Saturday, 5 Nov. 2022

I Know My Sheep From Their Works/Actions

I can tell My sheep apart by their works and actions. I can tell My Sheep apart because they read My Words, and they Love Me and Keep all of My Commandments and don’t ask questions, like which ones [commandments] are for me because they get Me, their G-D of Heaven and of Earthm this Shabbat morning, where you live today.

Why It So Hard To Obey Me?

It really isn’t that hard, My Set-Apart Ones, who claim to be Mine, all Mine, in your cities all throughout the world this day. Trust Me, your Heavenly Father up above with all your deepest, wildest imaginations of who you say that I am this Shabbat day in your hearing.  Is there anything to difficult or too hard for I, your G-D ADONAI to do for you, my child /children?  Why must it always be said that I have too many laws and commandments, and that it is just too difficult to keep them?  What makes Me too hard to obey, if you truly believe I am what My Word says that I am? Why, oh why, are you having such difficulty in doing what I have told you over and over again?

Love Me & Be My Bride Isra’el

I need to get you to believe Me, My so-called church, who help make up My Bride ISRA’EL?  Yes, you are My engrafted ISRA’EL, as well as My lost 10 tribes of My True ISRA’EL, mixed together and have been sifted like wheat among the nations and tribes of the world. Now come out of her and be My Bride once again, for I love you and need for you to love Me, your G-D Adonai back. Oh, how I have missed you and desire for your love to be reciprocated back. My Bride is preparing herself and adorning herself in My Holy Tanach / Word Scriptures. They are studying Me in the books I had Moses/Mosheh write about Me in Genesis-Deuteronomy.


I am not lost but you apparently are, because you do not yet know Me, your G-D of My Scriptures; you say you don’t have to read the first part of MY Scriptures [the Tanakh] anymore because My Scriptures – in what you claim to be your new renewed Bible the New Testament/Covenant with the words in red – but not even them anymore, because they were before My death on the brutal, wooden cross of shame and remorse. The audacity of all of you that preach this false doctrine of man this very day, and who preach it in your man-made synagogues and churches today and tomorrow, and whichever other days that you, as your own gods have risen up to place your own golden calves, like they did throughout the Bible days to serve their own ideas of who I am this very day.


  • Woe is it unto you who make molten images in your homes this day that you’re saying is to worship Me, your Holy G-D, Your Holy, Omnipotent G-D of the universe, and erect this wooden tree from the earth to decorate and parade around, dancing, and making melodies in your hearts, saying, “This is the Holiday Spirit of Christmas,” and you just feel so happy and blessed, and you can’t wait to have her in your homes to light up and make you feel good and to make memories with your family and friends.


  • Woe unto you, you who practice Lawlessness and Idolotry and witchcraft these very days you call fun and good, just because you think you have the power to make any day “Holy,” just from what you say My Apostle Paul said in your New Testament?
  • Woe unto all you who blaspheme My Holy, Anointed Name that is above every other name under Heaven and Earth, this very Shabbat/Sabbath Day, My True Set-Apart Bride of ISRA’EL, who truly loves Me and walks in My ways through each and every obstacles that comes her way.


My True Bride loves her husband and doesn’t fornicate or even give implications of doing so.  She is faithful through and through. She is spotless and without blemish, just like the lamb which was slain in Egypt where the blood was put on the mantel and doorposts that day that I saved them before I delivered them all from Egypt, because I loved them and forgave them while bringing them through the waters of baptism [the Red Sea] and brought them over onto dry lands to fill them with My Holy Spirit, but they rejected Me, as you are all doing by erecting your own gods in your homes, churches and even work places, and then saying you are worshiping and celebrating Me on your own pagan days by adding My name, and using these days to celebrate Me, instead of the ones Me and My Father set up for you to do and remember in your Bibles, that you have labeled the “Old Testament.”


I tell you all this day, My Sabbath My Shabbat is the day I set aside to worship Me, your King, says G-D Almighty, King of kings and L-RD of lords, this day, which is holy and separated from all other six days. You, yourselves, are not capable ever of making a day “Holy,” let alone making what I created Myself to be Holy.


  • Woe unto you who have done so, and say it is what My servant Paul/Sha’ul did. Blasphemy, and not so, My so-called sheep, who are going around masquerading to be one of Mine but are really “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” says G-D Almighty, your ADONAI and KING. Listen up all of you, who say one thing and are nothing but liars and cheats, Beware, for your Holy
    G-D sees you and your sinful hearts that you say are upright and good.  You are not good and upright with Me, your Holy, Omnipotent G-D, this very day, which you refuse to worship Me and make separate for Me and Me alone.
  • Stop your fornicating, Stop your adulterous ways. Stop your profaning My name any longer, My so-called church, who has polluted My Holy Tabernacles enough. Come out from amongst her, My church, My so-called Bride, that you say that you are, but deny that you are even My ISRA’EL, My One and only set-apart Bride, of Christ Jesus/Yeshua.


Why do you still have so much animosity between your older brother, My Ephraim [the Northern Kingdom]?  Why Judah [the Southern Kingdom], do you still refuse to acknowledge your little brother, Ephraim, who came back home to His Father and repented to take the place of a servant? When are the two of you – Judah and Ephraim – going to forgive each other and grasp hands and walk with Me/Us again and be reunited like a song you used to sing in the 70’s?


Oh how I long to be your G-D, My people/My sheep. You have been so lost. I sent my Son, My Only begotten Son, into your world to begin this Restoration of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms back together for your good and to reunite My Kingdom, so that We could all be ONE big happy family again, like when I first created you in My garden.


I started this with Abraham and Moses, who wrote down what I told him too. Yes it’s been awhile for you and your families but to Me, your El Shaddai, your More Than Enough, it’s just been a few days and counting. Thus says Your El Shaddai, purify yourselves and make ready for soon I am coming back to catch My Bride [ISRA’EL] away.  Will you be ready when that day comes?  There are no repeats or do overs. You either make it or you don’t.  I come only as a thief in the night to those who aren’t prepared or looking for My return. There is No Pre-Trib Rapture, only My scheduled return, like My Book says My Bride.  See you soon- G-D @ 6:13am Saturday.
6:18 am


My True Bride ISRA’EL is being separated from the world, as My servant girl is wooing after Me, her G-D Adonai.  If you will just hearken unto Me, your G-D, and listen to the still small voice of My Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, wooing on the inside of your hearts, this early morning where you are.  Don’t be frightened or afraid, for I, your L-RD G-D, am with you, no matter where you go.


I am coming back real soon, My church, My ekklesia, My ISRA’EL, My Bride. You are hidden and safe with Me, your L-RD
G-D OF ISRA’EL, if you put your faith and trust in Me this very day, My Sabbath, that I told you to KEEP and to REMEMBER. There is a reason I told you this. It is the sign I gave to you, My Bride [Ezekiel 20:11-12, 19-20]. It is what determines whether you are in or out of My Kingdom. You have been designed and separated for this unique moment and day, My people. You have been chosen and engrafted into the vine and have been called by your new name, which is like non other. Hold on for this day is up and around the corner, so to speak. You are being taken care of, so fear not because I come quickly, says the L-RD G-D of ISRAEL, amen @ 6:32am

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