My Children, I love you. Trust Me

Magnolia, Arkansas 2:47 am., Friday, November 25, 2016

Why won’t you be My Friend?  I come before you many times, and I’ve said come unto Me and dance before Me, but you don’t accept Me, and you won’t take Me into your crowd, why?  Am I not good enough, why don’t I fit in?  You say you love Me, but when I come to you, you seek your own will and you make Me want to vomit you up like one would do if they were sick to their stomachs.  This makes Me very sad and troubled.

I come seeking you out, knocking on your heart’s door,  not because I need to be your  friend, but because you need Me, children of the Most High God.  Love Me and dwell among Me because the time is soon approaching, and there isn’t much time.  The fires of hell are for real and My children, My people, are not going to be with Me, if you keep living your lives the way that you are, so change your ways and search Me out because the fires that are surrounding Jerusalem are so very real, and it’s not something to take lightly.

My judgement and My love are to separate and put in order all that My Word says that I will do.  My Words are truth and they are life, so come to Me because, thus says the Lord God Almighty of Israel , I am coming very soon, so prepare your hearts this day, just like I told you in your dream before, and what you woke up to ministering at your old family church group.  You were Me, my daughter and son, but when you knocked, they knew who you were and didn’t really want you there.  They didn’t want you to enter, and that is how I feel right now with my so-called church today.

They want to pick and choose what they want to believe, but that isn’t how it works in My Kingdom, My children/My people.  Do you think that I like to destroy My City, My beautiful City of Jerusalem and My people of Israel.  This is NO mistake; I AM calling out to them and trying desperately with ALL My heart to save them and draw them wholeheartedly unto Me and My Father in heaven.  People/Church, pour out your hearts before Me and pray and seek My face like never before because if you do not, this could soon be each one of you, My Children.

If  they could do it to Me, then how much more could they do it to you, which are not the natural branches?  You have been engraved in, but My children, My people Israel, have not;  they are the real deal and I love them so very much as I have told you, my son and daughter over again multiple times, but you were not not so convinced yourselves.  Well one more so than the other.  This is no small potatoes, and this is the last days.  I do say this hard and strong, even harsh and very loud.  Some may even say I may be ugly and rude, but I mean business, and I am trying to save each one of your lives, to not burn in the flames of hell’s fire.

Being burned is not fun just ask your mother-in-law.  She saw this happen to her own very brother.  She saw this first hand, and she vividly sees it like it was just yesterday.  What a terrible sight it was to behold.  Some may ask, where was I, and I tell them, I was right there with him giving him my Shalom peace and comfort throughout all the scrapings and peelings that was happening.

Life is for real and be careful what you do with it.  I am the same God as I was in the day of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and we can go way back to when I created Adam and Eve in the garden, but that’s another day.  I want to have a relationship with you, just like I wanted when I knocked on the door of an old friend of yours from church.  You thought that was your husband and you, and you would have been correct, lol.  Yes, I have humor too, because I am the one who created it.  You say, Oh, that ‘s funny God, but I say, “there’s nothing funny going on, this is serious business we are talking about.”

Your life, your very souls, so stop playing this so-called church crap, and get real with your Heavenly Father, which art in Heaven, for I will come to you in a time that you least expect it, and it will feel like I am a thief in the night, but it does not have to be that way my children. You say you love Me, then put Me and My Father first in your lives and stop playing with the fire that is burning rapidly in My Holy City of Jerusalem/Israel.  I don’t love them anymore than I love you, but they were the ones that first chose Me to lead and to guide them in the wilderness.  They have fallen just like you have so many times, but My love for them doesn’t ever stop.  My love for them, as well for you, is unconditional.  It is you, My children/people, who turn your backs and hearts from your Father and I which art in Heaven.

To get back to my story, I was the one at the door.  You were my vessel, the tool I used to try and reach them that were inside, but they didn’t like what they saw, so they tried to buy you with food and presents to leave, LOL.  They didn’t know how to respond to you because you didn’t look like one of them with all of your “dude-dads” like makeup and fine clothes.  All the material things that they have bought and saved up to be impressive to the world that I have stripped away from you and your husband.  Not because I don’t love you, but because I do love you, my children.  Those things are nice, but they come at a price, a very high price, your very soul.

These are not wrong, but what My children do with them is.  They wine and dine their friends when I have so many people dying and starving all over the world, because of their greediness to make friends here in their little mansions made by their hands. This makes Me sick and want to vomit them out of My mouth.  I tried and tried to get these people’s attention, but all they say back is that they put their time in and they deserve this blessing in their lives. Bull wash, that is bologna. They have not heard from Me; otherwise, I would’ve never told them to build their empires of thousands and their Mega-churches with  fancy cars and airplanes that cost lives of so many of my people/children.  What they call a blessing, I call  homicide and murder.

I come before you humbled and seek each one of you out individually to get you to follow Me and to have a relationship with Me, but you seem to always have something better to do, or just do a whole lot of complaining or bickering about how much you hurt or can’t do it right now.  I say stop it and call out to Me and tell Me your problems and seek My face daily, not just when you are in need of Me, says God.  How do you like it when you have a one-way relationship with the one you say you love here on earth?  Not so good, right? Well, do I need to say more?

I am supposed to be your first love, and I’m not so right now.  Put down all of the things that draw you from Me and spend time with Me your Father which created you before the foundation of the world.  Before you were in your mother’s womb I knew you and had a destiny for you.  Trust Me to know what I’m talking about.  Humble yourselves and seek My face early, for this is what I like and desire from all of My children, even those that say they are mine but don’t act like they are mine.  I desire the best for you all.  I come before you seeking you out this early morning because there is not much more time, and I want everyone to have a change of heart/mind.

Wake up, smell the aroma of the coffee you’re going to brew.  Eat and dine around My table, and pray like never before.  What are you ashamed of?  Words are Words, and they are life and breath to those who use them wisely, but death and hell fire to them who do not.  Choose life over death, and you will have chosen wisely, saith the Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

My heart is yearning to be with you all.  I’m so tired of being shut out at the parties I come to, that say I’m invited,  but when I come and am not expected because of what I look like or smell like, I’m rejected and sent away.  How does it make you feel when this happens to you, my dear ones.  Just imagine it 100 times more for Me.  I died for you to give you everlasting life, and in return, you reject Me, the one who paid it all.

Go and find refuge in My wings and help Me bring in the lost sheep before it is too late, and the door, just like on the ark that I had Noah build, closes and many/thousands and millions, you get what I mean, will be destroyed and lost forever, instead of being saved like I so desire them all to be, says GOD.  3:58 am., Friday, November 25, 2016


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