God wants to cleanse and to Purify your heart! Will you let Him?

September 17, 2017, Sunday 5:30-8:30pm.

God’s presence came over me so strong while sitting in the, congregation where we were at.  The heat of the, Holy Spirit/Ruach Ha Kodesh, was all through my upper body, in both of my arms and down through my chest and stomach area.  Then as the Lord was doing His work it went on down through to my legs.

God wanted to speak to His people/children and tell them this.  God says “He wants to purify, cleanse and set free each of you free from whatever you may be going through.  I want to touch you in a powerful way this very night.  Pour out your hearts and seek Me to know Me, in a personal way.  Don’t look to the left or to the right but straight forward so that My presence doesn’t get lost in the direction you want to take this day.  I desire a close relationship with each of you, don’t hesitate or delay any longer for thus saith the Lord God of Israel ” I say this because My time is soon arriving and I need for you to be cleansed, set free and delivered for such a time as this.  I have a very important plan for each of you.  Come unto Me, seek Me, with your entire bodies.  Dance before Me with all that you have.  Worship Me and bow down to your King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Don’t worry what the world thinks of you, but continue to follow Me through your desert places and I will show up and show off, as long as you continue to walk and follow Me and Keep My Father’s Commandments, and teach others also to walk in My ways.  My presence was real tonight, don’t allow people to say otherwise.  That heat you had felt was Me, says God Almighty.  I was allowing you to feel, Me to say and tell My people that I AM alive in you and My Words are Me says, God.  I desire to show My people that I can manifest anyway I desire too.  I was healing My sister and healing her boy from the inside out to show My grace and chesed, loving kindness, to a thousand generations.

This boy has been struggling and doubting Me for a very long time.  Difficulties have happened in his life that are so questionable, and hurtful.  I have always been with him and haven’t forgotten him.  My son is hurt and has denied Me, and is troubled by circumstances that have happened so long ago.  I desire to show him, My love and want for him to trust Me, and to follow Me.  He has been called since he was a child.  I have spoken life into him and have set My mark upon his forehead.  don’t deny Me, don’t delay for thus says the Lord God of Israel, I love you.  Trust Me, follow Me, walk in My love, and know that this too shall pass, if you seek Me, with your whole heart, mind and soul.  I want a relationship with you My son.  What are you afraid of?  I seek you out but you shut the door, so many times.  I’m a good, good, Father.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, if you would turn your heart to me and trust Me, Obey Me, and keep ALL of My Commandments, like your Heavenly Father commands you this very day.  Don’t allow the enemy to steal and rob from you any longer.

I tell you the truth, he is out to destroy you, like in your passed. Don’t allow him to steal from you anymore, because he so desires to get his foot back into your life.  I need for you to be stronger than you’ve been in times passed.  You think you are strong but trust your Father which art in Heaven.  You have no idea what the enemy wants to do to you.  Be careful what you think you can do by yourself.  You need to run and run fast back to your Father God, while you can


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Why Do You Continue to Fret and Doubt Me?

Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 5:18pm

God would ask,  “Why do you worry, and why do you fret, My children, who say you are Mine?  I hold the whole wide world in my hands, and I have you so near to My heart.  Come before Me, dance before Me, sing unto Me, for this is what I desire for My peoples, My children to do.  You ask why is this important to Me, your Heavenly Father? It is because I Am a Holy God, and I created you for this very purpose, nothing more nothing less.  You are My special creation; there is no one else like you in all of the world/ universe.  I Am that I Am, and I do not and cannot change.  I Am more than you can fathom with your intellect, and I Am coming back very soon indeed.”

“Why is it that people, even your very own sister, really doesn’t believe this?  Oh, I know people, including your very own mother, thought to be going up in what people called the Rapture of the church.  I tell you the truth, My children, whom I have chosen from before time existed,  I Am coming for a Bride without spot or blemish, and I’m coming quickly.  Do not fret and do not worry, for great is the Lord your God and greatly to be exalted and to be praised.  The times are coming into fruition and nothing anyone says or does is going to change the plans I have for my creation, My world.  Maybe you think you have it all figured out, but you haven’t a freakin’ clue what is coming, unless you have regurgitated My Holy Scriptures and studied to show yourselves approved.

“Jesus is the Only Way there is to Me, your Father in Heaven, and unless you seek Him with your whole heart, mind and soul, you will not ever know who He or I Am.   I Am the Bright and Morning Star of David, My son, and I Am the El Shaddai, the Almighty One who gives to you the strength that you so desire from Me today, this very day.  You are so in need of Me that you are feeling lost and unsure of yourself.  Come and dine around My table and feast of Me, for this is how you get free from the stress of life you are in.  Don’t assume you are good just because you don’t feel bad.  The enemy comes around and steals just one pic at a time until you are all chained up and bound to where you can’t and don’t even see it.  Be careful what you watch.  Be watchful of what you see, as well as what you wear and what you do.  Because he is very deceivious and good at all of his tricks and schemes.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a lion without a roar.  He goes about trying to get in wherever he is able and capable of going.

“Jesus is the only door that is available to get to where I Am.  Trying any other door will get you into the lake of fire and brimstone, for all of eternity.  I Am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I Am the LAMB of GOD who took away the sins of all humanity.  The only thing that is required is that you believe with your whole heart that I Am who I say that I Am, and believe not or doubt that I Am the Son of the living God who loves you so very much.  I Am the Door, so don’t be fooled into believing that all doors reach the same destination because it is not so.   That is a lie from the pit of hell where satan will be spending all of eternity one day very, very soon.   He is trying his darndest to get as many people like you and your brothers and sisters to go there with him.  I tell you the truth, he is a LIAR and is not telling you the truth.   He has been trying for over 6,000 years to get My Creation, My peoples, to fall for that lie, so beware, very careful of how and what you do.  Your eyes, hands and feet, and yes, your very ears are what he uses to persuade you to fall into his traps of pleasure which turn into sin.  SIN is what I took care of on the cross.  If you are one of My children bought with the blood that I shed upon the cross, stop your sinning and turn to Me, your Holy God, who wants to make you Perfect, Holy and Righteous like Me, your Father in Heaven.  It is possible to be Holy and Righteous, even perfect.

“My commandments are set out to be your guiding stones to get you to return to the image of Adam and Eve in the garden before they had sinned.  It is possible to be all this again, but you have to Trust Me, Obey Me, Keep and Remember each and everything My Word says to do and not to do.  If you are My child and want to be My children, you have to be perfect as I Am perfect, and to do this, you have to follow My LAWS to the T.  They do not save you, My Child/Children, but they are the right antidote to keep you humble and pure, righteous and Holy and blameless before your Holy Father which art in Heaven above.  It is not hard to be Holy as I AM HOLY.  All you need to do is walk in obedience to My Holy Scriptures, pray, seek Me daily, and follow Me where I will lead you.

“Pick up your cross, follow Me to all the Nations of the world, where they are searching for Me and My Father.  Continue to follow Me, to show them and to guide them into all truth.  You My children, My people, are so very blessed and don’t even appreciate all that you have.  It is I who gave you all your worldly goods.  It is I who made you the way you are.  It is I who gave you the talents and the abilities  to accomplish wealth and prestige, to where you have what labels are on the front of your names.  It is not until you step back and acknowledge that it is I, your Heavenly Father, who is in charge will you ever have the peace that passes all understanding in this world.

“The joy that you’re all seeking only comes from I, your LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and your EL SHADDAI.  I Am also your Healer, your ADONAI Rapha.  I Am also more than enough and your All-Sufficient One.  I have and I AM everything child that you are in need of, and I care for you so much more than you’ll ever, ever know.  Come running to Me this day, for I have been longing for you and waiting for you to come home, and to call Me your ABBA, FATHER.  I Am not far off and don’t let anyone tell you different.  How can you say that your parents and grandparents have waited for My return and didn’t see it? They are seeing it come into fruition right before your very eyes.  If they could speak to you, they would tell you to hold on and keep the faith, because time is so close, you don’t want to miss out. Your Father in Heaven.”  (6:06 pm, Saturday, October 28, 2017)


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