Friday, April 20, 2018 @ 4:01am.

Don’t remember dreaming of anyone, but as I woke up, God says to me, “Tell My people, DO NOT GIVE UP but keep trusting in Me, and that nothing is impossible, if they keep walking and trusting in Me this very day.”


“Hold on to Me, for I have much to show you and to tell you.  My love for you is OUTSTRETCHED and beyond.  I know it looks hard, but there is nothing that I cannot do and won’t do, if you keep following after Me with your everything this day.  The mountains that seem to be in your way are just obstacles to try and stop or block you from ME.  Don’t allow them to take the place of ME, but break them down and let ME be your strength and strong tower.


“I have such Big plans for you to ROCK you and the people in your life.  My day is soon approaching, and I want for you to help them get to know Me for who I AM.  Can I trust you to be My hands and feet?  Yes, I know that I can, and you say, But what about My physical needs? And I say to you,  Do you trust that I love you, enough to remove this hinderance from you this very day?  I AM your healer, and I can do it all, not just your physical needs.  I AM the mountain remover, but you have to be obedient and trust Me to know that I AM capable of ALL things in your life this very day.  Don’t doubt , don’t fear, for all things are coming your way when you give Me your complete heart, your complete trust.


“I AM your God, and there isn’t anything you can do to make Me love you less.  Yes, We ALL go through tests and trials, but the proof of how well we did is how we respond to them.  Be vigilant and be strong because thus says God, that I AM coming very soon. ” @4:18am.


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Monday April 9, 2018 @2:03 am.

God says to pray to Him and to inquire of Him, so that we may learn more that there is in the Word of God and of the things that are of Him this day.
2:26 am


“Oh, taste and see that the Lord God is good, and make melodies unto the Lord, O Most High.  Sing unto Me/Us and rejoice, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven / God.  Trust in the Lord with all of your hearts and lean not unto your own understanding, and know that I AM the Lord God that heals you.  There is no one else who can do this, only Me, thus says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, this very day/night.

  • Why is this so very hard for you to accept?
  • Why is this not your everyday way of thinking?

Trust Me, your invisible God, who is Spirit, to answer and provide for you each and every second of your day.


You cannot change any color of the hair on your head, No, but it is I.  Oh, you think you can by worrying about this and worrying about that, but that is a whole other story.  I AM your Lord God Almighty, your EL SHADDAI, your ALL SUFFICIENT one, Your ADONAI RAPHA, your healer, this day and for always.  TRUST ME, for there is NO ONE who compares with ME/US in ALL the UNIVERSE.  Why don’t you trust ME?  For I have not failed you, but I always keep My promises to a thousand generations.


What is it that you seek from Me?  You have been told everything to do in My very Words.  Seek Me with your whole heart, My children/My child, there is nothing I will not do for you, if you would just ask Me, according to My Words.  Have faith in ME/US and doubt not that I can perform it, and you shall see it come to pass according to what My Word says it should.  Nothing is ever too hard, for I have said it and I have spoken it, and it shall come to pass according to My Scriptures, says God Almighty.  You ask Me why I have repeated Myself, and I say out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, My Words are established. Trust US to do everything WE have spoken unto you, my sons and my daughters of My Torah.  There is nothing ever too difficult for US to handle or to do.


It is all about faith and trust without doubt and wavering.  When you doubt and fear, you cancel out your prayers and put up blockers and road traps, where you hinder and cancel your prayers to come through the spiritual side, and they are hindered and even cancelled.  Trust US to know this, for WE are very real, and WE are wanting to do and to answer your prayers.  But you cannot quit, and you cannot doubt and lose hope, for these too hinder and block your prayers from reaching the throne room of heaven.


Trust Me, Obey Me, Seek Me with ALL your heart and lean not onto your own understanding, but acknowledge Me and seek Me with your whole hearts, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day.  STOP your worrying, STOP your complaining and bickering, for you cannot turn one hair of your head a different color, but it’s only I that can do this.  Yes, you think by your worrying you have this power, but you don’t, My Children/Child, it is only I, your God Almighty, who holds the whole Universe in the palms of My hand.  I have also placed you right where I need for you to be, so stop your bickering and complaining that nothing is happening, and nothing matters.  You don’t even have a clue what is going on behind the scenes.

You don’t have the BIG PICTURE of what My Kingdom involves, so STOP your bickering and complaining, and do what I have called you out there to do, and you will see My glory take place when it is time for it.  No doubting or worrying can change the color of your very head, only your Lord God Almighty can do that.  Oh I know you think your children and grandchildren have done that, but who do you think that you are to think you can turn even one strand of hair white or grey, since only I can do that, and not any amount of worrying or anything of your power can do that, for I AM your Lord God Almighty, and I change NOT and I won’t ever.


I hold the whole universe and beyond what you can even fathom in the palms of My hand, and that is also right where you are at as well.  I AM immense and huge as you, My people /children, would say, but you haven’t even a clue to My immensity and vastness.  Your small minds could not be able to comprehend ME/US because you are so small and finite in your thinking and comprehension.  That is what makes ME GOD, and you My children/creation.

You can’t even begin to comprehend ME/US, so stop trying, for I hold the whole Universe and beyond in the palms of My hands.  I know the end from the beginning and the beginning to the end, there is nothing I cannot see all at the same time. You cannot surprise ME, for I see it all, My dear loved ones of My Torah, My children who say and call Me their Lord God Almighty.  My children, Trust Me and Obey ME, and don’t doubt Me, but seek Me with your whole heart, mind and soul, your very being.  I love it when My children trust Me and Obey Me and seek Me, even when life looks bad and throws them a hard curve ball.


My children stand firm and strong, even in the most difficult circumstances and trials.  They are few in numbers, but they are out there.  Pray hard and seek My face, for many will try to say they are Mine, but in the end, this is where it counts and makes the difference.  My sheep hear My voice and listen, follow and obey My commandments; ALL of them, not just the ones that are easy and do-able for you at the time.  But My true disciples, children, sons and daughters, are those who walk in ALL of My Torah from beginning to the finish, from Genesis to Revelation in your Bibles that you have today.  All of My Scripture is God-breathed and is for doctrine, reproof, and for correction, for instruction, so that the man of God can be fully furnished unto all good works (2 Timothy 3:16-17).


Yes, My child, you have done well by being obedient and waking up, even when you were fighting it.  Yes, you were oh so tired, but I tell you the truth, there is coming a day when sleep will be a time of the past.  You will have to stay awake in order to stay alive.  Oh, don’t be afraid, My dear children, for I will always be there right beside you, protecting you, and caring for you, but you will have to be on guard, for there will be those who will be out searching and looking for you to hurt you, and even to try to kill you in that day, not far ahead. Don’t worry or fret, for I have you in the palms of My hands, for I love you with the love of the Lord, as what you have sung many times in your past.


I AM faithful, and I expect you as well to be faithful.  I AM trustworthy, as I expect you to be trustworthy too.  Do you see what and where I’m leading with this?  Do as I do and do as I say.  Imitate Me and My Father up in Heaven, and you will do good, very good.  Fear and doubt are not of US, so leave them alone, and trust and obey US in ALL that you do and say, My son and daughter of My Torah.  If everyone would follow this OUTLINE that I have spoken here this very night, you will do very well.  My son, you know very well about OUTLINES and things of this sort, so you understand ALL so well.  Take heed to all that I have said this night, and you will see great and mighty things to come, says GOD.
Monday @ 3:26 am.


I was dreaming, and we were in two huge semis, and we, Chris and I, were driving. I was in the front semi and he was behind me in another semi.  At first, we were going at normal speed, and it was just straight roads, but out of the blue, the roads started to change to some twisting, deep inclines and sharp curves. The trucks were going super fast, and I put my foot to the brake to slow down.  I couldn’t keep control anymore, so we both pulled over to the side of the road where there were tall mountains on both sides of us.  As we went to get out of the trucks, the doors were clear as glass, and they came right off of the hinges on both sides. The weird thing was that when we got out of the trucks, the trucks changed, so that there was only now a white minivan.  We didn’t understand this, but we knew we had to get away from the highway.  We just sat the doors against the mountain next to the vehicle. They seemed to be huge like the semis we were driving before stopping.   When we came back from someplace up the mountain, we lifted the doors up and they attached quite easily, and weren’t even heavy like before, very weird.  Wasn’t hard to do, but what was the significance of it, I’m not sure.


In my dream, we had to climb up to the hill and when we got there, there was a whole lot of college-aged kids.  We had to then climb back down a bunch of steps, and then at the bottom, there was a big living area space.  But to get there, we had to jump down because there were no more steps to walk down.  I said, “This is not going to be good,” and these young college-aged guys just had these looks come over their faces like I had just given them the best comedy show of a lifetime, lol.  We walked around this room with the young people all around us, and to the right was a huge kitchen, but we didn’t go in there.  I don’t know why because God keeps trying to WOO after me to wake up, but I’m wanting to find out what’s happening and why these young people are all hiding out from their party, if they even are.
I finally get up because God tells me to “ARISE FROM MY SLUMBER,” if I want to see the things of His Kingdom, so I wake up reluctantly because He reminded me how he raised a man from his sleep, so we could once again talk with him.


God says, “if you want to get to see these things happen that you pray about, you must stay close and faithful to Me in ALL areas of your lives.  You must not slack concerning all My benefits of Your God Almighty.  You must walk steadfastly and wholeheartedly towards Me, and seek Me, Your Truth, every day, not just when we feel like it, or when we are having a good day.


God says, “You need to do this when you feel good and when you do not feel good.  You need to be consistent in and out of season.  Trusting and Obeying Me doesn’t mean if you feel good, do it.  It means do the trusting and obeying when you feel good, so when you don’t feel good, you are still able to trust Me because you are being faithful stewards and children to Me, your Heavenly Father in Heaven, who loves you so very much.  You are in training, ALL of you, my children/my creation.


“You must be like a soldier in My Army.  Up early and to bed early, so that you can arise and start ALL over again.  Be alert at ALL times because you don’t know what kind of attacks may come your way.  This is what you need to get prepared.  You need to be able to withstand all of the fiery darts of the enemy that will come your way.
“That shield in the sky was NO ACCIDENT. That is My sign to you, to be always on guard and on the lookout.  Make sure you don’t leave it behind, for you will need to be protected from this enemy called satan. He is out to destroy all that he can before his time is up.


“Your husband in your dream that day was not him, but someone who forgot to put on his shield that day, and because of that, the things you saw in the sky that day that you called lasers or flickering lights were really his evil forces, you would call his imps/demons, attacking him.  So he fell to the ground dead because he was not sufficiently prepared enough to withstand the forces that came against him.


I know there was more, but for now, it is enough, but the meteor that you said you also saw was a huge, bumpy rock with lots of roughness to it.  Also it has a function as well, but not now.  Everything has a purpose and a meaning, just remember that.


Just pay heed to my sayings and My wooings, and know that you are in training for days like in the hospital last Sunday when you were called out of your comfy little trailer, where you just wanted to kick back and eat your dinner, says God. 6:03 am.


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Sunday, April 8, 2018 @ 6:59 am.

The Lord Jesus awakened me by saying,
“You need to decipher My Words for they are a Lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.  For thus says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very day, Trust Me, your God, to show you and guide you into all truth this day, for I will uphold you and yes, I will grant you this peace you’re all searching for.  For it is My truth that will bring your healing that will change and radically transform your very footsteps.


“I’m not like all of the other gods you have served.  They were all dead and dried up and made of stone, wood and clay, but I AM a Spirit and you must worship Me in Spirit and in truth, says God Almighty.  I AM not a man that I shall lie neither the son of man that I shall repent, have I said it and shall I not bring it to past.  For I AM your God, and I will do and say all that I have written down in My LAW.


“For I AM Good and Faithful, just like My daughter told this family as she was praying yesterday while in the hospital room.  For I was the one who brought him back, and no one else.  They were all there to testify of My goodness and faithfulness that My daughter was testifying about.


Oh, how I rejoice when My children are obedient and trust Me with their lips.  Not just in lip service to make them look good, but indeed when it takes some action on their part to make them uncomfortable and feel out of place.
Stop and don’t worry about what you look like when you are serving and worshipping ME/US because you are not the same as the world you live in My people.  You have been bought with a price, so start acting like it and be My servants and start doing the things that I have done while out and amongst My own people in My day.  They did not all like Me, for I was not called to make friends but to make disciples, that was My great commission.


“My Father God in heaven had a purpose for Me, and I did it down to the T letter.  It was not too difficult, My child/children of My Torah.  Just walk with Me and do as I did, and you shall see the lame/walk, the blind/see, the deaf/hear, and the dead man/walking.  Yesterday was just the beginning of what is going to be coming.  Was that too hard to pray for that man? Was it too difficult for you, My son, to watch and behold My faithfulness to all generations?  Your wife did well, and you did too.


You need to believe that all things are possible when you put your total trust and faith in Me, My son.
Stop your doubting and analytical thinking, because it is holding and burdening you down.  My ways of thinking are different than yours.  You are holding yourself back, just like Thomas and so many others that has to prove everything before acknowledging it and accepting it for just mere goodness of Me and Your Father up above.  We love you, My son of My Torah.
Stop your questioning and beating yourself up, and take two and two and know that it makes four, and that nothing is ever going to change that.  Just as nothing can change a hair on your head but Me, your Heavenly Father who holds the whole universe in My hands.
“I have My reasons for everything.  Why do you feel you can tell Me what to do?  I do as I see fit and only as I do.  No one can change My hand.


“My times and places may change, but neither My Words nor My Torah will ever change, says God Almighty, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  Trust the hand of your King of Kings and your Rock of all Ages to walk and lead you on this path of Holiness and life everlasting, and I will be with you to the finish line, and you will have run a good race, and you will complete everything that My Word says you will, My child of My Torah this very day, says God.”  7:31 am.


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Friday, April 04, 2018 @ 6:07am.

I’m in this dream, and it seems I’m there helping this young woman get prepared for her wedding day that is soon approaching.  But there’s this problem: this family has two other daughters that are quite different, to say the least.  I am supposed to be bunking with the younger one, and she is quite the selfish spoiled type that doesn’t want anything touched of hers or out of place.  She is very touchy and loses her temper quite easily without the sign of any notice.  She seems to have some issues that are mere nonsense and not called for, but I put up with her, only because of her sister the bride that I’m helping, but is not always around.

While this young girl is away, I am told to not go into her room, and if I do, I’m not going to be allowed back in when she returns because of not obeying her wishes/orders.  When her older sister returns, she tells me not to worry, but it does hurt my feelings a bit.   Then this young woman takes me to this store to try on some dresses, and she is walking around in her undergarments trying on dresses and she finds one that is fitting quite tightly, but she is liking it quite well. She is also aware that it is fitting a little snuggly, and it is not moving quite like she has wished for it to do, but is willing to get it and work on it for the BIG DAY!


Then this is where God comes in and says, “This is what I want for My Bride to be like.  I want My Bride to be preparing herself and counting the cost like this young woman was.  She knew that it was what she wanted the dress to look like, but at the same time, she also knew it wasn’t perfect and needed some tweaking or adjustments set to the dress to make it look like she had imagined it to look.  As it was at that moment, it was a little inappropriate to wear at this present time.   She was counting the cost ahead of time to make sure she would have the needed time to make the alterations in her life.   She was willing to pay the cost and take it home to do what needed to be done, so it would fit her at the appointed time that she and her fiance’ had decided upon.”


I had told her she looked beautiful and radiant as she danced around in it, even though it wasn’t my type of wedding dress/gown.  That wasn’t the important issue at hand.  What was important was that she was happy and felt like a Queen/Princess for this day that she’s been preparing for all of her life, and she wanted ME there with her to make and help her with the final touch ups that would bring her to this glorious day when she would no longer just be her daddy’s little princess, but the Queen /Bride to the man she fell in love with and would be giving her life to down at the altar one day very soon.


“Just as it is with US, My church and My Bride.  You too as well will have a BIG DAY event happening that is around the corner.  You too need to be making alteration plans for your garment that you’ll be wearing at this special gathering of ME as your GROOM.  Are you taking this event seriously or are you just taking it as just as Oh another day in your busy life there down on the earth I created for you to live on?  Oh My Bride, open your eyes and see how beautiful you are to Me and My Father which are in Heaven this glorious day of this HIGH SABBATH.  It is like none other, for it is HOLY as I AM and your Father which art in Heaven is this very day is.


You have just kept one of our anointed appointed/commanded FEASTS, and it is like none other for we have used this time in history as a teaching learning time for you.  We have done so many great things on this day for reasons you may or may not know, but will surely come to know very soon.  The FEASTS that are coming up are also very important FEASTS for you also to keep and also to count up too.  They are ALL special and have a purpose to them, and this is why we put and gave them to you, My Church, My People, My Bride.  They are not a waste of time, for they each are very important and have great value as the Pearl of Great Price did in My WORD.  Nothing is by accident or coincidence.  Everything has a reason behind it, My creation/children.


  • Why haven’t you figured this out yet? Why is it taking you all this time to see that ALL of MY parables are for a reason to get you all to do some thinking?
  • Why don’t you think and see that if I repeated myself time and time again, that it was necessary for you to put two and two together and make four, and know that it might be important to remember and take note of it.

I just don’t get why you all say you love Me, but just don’t want to think/study My Words to figure out what I might be trying to get across to you?  Not even My own disciples could always get what I was saying.  Oh generation of vipers and snakes,  a generation of wickedness and shame.  How long will it take for you to listen to Me before you get left behind and burn, and find yourselves in the lake of fire and brimstone?


I tell you the truth this day, it was never ever meant for you, but only for Satan and his angels that betrayed ME, but when Adam and Eve sinned against US in the garden that day, the world took on sin like it had never ever seen since.


Yes, I fulfilled the promise to Abraham that I would take the punishment for him if any one of his descendants would break the covenant that day, but sin is still able to ponce at your door, but now you have ME as your Advocate, your Mediator, who stands before the Father making intercession for you when you find that you have broken one of Mine/OUR Commandments in My Holy Book called your Bible.


The Laws that WE gave to Mosheh/Moses on top of Mount Sinai are still as valid today as they were back when WE gave them to him.  I don’t know why you, My Church/My People/My Bride, would think any differently.  I have spoken in My very Word, that writes about ME that not anything has changed or been annulled or destroyed, but what has been fulfilled was to make clear the understanding of what the religious leaders have destroyed by adding other bondages upon you in My Words.  They were never meant to be added to hold you back and put burdens upon you, like you had when you were slaves like in Egypt where I had brought you from.


But WOE unto them who still do this even today.   My Words, My Commandments, are not meant to harm you or cause you to be burden down, but they are to help you and to keep you in perfect peace.  They are to lead you and to guide you in ALL understanding, and to point you to the Truth, which is ME.  They were never supposed to save you but to help keep you clean and healthy, and to show you how to live a Holy, Righteous life without sin always knocking on your heart’s door.  My LAWS are GOOD and PURE and HOLY, and if you walk in them, you too will be as WE are, My dearly beloved ones of MY TORAH/SCRIPTURES.


I tell you the truth, until Heaven and Earth both disappear, they are there to help you, not to harm you or cause enmity between one and another, for thus saith God Almighty this very day.  Come and dine with Me, My children, My Bride.  Dance before Me and sing unto Me melodies before My very throne.  Come into My house of Prayer this Sabbath morning and give your Alms to Me, as well as your hearts.  Bow down and worship your King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and give honor where honor is due, My People, My Creation.  For out of My Holy Hill, I speak this out of My mouth. I proclaim this to all of your generations to come.


My time is very short and even shorter. Will you take heed or will you be left behind?  Yes, that is a book series that tries to tell of My Second Coming, but Oh will they be disappointed, for I have told you over and over in My Word how it will be, and if you would just hearken to My servants, I have set before you, you would know this.  Take warning, for many will be left behind because they have not listened and not understood what My Words have said.


For context is everything.  Those who have misapplied and misquoted My teachers of My Laws will be in danger of hell fire.  For ALL SCRIPTURE is inspired from OLD to NEW.


Take heed lest someone lead you astray for false teachings from My WORDS. Pray and seek My Holy Spirit that you may not be led astray.  For there are many false spirits out there who are lying to you this day.  Test the spirits to see if they be of ME.  For if they are of ME, they will testify of ME and My Words.  They will tell you to follow My TORAH, as well as ALL of My Words, from beginning to the end.  They will not delete what they don’t like and add what they do like.  These are WOLVES in SHEEPS’ clothing, masking themselves to be wise, but all the time trying to get My Sheep to do things that feed their bellies.  DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES AND SCHEMES.


For if they are to do or to go someplace for My Kingdom, I shall provide for them.  They will not have to keep begging My Sheep /lambs for money.  BEWARE of them, for they say that they have a call on their lives to go here and to go there.  This is all their doings.  I have called each person to do a particular call, and that is My commission to all of you, My children. Will you each step out in faith and do it this day before it is too late?  “STOP RUNNING!” STOP RUNNING after your own tails and do something for others, instead of always trying to please self and make self-feel better.  Self is Selfish and only tries to better Self. STOP RUNNING away to feel better about yourself, and stay and draw close to ME first, and I will take care of your marriages and your families.  Get on Board. Satan wants for you to be ALL messed up and falling apart.  If he can keep you where you are, he’ll always be happy.  But Stop, and don’t listen to him any longer.  For he is death, and death cannot live with ME your GOD.  Death dies and goes to the grave where there is fire and brimstone.  But if you have lived for ME and MY Father up in Heaven, there is ETERNAL LIFE abundantly for ALL of ETERNITY.


You get to choose for yourselves.  Choose life today, and as the young bride was choosing her wedding gown/dress, you too need to count the cost of how much oil you’ll need to be prepared for My soon arrival.  Trust Me, your God, you don’t want to be the ones standing on the outside of the ARK when the door finally shuts, as in the days of NOAH and the great FLOOD, that encamped all around them.  Oh, what a horrific time that was.  No one could reopen the door, and they all were caught unprepared, for they didn’t take seriously the warning signals that NOAH or his family tried to give.  They all perished, just like you all will do, if you just read this and do nothing with it.  For in that day, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth that no man can tame or put out.  Oh, what a terrible day this will be for those who take NO WARNING call, GOD .  7:46am.


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Thursday, April 5, 2018 @ 9:14 am.


After dreaming several different dreams about family I began to wonder when I would see or talk with them all again.  Some had already passed on, but others were just in different places.  One dream I was in my home doing what I used to do for a living and that was D.E.S Child Care.  This one mother had brought her child back to me to take a picture, lol I felt so humbled that she had thought about me over all of these years.  Thing is the child hadn’t grown but I had.  We sat down to talk and out of the blue, I had other mothers coming in and dropping off their children for me to watch.  Then as my children got home to help me like usual, a lady that was in charge of the Food Program came for a Recertification.  It had been years since I’ve been doing my Licensed Childcare and it was as if I had never stopped.  I asked her questions about the different foods that were allowed and offered.  When she told me this I started to get excited about working again but after waking up, I knew that this wasn’t a possibility here where I am living now.

I then started to remember another dream.  Both of my parents were living in Mexico someplace, and what was interesting is,  my dad had told me never to go there.  I went to call using my cell phone and remembered that I didn’t have that plan on my phone, so I hurried and ended the call.  I wondered if I would ever here from them again.  Then that dream ended and then I was in a Hotel and Abby was getting ready for a school prom or something.  She told me she knew that it wasn’t the normal dress attire, for the season we were in but it would be in about five months.  But I chose to keep quiet  because I didn’t feel like it was worth the battle. She already knew, so why make a fuss.  Not sure why she mentioned five month for but it was a dream.   I didn’t question her because I was still thinking about my parents in Mexico.


Even before the first dream I mentioned I was making homemade pizza.  I had the dough already made but noticed there wasn’t enough of it two make two of them.  As I started to work with the dough and stretch it out it started to multiply and I then made the second one and had plenty for both.  I thought to myself how awesome it was and when I awoke, it reminded me of how Jesus with His disciples at several occasions had several miracles in which there was increase to feed the multitudes.


I thought at first that my dreams were absolutely silly and nonsense but I enquired of the Lord and He reminded me that it doesn’t matter how far away our families travel from one another that we always have DIRECT ACCESS to the Father up in Heaven and that is what counts most of all.  I share this with you because even though we feel that at times we are all alone, were really never are alone.  GOD our Father is alway right there next to us seeking out a relationship to us with an open hand calling and wooing after us.   Jesus longs for us to grab a hold of Him.  It’s important that we keep the line of communication open so the line doesn’t get tied up with knots like the phones we used to have on our tables or hanging on the walls 🙂


God loves us friends so very much.  Jesus is the best gift that we could ever ask for.  If we trust God and rely on His will, He will alway comfort us and bring about His peace to each of our lives.  If you do not know about this relationship I’m talking about here this night/day then just close your eyes and repeat these few simple sentences:


Father God in Jesus name, I know I’ve made a wreck of my life.  I’ve tried to do life on my own terms and it led to nothing but ruin.  Lord I humble myself to you as I’m reading this here post and I Repent of doing life my way. Dear Jesus I no longer want you to be in the passenger seat.  Please forgive me Lord of all of my sins and wrong doings.  Take full control and charge of the drivers wheel and please take me on this journey of a lifetime that my friend here has been talking about.  I release all of the baggage I have picked up over the years and I leave it all at the foot of your cross, Jesus.

I release all of it Lord,  those sins , I know and those I don’t know.  I admit that I am a sinner and in need of you.  Wash me clean by your blood that you shed for me on the cross so long ago.  Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God and that you did arise from the dead and because you arose and ascended into Heaven, we have that promise that at your Second coming, we who have been faithful and have continue the race to the finish line will  rise also to meet you in the clouds of glory.  I believe and accept you as my Lord, Savior and Master in Jesus name I pray amen.


After you have done and said all of that, please find a Whole Bible believing church and get yourself fully immersed, baptized in water if possible .  Then I recommend that you seek and ask God the Father to fill you also with His Holy Spirit and with Fire as He did that day in Act 2:38 where they spoke in new tongues as the spirit gave them utterance,  just as they did in the Upper Room that day on Pentecost.  I’m so blessed that you have started this new journey, race with Jesus.  God is faithful to keep all of His promises to a thousand generations. Shalom/Peace my friends of God’s Torah/Scriptures.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2018 @ 7:54 am.

Before I awoke this morning, God showed me TWO HUGE WASHING MACHINES.  Apparently, I had to be in a laundromat because mine is just a top loader and these were not.  There were TWO of them and I was trying to get all of our clothes in them.  I remember asking the Lord, “What does this have to do with anything, Lord?” And then He told me, “It’s time to clean My house and prepare My people for My Second coming.”
I immediately got up and started to write this down, and then I said, “Lord, How do you want this to happen and how?”  The Lord says,


“Start with telling My people, My church, that I mean business. Tell them like I told you with your clothes to throw it all in together.  Get rid of all the dirt and pollution of sin from your lives.  Give it all up and leave it at the foot of My CROSS, because I have already dealt with all that mess already.  The death penalty of sin was taken care of, and it won’t harm you again, if you put it all there and don’t pick it back up.


“My CROSS was for an example of what you would need to do on a daily basis.  It wasn’t done so you could have a free ride and still do as you please; NO and I say NO again.  I was showing you what you must do to get into My Kingdom, My children.  I was your example that you must imitate, just like your children imitate you to learn and grow.
Nothing is FREE, My children, you should already know this.  It cost Me My very life. My Father took it from Me, but He also gave it back to Me.  Oh Yes, I could’ve called ten thousand angels, but I didn’t because I was being obedient to what My Father and I promised to Abraham that day so long ago in Genesis, which is now part of what’s called My Torah, the five books of Moses.  This washing machine is powerful enough to clean your clothes but not powerful enough to wash you clean of your sins.


But oh, My children, trust in Me and the works I did for you on My CROSS of Calvary and what it meant, and you will be oh, so clean, that you will NO longer be ugly, dirty sheep, but sheep that are like Me and My Father, which is in Heaven, and like the lambs that were slain before I led My people Israel and the stranger/sojourner through the waters of My baptism, which is a picture of what the WASHING MACHINES represent.  This washing process is important to Me and to My Father.  If you skip or pass by this stage of PURIFICATION, you cannot and will not enter into My/Our Kingdom.  For neither darkness and light can mix.  We cannot have darkness where WE are.  For WE are HOLY, and sin and corruption cannot, and will not, ever be in OUR presence, My people/church/children.


For when I say this, you ask Me, What about those people who say, ‘once saved, always saved,’ and I say back unto you, My people, ‘That is what you in your finite minds put together.


My WORD clearly says to you that it is a process, a journey, that takes a lifetime of cleansing and purifying and making your temple Holy before your Lord God in Heaven.  You are to follow My example that I’ve placed before you in My WORDS, that you call written in the color RED in your bibles today.  When I say or do something, you need not to question why, but just be obedient like I was to My Father who is in Heaven.  I did nothing unless My Father first told Me to do it.  I always prayed and sought My Heavenly Father before ever doing anything.  It was always ‘His will be done as it is in heaven,’ not ‘My will,’ but always ‘HIS and ONLY HIS’ from the very beginning, before the very foundation of the world.


“Trust Me to tell you that this life is just a mere vapor.  ‘Here today and then gone tomorrow.’  I know it doesn’t seem that way to you, My dear ones, but it still is true indeed.  Live for Me, your GOD, your KING, and every Word that I have spoken to you this day and in My Word will be fulfilled and brought to pass.  Until that time, not one iota or one dot of an i or a cross of a t has been or will pass away from My very Written Word.


I tell you this again because I love you so very much.  Wash your clothes in the blood of the LAMB, My blood, and you will be whiter than snow, and you will have Eternal Life with Me, My dear ones, for I AM ETERNAL/ EVERLASTING LIFE that I gave you when I made you Mine at conversion.


“Everlasting/ Eternal life is one and the same.  For I AM Eternal Life/Everlasting Life, My sons and My daughters of My glorious Kingdom here on the earth you call home.  This is why I came to you, so that I could give you this hope of one day ruling and reigning in My Kingdom here where you are.  Not some place far off, NO! I love you so very much.  Yes, I have said, I go away to prepare a place for you, but that was just a temporary place.


“My main goal is to rule and reign on the earth Me and My Father created for you before the world was ever created as you know it to be.  For Heaven and Earth will pass away one day, My children, but not until everything in OUR HOLY BIBLE/SCRIPTURE first comes to pass.  Oh what a beautiful glorious day that will be when we all shall meet face to face.  This is from a song My church once sang.  There is another that’s called ‘Oh Happy Day, when Jesus washed, He washed My sins away.’  Yes, I want to wash you cleaner than snow, My dear ones, but that is just the very BEGINNING of the journey of CONVERSION.


“You must grow in the MILK OF MY WORD, and eat My stronger food/ MEAT OF MY WORD, and be SANCTIFIED and cleansed by the renewing of your minds, and walk daily in ME, and be filled and washed in My Spirit to hear ME and My Father teach and show you everything there is to be ONE of OUR disciples.
“Second Timothy 3:16, You need to study to show yourself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the WORD of TRUTH.  Don’t be like so many Christians/sheep that take MY WORDS that I have spoken, or one of My disciples or prophets have said, and make it into something we didn’t mean.  They pull one verse out of context and get another whole denomination from it, and these people need to be very careful because if they lead one of My little lambs away from Me, it would be better if they had never been born.  For doom and gloom is knocking at their doors.


“Be very careful, My people, My children, who say you know the truth because you will pay a big price, if you tell your brothers or your sisters, mothers or fathers, that someone is a false prophet when they are teaching and proclaiming the truth that I have sent for them to do.  Trust them when they say they have heard from Me, for verily I say unto you, until Heaven and Earth pass away, which are My two witnesses, not any one of My very Words/Commandments will pass away either.  Old and New Testaments are still very intact as they will always be until they are NO MORE.


“I AM the way, the truth, and the life, anyone who believes in Me and the Works that I do shall have Eternal Life/Everlasting.  Because I AM that ETERNAL LIFE, my dearly beloved Ones.  A relationship with Me brings you your free gift of Salvation.  Without Me you have nothing.  But first, you must receive ME as LORD and SAVIOR to begin this process of your new journey.
It is a JOURNEY, It is not a one-time saying of a little prayer at the altar, and now your good for life to live in sin and do what you please.  NO, NO, NO! You must pick up your cross and follow ME, like I’ve spoken over and over again in MY RED LETTER WORDS to each of you this very day.  If they did it unto Me, your GOD, CREATOR, SAVIOR of the WORLD, they will also do it unto you as well.  My WORDS tell you this.
Where or what have you been reading?  Why don’t you feel you need to do anything but receive ME in your hearts, My children.  This price that I paid for you took My very life.  Because of what My Father did by raising Me again on FIRST FRUITS made it possible for all of you to one day also be raised into Newness of Life with ME/US in the Kingdom to come here, where you are today on this earth, that you call home, which WE made for ALL mankind to live.


“YES, MY PLANS AND THOUGHTS are much higher than yours, but seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you, My dearly beloved ones of My Torah/Scriptures.  Talk about Me, sing about Me, make Melodies and Let My praises ring out of your ears, with a shout of praise and a sound of the shofar.


“Let My people/church know that I AM REAL, and that I AM coming very soon to a people/ bride that has her garments clean/sanctified, cleansed and made Holy and Righteous before their Father God in Heaven.  For WE are HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, there is none else like US in all of the Universe, Amen, says God ALMIGHTY, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, this very day/morning.”  9:06am


Just before we were about to leave the house to go to Yuma, the Lord Jesus revealed to me more about the Washing Machines.  While I was in the kitchen, He says that they represent the two stone tablets that God gave Moses on top of Mount Sinai.  He also told me that it was a picture of the two Challah (loaves of bread) that we hold up on Shabbat to remind us of keeping God’s commandments and how HE provided a double portion for the children of Israel in the wilderness on the sixth day, so they did not have to gather on the seventh day, because it was a Shabbat rest for them and that they were to honor it by resting and not working.  I had known this, but apparently God was wanting to reveal this to His people who would be reading this later on.  God’s love is so great, my friends and family.  Don’t overlook anything that the Lord is trying to share with you and I today.  Have a blessed day and know that Jesus is going to be returning sooner than we know.


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This morning while in my bed, the Lord Jesus reminds me of the Feast of First Fruits and Unleavened Bread He tells me and asks me these questions:

  • Why is it that My church/My people don’t find it important to keep and to follow and observe ALL of My Sabbaths and My Feast Days?
  • Don’t they know that they are reminders and teaching tools of what I have done for them?
  • Don’t they respect OUR feelings or OUR emotions?
  • Don’t they know that I just delivered them from Pharaoh’s hand of Slavery?
  • Don’t they know what they could’ve had, if they would’ve just been obedient and trust US to provide and take care of them?
  • Why all the bickering and complaining?

April 2, 2018 @ 12:49 pm.

While sitting in my recliner after listening to my husband read something to me and then pondering upon the things God said while I was in my bed earlier, God once again spoke through His Holy Spirit, and this is what He said:


If My so-called children would just listen up and observe My Sabbaths and My Feasts/Festivals, I would just love to lavish My love upon them and show them My mercies that are new every morning to the setting of the sun at night.  Oh, how I love My church, My so-called church of today.


  • Why don’t you hearken unto Me and let Me show you what it is that I, your God, wants to show you and to equip you with in order to help you to grow up and be more alive in My Word this very day?
  • Why is it so very hard for you to see that I only mean good to you and not harm, My sons and My daughters of My Torah?  Haven’t I told you that everything is and hasn’t changed from My very WORD?
  • Why is it so hard and difficult for you this day to comprehend and digest what I am saying to you?  For I have not hidden it from you, for it is in plain view if you would just open the pages set before you this very day, My children, who say, you love Me and want to know Me and My WILL.


Yes, you have to do what is not accustomed for you to do, and take a step of faith and read it for yourselves, to get what I have made for you to receive.  Don’t allow others to feed you their milk of the word for you.  But rather read the WORD and regurgitate it over in your mouths for yourselves, and let MY WORD penetrate to your inner most parts, so that it will take root and sprout for yourselves, and ignite a fire so strong from within you that you will never ever be able to put out.


Oh, My children,  I desire that you hunger and thirst for Me this day like never before, for there is soon coming a day like never before seen with your naked eyes.  A day that will be unlike anything you’ll ever behold.  A day that will set your feet to dancing and walking.  A day where there will be rejoicing in it like never before.


BUT before all of this happens, there will be a falling away that will sadden My very heart and soul.  This day will not be like ANY other either, for it will be a day of hardship and mourning for those that we love who will be deceived and fallen away because they have been lied to and deceived by those who say they love Me, but they didn’t do that which My WORD told them to do or say.  They itched your ears and made you feel good, but the WORD was not in their mouths, but what made them happy at the time instead.


People wake up for there is still time for you to heed the message call of My saints who are here trying to warn you.  They are My sheep, and they do hear My voice.  Life is not supposed to be easy, for if it was, I would not have had to die such a painful death, My children/people.  Life is never what it seems to be, but what we make it.


Trust Me, your Father in Heaven, to know what is best for you this very day.  Open your hearts to Me and let Me fill you with rivers that will never run dry.

  • I AM the God of your ancestors: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  • “I AM that I AM” is what I said to Moses on Mount Sinai with the Burning bush.
  • I AM the staff that Moses held up for all of My chosen people Israel and the strangers to pass at the Red Sea so long ago.
  • I AM the Good Shepherd that Jesus talked about in the sermon on the Mount.   What more evidence, My children, do you need to know, and have to know that I AM.

I change not and I won’t ever.  My WORD stands firm to the ground and won’t budge.  I AM the Good Shepherd, and I love My sheep, and My sheep hear My voice and listen and obey Me.


My Church, My people, My sheep, do you hear Me this day?  I am calling out to you to observe and to keep My WORDS I gave unto Moses, your prophet, on Mount Sinai that day.  Do you, and will you, accept Me, your God, or will you deny Me and tell Me, NO!  I don’t want what you have, speak to someone else, for it is too hard for us to do what you have spoken.


Oh My children, why is it that you are always too busy to listen and hear My Voice, My heart.  I have so much to give you and to teach you, but you are always worried or too tired to listen and grasp ahold of MY HEART.  I want so much for you to love Me back like I love you, My dear ones.


Why do you not see and understand that I don’t mean any harm to you.   These LAWS are not hard or cumbersome, but they are to show you My heart and share with you what it is that I want for you.  They were and are meant to keep you safe from harm and danger.  Keep you safe in My Sheltering arms.   They are to show you My love, My children. My love for you is so strong.  This is Me wanting to have a relationship  with you.  This isn’t, and never was, for your salvation, My children, but for you to keep a relationship with US going.


I had already redeemed you with the blood upon your doorposts and delivered you from the raging waters onto dry ground, and I am now seeking out for a relationship with each of you to fill you with My Holy Spirit, but you turned your backs on US and rather worship some golden calf that you had My priest make for you.  What will it take for you, My church, to see that this wasn’t what I wished for you that day.  Because of all of your disobedience, My servants Moses and Aaron and none of the adults (My children) who originally left made it into the promised land flowing with milk and honey that I had made for them to receive and take for a heritage and for a promise, except for Caleb and Joshua the son of Nun.


Open up your eyes and hearts this day and trust Me, for I want to fill each of you with My Holy Spirit that I wanted so desperately to fill you with that awesome day at Mount Sinai, but you turned your hearts away from Me, and told Moses to speak and hear for you instead.  How that troubled OUR hearts, for we longed to be your God and wanted for you all to be OUR people.  Because of your hardness of hearts, none of you were able to enter our Holy City Jerusalem/Canaan, and you all died in the wilderness where your faith had left you.


Oh My church, My people, trust your Heavenly Father this day/night to know what is best for you.  Hold nothing back from US and seek US with your whole hearts, your Everything.  Don’t let the churches/denominations be your judge to rule your daily life on.  But let My WORD teach you and guide you into all truth, not man-made rules and regulations.  Man will do you wrong, but My WORD will keep you from every whim and doctrine under the sun.  Trust Me, know Me, for there is nothing that I won’t share with you, if you seek Me with your whole heart/Everything, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day, Amen.  April 2, 2018 @1:43 pm.


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