Sunday, November 20, 2022 @7:15 am

I woke up from a dream, and I didn’t know what to make of it. Then as I asked the L-RD to reveal to me the interpretation, He said this is what it was that He wanted for me to share with you.

I Am the L-RD Your G-d of Isra’el

Why is it that everyone is only willing to compromise and give Me just a small section of their lives? I am the L-RD your G-D of ISRAEL. There is no one greater than I in all of the Universe.  I will not settle for just a small section of your heart, My people, if you can call yourself that anymore.

Why is Today’s Church so Persistent in Their Sins?

You have fallen short so many times, and I am just getting really fed up with your disobedience, arrogance, pride and sinful lifestyles.  Why is it you can’t stay faithful to Me, your G-D? Like your own mother was doing in your dream. She was there to represent the church of today. She was showing you what was truly in the hearts of them, the church, this very day that they have placed before Me and My Father on our set-aside Day, My Sabbath/Shabbat.  Why wasn’t she even willing to give Me a clean vessel? But instead was so persistent on using the old one, My daughter? I know that this is your dream and I am trying to woo you to wake up today, but it is a day that so many of My so-called believers are doing just that. They acknowledge that they love Me but not on My terms but on their man-made terms, My people.

My 4th Commandment which I specifically told you to Keep and Remember because I knew that you would have trouble doing so.  Why is it that you just continue to break and break My Holy Commandments without even blinking an eye? Why is it that you don’t even care because you have convinced yourselves to believe that if you can’t keep them all, so then why even try? You have misapplied My WORD/SCRIPTURE for so long, you don’t even know what it says any longer. You have convinced yourselves that you cannot possibly keep all of them, so why even try because “Jesus knows my heart, and HE knows we are good.”  Not so My so-called lukewarm church of today. You have missed the boat and have lost your way. You think you can decide what you want My Torah/Scriptures to say to please your flesh, but it doesn’t fit with Us, your Heavenly Father up above this day or any day.

My Scriptures Are Eternal

My Words don’t change, My people, church. You do, but We don’t. You are so lost because of your arrogance and pride. Your sinful fleshy desires are pulling you away from Us. You are no more than fans of Us, My church today. You are the Laodicean church that your Bible speaks and talks about being lukewarm. You need to Repent and do your first work over again, and then come follow Me and stop being only My fans. Oh, you really have that mastered My church of today.
Oh, ye of so little faith, you make Me want to vomit/puke you up and cast you into the sea. Why don’t you get it? Why don’t you even want to try? Is your way of living so good that you want your own flesh and blood to experience all the crap you have? Why is it that when crap happens, you come running back home to Me, your G-D in a bottle and rub Me and chant a special prayer to get My attention? Why don’t you just go back to your places that make you feel so good and happy and ask them? Yeah that’s what I thought you would say: they don’t have anything to give you, so you make time for Me on your dirty plate and try to scrub all the leftovers off, so you can find some space to find Me underneath all the clutter and, in this case, food.

Today’s Church Vs. My Children

My lukewarm church of Laodicea, what is it going to take for you to wake up and smell your coffee brewing? My children know their Father’s voice and hear and obey Him. They Shema (hear) Me. They don’t allow the things of the world to distract them from My Holy Presence. They humble themselves before Me on bended knees and seek My Face and My Holy Torah/Scriptures daily like their lives depend on it, because they know it does. They aren’t afraid to worship ME/US. They aren’t afraid of being looked upon as being crazy and insane. They aren’t afraid of being called a fanatic or “a Bible thumper.” But mostly they aren’t ashamed of acknowledging Me before the world they live in today. They love to share the Good News of My whole Gospel not just about what gets themselves to Heaven when they die. They know how much I did for them, and they are so appreciative that they actually do something in return for Me and are obedient sons and daughters of Our Kingdom here where I am with My Heavenly Father sitting on the right hand of My Father in Heaven making intercession for you . This is why I returned to My Father and promised to send the Holy Spirit back to you.

My Gospel is about Restoration

This is My Commandment that you love one another as I have loved you, My people. Now go outside your homes and houses and disciple all peoples, tribes and nations for Me. Restoring My House once again unto Myself. RESTORATION IS WHAT MY GOSPEL TRULY IS ALL ABOUT. The cross was just another step in the process it took to bring the Kingdom of G-D here to the earth I created for you here today. It didn’t end anything but fulfilled what He had told and did for Abraham by taking his place by walking through the pieces for him as a substitute offering to make covenant.

What the Church Really Wants – Their Own Sinful Desires + Me

Your dreams are so real for your day, My daughter.  Everyone is so comfortable sitting down to eat and to fill themselves up, and then when they are all done with their day, they just make a little bit of space and time for Me and think that it is good enough. They don’t worry about filling their bellies and plates too with unhealthy food as well as other stuff. But when it comes down to a relationship with Us, their G-D, they just try to cleanup and squeeze Us in to fit in the tiniest amount of space as possible, just so they can get to sleep to do it all over again.  This dream is a wake up call for each and everyone who is willing to listen and obey the Words of their G-D and Savior. There is nothing that can not be reversed if you come humbly before the L-RD G-D of ISRAEL today and REPENT, TURN from all your filthy rags/baggage and lay them down at the foot of the cross and leave them there, amen.  The L-RD says to leave them there and don’t look back.

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