Tuesday, April 19, 2022 @ 6am.

I’m sleeping when the L-RD through the Holy Spirit says,

You Need to Submit to God our King

You need to submit to My KINGSHIP Authority this very day before you, as the church/body of Christ Jesus/Yeshua, gets destroyed by HaSatan the destroyer of the brethren this very day.  The L-RD says that we need not to be afraid or to fear him because he is nothing to look upon anymore because he has lost all authority and power which at one point he had held in My Kingdom, not made with the hands of men but of G-D Adonai Himself.

You Do Not Fight Against One Another

You do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12) So you do need to be aware of the circumstances that surround you and take great caution and plead the precious blood of Jesus/Yeshua over your lives as the Egyptians, Israelites and Hebrews did during the First Passover Seder way back in Egypt before they left.

The Imagery of the Passover

When Moses commanded each of them to apply the blood of the spotless Lamb or goat to the door posts and lintel before shutting their door that dark and gloomy night that as the church always has taught that it was the death angel who passed over them but it was I.  And that the blood which represented Yeshua’s blood would keep their first born alive. It would also save and keep alive anyone else that had taken refuge inside the house behind the door, which the blood was applied to on both side posts and the top lintel, so that they would not perish.  This blood represented the blood of Yeshua, which was shed to open the way for us to receive everlasting life when joined with our obedience and trust in their Redeemer.

The Tanakh – the “Only Scriptures”?

Moses and Aaron, his brother, who was permitted to speak for him that day and for always because G-D Elohim made Aaron and his sons Levitical priests in the Holy Scriptures, the Tanakh, which is the only Scriptures that existed at the time, My children had for thousands of years before My Son Yeshua died upon HIS old rugged, wooden cross made out of an old wooden tree that would restore My Kingdom, My people Israel, which was symbolized by the two brothers in the parable of the prodigal son, coming back to Me, their Father, one day in your lifetime/span.  My Kingdom, My Gospel, is My Story, My people.

The Gospel is Not About You

Its not your story but Mine, so stop making My Son’s appearance all about you and how you can be saved from all damnation and hellfire, okay?  It is not about you at all. Does this offend some of you or even maybe most of you this day in your hearing?  My purpose and plan from the very beginning was, and is, to bring restoration to My house of Jacob/Israel, not to worry at all about what you call yourselves, or who have no clue why I have done what I am doing, My house of Jacob/Israel, this very cold blistery day in Poplar, Montana, and other surrounding areas all around and throughout the world and My Universe this very day.

It is about My Bride, Israel

I know what I just said just “floors you,” even amazes you, and it may even anger some of you to the point of disgust and disbelief. thinking that its not about you or your wants and desires, but it is about My Bride, if I am even able to call you that anymore.  You are so bitter to Me, just like the bitter herbs on the Seder Plate you ate last Shabbat/Sabbath, which was also Passover, to represent Me, your Salvation and your Redeemer.  But most of you still don’t see or care to know because you claim it is not for you to keep, because that it was for the Jewish people and Israel.  Not so, My children/people, if you are Mine this very day.  You are all mistaken and have been lied to for so very long.

You and Israel are Equally Lost and Blind

You think, My people/My chosen elite people, have their problems, but you haven’t a clue just how lost and wrong you are who claim that you are the new church.  You say, you are the new people because the Jewish people/Israel rejected Me, and now you, who are supposed to be so much different, have replaced her and now G-D is a divorcee and can’t remarry His Bride, but has for some unknown reason, because HIS only Son Yeshua died upon an old rugged cross, as you call it now, and I ripped the veil in the Holy of Holies and now allegedly I only see Jesus/Yeshua but not your sins anymore, so you can continue repeating and defiling yourselves and continue to lie, steal, and cheat as well as kill your brother and sisters with your deadly words while profaning Me, your Holy G-D, while walking over My threshing floor and causing the atoning blood of My One and Only Son to be made of no avail.

Who gave you the right to call yourselves “My church” today, who say, “You have replaced My chosen-elite Bride, Israel/Jacob who have the audacity to tell Me, your Creator, how I am going to run My Kingdom and Dictatorship system?  You are My slaves and subjects, if you’re in My Kingdom. Do I make Myself completely crystal clear this morning where My daughter is writing this all down for Me, her King of kings and L-RD of lords, amen?

Read My Holy Scriptures for Yourselves

Stop your fighting and complaining, and read My Holy Scriptures for yourself, instead of listening to your pastors and teachers who are rejecting My Holy Scriptures/Tanakh and just brush them off as a good story to tell your children about – but nothing else.  There is so much more than just the first few chapters of Genesis, which tells of Me and how I created the total Universe and created you in My image, but you are all blinded and are in desperate need of a doctor.  Why don’t you, My people, call out to Me, Your Holy G-D of Israel, this very day and seek Me and not yourselves for a change, and do what My will is, instead of hearing what only what you care to hear with your clogged up ears that are filled with all sorts of garbage and debris?

You, My so-called church, are so very lost to Me this very third day of the counting of My OMER, which I, in MY WORDS, if you would just get off your high horse and start reading My book from cover to cover from the very beginning would learn more about in the beginning books like John 1:1 says to do.  You would be so much better for it.  John knew this was what you would need to hear when your pastors and teachers would tell you this after saying the sinner’s prayer at the altar.  But the problem is most of you are still so blinded, you can’t even get it, and you are still walking blindly without My Fire I poured out in the Upper Room on Shavuot/Pentecost.

Most of you still believe it was only for them [the Jewish people] because you haven’t read My Whole Book and haven’t applied it to your life today.  Stop listening to all the hear-sayers of religion and start praying and seeking Me, your Omniscient, All Knowing G-D of all the earth and beyond, and see what it is that I want for you all to know about Me and My end times.  Stop playing life to only please yourselves and run this good race of faith to the finish line by picking up your own cross daily and serve Me, Serve others and you will have a place with Me and My Father in Heaven and on this earth to rule and reign for ever and ever.

Keep My Commandments

Keep all of My Commandments, Statues, Laws and Ordinances because these are Me and without them you cannot, and will not, see Me, your King of kings and L-rd of lords, this very day in your hearing.  Follow Me, Obey Me, Trust Me, have Faith in Me, for when you do all these things, then you will see Me do Mighty things in your world you live in today.  You just need to believe and watch that tiny mustard seed grow up into a tall tree producing such an abundant harvest that you won’t know how to contain it all, amen.  G-D Almighty your Elohim and King of all AGES,  @7:01 am.

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