a very long time.


Stop running from Me and blaming Me for not keeping him away.  You live in a broken-down world, and people aren’t doing or listening as they should be to Me, their Creator GOD.  Some have denied Me, as you say you are right now.  How is that My fault, My son?


It is NOT too late, if you sincerely REPENT and turn away from the things that disgust Me. For these pleasures you’re seeking after right now will not last, for they are just temporary, until like I said before, the enemy’s grasp on you is finalized, and he thinks he doesn’t need to bother you anymore.  He doesn’t get to make the final choice on your life, you do My son of my TORAH.  You know Me, your GOD.


STOP what you are doing, and REPENT and RUN back to Me, your Father, and I will accept you with OPEN ARMS My son.  Nothing is over until I say it is, GOD.  5:50 pm.



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Sunday, August 19, 2018 @ 8:22 am.

While dreaming, I heard God say to me, “One’s life is like a cement truck.  If not cleaned out daily, it becomes a clogged-up mess filled with much crap and impurities. “ Hearing this, I woke up and wrote down what He said.  As I did, He continued,


This is how it is, My children, when you don’t pray and aren’t obedient to Me, your God.  Your life becomes all caked up on the inside, and you can’t breathe, and then you slowly begin to die from either a stroke, heart attack or even something much greater, like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Yes, these are greater because you lose your way to communicate with your loved ones, and in this state of disconnect, you also cannot communicate with Me, your GOD.


You need not to allow this to happen, My children.  The enemy satan is a real live entity and wants to kill and destroy each of you to the point of death, to where you are no longer a bother to him.  Don’t let or give him this opportunity to clog up your mind with this garbage.  Keep your minds pure and set on Me, your Loving Heavenly Father, and I will keep and preserve you from all harm and danger.


My children are dying left and right from this disease.  It isn’t the way that I had planned for it to be.   Wise up, children, and see that My Word is true indeed.   When I give you commands to follow, that is a good thing, for it shows My heart for you.  I know what it is you are in need of, to be healthy and whole and in right standing with Me, your God.  If it wasn’t so, I would have told you so.  Do what My Word says, and you shall live to be a good old ripe age.  Be Holy, for I AM HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, and PURE, My children, this very day.  Your minds are a very wonderful thing, and it is NO surprise that the devil himself is trying to snatch you from ME.


You say, “it isn’t fair” and “it’s not their fault,” but I say, They have had their chance, and they have blown it.   Yes, I AM a Loving GOD, but you have to understand that I AM Holy, RIGHTEOUS and PURE, and if they don’t want to listen or follow My TORAH, and live the ways of My Commandments, the evil one satan will come and steal them away from Me, their GOD.  I have done MY part by sending My Son, Jesus Christ (Heb. Yeshua HaMashiach), to give His life for all mankind, but they have to be willing to accept Him as their Lord and Savior daily, and pick up their own cross and die daily to the things of this evil, wicked world, and come and follow Me to the end of the world that they call home.


There are NO shortcuts, all of you have to be in this for the long haul.  Yes, you will make mistakes, but you don’t dwell in them.  You have to brush yourself off, stand back up, and keep moving forward, and never, never look backwards.


You don’t ever want to be like Lot’s wife where she missed them so much that when she received My mercy and grace, she wanted her things more than she wanted Me, her God/Creator.   She is a constant reminder of what happens when you put your foot to the plow and look back.  Nothing ever good comes from it.


So remember to READ, STUDY, PRAY unstopping, so that you will never get caught off guard and end up not being able to communicate with Me or your own family.  Keep your mind and heart close to Me, your GOD of HEAVEN and EARTH, and KEEP ALL MY COMMANDMENTS that I have given to each one of you.  Stay FAITHFUL and STRONG in ME, your GOD, and you shall be okay, and walk in the blessings of Abraham, your Father, GOD.  9:03 am.

Sunday, August 19, 2018 @ 11:50 am

I’ve just come to the church to do my work out on the treadmill and to listen to my music when God’s Spirit moved upon me, and I heard Him say:


My Grace and Mercy is with each of you, My people.  I choose to allow satan, the deceiver, to come and take from you because I LOVE YOU, My sons and daughters.  It is for your good.  Otherwise, if you were to continue in the life you’re living, you would be worse off than not.  I know that it seems hurtful, but trust Me, your God, who knows the past, present and future all at the same time.  This hurt you’re feeling is just for a small short season and know that you will see your loved ones once again when I come back for you in My second coming here to this earth, which is not far off but just around the corner as I have said before to you.


Until then, do exactly what MY TORAH says, and don’t forget any of it from Genesis to Revelation.  It is all important for your growth.  Just like my servant preached today, you cannot put new wine in old wine-skins, it just does not work.  For greater AM I that is in you, than he that is in the world.  Trust ME that I tell you the truth, MY children, because I love you so very much.  For ME and MY WORD are ONE.  You cannot ever change or alter the COMMANDMENTS MY Father gave to you to obey.  It is a lost battle to even try.


Stay faithful till the very end.  Run the course hard and you will see ETERNAL LIFE in ME your GOD.  It’s not how you start, but how well you finish, My dear ones.  Trust My ONES who are doing MY WILL here on this Earth, MY Footstool, and don’t doubt that I AM their GOD of HEAVEN and EARTH this very day.


Oh My Children, can’t you see how much I care and love you?  My Grace is sufficient for you.  That is WHY I AM able to do what I do to save your loved ones.  For if I didn’t allow satan and his imps to test and try you, you would never ever see the goodness of MY KINGDOM that I’m preparing for you this very day.


You need to be wise and smarter than the serpents that are after you, trying to attack you and bite you.  Stand up and fight this good fight of faith.  Don’t forget that My WORD is your weapon to battle against the fiery darts of the enemy.  Don’t allow the enemy, the devil, to rob you of your place with Me and My Father in Heaven.  He will try everything and every obstacle to take you from My grasp.  Don’t give him a foothold or anything to get inside of you for he comes as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  I AM the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, and I change NOT.  For I AM that I AM, GOD .  12:09 pm


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Saturday, August 11, 2018 @ 4:29 am.

God says that we need to be FAITHFUL.  That we need to extend our FAITH and be willing to be not only FAITHFUL in the small areas but also FAITHFUL in the large areas as well.  When we do these things we shall grow and flourish in our FAITH to see our lives turn around for the better.  God says that we are to TRUST HIM, for ALL things are in HIS control not ours.

Proclaim and Broadcast My confession of Faith to the Nations of My People.  Don’t let this alarm you but TRUST ME your ETERNAL GOD to know what is best for each of you this day.  SHOUT AND REJOICE for your name is written in MY BOOK.  Run and dance before ME and tell others of MY soon returning.  Don’t make light of it for it will happen and sooner than all of you are aware of.  For I do not come as a thief to those who know ME but only to those who choose not to be FAITHFUL WARRIORS of MY NAME.  Shout and Make alive MY name to the world and let not your hearts be troubled but believe in God believe also in ME and you will see the DAY OF MY RETURNING says GOD ALMIGHTY KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS this Shabbat morning.  Reunite your hearts back  to ME your GOD and know that I have you in the palms of MY hands holding you comforting you and bringing you unto MYSELF in the Mighty name of  YESHUA HAMASHIACH, JESUS CHRIST YOUR LORD AND MESSIAH.  5:39

6:19 am

You are beautiful just the way you are.  Stop trying to proclaim to be someone that you are not to ME.


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Friday, August 10, 2018 @ 3:58 pm

I was sleeping, and then God woke me up when He said:


Why do My children neglect to praise and worship Me, their God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day?  Don’t they trust Me that I will provide for them and take care of them?  Don’t they realize how much I care for them, and that I would call for them TEN THOUSAND angels to come to their rescue, if they would only trust and seek My counsel and direction?

I AM a loving Heavenly Father, and desire to bestow only good gifts to them who will seek Me out early in the morning and as they go to sleep at night.  This is who I AM, so why do you have such difficulties in believing when I tell you these things?  I want not for you to lack any good thing.  I want you to know what I AM like.  I AM the Mighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who delivered you and them from out of bondage of slavery over 2,000 years ago by My outstretched arms.


I AM the same God who delivers you out of your trials and tribulations today.  I change not and won’t ever.  I AM that I AM, and that’s who I AM.  I AM the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. The Almighty One who holds you up by my outstretched arms.  I AM that I AM, and I AM not going to lie, because that isn’t who I AM.  I AM your El Shaddai, your more than enough.  You can count on Me always.  Don’t turn your backs on Me, for I so care for you.


I know just what you have need of before you ask Me, my child/children.  Seek Me out early, and I will show you marvelous things that you’ve never seen before.  Come unto Me and let Me guide you each into my glorious Light and Brightness.  don’t linger or procrastinate, for this isn’t what I desire for you.


I have such plans to show you, if you will only trust Me to do what I say for you to do.  Don’t walk away from Me to only find that I’m not there and have to go back and do it all over again.  You need to wait on Me to show you My handiwork of My stars and placements.  Yes, you have heard right.  I have certain times for everything, and it’s important that you follow My orders and not yours.  Piece by piece, step by step, precept upon precept, all in good time, it will come into fruition.  Keep up with My plans and follow My statutes and keep all My Commandments that I have given for you to obey, and you will be righteous and holy in My eyes, and My plan and destiny will not be hindered from My coming back to the Earth I created for each of you.


My Kingdom is coming, and My will shall be done as it is in Heaven, and you can count and trust in this.  Do not hinder My coming by procrastinating My plans and will for your life.  Run with full strength and rush into My presence like never before.  Don’t allow the small things to overrule you from acknowledging what it is that I want for you to do for My Kingdom.  Open up your hearts, and let the sunshine flow through to help prepare you for the bigger and brighter things that are soon coming/approaching in My Kingdom here on this earth, My Footstool.


I’m telling you this, so that you will prepare and not hold the little things captive, but will release all this stored-up anger, bitterness and clamor and ill thinking, and let it go.  Be freed this day and give Me your completeness, your everything, so I can radically change and rock your world today on My Shabbat I’ve given to you to enjoy, and to rest from your long week of work, GOD  4:23 pm

4:30 pm


Why do I need to keep reminding you to obey Me and keep My Commandments?  Why can’t you think for yourselves?  Why is it that you think you know everything and can’t take any counsel or advice from My Holy servants that I have given to you to hear My voice and wake up calls?  I’ve told you over and over again to stop playing with fire and the things of this world.


Come unto Me and seek Me now, before I AM no longer to be found, and this will happen just as I have told you in times past.  This is true, My children, open up your eyes and give Me your trust, for out of your heart comes evil and wickedness, but out of My mouth comes only good things that will last forever and for all of Eternity.


Oh, My people, stop provoking your God to anger.  Be wise children, and do what you have been told.  It is not over till I say that it is.  And I Am saying it is very close, so trust Me, your God, who put you together like a puzzle.  One piece after another until you’re all finished and approved by My Father in Heaven.  My Father and I are counting the days, but are you also anticipating and counting the days too, when we can stand face to face once again on the other side?  My children, oh how I love each and every one of you, God.  4:40 pm, Friday.

4:41 pm


Don’t slumber and Don’t close your eyes, for I need for you to get ready and prepare yourselves, My bride.  The Day approaches, and it is very soon indeed. Are your candlesticks ready? Do you have enough oil to keep My Holy Lights burning?  Have you adorned and decked yourselves out in My Torah and Feasted amongst My Tables?  If not, you need to start now.  The time is not to be wasted with childish things.  Everything is good as long as it doesn’t go against My Living, Breathing Torah.  I AM the Good Shepherd, and I want for you to be good as I and My Father are GOOD, HOLY, and RIGHTEOUS.


Nothing gets past US.  We see all things Good and Bad.  It doesn’t matter how Dark or Light it is, We see it.  You are always on our mind and in our heart.  Wash yourselves clean, and purify yourselves clean, before US today, and REPENT, for without



For I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE/LIGHT, and I AM calling out to you through My Holy Spirit. Are you going to reach out and accept Me or are you going to allow the enemy to rob you again, like in times past?  The choice is ALL up to you, My child, My sons and My daughters, who I created for such a time as this.

I will not always keep calling, for one day the door will shut, and time will be NO MORE, God. 4:52 pm.


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Friday, August 10, 2018 @ 8:19 am.


In my dream, I couldn’t find a place or door to get into the Sanctuary, because they had taped them off due to the service being already started, but I went through one anyways, and I got pulled from the doorway and was dragged out.  I was then accompanied by some church people, especially this one tall man that was domineering over me, telling me to leave.  I could see my husband and small granddaughter, but there wasn’t any way to get to them, except to get in the way of their cameras. My grandchild was misbehaving, and I went to get her, and because of the services being live streamed, they wouldn’t allow us to leave the sanctuary due to the counting down.

This was an outside ordeal, and I was just trying to get to my seat.  My granddaughter had got up, and that is when one of these two older ladies thought she was making too much noise around them and she reached out and slapped her face. I had turned just in time and saw it all, and when I did, she gave me a dirty look.  I stood up to tell her that she didn’t have the right to discipline her, and they both got up and left.  I went and took my granddaughter back to our seats and let what they did go. I prayed and asked God to help me forgive them for they knew not what they were doing or had done, just as Christ Jesus did for all of us on Calvary 2000 years before.



After waking up from this dream, God said to me:

My people say they love Me, but their hearts are so far from Me, their Loving Omniscient God.  I love them, My people, but it’s more important to them how they run their religious programs than in helping My children, who are seeking a loving relationship with Me their Omnipresent God of Heaven and of Earth.  Yes, Heaven is My home and Earth is My Footstool.  How long will My people/creation take before they realize how much I do really love them?

My house of prayer is not to be a place of show and lights.  My house of prayer shouldn’t be a house or Den of Thieves and Robbers.  My house of prayer should be open to everyone who wants to come and listen to My Word be preached and taught.  It should not be limited to just a few arrogant individuals who think they are just there to boss everyone around, nor slap and hit your children when they are just a new convert.

This lady who you saw in this dream was the devil himself, proclaiming to know Me, but her heart and life was so far from Me, her God Almighty.  Yes, my daughter of My Torah, her love had dried up, and she was just putting on a show for others to see.  When she slapped your granddaughter, she was showing her true colors, and I don’t mean race here.  She was showing you, as well as others, who she was imitating.  And I tell you the truth here today, my daughter of My Torah, unless she repents of her unbelief and of her religious spirits that have worn her down, she will not have any part in My Kingdom, but in the Kingdom of her father, the devil, where he will spend his eternity with all of his imps and those who choose to follow him to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone forever.

Yes, that is what I have said, so stop and don’t deny that it is a real place and all, because it is, My child/children.  The enemy would love to convince and persuade you otherwise, to believe that you are just in the ground forever, but this is so not true.  Another lie that he has convinced you about is that there is nothing after death, so you might as well have all the fun now and live it up and do it good.  He (satan) would have you believe that what you thought about Me is all a bunch of parables and phoney religious doctrines of men, but that is also a bunch of hogwash and lies from an old devil who is trying to make Me, his Creator, pay for what I (God) did by kicking him out of heaven and his position there.

I say that he has made his choice, just as you get to do.  So why are you choosing to make such a bad choice, knowing that he has put on wolf’s clothing to disguise himself, just so you can walk around and play with your sin cards and things of this world you call home today.

I tell you, My friends, if that is what you want to be, then pick yourselves up this day and shake off your shoes, and come running back home to Me, your God of Heaven and of Earth.  Yes, the two witnesses I have set before you this day to show you and to prove to you who I AM, My dearly beloved people/children of Mine.  Yes, My people Israel are the Apple of My eye, and anyone who joins herself or himself to them are also My chosen people as well.  For I have spoken this, and I shall bring it to pass, as I have spoken and written in My Word/Words are never old or done away with.  For they are profitable for doctrine, for correction, for reproof, and for the training of righteousness, so that the man of God will be perfected for all good works, Amen.


Thank you, Yeshua, for if you hadn’t been obedient to Your Father in Heaven, we would still be dying in our sins and going to hell in a basket.  I owe my life to You, dear Jesus, and I want You to know I’m so very thankful and grateful for what You’ve done for me and my family and friends, even if we aren’t biologically related.

God, I hear you, and I have spoken and written your Words down to the very letter T.  I have done what you have asked, my God.  Let your daughter know that this will not come back void, but that your Word/Seed will be planted into good soil/ground and reap and harvest a hundredfold. I pray in your name, Jesus Christ (Heb. Yeshua Hamashiach), our Messiah, our Elohim (God), and our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  8.59 am.


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God’s Love Letter to the Molested or Sexually-Assaulted


FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2018 @ 4:29 am.


In my dream I was in the mall by myself sitting at a table.  There was an older man there who I knew from church.  His wife wasn’t with him, and I thought it was kind of strange/weird.  He started to compliment me and went way out of his way to build my ego and make me feel beautiful.  Until another woman showed up, then he took everything he was telling me and poured it upon her.  She was loving it as I was, but then it was as if I didn’t exist anymore.  She was even ignoring me and thought she was all that, and didn’t even look at me, but just was enthralled with this man.  At the time he was doing it to me, I didn’t think anything was wrong.  But now it was obvious that he was being a groomer of young children /woman/girls, trying to get our trust.
God then said to me:

AT WHAT COST are you going to allow this sort of thing to continue in your life?  Are you going to stand up and believe what a man says about you, or are you going to believe what I your Heavenly Father says about you, my dear ones/children?


That wasn’t the end of my dream.  As I was in my dream still, I saw and met up with a friend of mine who was a pastor’s wife, and I asked her if she remembered the man I had seen before, and she said, Yes.  She was pushing a stroller with some off-brand blocks in it. As I saw them, it brought back a memory about what my daughter had done with all the blocks we had; she had sold them for maybe $5.00, which was just pennies in comparison to all that I had invested in them.  My friend was very understanding as well.  Then the other woman who had been receiving all the compliments shows up, and I asked my friend there what I should do, but instead of waiting for her to respond, I go ahead and just tell her what I was going to do, but then I went on and just told her that I’m going to confront him, the man I met before, and tell him how he had hurt me when he dumped me for this other woman.

Now that I’m saying this, it sounds very weird indeed.  God, please reveal to me what it is You want me to see and get from this?  Holy Spirit, I praise You for loving me and wooing me in Jesus’ name.   @4:49 am.

@4:56 am


God awakened me again, and said,


Men like this seem so innocent at first until they have gotten your trust by building up your self-confidence/self-esteem. Then once they feel that you have bought into their lies, then that is when they are able to pull you in.  The thing is that not all of it was lies, because each of you are beautiful, but that is how the devil, the deceiver, grabs ahold of you and bites you.  He puts his bait out there and throws it in, and slowly draws it in just a little bit at a time, until he snags the catch.  It doesn’t happen always the first time, but he doesn’t stop, but just like a good fisherman, he keeps pulling it back in and casting out again until he has caught what he has gone out to get.


Sometimes the catch is too small, so it’s not worth keeping like you were in your dream, so that is why he went after the other woman because he knew he could get what he wanted from her, until he had done all that he wanted. Men come in all different sizes and shapes and colors, and so does the deceiver, the devil. He puts out traps so craftily that we’re not even aware of them until it’s too late.  Therefore, be wise My little lambs and count your blessings that you were able to get away from the enemy, the wolf. They come all dressed up in My clothing pretending to be Me, but they are far from it, My dear daughters and sons of My Torah, My Scriptures.


I know you’ve been hurt, but trust Me, your Heavenly Father, that is all taken care of.  The men that have hurt you are no longer able to do you any harm.  They have been found by Me, and the damage has been done, but it’s not over by a long shot.  They will pay a great price for what they have done.  Not just to you but to others besides you.  My LOVE is so great for you, and they took advantage of you and to others besides you.  You were young and very beautiful, just like the man said who was standing in the gap for the one who hurt you that day.  It was not this person you saw, My daughter, but another one that claimed to be Mine.  It is such a wicked thing that one of My own children/sheep would do this to another innocent lamb.


They have been deceived by Lucifer himself and have put aside the things of GOD to find pleasure in things that feed their flesh instead.  Don’t let or allow someone to deceive you any longer, My daughters and sons, for the enemy satan roams around like a prince in sheep’s clothing, trying to deceive you into believing he’s something that he’s not to lure you and sink you until he catches you by a little tug of the fishing line.


To those who are not educated or fluent in My Words/Scriptures/the Bible, it’s really easy for him to do this.  But for those who are educated and fluent, it’s not so easy.  But beware, the enemy is real good at what he does, as the other woman’s husband is good at the fishing that he does.  The other woman represents all those who are not strong in My word and are at risk of being lured away from Me. So My little ones, be very careful, and be on the look out for both satan and the predatory wolves around you this day.  It doesn’t take much sometimes for you to not see it coming, but trust Me to tell you that I love you so dearly, My daughters and sons of My Torah/Scriptures, and I want for you to know My children that you are exactly what this man at the table said that you are, all of you. Words spoken can be very true, but they can also be very hurtful, if taken out of context.  It is very important to be on the alert and to not let someone lead you astray.


Do what My Word tells you to do and nothing more. Be wise and alert, for your adversary the devil is out there searching and seeking those who haven’t a firm foundation in My Word/Torah.  Those who have some knowledge, but they haven’t the understanding to know what it really means, but know just enough to get them in trouble.  Satan loves to keep their minds all filled up with hate, bitterness, and strife, so they can’t think for themselves.  He loves to keep them at odds with Me, their God, and try to blame Me for not answering their prayers.  Most of the time they don’t even pray before saying I haven’t answered.  Trust Me, I love you and have always been there for you, seeking you out and protecting you from the evil one.


So be aware of satan’s attacks on your life and the predatory wolves he uses. You are My child, and I do care for you.  Stop troubling yourself by everything you’ve gone through.  It wasn’t your fault, so don’t allow the enemy or anyone in your family or friends to tell you otherwise.  They are just human and are being fleshly, and they need to get real with Me today, and stop playing like they are one of My Children.


I desire for My children to obey Me and to worship Me from their hearts, not their heads.  For My true worshippers aren’t afraid to be heard or seen in front of others.  For those who are embarrassed of Me, I also will be embarrassed of them before My Father which is in Heaven this very day, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  True believers in Me have and desire a real relationship with Me, their God Almighty. Those who are Mine don’t have to hide Me like I’m lost.  They will shine their light to the lost and dying world, so that others will see it and will come to know Me also.


I love you, My sons and daughters, so come running to Me, your Lord God, and I will open My arms to you and receive you unto MYSELF.  STOP blaming yourselves and allowing others to blame you any longer for it is all under MY BLOOD that I shed for you so very long ago upon the cross on Mount Calvary.  Those who are MINE will not continue to cause one of MY Children to hurt or be in pain from their past.  Trust ME and know that I AM God, and that I AM He who takes away all of your SINS and remembers them NO MORE, GOD .  @5:48 am.


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Monday, August 6, 2018

I had laid down to sleep, and God awoke me to this:

Why do My children/people keep trying to test Me?   Don’t they know who I AM and what I can do for them?   For I AM a Great Big GOD, and  I can do whatever I please to do.  I don’t have any limits to the things I can do or perform.   I AM the One who gets to call the shots, not you, my friends.   I have a plan for each one of your lives, and they are all written down and already organized in my plan and scheme of things.  Stop fighting and acting like you already have everything planned out because you don’t even understand for the most part.  I saw and had created you in my plans before the world was put into place/orbit.   I can see you in the past, present and future all at once.  Nothing is out of My reach.

I AM huge and out of this world, so to speak in your small intellectual minds.  You think you have a clue of what’s going on, but you don’t even comprehend the magnitude of My greatness.   I have great plans and a great destiny for all of you.   You have a choice in how you want to play it out.   You think that it’s fine to gamble and play your deck of cards, but do you really?   You drink, you gamble, you play around, and do drugs, but at what cost, My friends, My children, My people, My creation?  How long do you feel that this will all work?

How long do you think you can play with fire and not get burnt?  Make up your mind, Who are you going to serve, My children, My people?  For you cannot serve two Masters.  You will either serve the one or the other, but you cannot ride the fence.  My Living Manna fell down from Heaven and fed My people Israel in the wilderness, and My Son, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the LIVING WORD of GOD, came down from Heaven to feed your SOULS.  The bread that came down from Heaven the first time fed your bellies and you still continued to whine and complain.  My Son came, and you ridiculed and killed HIM.

Why My people/children, do you keep denying and forgetting to praise Me for the goodness that I AM?   I keep giving, and you keep taking, but give nothing back in return.  You selfish and arrogant generation of people, when are you going to stop giving My name such a bad rap? When are you going to stop profaning and polluting My Holy name and return to ME, the one who loved you so much from the very beginning.   Slow down just a minute and breathe, and set your feet on the firm foundation of My Word, and taste of Me before telling ME that I’m not good or that I don’t exist.   How stupid, How dumb to judge Me before you even get to know Me your God.  For I formed you and put your first air into your lungs as I created you while in your mother’s womb.  Your tiny, almost invisible body already had a heartbeat and was pumping oxygen into your very lungs.  You were not just some clump of tissue inside there;  you were a living 100% human being at the time of conception when your egg and sperm met for the very first time.  You were NO accident; you were planned from the foundation of the world like I’ve said before.

You are special.  You have purpose and have a destination that will outshine all of the people’s beliefs of you.  Have faith in yourself, know ME, your KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORD’S fully, and seek a relationship like you’ve never sought before.   Just trust the impossible for just a moment, and pray and seek My face, and see if I’m not real.  Yes, I know what I said before about why you are always trying to put your Lord Jesus Christ to the test.   Stop wallowing and bickering in your shoes, and open up the very WORD that you say isn’t true, and pray and seek ME, and let ME your God prove you wrong.

You already know I’m right; otherwise, you wouldn’t be trying so very hard to disprove ME your GOD.  The devil/enemy is laughing at you because he knows you are foolish and stupid, and you are, but he doesn’t care who he hurts.  He knows his finish, and he hates ME that much to steal you from ME.  He is hopeless, My children, but you’re not.   You have a heart, and yes, it is full of wickedness, but you don’t have to allow it to eat you up alive.  Don’t follow your heart, like a lot of folks tell you to.   It’s bad advice, for they want to do things their way, and that makes them think it’s all right, but it is not at all.

Following your evil heart will lead you down the road to HELL and DAMNATION.  Open up your eyes and seek God’s Word and His commandments.   The Word, which is Life and Light, will guide you to understanding wisdom and knowledge,  and to know what is true, lasting and right.  My teachings will make you stronger and smarter than your teachers here on the earth you call home.   My Word will enable you to grow into a full blooming plant that stands upright looking for the strength to grow and live.  Never doubt My Words to you, my children/child, and know that nothing ever is too far from your grasp or reach.  Hold on tight and enjoy the ride of a lifetime with Me, your Loving and Gracious God, who desires so much to get to know you.

Time is running out, and I’m starting to see the light from under the bridge.   When you see the light, you need to prepare for what’s coming up next.   Darkness is, but for a short time longer, and then My return will be soon here.   Don’t let the LIGHT come back without being ready or prepared for your GROOM.    I come not to a people who are lost. but to a people who desire to know ME and have a loving relationship with ME.   My Bride knows MY VOICE and is staying up preparing herself and adorning herself for her KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.

Stop playing games that will keep you from ME.   When I tell you to prepare,  I mean just that. NO SIN will enter MY KINGDOM.  In the days of sacrifices, NO ANIMALS were allowed to be killed if there were any kind of blemish or speck on them.  They had to be thoroughly checked and examined before they were accepted.   Same with you,  My child/chicken.   You need to also be freed of sins and impurities, and be blemish free,  for I AM a HOLY GOD, and I desire for My Bride also to be Holy as I AM Holy, says God Almighty.  My Word states that to be in My Presence, you have to washed thoroughly in My blood and be cleansed in My Holy Running waters,  and be sanctified through the renewing of your mind, spirit and soul.

NO ONE can enter into My presence if they have not done these things.  It is required to be Holy before your Lord God.  The song goes like this:  “Clean before the Lord I stand and not one blemish do I see.”  1:53

1:57 am

DO NOT DOUBT, DO NOT FEAR, for your adversary the devil roams around seeking whom he may devour.  Don’t let him; don’t allow him any room or avenue to come inside to pick your lock.  DO NOT play with things like the Ouija Boards or Tarot Cards or any kind of Witchcraft, Fortune Telling/Cookies.  They are avenues that seem harmless but is so very dangerous.  You think that getting your fortune told or your palms read is just something fun to do?  Think again.  It is all lies of the devil,  and his imps are trying to get you bound by his traps.  When My Word says not to do something, there is plenty of evidence why it’s not a good idea to do it.

We are to obey and be faithful to the God of the Universe.  He says NOT to take His name in VAIN.  He says to Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and soul.  God says to NOT make unto HIM any graven image.  He (GOD) says to keep the Sabbath HOLY and SET APART.  GOD says to love and obey your parents, if you want a long life.  GOD says to not commit adultery.  GOD says to not bear false witness.  And First and Foremost, God says that I AM the LORD thy GOD, Thou shalt not have any gods before ME.

GOD says that these GREAT 10 are not to be dismissed or done away with, but they are HIS guidelines on how to live a HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS life before HIM.

They are the summary of the 613 Commandments.   If you can keep these, you are doing well.  The two that Yeshua/Jesus said are a summary of these TEN.   Don’t make MY WORD difficult to understand.

Life is complicated enough; we don’t need to add to it.

I LOVE you, MY people.   Stop and think before you react to what people all around you say and tells you, Amen. Monday @ 2:24 am.



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