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Monday, July 23, 2019 @ 8:45 am.


Today when I woke up, I was dreaming about this little boy.  He was very concerned about taking care of his little sister, and at every waking sounds of her cries, he would wake up and want to help take care of her.  Until this last time, right before I awoke, this little boy heard her, and so like always, his eyes were awake and he would always get up out of his bed to go check on her, but not this time.

This time, yes, he did wake up, but this time he trusted his parents to be able to take care of her and closed his eyes and went back to sleep in the peace of his Savior and Lord Jesus, amen.


This is how GOD wants us to be with HIM.  Yeshua (Jesus) doesn’t want for us to be all consumed with the stress and ways of the world. NO, instead, what HE does want for us is to allow HIM to be in full control of all devices in our lives that would steer us in the wrong directions. God says,


I want to be the Engineer, your Sole PILOT of whatever movable devises you may have. You need to give up your controls and let Me do as I see fit with your life in accordance to My WORD/SCRIPTURES.


Just as this little boy, he was trying his best to take care of his little sister, but it wasn’t until he started to trust his parents was he able to rest peaceably and get some needed rest for himself.  This is how I, your HEAVENLY FATHER, want to be with you, My friends and family.  I want for all of My children to know that you’re all safe and sound resting in My sheltering arms of love and forgiveness.  I want you to know and rest, knowing that I am watching out for you as individuals and also as a whole family at times as well.


I want for all of you to know that I haven’t left you, and I haven’t any plans in the future of doing so either.  I just want for you all to trust Me and to know that I am more than all sufficient to meet all of your intricate/finite needs down to the very T/Letter of My WORD.  I promise over and over again to never leave you, nor to forsake you, but for you to just trust Me in all that you say and do, and not give up, no matter how hard the struggle or pain should get.


I have said in My word that NO weapons formed against you should prosper if you would solely put all of your faith and trust in Me who holds your future in the palms of My HOLY, RIGHTEOUS hands this very day.  I have promised to never ever leave you alone, so hold on tight to Me, the One who has created you and planted you here before the foundation of the world and set this Universe in order.  I don’t ever make mistakes, and there are NO COINCIDENCES with Me as well.


So don’t doubt or worry your silly brains into thinking that you aren’t important to Me.  That is all foolish thinking and only lies from the enemy, satan, who is trying his hardest to try and deceive you into believing that I AM not real but only a facade of your imagination. Don’t fall for his lies, My children, for that is only what they are. Oh his lies can definitely hurt and harm you, so be always on your alert and don’t take your guard down for one little second.  Be on the lookout, for the devil comes to seek and destroy, kill all those who aren’t looking for Me, their GOD of the UNIVERSE.


Yes, My dearly beloved ones of My TORAH/SCRIPTURES, he is very cunning in his ways, so be very careful not to open any crevices or doors that may look enticing to your eyes and your heart.  This is where and how he is able to break through and bring deception to even the least of these My brethren.  You may ask how is he able to do this, and I say to you because you have let your guard down and allowed your flesh to win over, instead of My Torah, which was given to help keep you and save you from all of Hell fire and brimstone.


My LAWS and STATUES/COMMANDMENTS were never meant to save you, My dear beloved ones/children, but to show and share with you My very heart/soul, My chosen elite people, who I call My beloved ISRAEL  My called out ones, who I delivered with My right arm out of Egypt and through the mighty waters of the Red Sea so many years ago, by blinding the Pharaoh’s eyes to what I was about to do by causing all of those plagues to come upon him and his people, but keeping you, My people, from all of them and restoring you all to Myself in the Wilderness.  In My exodus, I guarded and protected you by a pillar of fire at night and a cloud of smoke during the day.  I love you all so very much, My people.  What must I do to get you all to love Me, your God, back as much?  Why is it such a difficult thing for you to do?


You have asked for signs and wonders, and I have given to you so many already from times past. How come you still doubt and forget them all, like they have never ever existed, like you are even saying about Me and My Words?  Do you remember how I felt and was ready to destroy My people in the wilderness after they built that golden calf while I was fellow-shipping with your servant Moses on top of Mount Sinai, so very long after delivering and saving them from their wicked sinful Pharaoh in Egypt?


How come you, My people, forget so easily about what I, your God, have done for you?  Don’t you have any respect and kindness left in you just one little bit?  Don’t you remember how I wanted to destroy all of you and forget that I even knew you?  But Moses came to fight for you, and I repented of what I wanted to do because of what I promised to your Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  So you should be very grateful and thankful to them for keeping covenant with Me, your God, so that you could all live and see My day that I have promised to them who are faithful to the very finished line/end.


For thus says the Lord God Almighty, I am coming very soon, and I will be coming riding on My White horse, and I will be bringing back with Me everyone who has My blood upon them and has fought the good fight of faith to the finish line.  I do not receive unto Myself any of those people who say they know Me, but they have NO relationship with Me, for they are imposters, and I have never known them, only of them.  For they are all wicked and of their father, the devil.


Beware in the last days, which you are in, there will arise up, even more and more deception than ever before.  Be on your guard, My children, for even your own family, your own blood, will turn you in and kill you, if need be, to save their own life and keep their stomachs full.  Do not believe their lies they are telling you, for pleasure and happiness only lasts for a short time, My people.  Rest in Me, your loving Creator, who made you each to be exactly who you are.  For I made you all, either male or female, at your very birth when I created you in your mother’s tummy.  So don’t deny who you are; the differences are quite noticeable.


It is the lie of the adversary, the devil, who is out to destroy you by making you question who you are.  It is his diverse plan to destroy and to kill you before you accept Me, your ONE, TRUE LOVING GOD of Heaven and of Earth, this very day, My sons and My daughters who I created you all to be.  You are all special and unique, and there are NO TWO people who are totally alike.  I did this on purpose to let you know how very precious you are to Me, your GOD, your Creator.


Not science or technology can or will ever be able to reproduce anything that I have to the degrees that I have done.  Oh they try and try, but they cannot replicate any of My Creativity to the extent that I have created life to be here on this earth.  They continue to try and play God on a daily basis.  I am the Lord your God, so hear what I say, and trust Me and Obey Me in everything I have said to you this morning, here in Phoenix, Arizona, where the heat is just a little sample of Hell’s Fires, for those who refuse to accept Me as their God of all Days.  I love you all so very much, amen.  @ 9:47 am.


Never trust on or in your own cognizance, but always follow and trust in My Words/Scriptures/Torah, and you shall always stay faithful to Me where I will shelter you from all of life’s hardship and trials that come up throughout your lifetime.  It’s when you fall short of following Me, your God, when life gets unbearable and hard to do.  I never said that you would be taken out of them, but what I did say is that I would carry you and be there with you through it all, in order to help you not be overwhelmed and destroyed by them all.


Yes, you do need Me, and that is why I sent back to you My Holy Spirit in the Upper Room so long ago, which I had promised to send before I left My disciples and ascended back to My Father and your Father in Heaven.  He is very precious indeed, and you cannot live and be faithful and obedient without HIS help, so receive Him and speak in your Heavenly Language frequently as much as you can, because this Language is hid from the devil and all of his imps, My people.  That is why he has been on such a war path trying to deceive as many as he can to say that it was just for the Apostles/Disciples of that day.  That is bull wash and can’t be any further from the truth.


Oh, that My church, My people, My tribes from all Nations of the world could just hearken to My voice and seek Me early, and study to show themselves approved daily, and come, worship and bow down to Me, worshiping Me in Spirit and in Truth, in one accord at the foot of My cross where I shed and poured out My blood for you to redeem you and to save you from all the lies of the enemy, satan, has told My people for over 6000 years plus.


Oh, how I love you all and always will.  Never ever forget what I have done by coming to this world and living as a human as yourself.  Yet I was fully God and fully human.  I gave up or set aside My Divinity to live as a man in order to keep My promise that I made to Abraham back in Genesis 15 of your Bibles today when My Father and I walked the pieces.  My Father for Himself, and I walked them for Abraham.  My Father fulfilled His promise that if ever one of Abraham’s descendants would ever sin, He would not destroy the world or the people, but He would bring a REDEEMER to make a way possible to bring healing to the broken down dying world of mankind.

Father God did send Me, HIS ONE and ONLY SON, to be your way out.  I, Yeshua (Jesus), would be your ULTIMATE SIN OFFERING TO MAKE ATONEMENT for all of your sins.  I paid the ultimate price of laying down My LIFE to be your SIN OFFERING.  I didn’t literally become sin, but was your PERFECT SACRIFICE AND PICTURE of what LOVE can do if you would only give MY LOVE a try.


Yeshua (Jesus) paid the penalty of our sins upon HIS body.  If not for Yeshua’s sacrifice, we would all be burning in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone at the end of our lives.  Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t literally take our sins upon His body, but He took the penalty of our sins upon HIS body and became OUR ONCE and for all SIN OFFERING.  For if this was literal, then since He had NO BROKEN BONES, HE wouldn’t then ever heal a broken bone.  We need to know that God is in control, and that HE knows just how to do what HE set out to do in the very beginning of creation, amen.


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Back on March 28, 2017 I had posted this. On the 24 is the day My brother Brian had passed away and went to be with his Lord/Savior/Master and Maker. Before he died the Holy Spirit gave me a word to tell him while we were living in Oklahoma City.

I posted this letter that the Holy Spirit had given to me last year but today I would like to share it again, to show everyone how good, just how great God’s love is for us all, amen.

Here I am talking to and about my brother Brian L. White, may He R.I.P. born on 5/4/1950 and died on 3/24/16.

We may not of had a whole lot of good times the last 20 years but we had a conversation on the 15th, before he went to be with Jesus and it made such a difference and I will cherish the Holy Spirit’s letter, I read to him that day, and here it is, here below: I Called my brother, Brian White, and talked with him over an hour and a half. Then he started saying Yahweh wasn’t God’s names and that Jesus wasn’t his Son’s name and then I was tired of hearing this. Then he was also just saying over and over again how he just wanted to die, so I decided to end the call and walk on my treadmill.

Then I showered and as I was the Holy Spirit quickened me and told me why my brother wasn’t healed. Pure as day the Holy Spirit said because he has rejected my son Jesus Christ. If your brother would only, repent and call and seek after me I will raise him up and bring healing and wholeness to his bones and flesh. He needs to trust ME and stop trying to make excuses and let ME lead him and guide him into all truth, wisdom and knowledge.

He once believed in ME and sought after ME with all of his heart, soul and mind. Something happened and started to make him doubt ME and MY Holy Spirit. The devil comes but for to steal, kill and to destroy, but I come to bring life and life more abundantly says the Lord God Almighty. I AM the Way the Truth and the Life, anyone who seeks after Me they shall find Me. My sheep know My voice and they follow and search after Me. Anyone who reaches out to Me with their whole heart will find Me and not be lost. The only clause here is that you must believe, I AM who I say I AM. I and My Father are one in the same. My son Jesus/Yeshua said I come in My Father’s name. So if his name is Yeshua/ Jesus than that is also my name. (Whatever the name you call the Father applies to the Son, just like whatever name you call the Son, applies to the Father because they are ONE.) I have many names I go by. Don’t get all caught up in which name it is you need to say. That mess is all from the devil/satan and all of his demons. They are consistently trying to get all of my children distracted from what is truly important to Me and My Father which is in Heaven. Do not be consumed with what to call Me by. I AM that I AM, just like I told Mosheh/Moses when he asked Me what or who do I say told me this. God was telling Mosheh/Moses that every name was His and that He made everything and is indeed everywhere. There is no place that God doesn’t exist in our minds and thoughts. We need to just trust and obey and then trust and obey some more. Stop trying to figure God out because we just can’t with our finite minds and understanding.

I AM coming quickly says the Lord God and every eye that is looking for Me will see Me and every bride that has his or her oil lamps filled will not be left out, but will be there when the time of My return draws near. Come close to Me says God Almighty and don’t hesitate because there isn’t much more time. I love you My daughter’s and
my son’s. If you choose to walk and run after Me you choose very well. Don’t let your hearts be troubled and don’t let your hearts faint for truly I say come close to Me and hide up under the cleft of the rock underneath my sheltering wings. I will bring to pass everything that I have spoken to you here this day, say the Lord Almighty, King of King’s an Lord of Lord’s, Amen.

After asking my brother if I could read what the Holy Spirit had revealed to me while in the shower. He agreed to allow me to read it first then to wait and respond afterwards. This was not easy by no means to do. I was so scared but God had told me that if I didn’t do it, I would have regrets and never really know what would of happened. So I agree and decided to trust God who has never led me astray and has always had my back. So I progressed and started reading the Holy Spirit words given to me several hours before. Took me that long to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. I’m still a very much a work in progress and will be till the day, I go to be with my Lord.

I read it all and to my amazement I had found out that I was on speaker phone in his hospital room and the whole family, meaning his 4 daughters and whoever else was also listening to me read. My brothers response was “so what’s wrong with any of this or that.” I said well for one thing you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God’s son and that He saved you. You deny that He died on the cross and that He shed His blood for you and I…etc. Then to my amazement his oldest daughter chimed in and said , “Uh, Dad aunt Karen is right. You don’t believe any of this, that she has said or read to you.” Brian then spoke out, “I DON’T.” Amy, his oldest daughter responded again and said “No dad you don’t, you haven’t for a very long time. You get on to everyone who just mention Jesus.” Brian then said, “Well I DO NOW”, and then I’m just doing the Hallelujah dance in my head and saying, thank you, Holy Spirit for giving me this Word in the shower to help bring the change in my brother’s heart before you healed him and took him home to be with you. God thank you, for not giving up on me in teaching me some valuable lessons in obeying you in being a good student/disciple for your Kingdom.

God I praise you that my brother died and left none of us wondering where he would spend eternity, unlike what happened when my earthly father died. God thank you for loving me so very much to have not made me worry or be not sure where my brother would be. What a gracious loving God you are. You truly love your creation and all of your children. Help us Lord to always be listening to your still small voice, even when in the shower or on the white throne, lol 


Image may contain: 1 personObituary for Brian L. White
White, Brian L.,
Saginaw Twp., Michigan
Formerly of Lansing, MI

Beloved father, grandfather, brother and uncle passed away on Thursday, March 24, 2016, at Covenant Medical Center-Cooper, following a long battle with heart disease. Age 65 years. Brian was born on May 4, 1950, in Lansing, to the late Eugene and Althea (Wilson) White. Prior to his disabilities, Brian was employed at General motors, Sparrow Hospital, and Meijer warehouse. His hobbies included swimming, basketball, tennis, reading, shopping, spending time with his children and grandchildren, and singing to the Lord.

Surviving to cherish his memory are his four daughters, Amy (Dwayne) White, Kellie White, Shelley White, and Sherrie White; three grandchildren, Ronnie Banda, Nicholas Banda, and one on the way, Emilio; brothers and sisters, Richard White, Gary (Alice) White, Charlene (Bill) Steadman and Karen (Chris) Verschage; several nieces and nephews and a special friend, Marilyn Rosas and her son Philip. Brian was preceded in death by his nephew Brian White.

In accordance with Brian’s wishes, cremation has taken place and a private family remembrance will be held at a later date.

To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Brian L. White please visit our Sympathy Store.



Tuesday, August 21, 2018 @ 7:14 am.


In my dream, I was in this hospital, and I had this lady doctor friend.  Apparently, I had been a patient, and I had taken a coffee pot there and some other things.  The doctor had called my name over the intercom, so I went to see what she had wanted. She came to see me, and then said for me to follow her to her office.  We went through this door which led to a small winding, very thin staircase upstairs.  She went very fast, and then I lost her.  When I got upstairs, it was as if I was in a church with Sunday School classrooms.  I asked where this person had her office, and no one seemed to know.  I was walking into this office where there were children coming in and leaving.  There was this big hanging decoration that was supposed to be hanging from the ceiling, but was now on the floor and a couple of us stepped on it.  The teacher wasn’t happy with us.  I apologized and then wondered how I was going to find my way back down the stairs.  I woke up and remembered that before this, I had taken something to this hospital before, and somebody had taken it as well.   Lord Jesus please give me clarity and understanding, in your name I pray this, Amen.  @ 6:09 am.


Later, while on my treadmill, God speaks and says:
People come and take from Me, their GOD, but seldom ever give back.  This is not how I set up My Kingdom.


5:21 pm.

While taking my afternoon nap while fasting, God woke me up by saying,


You are not what you think you are, My sons and daughters.  You have been bought with a very high price.  Oh, you can say, “you’re this or that,” but it is just a façade, a cover up.  You have been deceived by satan, the enemy.  He has put a veil over your eyes to steal you from Me and My GOD.  He has made you to think you’re somebody that you’re not.  This will only last for a time because the enemy cannot over power Me, your GOD.  The forces out there are limited to Me, and you have many people praying and interceding on your behalf as My daughter is who is writing /typing this.


The demonic forces are very real.  I have brought each of you with the price of My own life, and I have called you from before your mother’s womb. How dare you deny who I created you to be My son of My Torah.  Don’t allow the weapons of this world to take all of that from you this very day.  You were created to be a man of God, not a woman of the evil one.  Trust Me, your Father in Heaven to heal you from ALL past hurts and wounds.


This wasn’t My fault. How many times, My son, do I need to go over this with you.  It wasn’t your fault either.  The man that hurt you had been hurt himself from someone very close to him.  The devil blinded him as well, and he refused to hear My still small voice of My Precious Holy Spirit wooing after him that day so long ago when you were just a little boy.


My heart cries for you, My son, and I’m trying to woo you, but your ears and heart are so very wounded.  The enemy satan has convinced you that you are much happier living the way of the world.


Stop pretending and masquerading as someone you’re not because like I said, it is going to only get you more hurt than what you are already feeling My son.  Why do you think coloring and changing your body parts and adding things are going to make who you really are any better?

They’re not, it is only going to make life worst, trust me your ONE and ONLY GOD of Heaven and Earth this day.


The enemy is only masking and disguising things right now until you are so far gone that you are NO longer a risk to him.  He doesn’t love you, like I love you, My son, or you’re precious family does.  Oh, you say, if they truly love me, they would accept me for who I really was.  Oh really, you want them to lie for you, and let you go down this deep slope that soon, if not dealt with, will take your very life away from you.


Wise up, My son, and remember who has always been there for you in your deepest hour of troubles and who would change your past for you in a blink of an eye if she could.  Yes, your beautiful, loving, caring mother who birthed you and always wanted the very best for you.  She didn’t know this hurt you were dealing with, and if she had, she would’ve made this man go away for a very long time.


Stop running from Me and blaming Me for not keeping him away.  You live in a broken-down world, and people aren’t doing or listening as they should be to Me, their Creator GOD.  Some have denied Me, as you say you are right now.  How is that My fault, My son?


It is NOT too late, if you sincerely REPENT and turn away from the things that disgust Me. For these pleasures you’re seeking after right now will not last, for they are just temporary, until like I said before, the enemy’s grasp on you is finalized, and he thinks he doesn’t need to bother you anymore.  He doesn’t get to make the final choice on your life, you do My son of my TORAH.  You know Me, your GOD.


STOP what you are doing, and REPENT and RUN back to Me, your Father, and I will accept you with OPEN ARMS My son.  Nothing is over until I say it is, GOD.  5:50 pm.



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Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 8:00 am.

I was sleeping and dreaming about a lady opening up a refrigerator.  She took out this strange looking bottle that had different spouts.  As she was pouring it into her baby’s bottles,  I continued to watch and wonder why she was doing it that way.  My mind was just enthralled about the whole situation.  This is where God starts to talk with me.  As I kept laying upon my pillow, not wanting to wake up quite yet, God doesn’t stop impressing upon my heart and mind these words:

You are to SEEK and DESIRE the Sincere milk of the Word of God.  You are to hunger and thirst for MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is the Sincere Milk of Truth.  Don’t allow others to feed and teach you MY WORDS, but seek Me and trust ME to show you and lead you to know what My WORD teaches, what real MILK is.  People say they know what it is, but they DO NOT, says God Almighty.   If they did, their lives would show forth the product of it.  People are dying everyday, thinking and believing they have found what it is, but they have been fooled into believing a lie straight from the father of all lies.

You ask, How can we know what real truth is?  Well, I will tell you the truth, my sons and daughters of MY TORAH.  Seek after ME and follow ME, and I will show you and guide you into this truth that is in MY WORD.  It is not difficult, if people would just put their own doctrines and theologies down and pick up MY VERY WORD for themselves, and seek MY FACE and understanding, and I will give them this Wisdom that will outreach and unlock to them the world.

It is not hard to know ME, says God Almighty.  People complicate My Word,  but it is very simple indeed.  “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”  Yes, you know this song, and it is a very good one indeed.  Why has My people/children stop doing this one thing that makes such great sense?  Why have they given up on doing what My WORD tells them to do?  I wonder why they can’t seem to get their lives together these days?  Could it possibly be because they have left their Creator and God by the wayside to try and do life on their own accord?

Foolish and unwise children you have become.  You are not alone, but you have chosen to be.  You have chosen to do things your own way and turned your back on your Heavenly Father and ME to walk this great big world by yourselves.  How smart do you think that this sounds?  You’re right, not one ounce bit smart indeed.  Oh you foolish and unwise servants of the Most High God.  You say you love ME and MY Father, but you are NO more than whitewashed tombs full of dead man’s bones.

You walk around like you have the world by the tail,  but you are so lost and are just saying you are one of My children, but are deceived and are only deceiving yourselves, because the world can see what you are doing and how you are living.  Open up your eyes and ears today, My people, for time is running out and the door to MY KINGDOM  is soon to be shut.

Don’t let the things of this world get in your way any longer.  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Oh the heart is such a wicked thing and who can trust in it.  Oh ye of little faith, run to the LIGHT while you still have time to do so.  I AM this LIGHT, I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD that I AM speaking about and you sing about.  Trust in ME, for I have great things in store for you, My children, if you leave it ALL behind and pick up your CROSS daily and follow ME into ALL the World, first to the Jew and then to the Greek/Gentiles.

Obey ME, and keep ALL of MY TORAH, from the beginning to the end, and let NO man deceive you any longer.  If I call you out to do something, I will be your provider.  You will not have to beg from NO ONE, EVER.  I AM your Source.  Trust and believe in ME and MY FATHER’S KINGDOM.  For out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, I have ordained strength and praise, and MY WORDS will be accomplished.  For My Children do not, and will not, ever have to beg for food or anything else, says God.  For out of the mouth of two or three witnesses a thing will be established, amen.  Thursday, 8:41 am.


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Come to Me, ALL of You Who are Heavy Laden!

Sunday, January 28, 2018 @ 5:23 am


“Come to me, all of you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  “Trust me, your God, for I know your future from the very beginning.   I knew you before your mother gave birth to you.  How marvelous you are to Me and My Father.   I hold the whole universe in My hands.  There is nothing that I cannot do for you, My child.  Yes, I have healed you, and yes, I want to continue to heal and restore each and every one you come in contact with to show My love and faithfulness to a thousand generations.


I am a loving Father, and I love to bestow good gifts upon My children who call out to Me.  I am no respecter of persons.  For I do love each one of you, I do.  Some of you have done much in pleasing Me and My Father which art in Heaven.  You have come to Me on bended knees and proclaimed your love for Us and have desired the good things from My Words.  You have chosen the riches from My Words.  The treasure will I pour out of My heart to you this day.  For you have found favor with God and with man.


I have anointed you for such a time as this. Don’t be afraid and doubt, for verily I say unto you, My son and My daughter of My Torah, I do want to bless you two exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ask or think or even imagine.  I want for you to keep trusting and obeying your Heavenly Father to give you the desires of your heart’s cry.  Nothing is out of our reach, so desire BIG and ask for whatever you want, for you are My children, and you are precious in our sight, and you are doing a great job.  You have been faithful in the small tasks, so here I am wanting to bless you like any good Father does His children who are obedient and honors and obeys his father and mother.


What father or mother wouldn’t lay down for their child if they could save its life?  That My son and daughter is exactly what I did for you the day so long ago on the Hill of Golgotha.  I cried out to My Father and said, “If there is any other way.  Not My Will, but your will be done.”  I knew there was no other way, but I just knew the path was here, and I needed My Father, for I knew My death would break His heart.  But He loved His creation so very much that He was willing to allow His one and only Son to be put to such a cruel death for the sake of winning you all back from the sin that happened in the garden so long ago.


Trust Me, nothing hurts My Father and your Father more than to see one of His children hurting.  But listen to Me, it is not feasible to think that We can fix everything like you think We can.  Even though My one and only Son died for you, you still live in a broken down world that is corrupted by sin, guilt and shame.  We can heal and We do, but it is your choice to believe and trust and have the faith of that tiny mustard seed.  You’ve seen how tall that bush/tree can grow.  Just call out to Us and without doubting, and trust Us that We want to make your life full to overflowing.  Don’t get all wrapped up in the if’s what’s and how’s that it comes to be.  That is beyond your intellect.


Remember to not forget to read, study and regurgitate My Words I have set in front of you.  Obey them, follow them, ponder on them, and memorize them for there comes a day when you will not have them with you.  Oh what a sad day when that day arrives.  So many of My children will not make it, for out of fear and disbelief, they will take the mark that I have told them not to take.


They don’t take Me seriously, but I tell you the truth, in that day you will wish you hadn’t ever been born.  It is a terrible, terrible day, so prepare yourselves and don’t listen to teachers who try to water down the truth to pack their wallets and make for themselves treasures here on this earth.  They have their reward already.  Woe to them who lead My lambs astray.  They will account for their actions on that great day which is not far from you, My children of My TORAH, who are faithful to My words and believe them and teach others to obey and follow as well.


My dear children, hold on to your faith, even when it gets hard and even harder for that day is soon approaching.  I love you so much.  My relationship with My children needs to grow and grow as the day approaches, for you will need to hear My sweet voice calling you to come home, you who are faithful servants of My Kingdom.  Yes, I am going to be reigning on My Father’s throne in My holy city Jerusalem one day very soon.  Don’t be alarmed, but trust Me that what I tell you is truth, thus says God.   Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 6:17 am.